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School Hacks: The Top 10 Apps That College Students Should Have


Here are the top 10 apps you should download if you are in college or about to enter college. Some of these apps are even good for grad students, those who need some extra guidance with finance or budgeting, or those who just need to know where to find a local gas station.

1. Mint App: Money Manager, Budget and Personal Finance: I’m pretty sure we all need the Mint app to help us organize, budget and remember to pay certain bills…check it out on iTunes by clicking here. I actually heard about this app and the Mint website in college, and I highly recommend it!

2. iStudiez Pro: This was rated the “Best College Student App” in 2011, according to The Huffington Post. With this app, you can organize your school schedule and planner right from your smartphone. The only downside is it costs $2.99, but if you want to test it out for free, you can download it before you purchase.

3. Gas Station Finder: Might sound silly, but seriously, if you’re looking for a gas station near your school or a friend’s college when on the road, this app is a lifesaver! The app works similarly to Google Maps and shows you where all the local gas stations are near you by finding them through GPS. So awesome…make sure to always be fueled up!

4. Pandora: Make a music playlist with ALL of your favorite artists. Most people have some sort of music player, but Pandora has been out the longest, I believe, and works just fine! I also like how it selects other similar artists you may like, so you can create your own music channel playlists.

5. Holy Bible App: For those of you who are strong in your faith, you definitely want a Bible app to stay connected to God and His Word. If you stick to the King James Version or the NIV, you can play the audio and listen to the Bible being read, or you can read it from your smartphone. There are also other perks to having the app, such as never forgetting your Bible at home, for one, and also for reading plans.

6. Dropbox: Share and store important documents, projects or downloads! You can share your downloads and documents, but you have limited space, which is the only downside. Other than the limited storage, it is a great app!

7. Merriam-Webster Dictionary: You most likely will want a dictionary and thesaurus handy in college for your papers and just to double check your spelling or to broaden your vocabulary, so download the Merriam-Webster app or the Dictionary.com app.

8. Chegg Textbook Rental: This app lets you search and view books for rent for free right off your phone! There is an app for homework help and tutoring as well.

9. Kindle: Download and read books right off your iPad or smartphone! The Kindle app is great because you will always have your book with you and you won’t need to worry about carrying extra books.

10. iTunes U: LifeHack.org recommends the iTunes U app for Apple products. The app offers information on courses from some of the top schools in the world for free. LifeHack.org says: “Did you dream of studying at MIT, Oxford, Yale, or Cambridge? This is your chance to do it from your own place: download this amazing app, and learn various subjects from the best colleges and universities in the world.”

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PI Girls, what are some of YOUR favorite apps for school? Comment below!

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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by smiller257 on July 16, 2015 at 12:39

    How about an app that allows you to countdown the days to the start or end of a semester or until your graduation day? http://www.CountUsDown.com/graduation

  2. carolinereinhart1

    Posted by carolinereinhart1 on June 2, 2015 at 08:06

    I’m a high school student, but I LOVE iTunesU. Gives great perspective on what an actual college class will be like. And it’s fun to say, “Yeah I’m listening to a class at Yale on….” LOL