SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Tell Us About the Gifts You’re Giving This Year and Win!

    UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed! Congrats to our winner, MikkiBrooke!

    Congratulations–you’ve found our third surprise giveaway of the Christmas season! This giveaway only lasts for one day, and the winner will receive an amazing goody basket of items that give back to the community with every purchase, such as TOMS shoes. Hurry and enter to win now!


    In the comments below, tell us all about the gift you are most excited about giving this year, and why! At midnight, this giveaway will end and Nicole will pick her favorite response as the lucky winner!

    We can’t wait to hear all about your gifts during this season of giving. Good luck, girls!

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    1. Well I started a program at my church this year where we are going to give jackets and blankets to some homeless men and women. I’m most excited about getting together with my girls to bake some old fashioned Christmas cookies for them too. I just want them to have a great Christmas, to give them some warmth and to remind them of Christmas as a child.
      I’m really just excited to give gifts in general, ranging from necklaces, a concert for my mom, or even some paintings that I’ll make. I love the season because it’s a chance to give and to enjoy time with friends with family. There’s nothing quite like it….

    2. I’m most excited about giving gifts to the teachers who wrote college recs for me, my guidance counselor, and my principal. They really helped me so much and were very supportive in my college applications and decisions. My guidance counselor always knew what to say to help me feel better.

    3. I’m excited this year to give gifts to my teachers. Each of my seven teachers is going to get some homemade cookies and a handwritten Christmas card wishing them happy holidays and thanking them for being such amazing teachers. I’m excited to give them these gifts because I feel like teachers are really under appreciated when they work so hard to make school enjoyable for us.

    4. The gift I’m most excited to give this year is a gift that I’m making for my mom (it’s a surprise!) She recently got a visiting professor job at a college in Georgia, and we live in Louisiana, so it’s been hard having her so far away.

      She’ll be visiting us for Christmas break, though, and I am excited to see her! I’m also just really excited to give her this gift because I really miss her, and I hope that the gift will remind her of us when she’s in Georgia.

    5. For us Christmas is about giving to others…so my brother and I will either make a donation to a charity or buy some farm animals for a family 🙂 The reason for the season is to bless others!!!

    6. I’m especially anxious about giving a gift of much-needed food and clothing to a family in need. My chuch is supporting families in need who contact the church, and we are providing them with whatever they call in and say they need. For example, the small group I’m in is supporting a needy family, and each family chose a child to buy for, and so my mom and I shopped for the items that were needed, and my family doesn’t have that much money, so I chose to pay for about half the expenses of the items for the child. Unfortunately we won’t get to see the family because one person will be chosen from our church to give the gifts to the parent(s) so that the kids think that the parents got them the gifts, which, in a way, they got them for their kids in their heart, even if they couldn’t afford the gifts for them financially. So that is what I’m super excited to do at the church. Bring in all the food and clothing we bought for the family. 🙂

    7. Since christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Christ, giving presents is a way to do good for others since we can’t directly give it to Jesus, and plus whatever we do to others we do to Him. So this year me and my friends decided to do secret santa, so we don’t have to spend so much money buying everyone a present but this way everyone will get a present without having to spend so much money. Each of us picked out a piece of paper with one of the friends name on it and I got my really close friend. I want to get her something that will show the meaning of christmas and how much she means to me.

    8. This Christmas I’m so excited to give my home made gifts!! I don’t really have a lot of money to buy everyone in my family something so I just make them. I’m so excited because I’m giving picture collage, and paintings, and mini candy cane sleds made of candy. It’s small but I’m so excited because i made it with a lot of love which makes it more special.

    9. This Christmas, I am crocheting dishcloths for my mum and a scarf for my sister. I also want to give towards World Vision in providing a poor family with a farm animal that will help them financially and personally. 🙂

    10. Every year during Christmas I love putting money in the Salvation Army Christmas kettle. I have been putting money in them since my parents gave me money as a little girl! Even now, I always can’t wait to put money in, when I see someone ringing the bells and a red kettle. It is always a joy for me to give money to someone in need!

    11. this year, i am making a bracelet for one of my friends. he is a guy and we’ve been really good friends. a long time ago, i promised to make him a red and black rubberband bracelet. he probably doesnt remember that i did now, but i think he will when i give it to him.

    12. My class at school and I, are putting on a winter carnival for underprivileged kids in our city. We are providing 150 kids with a new pair of pjs, socks, underwear, gloves, a toothbrush and a hat! Most of my christmas money has gone into this so I consider it a gift! We are doing crafts and soup containers for them! It has really humbled me!

    13. I have a few gifts that I am giving. I am really excited about all of them!

      1.) To my best friend: An adorable fox ornament because she loves the song ‘What Does the Fox Say?’
      2.) To my other best friend: A cute little bird ornament! It has sheet music for the wings and I am giving it to her because she has an incredible voice and loves music!
      3.) To my other best friend: A camera ornament because she is a great photographer and loves taking pictures.
      (I am giving ornaments to my three closest friends that express their likes/personalities. I’m going to personally draw/make Christmas cards to go along with the gifts. I want to show them how much I care about them and love being their friend!)
      4.) To the best dad in the whole wide world! (My dad): A DADD shirt (Dad’s Against Daughters Dating shirt). He really likes the shirt and I want to give it to him. ^_^
      5.) To the best mom in the whole wide world! (My mom): A bag of chocolate truffles. We all love them and I want to tell her I love her! ^_^

    14. My favorite gift this year is my box of good deeds for Jesus. My youth leader had each of us make a box and put many each of our good deeds in the box. She said that good deeds make Jesus happier. So far, I’ve given shoes to a little girl, I’ve donated money to the Salvation Army, and I’ve helped feed someone in need. I’ve realized that good deeds are to be done all year round and not just at christmas time. I’m so happy that this small present for Jesus has helped me learn many different things(:

    15. This year I am crocheting hats for my friends! I am going to make minion hats from despicable me and despicable me 2. I also like to make Christmas oriented hats and such! My friends always appreciate the hats I make them and I love the look on their faces when they get my gift.

    16. Ever since last year (When we moved to Oregon) my family and I started to give out little bags full of food for the homeless. Oregon is known for it’s hippies and the incredible amount of homeless people. We would fill these with little snacks, and a water bottle. Whenever we would be driving and see a homeless person, we would stop on the side of the road and give them a bag; wishing them happy holidays and that God loves them. Helping others in my community really started to give me joy and happiness! Where I used to live there weren’t lots of homeless people and I wasn’t involved in my community much. Even during Thanksgiving, we would wake up at like 8 and go to a community center and serve food, give clothes, and love homeless people that couldn’t have a warm place to stay in, eat a nice Thanksgiving dinner, and really be loved on my the community. These are a few traditions we do each year to help the homeless. This really brings joy to my heart and I love showing off God’s love he has for us! 😀

      A few other things I’m excited to give away:
      – A hand made salt&pepper shakers for my friend who is obsessed with spongebob ( I made patrick and spongebob into the form of salt and pepper shakers… more for just decor not so much for the food part; they look realistic! I’m so proud of them:) )
      – A digital photo frame to give to my older brother who is in the NAVY (with photos of our family, when he visited, and just fun times)
      – A nice, warm, packable jacket for my mom ( she loves these)
      – A surprise for my younger sister 🙂

    17. The one I am most excited about is the one for my boyfriend! I am giving him a picture frame with a picture of the 2 of us together and a letter with a 1 reason why he is special to me for each day we have been together 🙂

    18. My youth group and I are giving a gift to our World Vision child that we support in Ethiopia. She has 8 siblings! We are hoping to send a care package to them. I love giving. I believe it is in our nature to enjoy giving, because God first gave his Son for us so that we could have life with Him.

    19. Christmas time is a time for celebrating the birth of our Jesus Christ. Since God did so much for us, now it’s our time to return the love. God says that whatever you do to others you do to Him. So far I’m still figuring out what presents I can give to others that will express not only my love to them but as well as Gods.

    20. I haven’t gotten my family their gifts yet. Sometime soon we’re going to the mall and pick out gifts together. It’ll be great because I’ll know that I’m getting them something they’ll enjoy.

    21. Eeeek! I love Christmas so much, it’s such a joyful and spirited time! 😀 (Stops typing, jumps up, and squeals, sings “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” then sits down and resumes typing) These past few years I’ve found that I truly enjoy making people gifts more than I do buying them, it’s so much more personal. Alas, I cannot craft gifts for my entire family… (20 cousins, 2 nephews, 1 niece, 8 aunts, and 9 uncles…plus my little bro and sis) But I like to make gifts for as many people as I can. The gift I’m most excited about giving this year is for my mom 🙂 She never really buys nice things for herself so this year I want to crochet her a really pretty infinity scarf 😀 Last year, I crocheted my mom a purse and my dad a scarf and they loved it. So I can’t wait to see the look on her face this year (well, I have to make the gift first, lol). Anywho, I’m also excited to make my sister’s gift. She loves her American girl doll, but the dress she likes for her is too expensive, so I’m going to try to make it. 😀 Well fellow maidens in Christ, my time here is spent and my message too long, so I wish you Merry Christmas, good luck with your gifts, and to all, I bid a good night! 😀

    22. Well, this year, I think that the gift that I’m really excited to give is not a material thing but just my teaching to kids. I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s true. I’m really excited to share my gift of teaching to kids especially for those in some areas that our not in good condition and I’m thankful to God that He gave me the opportunity of having some feeding program for them with my aunt (Every weekends this December) where we could teach them things about God and make their little hearts and minds open about Christ’s love for them while making their tummy full! 😀 I mean, the gift that I want and is excited to give is my teaching that will make them feel that there is someone loving them, that the Almighty God who created them loves them so much. So that while in the young age, they will already be aware of this things and will start their journey (this time) with God. 🙂

    23. The gifts I’m giving aren’t exactly gifts. I don’t have money to buy gifts and I don’t really have the resources to make gifts either. So I never really give gifts to people. My parents always end up buying gifts for the family and just saying that they are from me. So the gifts I’m excited to give are a smile to brighten everyone’s day, love to the world (because everyone in the world these days could use more of that), and knowledge/ wisdom to anyone who wants it.

    24. This year I am giving my friends some candy like always, but then I have already given gifts to Operation Christmas Child. My sister and I gave a total of ten boxes to children who get much this year. We put in basic needs like soap and toothpaste, but we also put in little toys and candy. On box had a barbie set in it. One for a little boy had a whole bunch of cars. We don’t know where our boxes went yet, but we will soon. I love helping the little children. They deserve Christmas presents. Plus, by helping them, they get to learn about God in the process. We also put Easter coloring books in there for them.

    25. this year i am giving my family a new car and i am gonning to help bulid a shelter for homeless pets and people in my back yard and i am goning to give my family a new house i am also gonning to give my dog a bone that is bigger than her and a new collar and a new leash i am gonning to give my cats treats and new collars

    26. The gift I am the most excited to give this year is a handmade flower bracelet for my younger sister. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens her present, that’s my second favorite part of CHRISTmas! My first favorite is celebrating Jesus’ birth.

      <3 Jesus was my first love <3

    27. I know I am too late, but this year I was hoping to give my brother a headstone, as a Christmas gift for my mom. My brother Joshua was stillborn in 1990, and we have been unable to get enough money to buy a headstone for his grave. They are between $700 and $1000. We so far have only about $250.
      I was unable to do this for my mom this Christmas, but I will try again next year.

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