Selena Gomez’s Clothing Line Markets Cosmo to Young Girls!

    Girls, did you know that Selena Gomez has a clothing label called Dream Out Loud? On the DOL Facebook page, Gomez claims it’s a fashion brand for the teen girl (12 to 18 years old).

    But on February 10th, the Dream Out Loud Facebook page announced the arrival of Gomez’s Cosmo cover and urged all 248,535 young fans to “get your copy.”

    Dream Out Loud is aggressively marketing this issue of Cosmo to Gomez’s young fans!

    How many girls went and purchased the magazine because Gomez is on the cover and she, through her brand, urged them to do so? The thought of so many young women reading these sex tips is horrifying!

    Girls, we need to get Cosmo put in a non-transparent wrapper to protect kids! Sign the petition and share it with all of your friends! Together we WILL succeed!


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    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


      • I used to watch the old stuff, like Phil of the Future, Lizzie McGuire, that stuff. But today’s Disney is terrible on so many levels. (but you’re right, there’s pretty much NOTHING wrong with Phineas and Ferb haha)

        • I am just like you. I LOVED Disney when I was younger and they broadcasted shows like Lizzie Mcguire that taught elementary aged kids good morals and life lessons. Today, Disney shows a bunch of garbage. Phineas and Ferb is ok. But now a days, it seems like even Disney channel in some ways can give viewers dirty lessons. This needs to stop!

    1. Oh no, this is terrible!!! Selena Gomez has such a huge influence on girls, but now she’s becoming a bad influence too! She’s made a lot of questionable decisions lately, and it’s becoming hard for girls to look to her as a role model. I hope she starts to live for God and make better decisions again. She should do it for her fans. I’ll be praying for her…

    2. So you made an article because of one post? Technically those young fans shouldn’t be on Facebook anyways because it’s for kids thirteen and older but….. people break rules all the times. I never read the terms and agreement… is that wrong?

    3. I used to love Selena Gomez’s Christian example, and how she thanked Christ in her CD labels… well lately? not so much.
      I am not big on Gomez right now, but I still like her clothing line… dissapointing 🙁

    4. I’m a middle school leader at my church, and my girls and I were actually just discussing this tonight. It’s so sad to see Selena going down the road she is…so many girls (including mine) used to look up to her as their role model. Now she’s making terrible choices and getting so caught up in being “adult” and “sexy” that she ignores the fact that young, impressionable girls are watching what she does. Thank you for what you do Nicole! I really hope this fight against Cosmo is successful.

    5. TOTALLY agree!!! I’m pretty sure that Selena knows how many young girls are her fans, how could she be so careless?!?! She even said that she would try to be a good example for her young fans. Is THIS what a good example is?!?! I don’t think so. What would Justin think about this?

    6. Wow selena is in the hot seat now. Why does mostly every celebrity that influences girls are on this disgusting magazine??!!!I feel sorry for Selena she could’ve been the magazine Seventine, then be on cosmo! I’ll be praying for this girl.

    7. It’s not exactly what I would label “aggressive marketing”. After all, they aren’t begging fans to buy it, and the fans don’t HAVE to buy it. In fact, some may decline and just not buy the magazine.

    8. i think she’s just tring to grow up a little bit but she hoprfully knows whats going on maybe she’ll clean up her act but look where she lives itsl ike she’s up against the world like she feels like she has to do that stuff but when stars mess up i dont think we should all be like omgosh i hate her! everybody makes mistakes if they werent famous we wouldnt even know about it i dont really dress like celebertys though i just like putting on blue jeans and a hoodie i dress up if im going to church or somthing like that

    9. I was at Duane Reade (my local drugstore) the other day and my sister and I saw that. I wasn’t shocked but I was pretty surprised. My sister and I covered the Cosmo mgazine with Traditional homes magazine just so at least some younger kids won’t see it. Maybe all of us should do that 🙂

    10. I watched an interview with Selena Gomez a couple of months ago and she said herself that she never wanted to be a role model. After her MTV commercial, I haven’t been sure exactly what to think about her.
      Don’t worry everybody, we still have Taylor Swift! 🙂

    11. well, yesterday i went to the store and i was just looking at the magizines (if i spelled that right). then all of the sudden, i see Selena Gomeze on this cosmo mag. i was like oh my gosh. i walked the way and said to my self “what is wrong with these people!”

    12. Honestly, I’ve looked at a Cosmo mag just to see how bad this stuff is, jusst to get an idea. And I can see how young girls are intrigued by the articles and pictures. In the front, there’s pictures of cute outfits and shoes and prolly some pretty interesting articles. But as you go into the back, it gets deeper into “How to have awesome Sex” and stuff like that. I’ll be compltely honest, if I wasn’t a Christian, and hadn’t been warned about the sex tips, etc. in these magazines, I prolly would have picked one up and bought it without looking thru the back. It’s hard to put it down until the sex stuff comes up…then it’s alot easier. Does anyone see what I mean??

    13. My younger sister stared at that and asked why her boobs were so much bigger than she usally had……my sister is 11 ): she thinks she needs big boobs to be pretty and slena is her idol

      • Wow that is so unfortunate. I wish Selena realized what she is doing to young fans like her sister. I understand she doesn’t want to take Disney roles forever but she can at least be classy about it…Selena is constantly wearing push up bras and it’s starting to get disgusting.
        We have to pray for her. She knows her fanbase is mostly composed of young girls, yet she still decides to take more provocative roles that could corrupt her young fans. How does she think some of her 12 year old fans will react after they watch Spring Breakers? I hope young Selena fans are cautioned about this movie before its too late.

    14. Selena used to be one of the only Disney girls who turned 18 who still dressed modestly and was still a semi respectable role model. However, ever since she’s been dating Bieber and been more in the spotlight, she has been getting worse and worse! She had some disgusting pictures of her straddling Justin Bieber and has recently dressed in ways in which any parent would be ashamed. I hope she changes soon and she isn’t too far gone..

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