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    Congratulations–you’ve found our first surprise giveaway of the Christmas season! This giveaway only lasts for one day, and we’re giving away an amazing goody basket full of classic holiday movies, music and a comfy pair of pajamas (to wear while you’re watching Christmas movies, of course!). Hurry and enter to win now!


    In the comments below, tell us: What is your favorite holiday tradition? At midnight, this giveaway will end and Nicole will pick her favorite response as the lucky winner!

    We can’t wait to hear all about your holiday traditions. Good luck, girls!

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    1. my favorite christmas tradition is every year my parents hide our stockings and the first ine to find theirs gets to start opening theirs first.over the years its gotten harder, they used to hide it in our rooms but last year we were running all over our properties with clues leading us to the next place

    2. My favorite holiday tradition during both Christmas and Thanksgiving is to go to decorate church and have a special cultural dinner with all the people at church who are from different countries and do not have a lot family members here in the U.S.A. ^*^!~

    3. During Christmas we would go to my Dad’s side of the family and have a big celebration. My had has a huge, like huge family. So it was really fun because all my cousins and relatives on my dad’s side would be there. And this was the one time we are all together at one time. We have a big parade outside, my cousins and I would put on a show for the family, and we would just enjoy each others company.

    4. Christmas Eve my siblings and I always open one present. It is always my Aunt Debbie’s PJ’s. Then we go and look at Christmas lights all over the city. We have so much fun! Then the next morning we read the Christmas story according to Luke and then we take turns opening presents. Then we have a huge Christmas feast!

    5. a favorite holiday tradition of mine is after having Thanksgiving dinner, we all sit in the living room and watch the CNN Heroes nominees for the year, where people from all over the world that help their community or the world in any way enter a contest that CNN hosts. The winner of the contest, voted on by the viewers throughout the year, gets $500,000 to support their foundation. It’s a lot of fun to see what people from every age group and every background do something to help the world.

    6. My family celebrates Christmas with both sides of the family, but the one that has a set tradition is when we celebrate with my dad’s side of the family. After eating my grandpa’s special brisket, we all participate in washing the dishes while loudly harmonizing to carols. Then we go into the living room and read the story of Jesus’ birth before we pray. After we pray, it is time to find our presents. All the gifts are piled in the center of the room and covered with a blanket. We go around the circle, taking turns to draw out a present and look at the tag. If it’s ours, we get to open it, but if it isn’t, we continue in a circle until all of the gifts are claimed. I love celebrating the joy of our Savior’s birth, and being able to do that with all of my family is really special and memorable.

    7. on Christmas eve i always open 1 present. then on Christmas morning i open all my presents. later on Christmas we have all my family which includes my brothers and sisters and their kids come over for Christmas dinner. then after dinner we open our presents from each other. its really fun to have my family over because i don’t see them to often because they live a bit far away. so its nice to see them on Christmas.

    8. Well before even Christmas we set up the house decorations the day after thanksgiving and after that is done we all go black Friday shopping….Well on Christmas eve we go to church as always we love learning about the Lord. Then after church we all go to a Chinese restaurant and talk about what we learned I love family time. Then me my mom and my younger sister later that night make the Christmas cookies including traditional Mexican cookies because we are Mexican. Then me and all my siblings write a letter to Santa and set out the cookies. On Christmas eve my family gets a Christmas present with pjs that we wear that night so in the morning we are in our new pjs. Then on Christmas at 8 we get up and open our presents under the tree then open our stockings.After all the presents are open we read what Santa wrote back to all of us. After this we get ready to go to my grammies once we are there we take photos. Then all the parents talk and we play with our cousins. All of the kids usually get together and plan some songs to sing to the parents…for us sounding so bad we sound wonderful singing about God. Then after this we eat and go play and talk again. Its all about family in my house we hangout until around ten oclock at night!!!! Then on the 1st of the new year we all take down the tree together

    9. My favorite Christmas tradition is going to my mom’s parents house. 🙂 They live about 3 hours away from us, so we don’t see them much. So after we open presents at my house, we go over to theirs and have a Christmas dinner! 🙂 It’s nice to just spend Christmas there and thank God for all our blessing and worship him together. 🙂

    10. My favorite Christmas tradition is drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn with my sister while watching Hallmark’s Christmas movies. And, of course, listening to Christmas music (Michael Buble)!!!!! I also love watching the Christmas performances at my church and the local theater.

    11. My favorite holiday tradition is something I started with my mom when I was in middle school, but I now do it by myself. Every year I go to a few elementary schools and read the kids the story of Jesus’s birth, as well as the story of Saint Nicholas. Then, I play some Christmas games with them. Before I leave I pass out candy to the kids. There are only a few schools that allow this now, but it really is so much fun and the kids really enjoy it. It also helps them realize that there is a deeper meaning to Christmas than just presents. 🙂

    12. My favorite holiday tradition is getting dressed up and bonding with my family. Christmas season is the time where I LOVE to be super cheesy and listen to Christmas music, open gifts, and eat tamales with my family! 😀

    13. My favorite Christmas tradition is making stockings for my mom and dad with my sister, then trying to sneak downstairs in the middle of the night to hang them up. 🙂 It helps us show them how much we appreciate them and all that they do. <3

    14. Our family always does a HUGE Thanksgiving meal. But my favorite is the white elephant gift exchange…there are these two candles (shaped like two geeky Hawaiian old people) that have been regifted again and again for years!

    15. I like to do a lot of different things for Christmas. My family reads the Christmas story( the story of Jesus birth). I also like to make and eat cookies.
      On new years eve we go to my grandparents house with our cousins. We stay up till midnight and at midnight we ring this huge bell they have to tell everyone that it’s a new year, then we go to sleep. It’s fun!

    16. I have two that are sort of conjoined as one in a sort of way.

      On Christmas Eve, my brother and I try to recite the Night Before Christmas by memory and wherever we stop because we no longer remember, my father reads us the rest. It is a traditional family moment that we all love.

      After that our parents tell us to go to bed and to not come out of our rooms so that Santa can come. I usually turn on my night light and read the story of Jesus’ birth by myself and enjoy it (I am the only Christian in my family so I really enjoy that moment also so that I can have that time with God.)

      I love these events on Christmas Eve because it is a reminder that Christmas isn’t about presents. It’s about family…and Jesus.

    17. I love that we read about the birth of Christ before we open presents on Christmas morning. It reminds us that it really is Jesus we are celebrating and helps us to put Him first before presents and all the festivities.

    18. My favorite holiday tradition is a game my two younger sisters and I made up. We all toss a slipper around the living room next to the Christmas tree. 🙂 Also, for Christmas presents, we put all of the names of our family members in a basket and then each draw a name, and whichever name we get, we buy Christmas presents for them! So that instead of buying one for everyone, we can get our person something super duper special. 🙂

    19. My favorite holiday tradition is a bit unusual. When me and my brother were little, we would wake our parents up on Christmas by jumping on them and scaring them half to death. So one year, my mom decided that that was enough. She told us to quietly, at 6:30 on Christmas morning, to tip toe into their room and softly sing Jingle Bells. This is now my hands down favorite part of Christmas. What makes it fun is all the excitement we have for our big presents, stockings, seeing our family. We’re all cozy in our pajamas when we wake them up and sometimes its even raining. 😉 Plus, Im sure its a more fun way for my parents to get up on Christmas morning.

    20. My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the house. And giving gifts to family and friends cause honestly i just love to make them smile :)) Christmas is the most magical time of the year!! I love it!!!

    21. My family always goes to see a play, one in particular is a Christmas carol by Charles dickens. Also we decorate the tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving, also we do an advent calendar that my parents got when the were first married almost 30 years ago in South Africa. Another thing my mom and I do is spend hours in the kitchen laughing, cooking, talking, singing along to Christmas carols and of course tasting our creations, my favorite is the traditional English Christmas pudding, it is a recipe that has been handed down through the generations :). Also every year my mom and I sit in our pajamas and and take our time to watch the parades. Finally my whole family gets together on Christmas Eve to pray for those less fortunate and for the coming year, and the we can each remember and be touched by the true meaning of Christmas
      These traditions have made some of my favorite holiday memories and are extremely special to my heart. There are more that I could mention but these ones are my most special (and yes I know that is not grammatically correct (;…..).

      • And yes I know there was only one but I could not chose because I love all of these I have so many fond memories of all of them and I it is because of many of these traditions that I am still a Christian sooo, sorry I chose so many 🙁

    22. The holiday tradition that I treasure the most is Christmas eve. Every year on Christmas eve we go to the candlight service at my church to praise and worship the birth of our Savior. After the service, we have a party at my house with family and friends. It’s a lot of fun- we have a fire going in the fireplace, snacks, and a gift exhange. I usually end out the night by playing some sort of arrangement of christmas music on my vioin. This is my favorite tradition because it seems so magical- I love the beauty of God at the center of it all.

    23. Every year on Black Friday instead of going out shopping we all stay home and put up Christmas decorations and watch “Its A Wonderful Life” as a family:) its one of my favorite Christmas traditions!!

    24. My favorite family Christmas tradition is eating coffee cake on Christmas morning as a family while waiting in anticipation for Christmas presents. That is usually the only time we eat coffee cake just to make it special. But unfortunately this year we wont be doing that because of a very recent diet change where we no longer eat sugar because my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Maybe we will be eating salad instead 😛

    25. My favorite holiday tradition is Operation Christmas Child. Each year, through the end of November to the beginning of December, my family helps out with our church. Our church packs and ships out hundreds of boxes of Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Through this, we gather in fellowship with our church family, to serve those in our community who might not be as privileged these holidays. While this tradition is very simple, we seek to glorify God through serving the children of our world who are seeking God’s love this season.

    26. I am Mexican-American and have a big family (my grandmother has 21 grandchildren) with beautiful traditions. Every December 23rd, my entire family gets together to make tamales (a.k.a., delicious Mexican food :)) Then, on Christmas Eve, we all get together at one of our houses and have a posada, which is a traditional Spanish reenactment of the night Mary and Joseph searched for shelter before finding the stable. We split into two groups, one stays inside and the other goes outside with candles. Then, the group outside goes from door to door around the house, singing, until they are let in at the last door. Then someone reads the scripture from Matthew where Mary and Joseph flee into Egypt and seek shelter. After that, we sing some more songs in Spanish (such as “vamos pastores vamos”) and the youngest grandchild or great grandchild carries the tiny baby Jesus from the nativity to each person, so he/she can kiss His head. After we finish the posada, we eat the tamales that we made the day before, exchange gifts, and in general, have an amazing time, just being with everyone. These Christmases have always held for me a great sense of tradition, and some of the dearest memories of my entire childhood. 🙂

    27. My very favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve with my family. We’ve never really visited extended family on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day because, until recently, they lived so far away. Christmas Eve has always been just me, my parents, and my siblings. We keep things really simple. My brother, my sister, and I open our first gifts and we usually have a party food dinner. My favorites are Velveeta cheese dip, cocktail weenies, sub sandwiches, and crock pot hot chocolate. The simple, yet delicious food is very representative of our family. We aren’t super successful, popular, or wealthy but we get by, and we love to spend time with each other.

    28. My family’s Christmas Tradition is that on Christmas Eve, my sister and I get to open one present, and it is always pajamas. We get a new comfy pair to wear that night, and the next day. Another tradition is also that we never, ever made cookies for Santa. We always made scones as a family. We made at least three different kinds every year on Christmas Eve, and we still do.

    29. Okay this giveaway is closed but I want to share my family’s tradition! Okay so on Christmas Eve we watch a Christmas story while baking cookies or making a breakfast casserole we eat every Christmas morning. And sometimes were making both! Haha so the 24 hours of a Christmas story is on out tv for the 24 hours well not when were opening gifts or anything. So then at about 10 or 11 or idk really know when, it changes up, but my sisters and I go in the upstairs room and watch a Christmas story and ever since I can remember we have always slept up there on Christmas Eve because I guess when one of my sisters and I were little we would sneak out and look at our gifts. So now we all sleep upstairs and it’s really fun!!! Then the next morning we usually have to wait forever because we obviously have wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree but the gifts that “Santa” brings us are out on the couch. We have a like 3 part kinda couch and there are three of us kids so our in wrapped presents are on there along with our stockings because we don’t have a fireplace because we live in Florida haha but yeah so we have to wait up stairs and then my parents would say you can come down now!! And that’s always exciting! And when we were younger we would all race down the stairs until we got too big for all three of us to fit through the stairs case all at once. So now we wait at the bottom of the stairs and we run to the living room! Then we open our gifts then after that we eat the breakfast casserole and then watch a Christmas story and yeah. Christmas is fun!!

    30. My favorite Holiday Tradition is when I wake up then go wake up my brother. Then we go wake up our parents and open our presents. Each year we either go from oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest. It is AMAZING!!! I get to spend the whole day with my family and friends.

    31. Another thing is that my family has had a hard year my grandpa has been in the hospital twice and I lot my uncle. This will my other uncles 3rd year in heaven he was really close to me and i miss him very much.

    32. My favorite holiday tradition is when my family reads the Bible Christmas story before opening presents! The reason we do this beforehand is so that we remember who is more important in our lives. Christ being born was the reason that everybody can be saved and enter into the kingdom of heaven. Christ has provided so much for our family that it is almost impossible to give back. We need to remember the things that God has given before we delight in the things that we want. I love this tradition because it shows how much my parents care for our futures in believing and walking in a relationship with Christ.

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