SNL Spoofs Tebow, But is Mocking Christianity the Same as Mocking God?

    I know Tim Tebow has been a media focus these last few months, but I had to ask a question after seeing the Denver Broncos’ quarterback spoofed on Saturday Night Live the other night. If you are not familiar with Tim Tebow, check out my post, “Who is Tim Tebow and why is Everyone ‘Tebowing’?”

    Watch the SNL skit below.

    I’m interested in what you think of this skit. I believe it’s really important for people to have a sense of humor, especially when it comes to themselves. It’s healthy to be able to laugh at yourself, but I don’t think this philosophy applies when it comes to spoofing God.

    To make matters worse, rumor has it that SNL is looking to have Tebow host the show.

    SNL realizes it would be HUGE ratings and they are hoping he will say yes (SNL source).

    It’s hardly surprising that SNL is looking to book Tim Tebow, since CBS drew in a 19.5 rating with the Patriots/Broncos game last weekend. That’s the highest regular season game rating since 2007, and it’s predominantly because of Tebow-mania.

    SNL hosts usually are asked to spoof themselves. But how would it benefit Tebow to accept the offer if they ask him to make fun of his faith? How would that glorify God?

    In 1 Corinthians 10:31 we are told to glorify God in everything we say and do, and in Hebrews 13:15 it says that we should praise God continually. Tebow is devoted to Jesus Christ and follows these teachings loyally. So when a Christian like Tebow is mocked for following such teachings, is God not ultimately being mocked too?

    I don’t think that Tebow should spoof his Christianity on SNL. In doing so, he would only legitimize everyone who has made fun of his faith in the past and, in turn, weaken his own credibility as a Christian. More importantly, I think that it would be offensive to God. It is because of this last reason that I don’t think Tebow will make fun of his faith. He may agree to host SNL, but I would be surprised if he spoofed Christianity.

    Christianity is made fun of regularly. And just as often, we Christians laugh along or shrug it off. We are told to turn the other cheek. But should we be so accepting if those who mock Christianity also are mocking God?

    I think it’s time to take a stand as Christians. We don’t have to be rude or aggressive. Remain Christ-like in your defense of the Lord. Use the opportunity to share God’s word, and do it with respect and style. I’m pretty sure that’s what Tim Tebow would do.

    What do you think? Sure it’s good to have a sense of humor about yourself, but is making fun of your faith the same thing? Do you think that Tebow should spoof his faith?

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    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. I’ve got mixed feelings about this… I think it was funny, most of the way through, and I fully beleive God has a sense of humor, but this is on the line of going too far :/ There are some good things with this skit: 1. It’s making fun of people who “pray loudly in the streets” (matthew 6:5)(Not that I think Tebow does this on purpose, but some people perceive it that way) 2. It points out that way too many people only ask God for simple or unimortant things, i.e., football games, beauty pageants, and before meals, and 3. It doesn’t portray Jesus as being impossible to reach like some people do.. I picture Jesus as being easy to talk to, and fun loving similar to the person in the video. However, the skit had its share of bad things too: for instance, 1. It mocks our faith in God being able to take care of things as small as a football game, and it tries to convince us that we don’t need him 2. It puts us on par with God(“that guy must be his nephew”, etc.) 3. It makes fun of how “in love” Christians are supposed to be with God by making “Tim” be awkwardly and innapropriately close to “Jesus” in the video, so I think overall, even though it’s funny, the bad outweighs the good. I think it’s okay for someone to include Jesus or God in a comedy sketch, but they need to be very careful to not be disrespectful, as this one definitely was.

    2. Ok, in my opinion, this is NOT funny AT ALL. I don’t know about most people, but I take a lot of offense when someone makes fun of my religion and my Savior. Sure, some things that people can poke at are funny to an extent, but when it’s taken too far is where I get offended. Sure, I don’t think God minds cute little stuff, but when you take it to an extent of what they did on SNL, I think He starts to get offended. When people make fun, I get upset because they’re disrespecting something so important to me. It just really bugs me.

    3. I’m so mad about this skit. To me it is insulting and stupid and to think that people thought that was funny! As a football player I don’t like Tbow very much,but i love that shows his respect to God.

    4. This skit really TICKS ME OFF. If the skit was mocking Islam or Buddism or any other religion I can about guarantee that SNL would be in some trouble. But no, it’s mocking Christianity so it’s OK apparently.
      SNL is disrespectful trash. >:(

      • right! if it was islam or some other religion, they would get nothing short of hell for it. (pardon my french if anyone is offended by the h-word, but thats definitely what SNL would get)
        theyre talkin that christians are hypocritical and all that, but the one finger they point at us, the four other ones point right back at them.

    5. I think it is very rude what they have done in that skit, and they said mormonism is true??? They need their facts straight before they put something out there. It’s goos to have a sense of humor about yourself, but making fun of your faith is not the same thing. Faith is not something to joke about it is a serious matter. I do not think that Tebow should spoof his faith. Faith is a great trait and should not be made fun of.

    6. I do admit that, at first the skit seemed kinda funny. I definitely believe that God has a sense of humor. But I found a lot of the jokes and the way the portrayed Jesus in the skit; offensive. They were , in my opinion, mocking God and making fun of Christianity. The skit definitely did not seem to encourage or support Christianity at all, it seemed to be making a joke out of it. I think this skit crossed the line between being funny and able to laugh at yourself, to being rude and disrespectful. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

    7. It was funny, but not in a good way. People make fun of Tim Tebow because he proclaims his Christianity boldy compared to the other “Christians” who say they are, but are really hypocrites. Yes, it’s important to have a sense of humor, but I think this goes too far. They make Jesus look like a hippie, and make Tim look like he’s naive and pushes his faith in people’s faces, when he doesn’t at all. This just shows how much people need prayer. Even in the last part when he says that mormonism is true, is an example of how writers try to subtley put lies in what we watch or listen to. We need to be aware of all that, and pray that people don’t believe everything they see or hear.

      • Don’t forget that many people might view Tebow’s actions as “[pushing] his faith in people’s faces”. Don’t forget to look at things from different perspectives 🙂
        I also disagree with your claim that the writer’s intent was to subliminally sway their audience towards a certain faith. On the contrary, I believe their intent was to show that other religions should be able to get along peacefully.

    8. At first it just looked like they were making fun of Tebow, but when Jesus walked in, I got a little offended. They used the same actor who plays the devil on the other skits. As the skit went on, it started getting offensive. I don’t mind when people make jokes about Christianity, but when they start poking at the religion itself, that’s where it gets bad. If Tebow made fu of his own faith, people would stop taking him seriously. In the skit, the guy that played Jesus said “I pray to you, I’m just not in everyone’s face about it.” That’s where the whole thing fell dead to me. Who cares if the guy is religious? The problem with non Christians is that they think we’re all shoving our religion down others throats. They shy away from the topic because THEY don’t understand our relationship with God. No one can be “too religious.” I think that was the whole joke in the sketch. When someone gets upset or angry for no reason when God is brought up, that’s nothing but the devil running scared.

      • I agree with most of your post except the fact that people should never be religious. Being a Christian should be a relationship, not a religion. Most Being Religious is the worst thing you can do as a Christian.

    9. This is beyond offensive. Sure, you need to be able to laugh about yourself sometimes but SNL isnt only mocking TIm Tebow, they’re mocking Christianity and God-especially God the Son. There are so many things that SNL makes fun of that are either wholesome or honoring to God. Some people may be able to laugh about this but the first time i tried to watch it I had to stop halfway through because it was so repulsive. The reason so many people are against Tebow is because he is fearlessly living for God-so naturally, people wont like it. This video is definitely not ok with me and people who think its fine need to question how much they value God’s Holy name.

    10. “It’s not a good week if every week, I, the son of god, have to come in, drop everything, and bail out the denver broncos in the 4th quarter, okay? I’m a busy guy.” That’s exactly what God isn’t! God WANTS to help us!

    11. Be able to laugh at yourselves and make jokes, but sometimes, I think it can be taken too far. I am doing a humorous speech piece on the creation of the world where all the major religion gods come together. I know my beliefs and where I stand on God, and I have thought about this piece and found it okay to do this. But these people do not seem to have a grip on their faith because of the skits constantly being about sex and everything. I would NEVER do a piece like that EVER. It would be one thing to spoof Tebow because they do that with every star or celebrity, but to spoof Jesus… that’s too far.

    12. I think the main point people need to understand is that SNL skits aren’t meant to be malicious in any way. More importantly, this particular spoof isn’t mocking the Christian faith or God in any way; it was bringing the matter of Tebow’s very public devotion to God into a more humorous light. If anything, I find this to be extremely positive! If people generally dislike the idea of people being so open about their faith, then maybe a spoof is good! People won’t be so quick to judge Christians if they can see a devout Christian that is able to see both sides of the situation. Most people see Christians as too uptight, and this spoof contradicts this portrayal of us. And don’t forget that Tebow is very dedicated to his beliefs; I highly doubt he would engage in any behavior that he believed to be degrading to his Christian lifestyle.

      • I think the skit was exceedingly malicious. I’m not taking from a postion of “Oh well I can’t believe that they would mock Christianity so openly!” I am coming from a standpoint of; this is wrong, if they are going to say that Tebow and other Christians are shoving Christianity down their throats and “we need to respect them and their beliefs”, then they need to pay us the same curtosy. I saw several other comments about how if this skit was about Islam or Budism then they would be getting death threats (Let me remind you of the reaction to the South Park episode a couple years ago)but they think it’s ok to mock what we believe as long as we are quiet. They need to get a clue. This is not something that is “just for entertainment” it’s Satan’s retaliation against a man who has a true annointing upon him, and we as Christains need to be loud and tell them thats we are not pushovers.
        Thank you.

    13. This skit was very funny. If they mocked another religion, I doubt anyone would say anything. The reason they mocked Christianity is because that’s Tebow’s religion. They were mocking the religious people who take it overboard, not that Tebow does, but some do. The Tebow in this skit reminded me a lot of Margaret White from the Stephen King book CARRIE. She was overly religious, which you can be. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch some clips on youtube. This is just a funny version of that. I thought it was hilarious, because it’s satire.

    14. I’m not going to be too offended by this. I have my views to express my Christianity, and others at SNL can express their views against Christianity. We don’t have to laugh along, but people are always going to be making fun of other people, and I’m taking the approach of just letting it slide. It is a Christian value not to make fun of God on purpose, but who says they’re Christians who value their faith?

    15. I believe that Tim Tebow is truly a man of God, and praying loudly isn’t always a bad thing. I don’t think that he is doing it to get attention or look good superficially (which is what Matthew 6:5 talks about) he does it in a way that expresses his faith openly. If more Christians took a stand and said that this is what I believe and you can’t change it like Tebow does, this country would be so different; most of us wouldn’t get to do it on National television in front of millions though, which is why Tebow gets made fun of because everyone sees him doing it. But he does more good than harm I believe. I thought the video was humerous but didn’t like the message. It was like seeing a cute dress on the wrack and then trying it on and it hangs in all the wrong places making you look bad. That’s what the video did to Christianity.

    16. I’m from Colorado, and the Tebow mania here is insane! I respect Tebow, but not because of his religion, but instead because of his positivity! I really think Tebow saw this and probably laughed it off…like we all should. It may have been slightly offensive with their “Jesus”, but people spoof religions all the time. I think my God has a sense of humor, so I’m sure He just laughed it off too.

    17. i thought some of it was funny, and i do think people need to laugh at ourselves, but i prefer christian comedians like brad stine rather than some people who may be aethiest laughing at us. Brad Stine is my favorite comedian, you should look him up sometime on youtube.

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