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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Tell Us About the Gifts You’re Giving This Year and Win!

    UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed! Congrats to our winner, MikkiBrooke!

    Congratulations–you’ve found our third surprise giveaway of the Christmas season! This giveaway only lasts for one day, and the winner will receive an amazing goody basket of items that give back to the community with every purchase, such as TOMS shoes. Hurry and enter to win now!


    In the comments below, tell us all about the gift you are most excited about giving this year, and why! At midnight, this giveaway will end and Nicole will pick her favorite response as the lucky winner!

    We can’t wait to hear all about your gifts during this season of giving. Good luck, girls!

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    We here at Project Inspired want to guide and inspire teen girls to be true to themselves and to God. We want to show young girls how to be people of value and confidence – how to be your own best selves – through leading a Christian life. Who are we? We're a team of girls, like you. We edit the site, we post to social media, we hang out in the chat rooms and forums. We talk with you, we listen to you, and we love you!


    1. I’m excited to give the gift of DEDICATED TIME to my friends, family, the hurt, the hungry and the people whom I never make an effort to reach out to give them an opportunity to let them know Jesus personally. Things have been so tough financially and time is a limited and expensive commodity. So I choose to give that by spending an hour over the kitchen table, church, juice bar, etc and catch up and give my undivided attention to my brothers and sisters through Christ. I learned in church about James 1 & James told me to take joy in hardships and focus on what is eternal. Satan has a way to turn my focus away from God when finances strip my dignity.

    2. Every year I pick a specific theme of presents. That way its so much easier.. all I have to do I simply concentrate on a specific time of stuff to look for! Saves so much time! One year it was hand made soaps and body scrubs. I would wrap them into gift papers, tie with lace, make my own name tags, and those where the gifts for that year.. last year I decided to buy a piece of clothing for everyone. When I was picking out stuff, I picked out things that remind me of the person. For example, my brother is a soccer coach. I bought him an adorable chain with soccer balls that he hung up in this car, and a t-shirt that says “I coach soccer”. He loved it! And this year, I decided to crochet. I already made the most adorable infinity scarf for a 9 year old sister. Now I am beginning to make a head band for a friend and am currently looking for yarn that I will use to make a chunky and warm infinity scarf for my 16 year old sister.

    3. Ohhh this one is the best giveaway so far!!!!

      The gift I am most excited to give is for my sister. She’s 24, and on her own. She struggles with a gluten allergy that makes her react differently than most. (She swells up all over her body.) She doesn’t enjoy food anymore.

      Now I LOVE food, and I want Erica to as well. So I’m creating a gluten free cookbook for her. So far I have 37 entrees, 16 breakfasts, 21 snack type things, 28 desserts, and 18 drinks. I want this to be big! I started it a month ago! Anyways, I love gift giving, and I’m SO excited to give this one.

    4. I have 5 siblings, so it is hard to choose a favorite… I think my favorite gift that I am giving this year is probably what I am hoping to give my brother. We are huge Lord of the Rings fans in this house, and we loved the first Hobbit movie. So I am hoping to take my brother to see the second Hobbit movie for his Christmas present. He is 13, so he is so hard to shop for, but this way he gets to go see a movie that he loves, and I get to see it in the process!

    5. I can’t wait to give my twin brother his gift. So far I got him this really cool duck dynasty tee-shirt that I think he is going to like a lot. I love giving gifts at Christmas. But one thing I always need to remember is that God gave the best gift ever.
      Every were I go I hear or see the saying, “We need to put the Christ back in Christmas.” But what we really need to do it put the “Christ back in Christians. “

    6. My favorite gift to give this year is a remote controlled car. Because it’s for this kid i’m babysitting for, his mom’s a single mom and she’s been working some major hours at work and she never sees her son and she’s just having a rough time, so my sister and i didn’t know how much money she had or how much time she had to shop for Christmas so we picked out a few things for her and him.
      P.S. please pray for this lady.

    7. I am most exciting about giving my friend her gift–coffee beans. We are both coffee lovers, and this coffee is for a “French” press and has the Eiffel Tower printed on it. it is our dream to backpack through Europe together someday, and we’re especially looking forward to France. This gift is delicious now, and can remind her of Paris, for someday.

    8. This year will be my third Christmas dating my boyfriend Robbie. In years past we’ve set limits on how much to spend, but this year we are simply buying the gift that we feel is best. My boyfriend loves dressing up for church and special occasions and he would wear a suit every day of the year if he could. So, for Christmas this year I am giving him a tie clip engraved with his initials. Not only is this a useful gift, but it is a personal gift that will be special for years to come. My dad has worn the engraved tie clip that my mother gave him for as long as I remember and I would love to carry on the tradition.

    9. The Gift i am most excited about giving this christmas is, money. my family has been struggling to pay bills because my sister has something (not diagnosed yet) that makes her have seizures, my mom has multiple sclerosis, and my dad has had several surgeries, we have huge hospital bills. so i am trying to save $250 and so is my sister so we can give my parents $500 dollars and help take some stress off their shoulders. i know it won’t help much, but i know it will help some.

    10. This year, I’m really excited to give my mum her present. She always gets me the most amazing gifts, so this year I decided to get her a family tree necklace. It’s a 16″ plated gold chain with a monogrammed charm with her first initial on it. Then there are 5 little swarrvarski crystal charms, one for each member of my family. Aquamarine for my mum, Sapphire for my dad, two Garnets for me and my sister, and then a diamond for my little brother whom we lost just before he was born a few years back. I’ve heard her mention wanting one of these for a while, and while its not a real amazing family tree necklace, maybe i’ll be able to get her a real necklace with real gems one day.

    11. I love giving gifts to my friends every Christmas, and this year I’ve been planning it for a while. I have four study group friends, and have four CD’s, one for each girl, as well as three random loose leaf teas and a small bag of truffles each for a variety gift bag. One of my favorite parts of giving gifts is seeing where I can give fun, inexpensive gifts by grabbing the great deals for several months leading up to Christmas!

    12. Every year I get to give my friends gifts at our Bible study Christmas party, and this time the theme is a sock exchange! Sounds kind of weird, but it is really fun. I bought a pair of polka dot socks and a little penguin soap for my gift. Also, I went to Guatemala this summer and so I’ll be sending all my friends and family little Guatemalan bracelets!

    13. Im most excited about giving my friend Hope this shirt that says ” Hope is all we need”. I know she is gonna love it but I am honestly really excited to just give my closet friends and family gifts because its better to give than recieve. i hope to come up with some really creative things to give them!

    14. This year I’ve decided to take a turn with my gifts. Normally, I would purchase gifts for My family, and then smaller gifts for my close friends, and usually bake or make candies or treats for youth leaders and such. This year, I did follow suit in Purchasing gifts for my family. However, instead of purchasing gift cards, or things with no meaning, I took the time to stop and think about the likes and hobbies of each person, and get something meaningful. For my close friends, I am creating paintings with either an image from a metaphorical Bible verse, or with the actual Words of the Scripture presented in a style that suits them. These gifts will have lasting effects, and the kind of a divine nature. I’m realizing that giving isn’t about how much you spend, but about really understanding the person and what is is that they desire and need. In a season of Giving, I find it equally as important to remember who the celebration is about. How would you feel if you had a birthday party, and everyone exchanged gifts, but you received none? That question bothered me for awhile… In seeking to understand What it is that I could give to my LORD as a gift. It hit me.. There is nothing I can give Him that He needs, because He is God.. But, There is a verse.. “What you do unto the least of these, you do unto me” (paraphrased) So, I am participating in a local group known as MALTA Ministries. Where groups go out into the homeless community in our area and provide them with Hot meals, warm clothes, and most importantly Prayer. They respond well to it, and even wait for us to arrive. not for the food and items, but because they want our prayers first.

      • Of the gifts I have prepared, I think the one I’m most excited about is one for my friend, Rose.. She and I have been able to talk to each other quite a bit about our struggles to live a Christ centered life..I am painting her one of her favorite Bible verses about understanding and knowing that no matter what, the Lord is by her side.

    15. Christmas is one of the best times of the year. Gifts are great and I think that spreading the love of God is a great gift to anyone. This can be done through presents, money, or even service. My favorite act of love is going to be when I surprise a new friend of mine with baked goodies and a friendship necklace. Her family just moved here from the other side of the country and I want her to feel welcome. I know that making new friends is hard, so I will do my best to be a great friend to her and introduce her to others.

    16. I love Christmas. No matter what kind of problems the year has brought, we come together to celebrate our savior’s birth! We celebrate together and give gifts in remembrance of the best gift of all! This year has had its share of problems. My little brother went through surgeries after being born with a cleft lip and palate, I was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s disease, and we went through the difficult process of leaving a church. Some days were harder than others but no matter what, there was one lady who really helped me this year – my Bible study leader. She cheered me up during the rough weeks and rejoiced with me during the happy times. I was able to share my feeling with her and I knew that she would understand. She was transitioning churches as well and knew the pain that goes with it. She started a Bible study for a small group of teenage girls who were going through the same process. She has designated so much of her time to us we knew we had to give her something in return! We have all been so touched by her love and generosity so as a Christmas present we are all going to buy a premium package to a Third Day Concert, her favorite group! I’m so excited to give this to her because she soo deserves this!!

    17. Weeellll… see I have two nephews, a niece, (and another one coming, too!! :D), and since I have such a big family and they’re the only young ones left, I decided that I only have enough money to get them something. (My parents had six kids- give me some slack) ANYwhoooo…. SO for the first one (Marly) she loves The Lorax, so I’m getting her anything I can find that has the Lorax on it. Coloring books (she loves coloring), stuffed “loraxes,” anything like that. For Jude I’m getting him a talking Elmo (cuz he loves “Melmo”). And finally for Aevan I’m getting little shoes and his mom found these awesome bibs online that she loves(they have cute designs on them and they’re made of a certain material) so I’ll get him that. 🙂

      And then I usually just get my parents a little something like a gift card out to eat or something, since they always get us something and pay for all our food. 🙂


    18. LEvery year my nephew, who is 8 years younger than I am, gives the BEST gifts! He is an 11-year-old Santa! This year, my brother & I are (finally) able to give him a gift he really, really wants: A CO2-powered airsoft gun! 😀
      He deserves it! I love making my family & friends feel love by giving them what they wanted! (:

    19. I’m planning on looking online for something useful and nice for my parents (any suggestions, anyone?!), and I’m getting my brothers stuff like Lego that they’ll enjoy. For my chorale and orchestra friends, I’m going to make cookies, and I’m baking for all of my friends this year too. I also want to make some fun homemade gifts! The ideas from Project Inspired are awesome so I’m definitely going to be doing some of those! And I might get soap or candles for my friends too! 🙂 Planning Christmas gifts are soooo much fun!

    20. I’m making a painting to send to my cousin, for her baby’s room, she’s due in January… Also, a scarf for my friend, because our joke is that the guy she likes, finds scarves attractive, and she doesn’t own one, so we told her we’re giving her a scarf for Christmas.

    21. This is the first year I have had money to buy people Christmas presents that aren’t from my entire family and I am still not going to have enough to get everyone on my list a gift. In light of this realization I have started making scarfs for all my friends. Anyone who isn’t immediate family is getting a hand made scarf that is their favorite color. The members of my family and my boyfriend are getting a couple other things that are directly related to either their favorite movie or tv show depending plus a scarf. When Christmas arrives i will have made at least seven scarfs for friends and family. I made sure this year that every person’s gift is their favorite things because I want the gifts to have meaning and show the love i have for them.

    22. So my dad has this really old wallet that he has had ever since I can remember; it is starting to fall all apart and is just not good at all. I am going to buy him a really nice leather wallet!!! I am soo excited!! 🙂 Also my sister graduated from high school, but couldn’t go to college right away because of knee surgeries. She can now go to college and will be starting this January. I am going to get her all things college. Really excited!!! 😛

      (If there are three of these, sorry I think I clicked the wrong button so had to re-do this three times. Sorry!)

    23. I didn’t have very much money this year so I had to look at inexpensive gifts. I was at Walmart shopping for my best friend and I saw a five dollar scarf that totally suited her personality! It is so cute and I cannot wait until she opens her present! It makes me so happy when I’m able to give others things!

    24. My sister has a school project for 6th grade where she has to research a Greek goddess and dress up like that goddess. She was planning on wrapping a sheet around herself for the costume, but I have undertaken the task of making her a costume that fits the goddess. So, I researched the goddess, found out what women usually wore, and bought the material. I have sewn the dress together and I am planning on dyeing a tunic a light green to be worn underneath the transparent, gauzy white material. It has taken a lot of work but I think she will really enjoy it! This is my first time making something really worthwhile as a Christmas present and I’m excited to give it to her!

    25. I don’t know what presents I am going to give yet because I haven’t gone Christmas shopping yet. But I was thinking about getting something small for all of my friends, which isn’t that much. I don’t work yet so I don’t have the chance to buy gifts for everyone and also gifts that cost a lot. For my best friend I was thinking about getting her a gift card to Starbucks because she loves coffee.

    26. This year for Christmas, I am making gifts for everyone. For my cousins I have made a few duct tape things and some bracelets, and for my brothers I made tie blankets. I plan on making more gifts for all of my cousins and my family. I think it is better if i give homemade gifts because I feel like there is more love in them. :):):)

    27. This year I’m giving my parents a song that I wrote for them. It’s called The Gift. I’m going to record it and give it to them on a CD for Christmas 🙂 I really hope that they like it!

    28. Earlier this year my moms FAVORITE butter dish cracked and she was very upset, but I was able to find one really similar to it that I hope she will love just as much. She is so amazing and I just want to repay her for her support in my life!

    29. The gift I’m most excited about giving this year is the one I’ll give to my best friend Abigail! We met through a sewing website on the internet two years ago and eventually we became friends on facebook and we talk all of the time! She lives a whole state away, so we’ve never gotten the chance to meet each other in person, but she means so much to me. One of the things I’m going to give her for Christmas is a friendship necklace. We’ll have matching ones so that one day when we get to meet in person we can both wear them!

    30. This year, my Mom and I are making hot chocolate things… here’s how you do it…

      1. First, you make chocolate sauce out of well… melted chocolate… 😀
      2. Second, you pour it into an ice cube tray and wait about 2 hours for it to harden

      When you’re ready to drink it, you heat up some milk in the microwave, pour that into a mug, and plop one of the chocolate cubes into it. Stir it around with a spoon for a little while, and when it melts, you’ve got hot chocolate!! Yum!!! I’m giving that along with a candle to all of my teachers, family, and some of my best friends!!

    31. My favorite Christmas gift, will be the one I will be blessed to participate in giving tonight. The GOSPEL! Tonight, I will be performing in a choir, along with 39 others, we will bless people with the gift of music, as well as the inspiring lyrics in the songs, that present the gospel message! We all are hoping some will come to know the Lord through it! 🙂

    32. One gift I am excited about giving is to my brother. It is a gas station gift card! Yes, I know how silly that sounds:) A new QT just opened up in our area, and he goes there at least twice a week to buy slushies (only 49 cents!) and food, and snacks, so it’s something that I think would be really convenient for him, and I feel like it’s pretty creative, yet still practical! I also want to get my Grandma some dish towels that are printed with the recipes her grandmother or mother wrote. Like, do actual fabric, that is printed with big pictures of the recipes, so she can have her handwriting around in the kitchen everyday! I mentioned the idea to her and she loved it!

    33. Im most excited to give my 7 almost 8 Month old nephew some bibs ive been embroidering for him! this is not only my first time embroidering something its also his first Christmas! I got him some other toys so I just cant wait to see his reaction to the paper cause hes a very destructive baby hes into everything and LOVES messing up things! So this is gonna be very fun to watch! 🙂

    34. One of my friends has a tight clothing budget, and much as she loves fashion, she doesn’t have much money to spend. So on Black Friday, I got her a scarf and a sparkly baseball tee that I know she’ll love. I just want to bless her by treating her to something special that she normally won’t get for herself.

    35. My Grandma loves snowmen. She has globes, and placemats, and blankets, and even clothes that have snowmen on them. So this year, I decided to make something special for her. I’m latch hooking a snowman rug that i think she is going to love!!

    36. My favorite Christmas gift I’m giving is time and talents! I’m going to be playing piano at a nursing home and hanging out with the residents just a few days before Christmas. I’m finally starting to learn how i can use my music for God’s glory!

    37. The gift I’m most excited to give is the gift I’m giving my siblings. In August, I bought these cardboard boxes from Hobby Lobby and painted each box my sibling’s favorite color. Then, until the second to last week of November, I cut words and pictures from magazine, newspapers, etc. that reminded me of my siblings. Next, I pasted my cutouts onto the boxes to make a collage and then used modge- podge to protect the pictures. The box is meant to be a keepsake or treasure box and I can’t wait for my sibling’s reaction! 🙂

    38. I’m not completely sure what I’ll be getting those I know, but I am getting presents for kids at a nearby elementary school that wouldn’t otherwise. Last year it was great, we do it with a class, and this year I’m partly in charge of it 🙂 there will be clothes and toys that we’re giving 🙂

    39. One thing I’m planning on doing is getting toys to donate to toys for tots because all of those kids deserve to have a good Christmas and shouldn’t have to go without receiving gifts just because their parents can’t afford to pay for them.

      Also, I will be making things for all of my friends. I don’t have a lot of money, so I will be baking cookies, and making different crafts, all personally designed for my friends. I feel that doing this is more personal than just going out and buying things. Also, I will be giving cards with a special message for each of my friends so that they know just how much I appreciate them.

      I can’t wait. I think I’m more excited for this than actually getting things.

    40. Each year my friends and I always get together at each others houses and bake and deliver Christmas cookies to our neighbors! Its always so much fun to give them and I’m sure the neighbors don’t mind the cookies. 😀

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