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Singer Montell Jordan of “This Is How We Do It” Releases Book “Becoming Unfamous”

Singer Montell Jordan, known for his song “This Is How We Do It” (1995), is now an author of a book entitled Becoming Unfamous and is a worship pastor. He’s a leader at his home congregation of Victory World Church in Atlanta, and regularly speaks to people about the power and influence of music, his testimony and how God changed his life.

Oprah recently did a segment on Jordan’s career in February 2017 and reviewed how he moved from his Def Jam Records career as an R&B icon to being a pastor. Watch the Revolution TV clip here to hear a video testimony from Montell Jordan himself.

Here’s a description of Jordan’s book, Becoming Unfamous: The Journey From How We Do It to How He Do It: “[It] is the story of faith to fame and success to significance. Discover how R&B singer, songwriter and superstar Montell Jordan made the journey from performer to pastor in his self-penned transparent autobiography that shares his journey from marriage and music into ministry. Montell’s story begins by documenting the intimate details on the night in 2010 when he determined to exit the music business. In a letter typed into his smartphone while seated in an Atlanta young adult ministry church service, he shares that God spoke to both he and his wife Kristin (while in different places in the room), confirming that their exodus from the entertainment industry would be immediate. In true Hollywood fashion, the story then rewinds to where his childhood began some forty-something years earlier in the city of angels….”

Click here to order your copy of the book on Amazon.

You can go to Montell Jordan’s official website here.

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