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School Hacks: Study Tips for Finals

The school year is coming to an end soon, if you can believe it! This month, students have already taken some midterms and wrapped up major projects, and are prepping for finals. We here at Project Inspired want you to have some life hacks that will help you in your academics and want to give you some inspiring tips. Some of the advice I’ve gathered is from YouTubers and bloggers, such as Mel (click here to view her channel), and be sure to watch the video below for tips on school finals!


Watch the YouTube study hack video for finals here: 


Below are some tips on studying for finals that I collected from multiple sources that I think are inspiring, as well as creative ways for you to somewhat enjoy the finals season. Studying, preparing, discipline and focus can be very difficult when we have so many distractions and pressures in our day. So here are 10 hacks for the end of the school semester!


1. Study in natural light. Natural lighting is the best lighting to study in, as it’s better for your focus and doesn’t strain your eyes as much.

2. Read out loud. You’re more likely to remember what you read when you speak it aloud. If you need to memorize it, you can make flash cards or repeat speaking it out loud.

3. Listen to classical music. Researchers have shown that people who listened to classical music instead of jazz or pop had lower blood pressure and were able to focus more. They were also more calm when listening to this type of music. If music distracts you, avoid it, but classical instrumental music on low should be just fine while you’re studying. [Source: USC]

4. Close your eyes to remember info. You can block out distractions if you can’t remember where a paper is, or in PI’s case, we pray! Ask God to help you and He will!

5. Do practice tests online. You can find many prep or practice tests online, which can fully help you for your exams. Just look them up in your search engine based on the type of material you’re studying and find one that matches. Practice makes perfect, as they say! We are praying for your success in your finals!

6. Study in a clean and fresh area. Don’t study at a desk that has piles of paperwork or clutter. You don’t want to clutter your mind with different books or distractions. Make sure you prepare a nice area for your studying, and if you have a bright room with natural lighting, even better!

7. Watch online videos to learn more on a topic. To expand your knowledge on a particular subject, watch tutorial videos on it or read books or e-books. Nowadays with the Internet it’s easy to expand your knowledge without even having to go to a library.

8. Go to the library. Speaking of libraries, these are great places to study in peace and quiet, and there are people who can help you learn more on certain subjects. Libraries may be somewhat foreign to our generation (kidding!), but they can be especially beneficial when you’re in finals study mode. There are fewer distractions in the library and it’s very quiet.

9. Go to a bookstore. Another idea is to go to a bookstore, such as Barnes & Noble, where others are working quietly. Sometimes your own dorm room can be distracting, so this is helpful.
10. Use self-control apps. These apps are designed to block out social media and can help you to focus on your studies. With our constant notifications and texts coming in, it’s easy for us to be bombarded or to feel like we cannot focus. Another simple idea is to just turn your phone on airplane mode. This will only work if you don’t need the Internet.

Good luck, PI Girls!


Do you have any tips that are not on this list that you would like to share or any hacks that may be useful to the PI community? Comment below! We are praying for you and for your success!

Image: Lightstock | Anggie


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