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Step Into Your Greatness 101 Series

Guest post by Jessica Morton

Jessica Morton


Are you up for the challenge of becoming the best version of yourself? I’m here to help all of you get personally focused on how to step into your greatness. Let’s take an inventory today of what’s working in your life that you can build upon, and what you can let go of. I’ve made a short list to help you set yourself up for success in 2016. Try journaling at home with this as your road map and feel free to add on as you go.


  1. Attend church. Are you planted in a great church? Maybe plug into a youth group that meets weekly for community, to expand your knowledge of the Bible and to increase your faith.
  1. Succeed in school. What type of student are you and what type of student do you want to become? If you feel that you could be getting better grades, maybe hiring a tutor is the solution. Maybe it’s taking the additional step of verbally recapping your notes from class in the evening.
  1. Build strong friendships. Are you growing good relationships? Trusting your instincts when it comes to your close friends and knowing who is “for” you is important. Do your best to get along with everyone, but it’s okay to kindly cut back on some friendships if they don’t feel right.
  1. Make fitness fun. Do you make time to exercise? I try to do what I love, like running, circuit training, yoga, hiking and bike riding. Maybe you can experiment with new workouts, whether it’s a dance class, a spin class or tennis lessons. If you have a routine, share it with us in the comments section.
  1. Create your own style. My best advice is to be yourself when it comes to style, to work with what you have and always let your style evolve as you do. Fashion is a fabulous form of self-expression. Recently I needed a change, so I added more colorful dresses to my wardrobe along with new workout clothing.
  1. Get organized. Are you so organized that your outfits are laid out the night before school or are you the opposite and have to search through clutter just to find your math notebook five minutes before the bus arrives? Good organization is a habit that you can create.
  1. Give back and help others. How can you give back this year? How can you help others? It can be a simple gesture of kindness, from helping your parents around the house to actively volunteering. Earlier today I was taking a spin class and the girl in front of me couldn’t get her left shoe hooked into the pedal, so I got off of my bike and helped her. Did you know that you—yes, YOU—can positively impact someone else’s life?


Please share some of the things you include as inspiration in the comments section. And stay tuned for more in this series!


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    Posted by Celby on January 10, 2016 at 19:00

    Awesome list!