Stuff Christian Singles Hear

    “There is SOMEONE out there for you.”

    “Jesus is my boyfriend.”

    “The key is to ACT like you don’t care.”

    Seriously, the things people say to us single people! Watch this hilarious but ohhh-so-true video on stuff that Christian singles hear.

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    1. My great grandmother (age 93 at the time, currently 95 and still trucking) sincerely and lovingly told me “You better bring a boyfriend here before I die”. Yup ;u; feeling all the love from that statement (although now my evil plan is working, since if I don’t find a boyfriend she shall live forever >u>)

      Alright, I kid about that last part (I want her to be happy, after all), but in all honesty a lot of people say things in response to those of us who are single. Christians seem about as prone to it as Non-Christians, and I think the only thing that makes the latter more annoying is that half of them jump the gun awful fast (ie: “You must be a lesbian” “Don’t you want to have sex though?” “Just hook up then, it’s fun”. Grr). Honestly, though, what’s the point in jumping into a relationship for the purpose of pleasing those folks, if it’s just going to crash to the ground just as quickly? I’m not being stubborn, I just know what I’m looking for and I’m not going to stray to please the masses Not in an entirely “I’m looking for this specific person and no one else” way. I just want to find someone who doesn’t think it’s their job to criticize every choice I make in hopes that I’ll take the “right” path and become the perfect woman they want me to be. Shockingly enough that alone has cut the numbers a fair amount (like one man who thought my “right path” was being a house wife and raising babies. Haha. Nope). Perhaps it’s in the water?

      As far as I’m concerned, there’s someone out there that likes me for me and I’ll like back, just as everyone on this Earth does. We may disagree on things, but nothing we can’t live with. And when the time comes I’ll find that person, and it’ll be hunky-dory and all that. But for now I have no problem being single 😉

      • I completely agree! 🙂 and funny story about your grandma, I’ve something kinda similar to that, only with my mom…. if she sees we’re sitting near a couple in Church that has a baby with them, she’ll look right back at me and go, “I want grandkids!” Yeeeeepppp. XD >.> In short, I kinda feel your pain!

    2. ALL THE TIME!!!!! I am so over being single. It’s time to get in a relationship so I can say these things to my single friends. I was the friend in a relationship once. It was the best to be able to say these things.

    3. XD I’ve had two friends say this to me…. one was my close guy friend who was all, “No way are you single. You’re too cute to be single!” and my other bestie who, upon conversing with me about guys and dating, well-meaningly asked, “What about you? You must have a dozen or so guys lined up around the block!” XD u can only imagine both my expression and both of theirs when I told them I’ve been single my whooooolllleeee life, never, ever gone on a single date!! LOL but, hopefully, eventually, I’ll find someone nice for me 🙂 If I don’t though, that’s OK– I’ll just run around w/ all my other singleton friends the rest of my life!! XD

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