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September Book Club Sunken Treasure Letter from Nicole

To My Favorite Readers and Fans,

Hi, my sweet Book Club Girls! I know most of you just started lugging around lots of books for school, but I am so happy that we are going to be reading together again this month in our Project Inspired Book Club. We picked a book just for you called Sunken Treasure by Katy Lee. It is a novel that is action-packed, fun, and filled with romance.

What could be better to escape the drudgery of Algebra 2 or Physical Science than a great romance that also has real truth in it? Oh, and did I mention that it also has shipwrecks, pirates, and buried treasure?

In Sunken Treasure, the main character Rachelle has faced a lot of hard issues in her life. Her dad is in prison, her mom is suffering from depression, and Rachelle feels more than a little lost on the island she calls home. Then she rescues Gage, a man who hunts shipwreck treasure, and her life is never the same again.

Gage brings danger to Stepping Stones island, but he also brings the love of Christ to Rachelle’s life. Together, Gage and Rachelle fight real-life pirates, sharks, and their own fears to find forgiveness and a fresh start.

But wait … do they also find the treasure? Whether they find actual gold or not, I can’t give away. But I can tell you that in Sunken Treasure, Rachelle finds treasure that is better than gold when she learns about Jesus and His love.

If you want to know if our hero and heroine escape the bad guys with their lives and find chests of gold or silver, you’ll have to join us in reading Sunken Treasure to discover that along with us. It’s only about five dollars, and you can order it in paperback or for your Kindle. Find Sunken Treasure here or here.

Happy New School Year, and Happy Reading,



Image: Sunken Treasure | Katy Lee


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  1. AudgPaudg

    Posted by AudgPaudg on September 4, 2014 at 18:34

    This is a fun read! 😀 I LOVE Katy Lee’s other books too!