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    1. Hmmm…I’ve read so many books that have made a wonderful impact on my life. Of course my all time favorite book would be the Bible. Everytime I read it i get close to God and learn about his word. Everyday and every time something just doesn’t go right, I open up his word and it reminds me of his promise to return and take me and all of his followers home.

    2. The book that changed my life is called Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris. It is such an amazing book and I think everyone needs to read it. It’s all about courting and how to make God the center of your relationship. It made me completely rethink everything I ever knew about dating and definitely changed my life for the better. The most important thing it taught me is that there is no need to rush dating, God’s timing is perfect. And he has the perfect guy for you.

    3. Oh, I have to pick just one?! Well, one of the books that has impacted me so much is “It’s (Not That) Complicated” by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin. As a teenage girl who never really had boys as friends, trying to figure out how to act towards boys seemed like a huge challenge. This book was a huge help…. I read it in one day and I also gave it to a friend who was struggling with the same thing. I’m so thankful for women like Anna Sofia and Elizabeth who get what’s going on in the teen girl’s life and write books just for us!

    4. The book that has most impacted my life would be “So Long Insecurity” by Beth Moore. I was so insecure before reading this book, I couldn’t even look at strangers without worrying about they think about me. This book brought me through that. So much that now I am freely myself and don’t worry about peoples opinions (unless its someone’s opinion I care about like my parents). I am now free to be myself thanks to this book and that is why it has impacted my life so much.

    5. I think the book that has impacted my life would be “The Christy Miller ” series by Robin Jones Gunn. Before I read it I didn’t think anything of dating,kissing, sex, love, God, and marriage. I thought “Sure well God doesn’t need to be in my love life. And I know that premarital sex was wrong but God forgives,right?” I was so in the blind and of the world with everything!! I learned how Christy did things and how she at the age of 15 already knew what things should be like. The book helped me grow stronger in Christ in every way. I also learned that you don’t have the have a guy to feel complete. God is writing my love story and it will be more awesome than I could ever imagine so why waste my time with little romances just to be like the world? Robin Gunn is a amazing writer

    6. Definetly Robin Jones Gunn’s Christy Miller Series. I have struggled with acceptance and family issues and so has Christy. While reading her books, I got to walk with Christy and see how God helped her through her hard times even when they felt hopeless. Robin Gunn helped me realize that God doesn’t just leave is in the dust, He”a right there with us fighting the battle.

    7. The book that has impacted me the most is probably Joni Earikson Tada’s biography. She was/is so strong and is so unafraid to just fave the world and be who she is that it has really been a blessing to me. I work with disabled folks, so i think it was easier for me to “get” what she was saying and going through.
      she had many obstacles, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually, that she had to overcome. It makes her seem so much like all of us- someone I can relate to, as opposed to most famous people, who are more like a different race altogether to me.
      Her testimony greatly inspired me in my walk with the Lord, in my family issues, false friends, etc, etc. In addition, I am really encouraged to continue serving all the people in the world with Special Needs. After all, we all have special needs, some people’s needs are just more obvious.

    8. This one is pretty common, but I would choose the Christy Miller series as well. If I had to choose a specific book from the series, I’d say the college years because it examines the challenges that Christy & Co. face in college with anything you can imagine. As I am in college currently I can really relate to that specific portion of the series. I like the Christy Miller franchise a lot because I (and a lot of other people) can really identify with the characters in the stories as they deal with the typical challenges of teenage years and college years. (And now the author has written adult years books that just came out!)

      I feel especially partial to the character as she sort of comes to find God through friends rather than just being born into a Christian family. That is what happened to me as well and so hearing her struggles of having a family who doesn’t believe in God when she does really speaks to me because it helps me realize that I am not the only one with that struggle. In addition, when she turns to God and trusts in Him among her lifes challenges (and even blessed moments), it reminds me to do the same.

      And possibly the most popular theme of the book is her finding the right, Godly guy to spend the rest of her life with. She has a toxic relationship and a relationship that just isn’t right before settling down with the guy she is meant to be with in the end. I think that is a powerful message for any and all girls/women. They say in the book “Hold out for a Hero” and I think that should be thought about all over.

      So those are some of the reasons why I love this book and think it is a gift. I recommend it to anyone.

    9. It’s been mentioned much, but I’ll say it again. The CHRISTY MILLER SERIES by Robin Jones Gunn. It is so relevant, so real, so easy to relate too. While it is fictional, Christy Miller is just like every other teenage girl in the world struggling through the same things. I gleaned great advice about waiting for the right guy, learning to fall in love with God first, making hard decisions, diving deep into who God is, and that a man passionate about God can be a very…attractive thing. The series got me through one of my roughest times and I am re-reading it again. I recommend it to all teenage girls…truly life changing and eye-opening.

    10. “The Bible” has had more impact than any other book. Every time I read a passage I can find a new, deeper meaning in God’s word and I become closer to Him. The fiction book that has impacted me the most though is “A Voice in the Wind” by Francine Rivers. I have struggled with following the Lord, and staying strong in my faith especially when it is much easier to just go along with everyone else. In the book Hadassah stays strong in her faith through all of her many struggles. She never questioned God’s love for her or denied him to save her own life. The most amazing part is she didn’t have a Bible or fellow believers to help her follow God! She was running purely on the memory of her stories her father had told her and a deep love for the Lord!
      This book taught me the importance if staying strong in the Lord. Though, Satan may try to tempt you away with the thought of an easier or more pleasurable life, there is no greater gift than God’s love, and grace; and the peace of mind knowing that when our time on earth is up we will go to be with the Lord for eternity.

    11. One book that has totally changed my life for the better is Radical by David Platt. It has totally revolutionized my thinking as to what it means to follow Jesus, to carry the cross, and redefines for me what the idea of the American Dream actually is. Our first goal as Christians should be to have Jesus at the center of our everything. Our second should be, as this book teaches, to live a life of giving back to our families as well as the world around us. We were saved so that we can help bring others to the saving knowledge of the marvelous Gospel message through acts of great generosity, kindness, and sacrifice which directly contradicts the idea of the American Dream. It’s an excellent read!

    12. I’d definitely say the Bible! I mean, it helped guide me to Jesus and completely changed my life! Now, because of the Bible and the Lord God Himself I get to worship and sing praises and call him my FATHER! until my dying days! And then I’m doing it even more so for all of eternity in Heaven where I get to see Him with my own two eyes! There truly is no other book like the one Jesus gave to us. ^_^ <3

      Besides the Bible I'd have to say Passion and Purity. It opened my eyes to what being pure and saving myself for my husband means! It's an amazing book and I loved it! My name means 'pure' and because of that book I want to live up to my name even more. ^_^

    13. My favorite book is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It is a retelling of the story of Hosea and Gomer based in the mid 1800s in California. It is a beautiful retelling that truly brings the story to life and I cling to its words whenever I need a little love… I love the line that says “Love cleanses, beloved. It doesn’t beat you down. It doesn’t cast blame.””My love isn’t a weapon. It’s a weapon. Reach out and take hold, and don’t let go.” It reminds me of Jesus.

    14. I love books by Beth Moore! I think my favorite would be the study on dating. (Can’t remember the name at the moment) Mostly because it’s showed me terrific examples of when to set boumdaries, and when I should actually start dating/courting. I love listening to her lectures and following along in the workbooks! 🙂

    15. One book that has changed my whole outlook on how I dress is called Secret Keeper- The Delicate Power of Modesty by Dannah Gresh. she brought some things to my attention that I had not thought of before, such as how much power God has given women to attract the right man and how we can dress modestly but still with style. I am more conscious about how I appear in public, and even at home with my Dad, not just throwing on the first thing I see. I am sooo glad I read this book, and I definitely recommend it to other young ladies!

      • Hi :)! I am currently reading that book and it is such an eye-opener. It has taught me so many things about modesty, inner beauty and waiting for the right man. So glad that someone else is reading it as well.

    16. “The mind is what the mind is fed.”
      We all have those moments where we feel unworthy. It’s as though we are not good enough, when in reality we have the strength to move mountains, through Christ. “The magic of thinking big” by Dale J Schwartz was a book that impacted not only my life, but my heart, my mind, and my future. Because of the things I’ve been through, it was hard to have faith in my ability. Though I knew I was unreservedly loved by my Savior, practicing big thinking, and learning how to build positive thoughts and transfer them into actions was just what I needed. I was able to encourage my friends, and watch them grow tremendously. I did not just read the book, I have a notebook dedicated to it, where I wrote the invaluable quotes and continually looked at them. I have blossomed in the knowledge that as Dale J Schwartz says, “Those who believe they can move mountains, do. Those who believe they can’t, cannot. Belief triggers the power to do.” God placed that book and that encouragement in my life, and I will always believe in it. I hope that others find the same encouragement and rest in the truth that we have invaluable strength that we can always find within ourselves.

    17. I would most recently have to say Spoken For by Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Bethke. This book is about the Bible being not only a book about God and Jesus, but also being a love letter from God to his beloved children. It talks about how God loves, wants, pursues, treasures you and so much more. And that through him, you are spoken for. Alyssa and Robin also share their life experiences and how God has helped them through. I really related to some of their stories because I have gone through some very similar things. This book helped me to realize that no matter what, I am a treasured and loved daughter of God, and that He will want and pursue me no matter the circumstances.

    18. I know many people have mentioned the Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn, but my favorite books by her so far is the Katie Weldon series. It is a spin off of the Christy Miller series (which I am currently reading right now!). It is about a girl and the problems that she faces in her daily life: her boyfriend, school, homework, and job. It is super relatable to girls who are nearly finished with high school or just starting college. All of the situations are not overly cheesy (even tho there are a few 😉 ) and just super easy to understand. Recommend for any teenage girl that is looking for Christian relationship advice!

    19. For me its a certain book in the bible that has impacted my life the most. That is the book of Esther. She had all this pressure and she still looked to God. She could have been killed for going before the king without being called for but she had such radical faith in God that she knew that whatever happened, it was because that was Gods plan. She had courage, strength and wisdom. She has shown me that no matter what’s going on, Gods got it. We can only see what’s in front of us when God see’s the whole picture.

    20. Any book by Francine Rivers! My favorite book of hers is Redeeming Love because it is such a romantic story that also shows God’s grace and redemption. It was the first book I couldn’t put down! I also just read her new book called Bridge to Haven. Amazing story about a Hollywood star who gets sucked into a wordly lifestyle and realizes she must choose God. Highly recommend!

    21. I would DEFINITELY have to say that, besides the typical “Bible” answer, I will have to say the other typical “CHRISTY MILLER” answer:) haha These books by Robin Jones Gunn have helped, and inspired me sooooo much! 1st of all… I am IN LOVE with Todd! (you will have to read them to find out who that is:) I was the first one to read them in my friend circle, and now all of my friends love them! They are super easy to relate to. I feel like if I were to meet any of the characters, we would be instant friends! Every page of every book just gets better and better! Last night I went through, and read all of my favorite parts over again. One thing I love about Todd, is that he doesn’t push Christy into anything. they take their relationship day by day, and don’t rush, and even though their relationship isn’t perfect, they have the exact kind of relationship I want to have some day. I have become more patient, and have even begun writing letters to my future husband. They have helped me to see what Love truly is and what it truly means. So many times we just throw the word Love around without grasping its true meaning. Love is so much more than just a word, it is an emotion, and an action. I know now what it means to wait for true love, and I have been given a small glimpse into what it is like to find true love. These books make me squeal with joy, cry happy and sad tears, and laugh out loud to the point where my family asks whats wrong with me:) haha Also I have shared these books with a friend who never knew about God and now she has become a Christian. It is AMAZING to see. I can honestly say that I would be a completely different person without these books. most likely I woul dhave let my heart be broken, but know I have given the key to my heart to God, and am waiting patiently for Him to introduce me to my Todd, and I can’t wait to read the next series!:)

    22. A book that has definitely impacted my life is “The Woman of Mystery” by Hayley DiMarco. This book taps into a topic that all women love: romance. It taught me the secret to true romance and how it brings about peace and self-confidence. I noticed a difference in my words, actions and thoughts when I bought a little mystery into my life.

    23. I adore the Diary of a Teenage Girl series by Melody Carlson. There’s the Caitlin series, Chloe series, Kim series, and the Maya series. I love these book series because they are Christian teens facing battles that girls like us do. You will easily fall in love with this series!

    24. I would have to say the book that has most impacted my life would be Sun stand still by Steven Fertick! This book taught me just how much faith I had and just how much more It could grow in, the book helped me figure out who I really was…. It taught me that reading was nessecery and lead me to reading more and more books! But it’s a close tie between Sun stand still and Captivated… That book taught me my value… Taught me how important purity truly is… And taught me how to live a Goldy life!

    25. The book that has most impacted me, besides the Bible, is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. It is a story of a broken family from my homestate who live a very rough life. Jeannette has a hard childhood and it really hit me at home. I had never realized people in the same state as me are so destitute and so needy. It made me appreciate everything I have. Her journey from poverty to publication also inspired me to write in my own style and about the things I know. She helped me to create the goal of becoming a published author.

    26. I have a lot of books that have impacted my life. But there’s one that stands out. It’s called Kisses from Katie, the true story of a girl who had everything she could want in life going for her, but she left it all behind because God was calling her to something greater than just going to college in the states and living the American Dream. She flew to Uganda, Africa, to help serve at an orphanage, and it changed her life forever. “Jesus wrecked my life,” she said. She watched the poor go hungry and waited for God to use her to help the orphans. And he did. She is now the mother of 13 orphan children, still living in Africa and serving others. This story is powerfully told and it shows the true meaning of faith, of stepping out of our comfort zones just long enough for God to show us our calling. How you can change the world by changing one person’s life. And how by living radically, you aren’t missing out on the best of life if you are using opportunities to serve others and love like Christ. Safe here in my home in middle America, I often wonder if I could live that faithfully. If I could give it all up to God and let Him lead my life in that way. But not everyone has to go to Africa for

      • (sorry, hit post by accident.) As I was saying, not everyone has to go to Africa for God to use them or change their life. We can be servants here and now, right where we are. And this book has shown me that. God can use anything in our lives, even our suffering, and manifest it for His glory. You just have to have the faith to say “Here I am, God. Use me.”

    27. One book that I really like is called “The Discipline of Grace” by Jerry Bridges. It is a book that really makes you look at your life and see if you are fully following the Bible and really shows what faith is. It was a book that I read within a Bible study where we went through Romans. I like the book but going through Romans while reading it made it even better.

    28. If I had to pick a book that impacted me the most other than the Bible, it would be a two-way tie between Not a Fan and Gods at War (both by Kyle Idleman). Not a Fan taught me the importance of living my life to follow Jesus, not just be a fan of His cheering from the sidelines. Gods at War helps to identify what “gods” or idols we place in our lives that keep us from following Christ wholeheartedly. Both books have changed the way I read the Bible, and have helped me to see that because Jesus is my friend, He doesn’t want to leave me where I am. He is continuing to grow me. These books have also shown me how we as Christians tend to overcomplicate things when Jesus simply calls us to follow Him. He never promises that it will be easy, but He does expect us to commit ourselvesto Him if we claim to be Christians. I claim to be a Christian, but am I really following Christ? These books raised many other questons like this one which have caused me to dig deeper into my own beliefs. Highly recommend both of them!

    29. I think one book that has really impacted my life, along with his spoken word poetry, is Jefferson Bethke’s book “JESUS > Religion”. When I read the book, it was perfect timing. It was what I really wanted and needed to hear. At the time, I was almost at a war in my own mind. I was fighting Satan but I was also fighting God. I wanted to be in control of my life because I hated the unknown. I didn’t like not knowing what was going to happen in my life. I had bought this book a month or two prior to reading it and it completely flipped my mind around. It helped me realize that yes God has a plan for our life but He wants to walk with us daily. I mean I knew that, but it really didn’t sink in. It helped me realize that God doesn’t care about our sin. I was always taught growing up that the more you sin, the more you are punished. And that some sins are worse than others. And if you sin too much, you aren’t going to Heaven. This book really made it sink in that it’s not the case. God doesn’t want to punish you. God loves you. God wants to have a real relationship with you. God wants us all to come to Heaven but we have to take up our cross daily. God wants us to repent our sins so that we can be free of our bondage. No one is ever too far gone. This book taught me a lot of things I had already known but it just helped it sink in that much more. This book also gave me great insight on how to answer very difficult questions non-christians ask in order to try and stump us and prove us wrong. Great book! Amazing read!

    30. Many books have impacted my life, one of the many that has is a book called Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It’s a retelling of the book of Hosea set in the California Gold Rush. It truly is a wonderful book that taught me a lot about the condemnation I used to live under, and how much Jesus loves me. I really want to tell you more about it, but I want you to read it for yourself and discover for yourself the truth the Jesus is crazy in love with YOU, and what the crazy, scandalous love looks like. I hope you read it. <3

    31. I got a book today and as soon as I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. I read the whole book in a couple hours and it has already started to impact my life. The book is called “Into the Light: My Journey From the Glow of Hollywood to the Glare of God’s Love” by Nicole Weider. One way this book has impacted my life is that it has gotten me to think more about my past mistakes. Also, when I was reading the book, the things Nicole went through I felt like they were happening to me. I know I will read this book another time because I feel like each time I’ll notice new things that will inspire me and help me in the future. I just can’t put it into words how much I love this book. Thank you Nicole for writing it <3

      Also, another book that has impacted me is "Crushed: Why Guys Don't Have to Make or Break You" by Jessie Minassian. I have only read the first chapter but the book has already taught me so much things, such as, I should get over my crush that I had for about four years because it has literally been crushing me and nothing will come out of it. I really want to buy this book, but I have to wait until I get enough money for it.

    32. The book that has most affected my life is, well, the Bible. Other books are great and all, but only the Bible is God’s word. I mean, what could ever hope to compare with that? 🙂

    33. A book that’s impacted my life is really hard when I have about 3 that did lol! Though I will share the first book that’s transformed my perspective, which is called “The Bondage Breaker” youth edition by Neil T.Anderson. It’s a book that covers how we can be alive and free in Jesus and experience that freedom daily. I was so hard-pressed by the enemy and had been in bondage that I was kept captive from who God made me to be. The awesome thing is it carries powerful scripture and goes in depth about how to overcome bondages/strongholds in our lives like fear, doubt, shame, guilt, etc. It was an incredible book!

    34. My favorite book besides the Bible is “Is that really you, God?” by Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM. The book includes principles for hearing the voice of God and how Loren discovered them. I think it`s a must-read for every Christian!

    35. A book that has impacted my life is Made to Crave by Lisa Terkeurst. It’s more of a devotional book. It taught me that I need God to satisfy my cravings got love, comfort, and specialness. (Is specialness a word?)

    36. The book that has impacted my life is a book called angel of mercey…it changed me because even though parts of were fiction….it made me realize everything missionaries and medical missionaries do and sometimes they are in real danger…

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