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Style Guide for Christian Girls: Swimwear

With summer fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about beach days and pool parties. And with this thought comes the question of what to wear.

Swimwear is getting more risque by the year. Plunging front, cut-out, high-cut and monokini designs leave very little to the imagination. And it doesn’t take much for a boy’s imagination to wander into sinful thoughts when so much skin is exposed.

Well, don’t worry, ladies! I’ve been cyber shopping for swimsuits that are fun, fashionable and modest. Just remember: The examples I’ve provided are more for style than color and pattern.

The following are one pieces that are low-cut on the hips. The V-neck and halter top versions are more suited to ladies with a smaller bust. If you would rather cover the hips more, consider the one piece with the shorts.

Tankinis are also a modest option worth looking into. These are two piece swimsuits with a tank top. Modesty includes covering the stomach, so tankinis are appropriate. Tankinis are available with regular bikini bottoms, but I think that shorts are more modest. You could also consider skirtinis, but not many of those come with tank style tops.

Swim dresses are so adorable. Check out the examples below. These are basically dresses you can swim in.

All images: swimwearplace.com

In addition to your swimsuit, you may want to purchase a cover-up garment. This is an item of clothing that you can wear on top of your suit when you’re not swimming. Options include tunics, sarongs, beach robes and sundresses.

When shopping for a swimsuit, think about why you want it. What is your intention when you’re at the beach or pool? Is it to swim and relax in the sun? Or do you want to be ogled by strange boys and men–or even boys and men that you know–who likely are conjuring up sinful thoughts about you, whether intentionally or unintentionally?

Christian girls don’t get a pass at being modest when on the beach. You’re still responsible for dressing appropriately!

Have you bought your swimsuit yet? Which style is your favorite?

Image: swimwearplace.com


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  1. mmaxim

    Posted by mmaxim on May 22, 2013 at 16:17

    Hi everyone! I found the best website for modest swimwear, and they are sooo adorable! Lime Ricki swimwear! Check it out, girls. (: