Share Your Favorite Summer Song and Enter to Win a $100 iTunes Gift Card!

    PI girls, back in February we made a PI Playlist filled with YOUR favorite love songs. And we had so much fun that we’ve decided it was time to make another playlist…but we need your help!

    Share your favorite summer songs with us in the comments below by Sunday, June 30. We’ll compile the playlist and share it with all of you girls so we can celebrate summer together!

    Plus, just for fun, we’re giving away a $100 iTunes gift card to one lucky PI Girl who shares her fave summer song with us. So put on your thinking caps and let us know your favorite summery song of any kind in the comments below! We’ll choose the winner on July 1.

    UPDATE: Congrats to the winner, PI Girl liveforgym!

    Psst! Stay tuned for these fun giveaways coming up later in the summer!

     – JULY –

    July 1st – Suit Up!
    Send us a link to your dream modest swimsuit online, tell us why you like it and enter to win a gift card to help you buy it!

    July 15th –  Super Summer Reads
    Share your favorite book/summer read (besides the Bible) and enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card to buy all the summer reads you could want.

    – AUGUST –

    August 5th – Sweet Summer Memories
    Send us a photo of your favorite memory of this past summer and enter to win a $100 Kohl’s gift card for the perfect back-to-school outfit.

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    1. The Song I am submitting for the $100 iTunes is: Point of Grace – Wildflower

      But there are a lot of artists and songs…so….
      Jars of Clay – Fall in Love with You
      Mark Harris – When We’re Together
      Moriah Peters – Bloom
      Owl City – Good Time
      Britt Nicole – Headphones
      Chris August – The Upside of Down
      Rescue – So Excited
      TobyMac – Get Back Up
      Jeremy Camp – Jesus Saves
      MercyMe – Beautiful and Generous Mr Lovewell
      Mark Shultz – All Has Been Forgiven
      Matthew West – Something to Say
      Bridget Mendler – Ready or Not
      Jamie Grace – You Lead
      Newsboys – One Shot

    2. I think a really good summer sing is either “Made In America” by Cimorelli (perfect for hot days out in the sun) or Fireflies by Owl City (perfect for evenings on the porch or in my room

    3. My favorite song for summer is The Cave by Mumford and Sons. Whenever I hear it, especially the intro guitar part, it makes me want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful earth God has given us! 🙂

    4. Well, I know that it isn’t a NEW song… but one of my favourite songs of all time is THE MOTIONS by Matthew West. Sometimes, I think that we can get so caught up in the busyness of summer.. that we often just get into a routine… without actually thinking about what we are doing, and why! Is what we are doing important?

      For that very same reason, I also like Stop the World (also by Matthew West) because, again, it challenges me to really make sure that I think about what I am doing… and ask God whether I am right in doing it or not… (Living in Tanzania really helps by calling to question everything that would be considered ‘normal’ to do at home, and makes me think about whether it is important)

      Anyhow… long answer to a very short question…

    5. The One That Got Away by The Civil Wars. I don’t care if it’s not the quintessential “summer song”: I’ve been waiting for new music from them for CENTURIES, and their new single has been worth the wait!

    6. My favorite summer song is hands down “Window’s Down” by Big Time Rush !

      I sing this song everywhere I go and I play it super loud when I’m driving in my car with my sisters hahaha!!! I love it! 🙂

    7. My fave summer song is “It’s Your Life” by Francesca Battistelli. Though that is my favorite there are definitely others up there like “Breaking Through” by Audrey Assad, “This Good Day” by Fernando Ortega, “Move” and “One Trick Pony” by Mercy Me, “New Song” by Ginny Owens and “Shackles (Praise You)” by Mary Mary to name a few, ;). Enjoy.

    8. Oh this’ll be hard, there are so many good ones!

      “You And I” by Chris August
      “I Make Own Sunshine” by Alyssa Bonagura
      “Every Good Thing” by The Afters
      “What A Mystery” by Josh Wilson
      “Made Alive” by Citizens
      and like any Colbie Caillat songs

      Music is like the best thing ever! I dont know where I’d be without it! Its such a summer thing too! When I think of a summer song I think catchy or really good sounding when loud or something you can whistle or dance to or beachy sounding. Its wonderful!

    9. What about “Summer Song” by Jump5? I mean, the title says it. 🙂 I only discovered that song last year, and after downloading it on Amazon, I’ve now been playing it at least once every day during the summer this year. I would also jam to anything Britt Nicole at summertime. Her music is so upbeat, and I am such a pop junky! lol

    10. Live Like You by Summertime’s End!!! 🙂 Super catchy Christian song 🙂

      Sometimes I feel I must be worthless
      But You said, have faith, and I’ll do the rest
      I know I’m nothing close to perfect
      But for You, I swear I’ll do my best

      Save me a place in your heart tonight
      Keep me secure as I hold on tight
      Steady my path when I feel unsure
      Change my heart till it’s more like Yours

      Help me to live so Your glory shows
      ‘Cause how I’m alive only Heaven knows
      Teach me to love them in all that I do
      ‘Cause God, all I want is to live like You

      I tried to find You by piling up my good deeds
      But all my right turns got me back where I started
      Until you said, Son, I have what you need
      And suddenly the shadows all departed

      Life is what you make of it
      I see a chance and I’m taking it
      Forgiveness is a gift I can’t ignore

      I’m a prisoner and You hold the key
      O God, O God please set me free
      So I can make this life worth so much more
      And live like You

    11. Favorite Summer Song: “Sunny Day” by Joy Williams

      Other songs I like…
      “Good Time”-Owl City
      “I want Crazy”-Hunter Hayes
      “Your Love Never Fails”- Newsboys
      “Pocketful of Sunshine”-Natasha Bedingfield
      “I Do Adore”- Mindy Gledhill
      “Everything”- Michael Buble
      “Good Morning”-Mandisa
      “Tip Toes”-Jayme Dee
      “He Said”-Group 1 Crew
      “Strangely Dim”-Francesca Batistelli
      “Won Me Over”-Audrey Assad

    12. A song that came out recently and that I am really liking now is “Dead Come to Life” by Jonathan Thulin. It has such a unique and interesting beat to it. The song says that we will die physically, but there is life in Heaven afterwards.

    13. I don’t know if I can post another one… but Beat This Summer by Brad Paisley is so good. I love how he always has an interesting instrument or beat going behind all of his songs… 🙂

    14. My favorite song right now is “Lord I Need You” by Matt Maher. I absolutely love it. It’s very simple, and it never fails to calm me down. Is a cry out to God. My favorite lyric is ” Lord I need You, oh I need You, every hour I need You. My one defense, my righteousness, Oh God, How I Need You.” Actually I love all the lyrics, come to think of it, haha. I would definitely recommend this song to anyone!! Happy summer everyone!!:)

    15. I have a few. I can’t really stick with just one summer song.
      One is called Praying for sunny days by hyper static union [but i use that as my 24/7 song], Another is called Move my mercy me, and two new ones i just started to listen to.
      Dead come to life by Jonathan thulin and your love is like a river by third day.

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