Share Your Best Modest Fashion Tip and Win a Target Gift Card!

    PI Girls, modest is ALWAYS hottest, right?! As God’s girls, we’re called to dress in a way that glorifies Him…but it can be hard when so many clothes and trends are too tight, too short or just too revealing. That’s why we need YOUR help!

    Share your best modest fashion tip with us in the comments below to help your fellow PI Girls out! Just for commenting, you’ll be entered to win one of two $100 gift cards to Target, so you can buy some great modest clothes for your fall wardrobe!

    Nicole will choose the two winners on Friday, October 11. We can’t wait to hear your modest fashion tips…and good luck!

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    1. If you would be uncomfortable with some random guy off the street touching an area of your body, then it doesn’t need to be showing. Also, honestly admit who you’re trying to impress when you dress.
      Scarves are really awesome accessories for covering up! I use them to raise necklines, and also to just look cute! Leggings are nice as well to wear with shorter, loose-fitting dresses. However, they are NOT pants, so they shouldn’t be worn without something to cover your behind.

    2. Leah Darrow says: “Modesty is not an invention made by a group of celibate priests or knitting grandmothers. It is a virtue – a virtue so broad that it branches out to attire because clothing veils the body (aka: the temple of the Holy Spirit) and the intimate center of the person. Modesty is not disdain for the body or an attempt to cover up all skin. Modest fashions are an authentic expression of true beauty.” Basically, recognize that you’re dressing modestly to first and foremost, honor God, but also to respect yourself and as an invitation to guys to respect you, without having to dress in a potato sac . So here are a few tips! 🙂

      *Peasant tops are in! They’re cute, comfortable, flowing, and are usually modest (watch out for the scoop neck ones though, because they can show everything when you bend down).
      *Use a shirt extender if your shirt has a tendency of riding up. There is one called the “camiband.” I have yet to buy it but it’s super cute, comes in different colors, and better yet, it doubles as a (modest) bandeau-like camisole (because let’s face it, camisoles, as great as they are, can be difficult).
      *If you happen to love leggings (like me), make sure the dress or shirt you’re wearing is long enough to cover your bottom and some of your thigh (halfway is usually good) and isn’t too tight. Keep in mind that leggings are NOT pants and shouldn’t be treated as so. Look at them as a way of making modest that uber cute but too short dress you have stashed away in your closet.
      *Try wearing straight leg jeans instead of skinny jeans. They’re form flattering without showing too much and they usually don’t cut off circulation in your thighs; Target has a good selection and they come in the midrise style (bending down in low rise jeans = giving the public an unwanted show). And they’re great with boots, which, as we all know, a girl can never have enough of. 🙂
      *Look for autumn staples in the petite or woman’s department; a lot of the styles aren’t necessarily to die for from a teen’s point of view, but it’s easier to find modest jeans, tank tops, and dresses there.
      *If your dress is a tad bit short but looks odd with leggings, try wearing pantyhose. It looks classy and very feminine.
      *Save the heels for another day and embrace boots! Let’s face it, stilettos + skinny jeans kind of looks like you’re just garnering for attention. Save the heels for a dress and embrace this autumn’s caramel colored ballet flats and equestrian boots!
      *Belts are super cute and they can make a whole outfit come together, but combining an eye-catching belt with low rise jeans can draw too much attention to that area; instead, try using a waist belt with a tunic or longer blouse, it’s more modest and very flattering.
      *If you have a piece of clothing that you don’t want to get rid of but it requires constant readjusting, try altering it yourself. If not, try taking it to a tailor, it can be worth the money.
      *Go easy on the eye makeup. Using earthen tones to create a natural look not only screams fall, but is also totally in, and it allows your natural beauty to shine through.
      *Also, don’t feel the need to use push-up bras, embrace your figure. Push-up bras were created specifically for the purpose of creating more cleavage, and since I’m sure none of us plan on doing that, wearing one is kind of pointless and can make a modest top immodest.
      *Avoid temptation! The will is strong but the flesh is weak….especially when it comes to shopping! Don’t convince yourself that “it’s modest enough” or “I can make it work.” If you have to constantly adjust it in the fitting room, then chances are, it’s not entirely modest. Trust me, you’ll save money and avoid the awkward “why did you buy this?” conversation with your dad.
      * Thrift stores! Not only is the clothes there cheaper, but you also have a better chance of finding something modest there than at a department store. They don’t just carry “old people” clothes; you’d be surprised at the pretty cute (and modest) stuff you can find there.
      *Whatever you’re going to wear should pass the “Jesus Test” (as well as the dad and future husband test). Picture that Christ is physically in the room with you. If you immediately start tugging at this, pulling at that, or go running for a bathrobe, then it’s probably not modest. Also imagine you’re already married, would you want another girl to wear this or that around your husband? If not, then you shouldn’t be wearing it around other girls’ future husbands. (I would say to “dress as if you were going to Church,” but let’s face it, wearing a skirt to basketball practice isn’t all that appropriate; ditto for wearing shorts to church on Sunday.)
      *Try taking your mom with you when you go shopping and show your dad what you’ve bought. Parents are a big help when it comes to deciding if what you’re wearing is appropriate.

      Last and foremost, keep in mind that modesty extends beyond what you wear, it’s your actions, thoughts, and words as well. Granted, living and dressing modestly isn’t easy, it can be very difficult, especially when we’re tempted to just “settle,” but it’s a lifestyle worth living. That being said, I leave you with this quote: “Modesty guards purity, and purity guards the creative power and dignity of the human person.”

    3. For dresses: I like to keep them at least a couple inches from my knees with a closed back.
      Leggings: these are a nono unless you are covering what need to be covered.
      Low-cut shirts: I recommend just staying away from them. It gives you negative attention.
      Tank tops: nothing too revealing. Flowy and cute.
      Makeup: NOT TOO MUCH! you are tying to enhance your features not morph them or hide them.

    4. With dresses, skirts, and shorts make sure the shorts hem goes past your finger tips when your hands are at your sides.
      with makeup a little goes a long way.
      your tops probably should not go any more than two inches south of your collar bone either.
      Modest is really hottest! remember a guy is going to want a girl he can take home to meet his parents!

    5. universal must, fashion tip! This goes for anygirl! when it comes to hair we all have issues, but heres how to always maintain beautiful healthy hair! Its very important to always get a trim at least every 2 monthes especialy if you straighten or curl your hair a lot. This helps it grow more and gets rid of your split ends. Also reccomend not blowdrying your hair! let it dry on its own, this will keep it from getting more damaged.

    6. Before I begin, I want to just point out that don’t just dress modestly for the point alone to just wear modest clothing. Remember why we dress modestly. We do it 1) to I believe protect ourselves from creepers but 2) to help our brothers in Christ. I had always thought I was doing it for myself but then read recently that it’s about our heart and why we’re dressing that way. Are we trying to get a guy to look at us inappropriately or we leading Him to Christ? Christian guys appreciate it when girls take care in what they wear (hey that rhymes heehee) And think about the guy you want to attract. A guy who’s only attracted to your body because you broadcast it or a guy who’s attracted to your heart and mind because they aren’t distracted by your revealing clothes. Just remember that ladies! Now to my favorite modest trick. CAMIS!!! Oh my gosh I cannot express how much I love camis. They’re good to wear under a low neckline, see through shirts, under crop tops and even under shirts that show the outline of your bra (which most of the time is an accident) I find wearing a cami kind of covers that up. Or sweaters and jackets to cover up your shoulders if your bra strap is showing or the top comes off your shoulders. Well, that’s all I have. Have fun ladies dressing modestly! 🙂

    7. My tips for dressing modestly:
      1) Shorts and Skirts and Dresses- I don’t typically measure the length of my shorts but I usually know when I don’t feel comfortable. Skirts and dresses are usually the same way but a lot of the time I shoot for around the knee or maybe a little above. You want a guy to see you for you not for how much he can see of your legs.
      2) Tops- I like to wear tank tops in the summer and I don’t see anything wrong with it. But, again, make sure you feel comfortable! If it gapes in the armpit or in the front, a great way to fix that is with a cami! Cami’s will cover up areas that things may show too much and they are a great way to add color. Wear tops that you feel comfortable in. This goes for every kind of top.
      Dressing modest isn’t just for your comfort either. Brothers and even Sisters in Christ will most likely notice what you are wearing and if it is something revealing, chances are it will make them feel uncomfortable, too. Encourage other girls to dress modestly, too. Modest IS Hottest!!! <3

    8. .my fashion tip if you have a dress that is really short wear some tights or leggings. If you short you can wear heels but if you’re tall(like me) then don’t wear any short dress without any tights or leggings..also if the neckline is too revealing wear a cardigan. Cardigans are really popular. Well that’s all. ..

    9. if you have a shirt that’s low cut, wear a tank top. also, a way that you can tell if a shirt is too low cut is to find you collar bone and place 4 fingers from the beginning of it and if the low cut part of the shirt is longer, it’s not modest.

    10. First, you need to get in your mind the difference in fixed modesty vs. functional modesty (thanks to Daniel for introducing me to those terms). Fixed modesty is when an outfit is modest while you are fixed – just standing in front of the mirror. Everything looks fine, not too short, no cleavage showing, etc. But then when you start to move around (i.e. function) to notice some issues – cleavage when you lean over, too short when you sit down, skirt rides up when you walk, back is exposed when you sit down, etc. Functional modesty is when you can do all those things I just listed (and more) and still be covered modestly.
      I’ll be honest with you – fixed vs. functional modesty is what gets me just about every time. I never buy something knowing that it is immodest, but often I’ll look really quickly in the dressing room mirror, all looks fine, and then the first time I wear it out I start to realize it’s not functionally modest.
      The first thing to do to make sure your clothes are modest is to check your clothes before you buy them. If it is hard to check in the dresing room because there is nowhere to sit down or the lighting is bad then make sure to check them thoroughly when you get home before you take the tags off. Here are some things to look out for:
      – bend over to see if any cleavage is going to show
      – tug on your shirt a little to see if it is going to slip down too low or ride up too high
      – raise your hands above your head to make sure you belly is still covered
      – sit down in a chair and cross your legs to see if your skirt is still covering enough
      – sit down in a chair and make sure your pants and shirt still meet in the back
      – bend over and check to make sure that your rear end and legs are still covered
      – move around in your clothes – walk around, do some normal activities, make sure everything is going to stay in place and covered without lots of tugging and adjusting
      – examine from all angles to make sure your shirt, pants, skirt, dress, etc. isn’t too tight and form fitting. If it looks like your pants were spray painted on or that you had to be melted down and poured into them, they are too tight!
      I saw this on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing. I couldn’t find the source of the image (if you know who made it, please let me know so I can credit them), but I know the original list came from here.
      modesty rules
      Now let’s say you already have some cute clothes that you love and/or your budget just won’t allow for a total wardrobe make-over. My second tip is layer, layer, layer. Invest in some tank tops, thin but modest long sleeved or short sleeved tops, skirt extenders, and cardigans.
      – wear tank tops with a higher neckline than your shirt to give you more coverage up top
      – wear tank tops that extend lower than the bottom of your shirt to give you more coverage between your shirt and pants
      tank topsI have a ton of these tank tops (they are Maurice’s brand but I always find them at Rugged Wearhouse/Gabriel Brothers) – the lace at the top and bottom makes them perfect for too short and/or too low-cut shirts.- use cardigans over shirts/dresses that are too strappy
      cardigansI adore cardigans and have a gagillion-million of them. I get them from all different places, but the ones from Loft are my favorite
      – wear a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt under a shirt/dress with thin straps
      long sleeved shirttoo tight to be worn by itself, but perfect for putting under another shirt or dress for extra coverage and warmth
      – wear a skirt extender (basically a slip with a pretty edge at the bottom that is meant to hang out below your skirt) if your skirt is too short on its ownThere are several places you can buy skirt extenders (here and here) or learn how to make them yourself (here and here)
      – turn an item that is sold as a dress but is much too short (hello Forever 21, I’m looking at you) into a tunic-like shirt and wear it over pants (but not leggings or tights)
      Take heart, I have some good news for you – it is much easier to dress modestly than one might think.
      – Vintage clothing (which is usually fairly modest) is very popular right now, as are maxi skirts/dresses.
      – Pinterest has made is so much easier to visualize cute clothing pairings – I see cute and modest stuff on there all the time.
      – Skirts are pretty easy to sew. I see tutorials all the time on Pinterest (like this and this and this and this and this and this) – if you can sew then you can make all kinds of modest skirts.- The amazing tool we have called the internet makes it so much easier to find modest apparel – you can Google “modest swimsuits” or “modest dresses” and come up with a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Gone are the days where we were limited to what you could find in stores or in a few catalogs!
      – There are tons of online shops where everything (or almost everything) is modest. I love this one, this one, and this one.
      – Uniqueness in fashion is pretty normal and accepted
      But you know what, even if it isn’t easy to dress modestly, even if we do stand out and look different than everyone around us, that is okay! We are not supposed to look like the rest of world. Romans 12:2 “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” I know that is is hard to be different. We want to dress like everyone else (especially high schoolers). But being like the world is not what we are here for. We are here on earth to honor God, to be light to the world, and to bring others to Christ. Being mindful of the way we dress is a part of that.
      You might have noticed that I didn’t talk about bathing suits. I was intending to, but then decided that the bathing suit issue needs a post of its own, so be looking for that later this week.

    11. My fashion tip for fall and winter is when wearing leggings make sure the shirt or tank top go over your butt so boys don’t lust over that. I’ve had boys say things to me because my shirt wasn’t long enough. For shirts that are too low. Make sure your tank top is not too low and not see-through and if you want to add a little fun to it put on a fun scarf to help cover up:) Those are the tips I have for fall

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