Suit Up! Enter to Win Your DREAM Modest Swimsuit!

    Now that summer is finally here, there’s nothing better than relaxing and having fun with your friends and family at the pool or the beach! But do you have a great bathing suit you love wearing? If not, this is the giveaway for you…we’re going to help one PI Girl buy her dream swimsuit!

    How to enter:

    In the comments below, send us a link to your dream modest swimsuit (online only) and tell us why you like it. Nicole will choose one lucky winner to receive a gift card to help buy that dream swimsuit! The winner will be chosen July 14, 2013.

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    Good luck and surf’s up, girlies!

    UPDATE: Congrats to PI Girl ssamanthita, the winner of her dream modest swimsuit from! Thanks to everyone who shared their wonderful swimsuit picks!

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      Hey there!
      So the reason I love this swimsuit is……
      1. The colors! I love the combination of the pink suit with blue trim.
      2. Elephants! Personal opinion but Elephants are the cutest animal.
      3. I like that it has straps so that I won’t have to keep pulling it up.
      4. Moddest is for sure Hottest!!!
      And I just thought you should know that this is such a great giveaway idea! Thanks for maybe considering me! 🙂 Love, JerseyGirl145 <3


      I absolutely love this swimsuit! It is so modest. For a girl who is curvy, this swimsuit helps conceal the areas of my body that need to be covered. I really dislike swimsuits that have bottoms that are similar to underwear….gross. 🙂 This is really feminine and not too “show-offish”. It is so adorable and I think Nicole would like it too! Haha 🙂


      I have bought one suit from this store before. They are a great quality material and are quite modest! This light blue mint color is on of the best in season and I love that it is a solid color. The scalloped ruffles are a nice detail as well. I do not have a swimsuit with this type of neckline. I love the high back! This brand is based on blending modesty with classic fashion and stylish trends! Well I hope I have done enough convincing to win this! Haha! I hope you have fun reading this. God bless, Abbey


      I absolutely adore this swimsuit because it is so classy. It’s very elegant and I feel like it’s something Marilyn Monroe would have worn. The material is high quality and flattering in a modest way. I love how the switch in colors defines your waist. The scalloped navy trim detail is simply stunning. This is the perfect swimsuit for any classy Project Inspired girl!

    5. Hi Nicole! 🙂
      I really like this tankini
      I love this tankini because it is classic and contemporary. I love that it has the perfect amount of coverage for the bottom and top. Personally for me, it is really hard to find modest swimwear for my body, because I am very slender with a large bust. This swimwear does not show too much skin where its not supposed to be. The shorts are a great essential for me because it allows me to be sporty and to be modest at the same time and it also has a flattering design for the bottom half of the tankini. Also, I’m a really big fan of stripes, its so nautical and classy!


      I love this swimsuit because it’s pattern and shape are reminiscent of an era when clothing reflected grace and elegance more than today’s style. The polka-dotted pattern is one of my personal favorites.
      I especially love how modest it is. It has straps, is wider in the bottom than some swimsuits (that tend to be like underwear), and covers the whole torso.

    7. Hey Nicole it is hard to find a swimsuit these days people say you have to be on tv to fit or just wear what all the other girls are wearing i love this swimsuit because it is super cute and not show off like. It has a fashionable pattern and i really like the pattern. It is the third swimsuit on the website… And i can pass it on to my little sister when she is older. I dont know if i can buy that one though because of the website but if not thanks!
      Thanks… Jessie 🙂

      I absolutely love this swimsuit because…
      1. Made by Jessica Rey- she is so inspiring being a Christian in the fashion world.
      2. Colors- They are so cute together. Elegant- not flashy, but it makes you stand out. Cute for summer and spring (when you typically swim)
      3. Dress- The dress swimsuit is really in right now and they are so cute.
      4. Strap- It is a halter so I don’t have to adjust it every five seconds and it is thick to hold everything up.
      5. Length- Most swim dresses are supper short and not modest, but this one is.
      6. Pattern- Stripes are so cute and retro.
      7. Neckline- Not to low and not making me look like a granny.
      8. Waistline- Flattering for my body type. Makes it look retro with it being high waisted. Hits me as my tiniest point.

      Thanks for doing this give-a-way Nicole!!

      • I LOVE Jessica Rey swimsuits! But my mum refuses to buy me one because she thinks they’re ugly and hideous….I completely disagree! But yup that one is CUTE! I hope you win 🙂

    9. I love this Panache One Piece Swimsuit:

      The print is so beautiful and unique, and the colors are bright and perfect for Summer! This swimsuit was even featured in O Magazine. I also like that it’s from the brand Panache, which makes swimwear for gals with larger busts. This is a great way to stay modest if you’d like, without having to compromise fashion or comfort! 🙂 Thanks so much!

    10. Hello! 🙂

      I love this bathing suit because it’s vibrant, bright, and classy. I love to wear bathing suits like this because it draws attention for all the right reasons, not because I’m showing off a bunch of skin. For a curvy girl like myself, the cut is very flattering, and it gives a Marilyn Monroe sort of vintage feel to it, without being revealing.You can’t go wrong with red and polka dots! 🙂


      i love this swimsuit for many reasons!
      First of all i am OBSESSED with polka dots! i love the way red looks on me as well. I also love how it covers my bottom side 😉 I also love the fact that the straps tie up in the back 🙂 Also i know my parents wont ever buy me a 90 dollar swim suit and other swimsuits that we can afford are really bad quality and only last a couple months.
      Thanks a bunch for the opportunity!!!


      Because I’m somewhat self-conscience about showing my body and it is hard swimwear for a teen like myself with conservative parents, I have never worn a bathing suit to the beach, I’ve only worn t-shirts and shorts. I would really love to have this bathing suit because it’s modest and cute and having this bathing suit will make me feel more confident about my body at the beach.
      Thanks for listening <3
      Love Faith Taylor


      Because I’m somewhat self-conscience about showing my body and it is hard swimwear for a teen like myself with conservative parents, I have never worn a bathing suit to the beach, I’ve only worn t-shirts and shorts. I would really love to have this bathing suit because it’s modest and cute and having this bathing suit will make me feel more confident about my body at the beach. Thanks for listening <3


      I Love this swimsuit because it is completely covering!
      I want this swimsuit because I would be able to go swimming without having to think of what the guys are thinking about me!
      I hate how you have to wear a skimpy suit to so swimming! even most one pieces are still unmodest to me! I am tired of having to wear a cotton shirt that gets heavy when wet!
      I want to be able to go swimming and actually get to swim, that is why this swimsuit has always been my modest favorite! Because I would get to swim if i was wearing it!

    15. xsmall
      This modest swim suit inspires me to want to be more modest, because it is cute and fashionable. Having fashinoable modest swim suits is important to me and my brothers in Christ. Wheras wearing a bikini would cause other men to stumble and my goal is to help them out and respect my own body like Christ would want me to. This swim suit is cute bright and i love the little flower designs on it. wearing a modest swim suit helps others see Christ in me. We Christian women are a billboard for Christ and if we are not wearing modest attire then we are not representing Christ very well. Thank you for the opportunity to win this piece of swim wear. -Tessa Greene God bless


      I Love this swim suit because it is modest, and I am a little bustier and other swim suits with lower cut tops make me feel a little uncomfortable. It is also very flattering on a lot of body types. The pattern on it is adorable!


      I love this swimsuit because it is modest and I am a little bustier so other swimsuits with lower cut tops make me feel a little uncomfortable. Also it is very flattering on a lot of body types. And the print is adorable!


      Hi! This is my first ever comment here 🙂
      I love this swimsuit because:
      1. It’s modest, so being confident and comfortable is totally workable!
      2. It’s completely classic. It won’t ever go out of style and I love pieces like that.
      3. The color is beautiful and and unique! It stands out without screaming “look at me!”
      4. The velvet adds some femininity. Being a lady can’t just be confined to wearing dresses and skirts. We can be classy, elegant, and feminine, sporting suits like this!
      Thanks for reading! 🙂


      I have never ever been aloud to wear anything other than a one-piece. I have been devastated by this because i am 16 and i feel socially awkward in my competitive swim suits at the public pool. (i am a swimmer) I love this swim suit because it is super cute and totally modest. It is not an “old lady” swimsuit and yet its still modest and a one piece. i am in love with the suit and wont feel uncomfortable around my friends or even in public.


      This is the jennifer Rey swimsuits and after watching her video it made mevrealize that. 1)I could still go swimming without getting the wrong attention

      2) The swimsuits are “perfect” for my body type, because I’m so petite there are ones that have the flown motion

      3)It’s modest and I could possibly get my friends / family into this modesty style

      4) too be honest : I just absolutely love it ❤

      I’m not sure if you would like us to post a picture of the one we want but I won’t because you didint say to do so, okay good luck girls ! ✌


      I was really surprised that JCP had swimsuits I actually liked, and I love this one! I have broad shoulders and a small chest, so I love the halter with the sweetheart neckline (although I won’t have push-up assistance like the picture lol). The ruching is perfect for concealing my tummy, and it’s not too high-cut. Even though the red and black ones were cute, this beautiful blue sold me. Thanks for offering this giveaway!


      Okay Here it goes… Modesty is very important to me. I recently gained a lot of weight and I do not want to be showing it. This swimsuit would help me gain back some self confidence when it comes to the pool and swimming.

      Matthew 5:28 ESV “But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

      I do not have a boyfriend right now. I would like one, but I don’t want a guy to like me just because of what he sees or his lustful intentions. I want a godly man to help me grow in my faith. This swimsuit would allow me to go swimming without feeling like I am giving guys the wrong idea.

      I would appreciate it if you could help me out:)


      Okay, the reason I love this suit is rather complicated. You ready? 🙂
      First of all, I live in a Muslim country (my parents are missionaries), and because it’s important to be modest here, finding pretty swimsuits is pretty difficult. The department stores either sell swimsuits that look like turtlenecks gone wrong, or bikinis so tiny I can’t imagine wearing them.
      Secondly, I LOOOVE vintage clothes. 🙂 vintage swimsuits are even better. I’ve always dreamed of having one of these. How cute is the cherry print?
      Last of all, the swimsuit is so classy. In fact, it would probably look amazing on anyone. Because I’m super di duper white (yay for not being able to tan) I like having a darker swimsuit so I actually show up against the beach.
      Thank you again for considering me in this giveaway! 🙂


      I love this swimsuit because its super cute, feminine and modest. It’s great when you can find a swimsuit that you can be comfortable, modest and still look amazinig in. Its hard to find something that covers everything especially for those of us who are a bit top heavy. This swimsuit is a great pick for girls who want to be modest in an immodest world.


      I love the bright, vibrant colors on this tankini. It has a cute front and i really like the cut of the swimsuit because it doesn’t show much of the back or stomach. The design is very summery like and the straps insure that I wont be showing cleavage or have to pull the swimsuit up every 5 minutes. Luckily, the cut of the front wont be showing much because I don’t have a whole lot of cleavage! 🙂 Even though pink is not my favorite color, I love how it complements the design of the outfit and the light blue straps. The ruched style on the sides of the bottoms make the outfit look really cute and the bottoms provide full coverage while keeping the outfit modest. I really like how the swimsuit covers my stomach and butt so I wont have to feel very uncomfortable with my stomach showing or the bottoms riding up my butt!:) I also like how the price isn’t too expensive for both the top and bottom. Anyways, this is a cute, adorable look for a summer swimsuit!


      I love this swim suit! I love it because:
      1) The polka dots are super cute!
      2) The green belt compliments the waistline without being suggestive
      3) The bottom isn’t high and covers more of the leg for a more comfortable and modest look!
      4) The top provides full coverage and won’t keep falling down!
      5) It’s less than $100 (it’s not the cheapest, but it’s not a terrible price!)
      6) It comes form a website that focuses on modest clothing for girls!

      This suit is super adorable and looks very comfortable at the same time. No more worrying with this swimsuit! I hope you girls like this option for a modest suit idea! I also hope you like it Nicole!


      I’m a plus size girl and its sometimes rather difficult to find clothing, let alone swimsuits. I absolutely love this swimsuit because it is def modest but very cute !
      It could also double as an adorable dress with leggings ! ^_^
      Also I have been obsessed with lately ;}

      I hope to win !
      TY so much for this giveaway.


      I saw this particular piece in one of your “Modest is Hottest” articles and I thought it was the cutest swimsuit I had ever seen. I like the way that it covers everywhere important and still looks incredibly adorable! I would be able to wear this to the pool or the beach and not feel uncomfortable or improper about the way I was dressed. I would be able to just sit back and have a good time, not worrying about being covered decently. Modesty is the way for me!


      This bright yellow swimsuit is not only modest, but chic and 50’s fabulous. Rey Swimwear has a great motto going along with there not-so-showy swimwear that states “who says it has to be itsy bitsy?”. Jessica Rey basis her swimwear after the fashion icon Audrey Hepburn who was always classy with a bit of grace and fun sprinkled on top. I have always adored Audrey Hepburn and it would be amazing to purchase this suit created after her sense of classy style.

      I love the buttons, color, style…pretty much everything about his suit! I LOVE the 50’s style swimsuits and have fallen in love with all of the Rey Swimwear suits. But with those price tags, I’m never going to get one! I love fun, modest swimsuits, but the limited options in stores don’t seem to fit me right and even if they’d be modest on other girls they end up being too low cut. So I usually end up wearing a competition-type swimsuit. It’s boring and not very pretty but, I can get them inexpensively online and they’re modest.

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