Survey: What Are Your Goals for the New Year?

    Happy New Year, girls! It’s around this time that many people start putting their New Year’s resolutions into action, and we want to know what yours are for the coming year.

    Don’t have a major habit you’re trying to break or a new fitness goal you’re trying to reach? While you may not have a traditional goal or even be in the habit of picking out one or two major things you want to achieve this year, there are likely things you want to accomplish—and this is a great time to start mapping them out. Maybe instead of “resolutions” they are simply goals, or a small checklist of things you’d like to see happen in 2014. Jotting them down helps you keep them organized in your mind, and sharing those goals here allows us to encourage and be there for one another along the way. Here’s hoping it’s your best year yet!

    Copy the questions below and paste them (along with your answers) in a comment.

    What is a resolution or goal you have for…

    1. School?

    2. Church?

    3. Work?

    4. Clubs or sports?

    5. Fitness/health?

    6. Family?

    7. Friends?

    8. Money?

    9. Travel/fun?

    10. Building toward your future in some way?

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    1. 1. School?
      To maintain my current grades or improve on them, to read a history or literature book every week, and to study Spanish more devotedly
      2. Church?
      To begin okaying keyboard in the praise band
      3. Work?
      To continue my jobs and saving money I guess
      4. Clubs or sports?
      Learn new piano songs with cello accompaniments for my best friend.
      5. Fitness/health?
      Exercise daily, cut out processed desserts, eat more vegetables, be able to do the splits again
      6. Family?
      Show more love and kindness to my siblings
      7. Friends?
      Be bolder about my faith, be a better listener
      8. Money?
      Save most of it
      9. Travel/fun?
      Go to California, Read 100 books
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Get my drivers license? That doesn’t really count:) Umm I think that a lot of my goals; saving money, being healthier, praying more, will all help to build towards my future.

    2. What is a resolution or goal you have for…

      1. School? Better grades and attitude. Learn Spanish.

      2. Church? Read the bible more often.

      3. Work? Get a job haha

      4. Clubs or sports? –

      5. Fitness/health? Quit counting calories.

      6. Family? Get closer to my mom and spend more time with my little brother.

      7. Friends? –

      8. Money? Stop spending haha

      9. Travel/fun? Go skiing

      10. Building toward your future in some way? Save money ^

    3. 1. School?
      To raise my grades and work harder in math…

      2. Church?
      To try to go more often. {I don’t have many friends so I don’t enjoy it as much as I would like.}

      3. Work?
      I don’t have a job.

      4. Clubs or sports?
      To work harder in ballet and to nail my splits.

      5. Fitness/health?
      Not to drink as many sodas.

      6. Family?
      Try to get along better with my sister.

      7. Friends?
      To listen more and remember things more.

      8. Money?
      To save.

      9. Travel/fun?
      Nothing, really. Maybe go to Disney World. 🙂

      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Get my drivers license.

      • My church switched over a year ago to a new church and a lot of my friends stopped going so I did too. I started going these past few months and I have started making a lot of really nice friends that I wish I would have gotten to know in the first place to start out with. I hope this inspires you to go to church and get to know the people that are your age and become friends with them so you enjoy going to church more ofter.

    4. What is a resolution or goal you have for…
      1. School? Do well in school, and get some scholarships and go to a good college.
      2. Church? become a part of a good church
      3. Work? this summer i should really get a job
      4. Clubs or sports? ehhhhh. no resolutions in this subject.
      5. Fitness/health? BE healthy! and fit and strong. Boom bam baby.
      6. Family? Be a good role model for my younger siblings.
      7. Friends? Show friends that I care about them better.
      8. Money? Make and save money!
      9. Travel/fun? I want to do an exciting and fun vacation of some sort independently this year.
      10. Building toward your future in some way? Start at a good college.

    5. 1. School? Get straight As
      2. Church? Go to church every week that I can, and post devotions on my forum every week.
      3. Work? Babysit more.
      4. Clubs or sports? Go to my swim team sessions more often!!
      5. Fitness/health? Swim 100 laps in one session.
      6. Family? Spend more time with my brother
      7. Friends? Tell what I really think about something more, even though they may not see things the way I do.
      8. Money? Save up for my future car.
      9. Travel/fun? I’m going to New York City this summer, but I would love to learn Spanish so that I could go to Spain one day.
      10. Building toward your future in some way? Look into possible colleges and High Schools (probably the other way around… 😉 )

    6. These aren’t all resoulutions for the new year just things I have been wanting to do.
      1. School? Maintain my GPA
      2. Church?go more often
      3. Work? get a job
      4. Clubs or sports? nothing
      5. Fitness/health? live a healthy lifestyle
      6. Family? spend time with them
      7. Friends? be friendlier
      8. Money? save money and shop
      9. Travel/fun? I will probs go on spring break with my sister mom and dad
      10. Building toward your future in some way? Just live healthier, be friendly, worry less, etc.

    7. 1. School? To keep up a 4.0 for the spring semester.

      2. Church? To read the Bible more often.

      3. Work? To get a job once school gets out.

      4. Clubs or sports? To get back into playing soccer.

      5. Fitness/health? Minimize junk food for healthy snacks.

      6. Family? To be a better role model for my brother and sister.

      7. Friends? To forgive and be more honest with my feelings.

      8. Money? None currently.

      9. Travel/fun? To visit my friends this summer and go on a road trip.

      10. Building toward your future in some way? To apply at and get accepted into university for Sophomore year.

    8. 1. School? in school I am going to work hard. and hopefully get A’s in school

      2. Church? I Love church and I am going to study the bible rely hard this year.

      3. Work? I don’t have a job. but I am hoping on finding one.

      4. Clubs or sports? I haven’t rely put a goal out for either of these this year

      5. Fitness/health? well I am going to eat healthier this year. And run at least 2 times a week around my neighborhood

      6. Family? I am going to spend moor time with my family this year.

      7. Friends? I am going to hang out with all my friends this year. or at least call them, email or text them to talk for a little while.

      8. Money? I am going to save money this year. no spending on my self. only for birthdays, Christmas and other events.

      9. Travel/fun? fun I am going to see a pirates 5 and my birthday but I don’t think ill be traveling.

      10. Building toward your future in some way? I am going to work hard on missions this year.

    9. 1) Keep my grades up!
      2) I want to be closer to my church and help out in Sunday School
      3) I want to find a job over the summer to save up for college 🙂
      4) I want to be able to play more sports and help out my literary magazine club at school
      5) I want to lose some weight and live a healthier lifestyle and maybe even go vegetarian for a bit 🙂
      6) I want to stay close to my family
      7) My (few) friends aren’t Christian, so I want to reflect God’s wonderful effect in my life on them
      8) I just hope to save up some…for more books!
      9) Go on a road trip with my bestest friend ever!!! 😀
      10) I hope to be more productive and work more towards school. At the moment I’m also looking at colleges, so I hope to visit some

    10. 1. Not procrastinate, read all assigned readings in enough time 😀
      2. Stop being lazy to go to Church, read the Bible every day and share at Cell group
      3. Continue my passion for teaching languages and reach people with the love of Jesus through it
      4. I am a member of the Chinese Christian Club and would like to serve God in a pleasing way there
      5. Stop eating unhealthily so I can get rid of my acid reflux! So painful.
      6. Keep in contact with my family/parents who are overseas.
      7. Don’t be ashamed to show friends who I live for
      8. Budget!
      9. Travel to Korea to take a language test 😀
      10. Keep studying languages so that I can eventually reach other nations in their native tongue to share the Word!

    11. 1. School?
      Make it though Honors Chem. And keep my grade I have right now.
      2. Church?
      Get closer to everyone, and attend youth group as often as possible. Pray more, and keep my prayer journal going.
      3. Work?
      Don’t have a job.
      4. Clubs or sports?
      For running, it would be running for fun. For violin, I need to focus on being able to handle playing harder music, and understanding that while I’m working on that, I’m not going it get it right away, because it’s not easy (like I’m used to).
      5. Fitness/health?
      Gain weight and stay eating healthy. So, eat more.
      6. Family?
      Get closer together.
      7. Friends?
      Be more connected.. Instead of being shy, like I have been lately, not being afraid to talk.
      8. Money?
      Haha. I’m going to new York next year.. to preform, so I need to save. A lot. So, no more mall trips.
      9. Travel/fun?
      Oh yeah!! When I go to new York, I want to have as much fun as possible.
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Become more knowledgeable about future career paths, shadow someone in the medical field.. Get better at violin.

    12. 1. School? Princpal’s Honor Roll and make more friends
      2. Church? be more hospitable when new people come
      3. Work? none
      4. Clubs or sports? better PR’s in cross country and practice basketball more
      5. Fitness/health? eat less junk and drink more water
      6. Family? get along with my brother better
      7. Friends? stick up for them and have more sympathy
      8. Money? manage my money so i can buy cute shoes and give 10%
      9. Travel/fun? save more money for my mission trip on spring break and Youth Conference in the summer
      10. Building toward your future in some way? idk

    13. 1. School?
      Make it through my 3 dual credit college classes so that I’ll have credits when I enter college this fall.
      2. Church?
      I’m going to try taking notes and paying more attention to the sermons. I also need to start applying them to my life.
      3. Work?
      I’m hoping to get a job this month, actually.
      4. Clubs or sports?
      I’m not really a club/sports person.
      5. Fitness/health?
      I’m going to try to consume less sugar, especially in my tea! I would also like to gain a few pounds too.
      6. Family?
      I want to focus a lot on remaining close to my family and spending as much time as I can with them.
      7. Friends?
      I need a wider array of friends. I have 1 or 2 really great friends, but I would love to have more. I need to branch out.
      8. Money?
      Since I’m going to start working soon, I would like to save up my money. I have a feeling that I’m going to be buying more than saving.
      9. Travel/fun?
      I would love to go to the beach again this year sometime and then maybe take a few day trips with my mom.
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      I’m going off to college this fall. That’s going to be a huge change in my life and I’m going to be taking the first steps toward building my future.

    14. 1. School?
      Make sure to organize and plan my time in order to get all my schoolwork done!
      2. Church?
      Be in fellowship with more believers, get to know more people at my church, and spend more time in God’s Word!
      3. Work?
      Don’t have a job.
      4. Clubs or sports?
      Spend more time drawing and painting!
      5. Fitness/health?
      Go on a walk everyday and cut down on the junk food!
      6. Family?
      Honour my parents more, and show them the love of Christ!
      7. Friends?
      Be bold and tell my non-believer friends about Jesus and look for ways to uplift and encourage my friends to surrender all to Jesus!
      8. Money?
      Don’t act on impulse and spend it all at once!
      9. Travel/fun?
      Go an that “Lord of the Rings” adventure with my BFF/sister in Christ, Laura!
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Work on my art portfolio and continually seek God!

    15. 1. School?
      To get better grades and focus on studying more.

      2. Church?
      Study what the sermon discussed every day until the following Sunday.

      3. Work?
      Find a job in my town.

      4. Clubs or sports?
      Start training for Tennis

      5. Fitness/health?
      Dedicate at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.

      6. Family?
      Become more patient with them and always be there for the younger ones.

      7. Friends?
      Be honest and kind at the same time.

      8. Money?
      Save 10% and put 10% in offering every week.

      9. Travel/fun?
      Since I am moving across the country again this summer, my goal is to take more pictures of the landscapes to capture the moment of God’s beauty that I would probably forget.

      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Research and consider colleges in Tennessee and start saving towards that goal of attending a college.

    16. 1. School?
      -Get caught up in everything and work hard in my play
      2. Church?
      -Volunteer more
      3. Work?
      -Nothing really
      4. Clubs or sports?
      5. Fitness/health?
      -Lose 10lbs. this year
      6. Family?
      -Don’t argue with my siblings
      7. Friends?
      -Be there for them when they need me
      8. Money?
      -Save up for something important
      9. Travel/fun?
      -Hopefully go to Disney Land for the first time
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      -Excel in drama (I really want to be an actress someday)

    17. 1.School?
      To save up for it, God giving me resources and wisdom to be able to save up and go to school in the Fall.
      Be able to pour into my girls during small group, push my family in Christ to go deeper, pray for a strengthened church body.
      3. Work?
      That I will have a better perspective on the job I have now… or if the Good Lord will provide me with a more enjoyable and honorable job this year.
      4. Clubs/Sports?
      I’m in no clubs seeing as how I do not go to school but I plan on going fishing with my boyfriend a lot 🙂
      5. Fitness/health?
      Eat better, run more. Cliché stuff.
      6. Family?
      Continuously praying for them, being a light to them, and not letting them bring me down.
      Praying for God to open up more doors to be able to enjoy life and commune with more people my age.
      8. Money?
      Learning how to budget efficiently, save my money, and use it in smarter ways.
      9. Travel/Fun?
      I’d like to go to Israel and Haiti this year… and hoping for more travel opportunities.
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Praying for a strengthened relationship, faith, and reliance on the Lord and what He has in store for me. Being able to let go and rest fully in His plan.

    18. 1. Finish 10th grade with A’s and B’s
      2. Um…nothing really…
      3. To get a job!
      4. Nope.
      5. To simple be healthy and have self-control.
      6. Nothing…
      7. Having some would be nice. 🙂
      8. Get some from that job! haha!
      9. A vacation this year would be nice, but that’s not up to me. 🙂
      10. Idk…

    19. 1. School?
      To graduate with my class and start my college classes this fall.
      2. Church?
      This year I would like to start looking into missionary work throughout my church. I would like to start helping in the Sunday School classes. I also would like to get to know everybody more at my church.
      3. Work?
      I would like to work more hours and keep the job I have.
      4. Clubs or sports?
      I am not in any sports.
      5. Fitness/health?
      Stay healthy. Maybe lose some weight before this summer.
      6. Family?
      I would like to have my family go to church with me every week. Maybe have a bible study at my house with my parents.
      7. Friends?
      Start asking my friends to go to church with me instead of going alone.. Spread Gods word to them.
      8. Money?
      Save money for my schooling. Make sure I have my car payments due on time.
      9. Travel/fun?
      Have a safe trip to Florida with my grandmother, mom, and best friend.
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      I want to build my relationship with Christ so I will be able to go out and minister to people who do not know him. I want to be able to go on missionaries and save people on Gods Great Commission.

    20. 1. School?
      I want to make sure that I do better then I did last year to finish half of my high school career of strong.
      2. Church?
      I am reading the whole bible cover to cover this year along with my church pretty excited about that for sure!

      3. Work.
      I don’t have a job but I am looking to get one eventually!
      4. Clubs or sports?
      I need to prepare for volleyball in the fall. It’s hard to make these teams here in Wisconsin.
      5. Fitness/health?
      Getting ready for fall volleyball season!
      6. Family?
      To be a more reliable daughter and sister.
      7. Friends?
      To get more out of my comfort zone.
      8. Money?
      To save my money for college and my missions trip to El Salvador in June!
      9. Travel/fun?
      Going to El Salvador and LA!
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Getting ready for college and school and staying on track in school now.

    21. 1. School? I want to work really hard because I’m a junior and this is the year that colleges are looking at you
      2. Church? To get more involved
      3. Work? I don’t have a job
      4. Clubs or sports? Try to join more clubs but I don’t do sports
      5. Fitness/health? I want to start exercising more and to eat healthier because I’m not healthy with my weight and I want to feel better about myself
      6. Family? I want to spend more time with them and get along better
      7. Friends? I want to hang out with them as much as I can and keep them close
      8. Money? I would love to save it and to become more responsible with my money
      9. Travel/fun? I would to go on more trips because we don’t go many places
      10. Building toward your future in some way? I am going to take every opportunity I can to help me toward my future goals

    22. 1. School?
      To get finished lol
      2. Church?
      My church is really boring. No goals there
      3. Work?
      I don’t *really* work, but I’m an artist and I write. Working on bettering that 🙂
      4. Clubs or sports?
      Horses! Got to finished breaking my Boomer boy <3
      5. Fitness/health?
      Build more muscle. Grow out my hair more, at least waist length(idk if that counts as health) Quit sugar entirely
      6. Family?
      See my boyfriend more.
      7. Friends?
      See my boyfriend more.
      8. Money?
      Sell a painting!
      9. Travel/fun?
      Break the horse, visit Arkansas
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Furthering my art and writing career.

    23. 1. School?
      I would love to get straight A’s this semester which is extremely difficult but I guess trying can’t hurt.

      2. Church?
      Keep singing and playing more on the worship team.

      3. Work?
      I’m a janitor (lol) so I guess get all the rooms deep cleaned by the end of the year

      4. Clubs or sports?
      Win the 3200 m run at least 3 times this year and qualify for state track.

      5. Fitness/health?
      Get leaner and tone up all of my problem areas. Ugh

      6. Family?
      Get closer to my family and be more kind to them.

      7. Friends?
      Find a new friend to really give into since this past year, my friendships fell apart with my best friend choosing guys over me. I praying that God will lead a good, uplifting Christian girl into my life.

      8. Money?
      Save as much as possible. 10% to God, 10% to missions, and save the rest with the occasional treat.

      9. Travel/fun?
      Just enjoy whatever opportunities come my way. (:

      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Ask God to reveal more of His plans for my future. Spend more time with God. Read the whole Bible in one year. (I’m using PI’s Bible reading plan and so far so great!)

    24. 1. School? To graduate

      2. Church? Pray more and not mess up my relationships

      3. Work? Get a job to pay for college

      4. Clubs or sports? Survive the months before my final ballet recital

      5. Fitness/health? Lose the last 20 or so pounds and get stronger.

      6. Family? Survive until my dad gets home from his deployment.

      7. Friends? Get closer to them and not screw things up with them.

      8. Money? Make enough to pay for next year’s college

      9. Travel/fun? Find an amazing prom dress (and date:P)

      10. Building toward your future in some way? Maybe meet someone who I will want to marry and start culinary school.

    25. 1. School?
      Get more organized and stay on top of things.

      2. Church?
      Go to daily mass on Wednesdays and say a rosary at least once a week.

      3. Work?
      I don’t know if I have my summer job right now so if I don’t, find one. haha maybe get a work study on campus.

      4. Clubs or sports?
      set aside some time to practice guitar more

      5. Fitness/health?
      eat healthy

      6. Family?
      Call home a couple times a week

      7. Friends?
      Just be there for them and make sure I always have time for them

      8. Money?
      Not go broke.

      9. Travel/fun?
      Maybe hit Washington DC some weekend

      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Just continuing to do my best in school

    26. 1. School?
      Better grades is always something to shoot for! Mostly in Latin and Logic though.

      2. Church?
      Read the Bible all the way through!!

      3. Work?
      Ahem. I’m a freshman working on a babysitter’s payroll. I can’t legally work at a coffee place or something yet, but I am trying to earn money for travel and books.

      4. Clubs or sports?
      To start going to a knitting group for the homeless that my friend puts on.

      5. Fitness/health?
      I’m pretty good when it comes to this, just eat a little healthier and say ‘no’ to sugar when I’m just bored.

      6. Family?
      To never let ‘I love you’ be routine.

      7. Friends?
      To be an inspiration and laugh more than we cry 🙂

      8. Money?
      To start tithing. We’re called to do it, and I feel kind of guilty not doing it while fundraising toward my trip, but I seriously can’t. But with the money I earn on a regular basis with babysitting and stuff, I need to start tithing.
      9. Travel/fun?
      GOING TO ITALY IN SUMMER 2014!! I’m finally leaving the west coast of the United states for the first time in my life!!

      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Going to finish the first draft of my novel, and start sending it out to publishers 🙂

    27. 1. School? Get better grades, especially at math.
      2. Church? Discover what it means to truly follow Christ.
      3. Work? Looking for some work 🙂
      4. Clubs or sports? Make the volleyball team, and join track.
      5. Fitness/health? Start to work out, and to stop saying I’ll do it tomorrow or later.
      6. Family? Grow a closer bond siblings, and mother.
      7. Friends? Find out who are truly my friends.
      8. Money? Save up instead of asking for money.
      9. Travel/fun? Go to Japan 🙂
      10. Building toward your future in some way? Learn Japanese without giving up, so I can one day take classes in Japan, and teach English there as well.

    28. 1. School? I’ll be finishing this year

      2. Church? read the bible more

      3. Work? don’t have a job yet

      4. Clubs or sports? ain’t in any

      5. Fitness/health? I like to do work outs and going on jogs

      6. Family? do more things together

      7. Friends? hang out more

      8. Money? that’s why I need a job

      9. Travel/fun? hoping to go to a relatives wedding then go down south 😉

      10. Building toward your future in some way? I got a guitar for CHRISTmas and really wanna get good at it!! 🙂

    29. School? -Do my homework 😉
      2. Church? -Read the whole bible in 2 years
      3. Work? -Get a job
      4. Clubs or sports? -Improve my horse back riding
      5. Fitness/health? -Love my body (I am recovering from an eating disorder)
      6. Family? -Be more calm
      7. Friends? -Get together with them more
      8. Money? -Save it for College
      9. Travel/fun? -Get out of my room more and have fun
      10. Building toward your future in some way?- Get on a better sleeping schedule

    30. School- Improve my grades
      Church- Study my bible more and talk to others about God
      Work- Get a job
      Clubs and sports- join some
      Fitness/Health- Eat healthier
      Family- include them in more and become more understanding with them
      Friends- socialize with them more often
      Money- spend it more wisely, save it for my future
      Travel/Fun- get up and have fun
      Building towards your future in some way- Study more and find the future that god has planned for me.

    31. School-improve my grades
      Church-to completely right with god
      Work-get a job
      Clubs or sports-football/
      Fitness/health-eat healthier
      Family-go over there everyday to show what god has done in my life this new year
      Friends-talk to them about god more them i talk about all the bad things
      Money-give to the lord
      Travel/fun-hawaii and have fun
      Building toward your future in some way- study more and fined the future god has planned for me

    32. What is a resolution or goal you have for…
      1. School? To achieve better grades, to not let the bullies get to me.
      2. Church? By digging into God’s Word even more, having my quiet time in the mornings.
      3. Work? Get a job!
      4. Clubs or sports? Work on getting the solo in Glee Club
      5. Fitness/health? To start working out and eating healthier.
      6. Family? Seeing my family more often and helping my mom on her stress days
      7. Friends? Help inspire them to seek God and His love.
      8. Money? Earn and save my money wisely.
      9. Travel/fun? Attend more winter jams 🙂
      10. Building toward your future in some way? Always look forward and never back .

    33. 1. School? to up my grades from last year
      2. Church? to become closer to God
      3. Work? to become a better worker than I am right now…
      4. Clubs or sports? to manage to stay in Drama Club while working, but I don’t really know if that’ll work….
      5. Fitness/health? to become more healthy, I guess – though that probably won’t happen ;p
      6. Family? to be better at spending time with them and not fighting with my sisters as much…
      7. Friends? to be a great friend to everyone 🙂
      8. Money? to save money so that I can move out as soon as I’m 18…
      9. Travel/fun? to be able to spend a lot of time with my friends 🙂
      10. Building toward your future in some way? like above, saving money, getting better grades, etc. 🙂

    34. 1. School? To make more friends and do my work more on-time.
      2. Church? To attend youth group more often and be more involved at my youth group events. Also, to grow in faith and security
      3. Work? To work on my time management
      4. Clubs or sports? Try a new sport like tennis
      5. Fitness/health? To exercise more and eat a bit healthier
      6. Family? To listen to my family and be more open around them
      7. Friends? To be more concerned with my friends’ needs and give more to them, appreciate them more
      8. Money? To give it away to others more freely
      9. Travel/fun? To travel to Europe
      10. Building toward your future in some way? To become more secure in myself and more certain

    35. 1. School? to keep my grades up and to not get too stressed with all the homework
      2. Church? go a bit more often and regularly, get a bit more involved in the church as a whole
      3. Work? get a job haha
      4. Clubs or sports? get a solid 5 and start on a 6 on rifle, become more flexible… (colorguard fyi)
      5. Fitness/health? eat healthier (hahahaha) and work out so i can be in shape for once
      6. Family? not let them annoy me so much?
      7. Friends? hang out with them more. i spend so much time in my room (where i am right now). hang out with my ‘boyfriend’ (long story, we’re waiting but it’s probably going to happen in 2014) and get to know him more and better
      8. Money? be a bit better with it
      9. Travel/fun? be myself and be a teenager,
      10. Building toward your future in some way? doing all I can above to help build towards the scary future

    36. 1. School? start college

      2. Church? go to church every week and grow in my faith

      3. Work? get a new job or more hours

      4. Clubs or sports? play more sports

      5. Fitness/health? lose 150 pounds

      6. Family? spend more time with them

      7. Friends? make some

      8. Money? save it

      9. Travel/fun? have some fun this year

      10. Building toward your future in some way? save money and work hard

    37. 1. School? Make high honors and do good in World History
      2. Church? Trying to comprehend and understand the meaning of everything that is being said
      3. Work? N/A
      4. Clubs or sports? N/A
      5. Fitness/health? Become more comfortable in my body
      6. Family? Spend more time with family and less on the internet!
      7. Friends? Get to meet one of my best friends that lives 3 hours from me
      8. Money? Start selling my artwork
      9. Travel/fun? Go on a plane to somewhere
      10. Building toward your future in some way? I love to draw and I would love for more people to see my art so I can maybe advance in my “career”

    38. 1. School?
      – To not get another C in math or any subject, to not be so stressed, and to take my SAT’s and improve my score 🙂
      2. Church?
      – To grow more in Christ, to read the scriptures more, and to participate in the church choir soon.
      3. Work?
      – I dont have one 😛
      4. Clubs or sports?
      – none.
      5. Fitness/health?
      – to eat much more healthier, and to somehow lose 20-40 pounds this year, because I really need too!
      6. Family?
      – to continue loving them, and to obey them.
      7. Friends?
      – to not lose them, and to keep the ones that really are there for me.
      8. Money?
      – to get a job!!
      9. Travel/fun?
      – To have fun in Disney world with my friends in may 😀
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      – to understand myself: who i really am, what are my capabilities, and what God would want me to be doing 3-4 years from now.

    39. 1. School?
      I would like to start community college this year in the Human Services course. 🙂
      2. Church?
      Getting into a church & going at least every Sunday would be nice. I would also like to get closer to God. I’ve always believed in the Lord but it wasn’t until last year when I really started praying and letting Him into my life. I would like to strengthen my relationship with Him
      3. Work?
      I would like to get a part time job, but I’m really shy! 🙁
      4. Clubs or sports?
      5. Fitness/health?
      Getting to a healthier weight would be great! 🙂
      6. Family?
      Spend more time with my mom. My dad and I currently don’t spend any time together so that would be nice, too.
      7. Friends?
      I’d like to make some! 😛
      8. Money?
      Save some 🙂
      9. Travel/fun?
      I would love to go to Myrtle Beach this summer 🙂
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Maybe starting a relationship with a boy. I’ve never been in a relationship though so it’s scary.

    40. What is a resolution or goal you have for…
      1. School?
      To work my hardest and to get As
      2. Church?
      To live all for Jesus and to help newcomers feel welcome
      3. Work?
      To babysit more(:
      4. Clubs or sports?
      To join a dance class?? (:
      5. Fitness/health?
      To get in the habit of working out on a regular basis
      6. Family?
      To love them and show love even when I don’t feel like it
      7. Friends?
      To be a Godly role model and not to follow the world but instead God
      8. Money?
      To save!!
      9. Travel/fun?
      Going to Disneyland (:
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      Started a ministry called Challinge that challenges teens to be all in for Jesus (:

    41. 1. School?

      Continue to put as much effort into my classes as I can, get all or mostly A’s (whatever I feel I deserve for the work I put in!) Get a good score on the ACT and find a college 🙂

      2. Church?

      Become more of a leader in my youth group, plan a youth event, get more involved with my church outside of the youth group

      3. Work?

      Maybe get a job, only if I find one where I can continue to balance my time, that doesn’t take away from my church commitments 🙂

      4. Clubs or sports?

      Find a way to build up the girls on my softball team and show them Jesus, while keeping myself positive as well

      5. Fitness/health?

      Eat healthier!

      6. Family?

      Learn to appreciate my parents for what they do for me, get closer with my baby brother before I’m off to college 🙂

      7. Friends?

      Be committed to each and every relationship I have, love them like Jesus, and pour my whole heart into them even if it means giving up some things for me <3

      8. Money?

      Haha money? What money?
      Just kidding, spend responsibly, save money for the Church, raise money to bring lower income youth to camp!

      9. Travel/fun?

      Go on a random roadtrip to a place I've never been with my best friend! Try something new and totally scary

      10. Building toward your future in some way?

      Start deciding what I want to do in college, how to go about becoming a youth pastor 🙂

    42. 1,school?,
      2 church?.
      to get more involved in my church.
      none but currently looking for a job.
      4. clubs or sports?.
      none at this moment
      5 Fitness/health?
      to work out a lot more then I do.
      6 Family?
      to get closer to them.
      7.freinds ?
      not to lose them and to always be there for them.
      to save up and get a job ,be reasonable with my money,
      9. Travel/fun?
      to save money up enough to travel somewhere .
      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      currently thinking about going to college at the moment.

    43. 1. School?-Get an A on my APES exam
      2. Church? Get more involved
      3. Work?-get lifeguard certified
      4. Clubs or sports?-Join show-choir
      5. Fitness/health?Be able to do 5+ real pull-ups & learn to mountain bike
      6. Family? Get along with my brothers
      7. Friends? Help my friends when they need it
      8. Money?-none
      9. Travel/fun?-
      10. Building toward your future in some way?

    44. 1. School?
      – Smile more, and not get any more Bs.

      2. Church?
      – Really try to become closer to every kid in the youth group (we’re a smaller church).

      3. Work?
      – Work really super hard!

      4. Clubs or sports?
      – To actually attend the club I joined. I was never notified that it started and I kept forgetting about it.

      5. Fitness/health?
      – Drink more water and less coffee. Plus the cliche: work out more.

      6. Family?
      – Not get as irritated with them as much as I sometimes do?

      7. Friends?
      – Not to say stupid things and to not overreact.

      8. Money?
      – Save more of it!

      9. Travel/fun?
      – Leave my house once in a while.

      10. Building toward your future in some way?
      – Pray to God about it and figure out where I’m headed.

    45. 1. School? – Working harder in my honors classes, and becoming more intellectually equipped in my programming class..

      2. Church?- Try to go to the services more.. and to get involved in more activities.

      3. Work? -Getting a job (currently getting tips for shoveling snow.. but thats not really a job).. and
      having the maturity to take it lke a serious thing, be responsible about it..

      4. Clubs or sports?- Getting more people to join our service club and finding more military centered activities because I feel like they aren’t appreciated by our generation of teens as much as they used to be..

      5. Fitness/health?-Try to stop eating so much out of boredom.. and come to a place where I won’t wheeze when I run.. that would be awesome.

      6. Family? -Try to not let my parents divorce affect the way I act around my mom.. sometimes I can be a bit irritable to live with because of how my family situation turned out.

      7. Friends?- Make new ones without turning people away by saying and acting stupid.

      8. Money?- Not spend it on stupid in the moment things.

      9. Travel/fun?- I want to go to the Smithsonian and visit some friends of mine.

      10. Building toward your future in some way?- Decide if joining the Army is the right option for me or if God is leading me somewhere else to serve people.

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