Summer Style Giveaway: Enter to Win a Style Consultation with Nicole!

    We just love summer here at Project Inspired! No school, modest sundresses, summer reading…what’s not to like?!

    To celebrate the coming of one of our favorite seasons, Project Inspired is hosting a BIG summer style giveaway. The prize? One lucky winner will be awarded a one-on-one video style consultation with Nicole!

    To enter, share your secret or tried-and-true summer beauty or style tip below in the comments section. On Wednesday, May 22nd, we will choose our favorite entry, which will be awarded the private style video chat with Nicole. Nicole will announce the winner in her live chat on Friday, May 24 at 4 PM PST! Other select entries will be published in a summer beauty and style article on Project Inspired.

    Enter now and get ready for summer, gorgeous girls!

    UPDATE: Congratulations to gumdropcandygal, the winner of the style consultation with Nicole! Here is her winning comment:

    1.) bronzer is your best friend! a little goes a long way to give your face that sun kissed glow. i like to put bronzer in a line from my cheeks to my hairline and under my jaw
    2.) i like to put some conditioner in my hair before hitting the beach or dipping into a pool to protect my hair from harsh chemicals & dryness
    3.) braids and headbands. i like to use fun headbands to keep hair out of my face and braids to keep my hair tame and frizz free. i also like to use humidity gel by ouidad for extra frizz protection
    4.) i love cotton maxi dresses. they are effortless, modest, and keep you cool in the summer. i like to pair them with flat sandals or flip flips
    5.) scarves dress up any outfit. printed and bright colored scarves can be paired with a simple white tee over denim capris or a solid color maxi skirt for a comfortable yet fun look
    6.) crest white strips make your teeth stand out against a gorgeous tan
    7.) all natural organic sunscreen keeps skin protected . i like the kiss my face brand
    8.) neon nail polish on toes and fingers always looks so fun and summery. i love hot pink
    9.) putting lemon juice in your hair and going out into the sun gives your natural hilights
    10.) smile and just have fun with your style. don’t be afraid to try new things!

    Thanks to everyone who submitted their fabulous summer style and beauty tips!

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    1. I really good enjoy expressing myself through my clothing 🙂
      I love to be myself and show who I am through what I wear, My make-up And my jewelry 🙂 I think everyone should be themselfes .My style secret – If you input chap stick on before you go back bed every night you lips become so smooth and soft, It also looks very nice when you put lipstick on and them put a clear or lightly colored lip gloss also look’s Amazing 🙂 🙂 🙂 I hope you try and enjoy !! 🙂

    2. Okay this could be for almost any time but especially in the summer. I love the tip to wear sunscreen especially on your face but only use face sunscreen on your fave because if you use sunscreen for your body than it will probably make you break out. Using sunscreen really helps your face because the sun makes dark spots on your face and it will make scars worse and yeah. So definitely wear sunscreen all over your bid every single day!!! My favorite face sunscreen is the brand eucerin. I’m pretty sure that’s what it is!!!

    3. My style tip would be to express yourself! Wear summer outfits that show who you are(and are modest!). My personal favorite is a cute sun dress with cowgirl boots. Easy to put together, cute, and comfy!

    4. When I dress, especially in the summer, I try not to think about what others wear, or what is in style (which is sometimes not even stylish), I try to be myself through my wardrobe! If I have a cute modest shirt that I absolutely love, but it is not necessarily “popular” I wear it anyway!

    5. Well I think that the number one thing that is important in the summer and any day is being you and being confident that you are beautiful. This way you are able to be yourself and express yourself modestly. I think it is important to wear sunscreen because no one wants an ugly tan line on their face because of glasses or just the average tan. Those are pretty much the things I do, or try to do.

    6. For girls like me who have thick black hair that just won’t get natural highlights: I take the juice of half an orange, half a lemon, and half a lime and put it in a spritz bottle. I also pump in five squirts of conditioner and top it off with water. Then I spritz some on my hair before I tan and wear this mask outside for about fifteen minutes before washing it out. Works pretty well for me. Note: be careful not to spritz the mix on your scalp, acids from the fruit might sting skin if in the sun too long.

      If that doesn’t work, hydrogen peroxide watered down is an alternative, but I prefer the natural fruits because they leave your hair smelling great!

    7. Beauty tip: For smooth skin and a radiant glow ready for the summer; I love using sugar scrubs! They are super easy to make! I love making a simple brown sugar scrub with a few cups of brown sugar, olive oil, and vanilla extract. The olive oil makes your skin super soft and the sugar rubs away dead skin particles. Allow the scrub to sit for a few days with the vanilla extract to get rid of the olive oil smell, add coffee grounds for a awakening scrub! I love this because it just makes the already brilliant you glow even more! It makes me comfortable in my own skin, literally! Beautiful heart, beautiful skin, beautiful person.

      Style tip: I’m obsessed with maxi skirts and high waisted midi shorts! I love maxi skirts, especially those with chiffon or lace long over a shorter slip underneath. This provides a modest covering of the legs, but at the same time makes your style playful and fun! I love high waisted shorts because they are very flattering! Also they get rid of the problem with low waisted shorts, your underwear is safely hidden!!! I’m kinda picky with high waisted shorts though…I like them to hit mid thigh or below…what’s the point of an awesome waist if there’s practically no bottom to it!?! 🙂

    8. I have really dark brown hair, so in the summer, I like having it highlighted! But more recently I realized that I don’t actually have to go to the salon and use harsh chemicals on my hair to get the look! Instead I use Chamomile tea and lemon juice mix together and put into a spray bottle and sprits my hair with it before I go out into the sun! The best part is it also brings out other colors that are naturally in your hair, last year I had blond and tons of red:)

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