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    PI Girls, it’s February…the month of love! Here at Project Inspired, we’re all about celebrating different kinds of love–love for your family, love for your friends and (of course!) love for God. So in honor of the month of love, we want to hear all about your favorite fictional love story!

    Aladdin and Abu? Katniss and Prim? Winnie the Pooh and Piglet? Sherlock and Watson? Romeo and Juliet? Whether a friendship or a romance, from a book, movie or TV show, we want to hear all about it. And we’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to the PI Girl who writes our favorite response!

    To enter, tell us about your favorite fictional love story and why you love it in the comments below. On Friday, February 14 (happy Valentine’s Day!), the contest will end and Nicole will choose her favorite response as the lucky winner.

    Good luck, girls!

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    1. That’s a hard one. I would have to say that my favorite friendship is Shawn and Gus from the TV show Psych! Partly because me and my best friend tend to act sort of like them. We can relate to them and their silliness. 🙂

    2. My favorite fictional couple are Cecilia and Robbie from Atonement.
      This movie is one love story that does not have a happy ending. When Robbie is falsely accused of an evil act by Cecilia’s younger sister, he gets sent to prison. Cecilia and Robbie are madly in love but never see each other again. I love this movie because it shows how not all love stories have a happy ending.

      Also, it is simply a beautiful story set in England in the 1930s.

    3. Oh! Definitely Princess Bell and her father! The fact that she trades her life (which she has a lot left of) to save her father from the beast’s dungeon is so incredible because she loves her daddy so much she doesn’t want him to suffer in there. And then he argues that she be the one to go free and live and when she makes him go he goes for help to come back and rescue her! I just love the father daughter relationship in that story!! I love my daddy. 🙂 <3

    4. My favorite love story is of Olaf and Anna in Frozen. Normally, people would say Cristoff and Anna, because, obviously, they’re the romantic lovers in the movie, but I love the love that Olaf and Anna have: a selfless friendship love! I love this relationship they have because they can goof around with each other and have fun together, while still doing kind things for each other. At the end of the movie, while Anna is dying from the ice in her heart, Olaf brings her by the fire (despite its melting powers) and comforts her. He says nice things to her and is just a great friend. He is willing to give up himself to the heat just so Anna can be saved. I want to have this kind of selfless mentality with my friends. It’s inspiring to see this type of love, even if it’s fictional, and it makes me want to change something in me. A lot of times I find myself bragging and putting myself first when I’m with my friends. Olaf, as comedic as he is, inspires me to work on this behavior and to live an “I’m 3rd” life.

    5. My favorite love story is between April Maxwell and Reed Garrison from the book “A Certain Hope” by Lenora Worth. This is the first book from the trilogy Texas Hearts. I have read this book several times and I cry every time I read it. Reed loved April for a long time, even though she left home for New York City. When her father becomes ill she returns home to tend to him, but after he passes away she goes back to New York, leaving Reed in charge of her father’s ranch. Reed realizes that he shouldn’t let her leave him again and that he needs to go after her. So he flies to New York City and with the help of April’s cousin, Reed surprises April. She agrees to go back home with him. April learned to trust people again and Reed helps April grow in her faith. My favorite part of the book is that Reed is always near April when something happens and is always ready to comfort her.

    6. my favorite love story is Gus and Hazel’s in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

      it showed me that even if your sick, even if your weak, someone out there still loves you.

      it showed me that a person, even if you only have them for a little while, can completely change your life.

    7. Well, I’d have have to say the love between Anna, Kristof, Olaf, and Elsa in Frozen, because Kristof was willing to do anything to make Anna happy, Olaf taught Anna that love is caring more about another person than yourself, and Anna showed the example of true, true love by laying down her life for Elsa. I also LOVED when Kristof threw Anna onto Sven and cut the ropes tying him to the sled just in case they didn’t make it. It all reminds me of te Bible verse that says, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for hid friends.” John 15:13 KJV.
      The whole story was centered around learning what true love is, and I appreciated a movie that focused more on love towards everyone instead of just romance, although there was romance in it too.

    8. I love so many novels and movies, but one of my all-time favorites has to be A Walk to Remember. Jamie, a teenage girl with leukemia, and also the preacher’s daughter, transforms Landon in an incredible way, bringing him closer to God simply by being herself and never surrendering her purity and individuality. She shows him what faith is all about through her life, love, and tragic death. She helps him find himself, when he didn’t even know he was lost. Landon, one of the popular guys and primarily a trouble maker, shows her freedom, love, and even helps her to accomplish many of the tasks on her bucket list through heart warming and truly inspiring actions. The two help to complete one another through a modest, virtuous, and yet passionate relationship. The ending is tragically emotional, yet at the same time uplifting.Though Jamie loses the battle with cancer, she has ultimately won the war.
      This movie is all about faith, love, and the cruelness of judging other people. It is a truly inspirational love story.

    9. My favorite fictional love is the one between Ron, Harry, and Hermione. (From Harry Potter.) I know most people don’t see that as a love story, but I do. Here’s why:
      1) Ron never gives up on Harry. NEVER. He is always there. Even when he leaves, he will ALWAYS come back.
      2) Hermione is so patient with the boys. She probably gets ridiculously fed up with them, but she doesn’t ever desert them. She helps them through everything and is their rock.
      3) Harry could get Hermione and Ron to leave him alone at any time. Or, at least, he could try. No matter what, they aren’t going to leave him. I think he finally realizes that and just accepts that they are his best friends and aren’t ever going to dump him.
      The live that these three share is so different than your typical love story. Their love is the love of friends, the love of unofficial siblings. I love their story because it taught me so many things, but it especially taught me to never give up on my friends.

    10. My favorite fictional love story is the one between Christy and Todd in the Christy miller series because it is inspiring and shows how a young Christian girl grows in God and let’s him lead her to Todd a Christ following man.

    11. A 14 year old girl works in her parents candy store. One day a 12 year old boy and his father come in to buy a news paper. The 12 year old boy instantly falls in love. Everyday, for more than two years, without ever missing a day, the young boy came into the candy store and bought a Hershey bar. Each Hershey bar had a small, barely noticeable sticker with the name of the store on it. He was so shy that it was hard for him to even speak when he was near her. After more than two years of buying Hershey bars everyday, the girl he was in love with was gone. He continued to go in for a few weeks but it became obvious to him that she was no longer working there. The young boy was devastated. He could think of nothing but this beautiful girl. Many years later, the young boy, now a young man, goes to college out of state. One day, while walking on campus, he notices a student on a bench crying, he goes over to ask if she’s ok. She told him that she is not ok. He put his books down on the bench, sat down next to her and tried to make her feel better, but she was very upset. She wouldn’t tell him details but she made it very clear that she thought the guy she was dating loved her and today somehow she found that wasn’t true. As the young boy left to go to class, he left his history notebook on the bench. The young woman, still crying, opened his history, loose leaf notebook so she can get his name and maybe a class schedule so she can return it to him. She found no name or class schedule, and there was not one note written from any school subject. What she did find was 763 Hershey wrappers, with love letters written on the back of each one. Each Hershey wrapper had the small sticker with the name and address of her parents candy store, the same store she worked in as a young girl. The love letters were all written to her!!! She continued to cry, even harder now, but they were clearly different tears.

      This story is being told today, by another 14 year old girl who works in the same candy store. She is telling her customers the story of how her grandparents met about 60 years ago.”

      This is my absolute favorite fictional love story ❤

    12. My favorite fictional love story is the 1954 movie musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! Yes, I realize 7 guys carrying off the girls they love in an attempt to get them to marry them isn’t exactly an ideal love story, but if you’ve seen the movie you know how funny and adorable it is, haha! They all end up falling in love and getting married, and the “June Bride” song is so sweet <3

    13. My favorite fictional love story is Damon and Emily from a mystery book I just finished, The Killing Woods. When Emily’s dad is accused of killing Damon’s girlfriend in a PTSD-induced flashback, they start interacting in separate efforts to find out what really happens. Throughout the book, they fall in love, but neither will accept it because they are from completely different social classes: Damon’s a sports star and model student, Emily’s quiet and withdrawn. I love the way they finally accept each other and help each other through the difficult outcome.

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