Sing Along with the PI Summer Songs Playlist!

    Hi gorgeous PI girls! In the spirit of summer, we decided to create an awesome PI playlist filled with your favorite songs for the season. We asked for your help choosing the songs and were overwhelmed by your great responses–we received more than 300 song suggestions! And now, it’s our turn to share the PI community’s favorites with you.

    The PI community’s top 20 summer songs:

    1. “Gold”–Britt Nicole

    2. “Good Time”–Owl City

    3. “22”–Taylor Swift

    4. “Me Without You”–TobyMac

    5. “Hold Me”–Jamie Grace

    6. “Good Morning”–Mandisa

    7. “Radioactive”–Imagine Dragons

    8. “Every Good Thing”–The Afters

    9. “Words”–Hawk Nelson

    10. “See You Again”–Carrie Underwood

    11. “Ready or Not”–Britt Nicole

    12. “Fireflies”–Owl City

    13. “You Lead”–Jamie Grace

    14. “Beautiful Things”–Gungor

    15. “Cray”–Family Force 5

    16. “You and I”–Chris August

    17. “Cruise”–Florida-Georgia Line

    18. “On Top of the World”–Imagine Dragons

    19. “Long Hot Summer”–Keith Urban

    20. “What Makes You Beautiful”–One Direction

    Check out our playlist of the top 10 PI summer songs–and click the “share” button to share the fun with your friends!

    Which of these songs is your favorite? Do you have any special plans for the rest of the summer? Fill us in!

    Team Project Inspired
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    1. “Radioactive” is my all time favorite song right now!
      I’m also obsessing over Mumford and Sons new album
      And I happen to be stuck on Fun.’s album
      And AWOL nation is my newest phase(:

    2. The song cray is my absolute favorite from that list!! I went to a Christian summer camp a couple weeks ago. we would have this mini dance party before we went out and played games everyday. every single time they played cray!! I love that song… <3

    3. 4. “Me Without You”–TobyMac
      5. “Hold Me”–Jamie Grace
      6. “Good Morning”–Mandisa
      8. “Every Good Thing”–The Afters
      9. “Words”–Hawk Nelson
      13. “You Lead”–Jamie Grace

      #9 is totally my favorite!

    4. I’m a little mad you didn’t put my song on there…you have Taylor Swift and Britt Nicole and One Direction (really? Like, really?), but you didn’t put Sunshine?
      You did put Radioactive, though, so that’s good…I adore that song.
      In case anyone’s wondering, my song is Sunshine, by Matisyahu. It is my theme song. It’s seriously amazing.

      • SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIKES MATISYAHU!! Wow, I’m really amazed. Not ONE person I’ve ever met (and had a conversation about music with) has even known who he is. And Sunshine is one of my favorites of his.

        • I literally can’t move my mouth right now. Holy God in Heaven.
          Brace yourself…

          Do you have a favorite song? He is my FAVORITE singer of all time and I’m going to see him in a week!

    5. I just finished the playlist…and the last song, See You Again, was exactly what I needed. A very dear friend of my family’s passed away on Sunday, pretty suddenly. This song reminded me that we WILL see her again, and I can’t wait!

    6. OH YEAH, OWL CITY!!! AWESOMENESS HAS BEEN ACHIVED, LOL. My friend just showed me that radioactive song the other day so thats pretty cool. Lots of awesome songs here, I’m gonna listen to all of them!

      • Oh and my favorite songs on the play list are,
        1: Gold by Britt Nicole
        2: Good time by Owl city feat. Carly Rae Jepsen (of course) <3
        3: Me without you by Tobymac
        4: Hold me by Jamie grace feat. Tobymac
        5: Radioactive by Imagine dragons
        6: Every good thing by The Afters
        7: Words by Hawk nelson <3
        8: See you again by Carrie Underwood <3
        9: Ready or not by Britt nicole feat. Lecrae <3
        10: Fireflies by Owl city <3
        (The ones with <3s at the end are the ones i like best.)

    7. My favorite would be 1D What Makes You Beautiful….Don’t really like any of their music except that one song…I just love it!

      But I love some Taylor Swift, Owl City, & Imagine Dragons ♥

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