TODAY’S HOT TOPIC – Taylor Swift on Cover of Cosmo’s December Issue

    Ladies, I was disheartened to learn that Taylor Swift will be on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s December issue. As many of you know, Nicole started the anti-Cosmo mission. She’s working hard to get Cosmo sold in a non-transparent bag because of the sexually explicit nature of the cover and contents.


    Our concern here at PI is that this magazine is inappropriate and harmful to minors. The contents are adult and therefore should be available only to adults. Unfortunately, when artists like Swift choose to endorse Cosmo by appearing on the cover, we fear that the young fans who follow her will be tempted to peek into the magazine to read about her. In doing so, these young girls will also be exposed to the magazine’s explicit contents.

    To learn more about Nicole’s anti-Cosmo mission, visit

    Ladies, how do you feel about Swift being on the cover of Cosmo?

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    [Image: Cosmopolitan Magazine]

    T.M. Gaouette
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    1. I absolutely LOVE Taylor Swift. I do not agree with the magazine, I do wish that your plan succeeds and that the magazine is covered up. But I’m never going to stop liking Taylor because of a magazine cover. Her music is amazing and she’s a good person so I like her. It’s her choice, but it’s also the magazine’s choice to put sexual stuff on the cover. Which is very disturbing and it seems like Taylor is supporting that, even if she had nothing to do with what was said on the cover.

    2. I like Taylor Swift because of her modest, sweet appeal. This magazine cover however does not convey this message. I hate that a girl even my age (17) would look in a magazine and be exposed to such content. This is a real issue. Taylor Swift does not deserve to be punished for growing up though, she just has to be cautious.

    3. It is dissapointing that Taylor is on the cover of cosmo. This means that she is supporting (whether she means to or not) the cosmo message. She knows that a lot of girls look up to her and if they see that she is on the cover, they might hink it is ok to read it.

      • Taylor is still and always my role model. Does she look like she’s wearing a bust-revealing bikini? She’s wearing a perfectly modest dress, and she should not be punished for what the writers put on the page in front of her.

    4. Hey, I just want you guys to know that at the Wal Mart in my town, the has started placing black plastic boards in front of the Cosmo magazines so that only the title is able to be seen. Keep up the good work!!

    5. I think that Taylor is dressed modestly enough and honestly if you read the article (I didn’t buy the magazine, don’t worry, there was a snippet of her interview somewhere) she doesn’t talk about any of these things that the magazine explicits. The interviewer was even surprised at how childish she was and seemed slightly annoyed that she wouldn’t talk about that. And while, yes, she is helping advertise she probably doesn’t mean to. And Taylor is growing up! She came out with a new album that branches off of her regular so yeah, we can just be happy she’s not showing off too much.

        • But I personally believe that Taylor should have seen the final product of her cover photo shoot because if she saw THAT, knowing how much Taylor loves her fans, she’d probably REFUSE the article to be printed and tell Hearst to FIND SOMEONE ELSE for their cover shoot! (anybody got the nerve to post a link to the petition to bag Cosmo on Taylor Swift’s FB page?…)

    6. I’m still a Taylor fan. She’s an adult now and I find it perfectly acceptable for her to pose on an adult magazine. Now it’s the parent’s responsibility when their child says something like “ooh! Taylor Swift! I want to read it!!” to either say “no that’s not an appropriate magazine for you to read” or to simply read the article to them for them. She’s dressed modestly and if you read the interview she’s not talking about her “late night sex life” or anything like that. Do I agree with the magazine? No. Do I think that Taylor should have turned down the opportunity to pose for them and give them an interview? No. Whether we like it or not Cosmo IS a national magazine and it’s an incredible opportunity for Taylor. I’m proud of her for wearing something modest!

    7. ugh! I’m a HUGE fan of this amazing girl. Cosmo tries to get all these famous people to pose, just so THEIR DANG MAGAZINE CAN SELL! that’s just wrong -_- But Taylor Swift had no means of presenting sex, I know that for sure, she’s not like that at all, that’s the magazine’s intention is to present it, not HER. I love you Taylor 😀 <3

    8. I’m not a big fan of Taylor anymore. I used to love her music, but now I feel she needs to grow up, because practically all (except for “mean”) her songs are about boys. As if that’s the only thing there is to sing about in life. And the fact that she’s on Cosmo makes me sad, because I thought she was a great example of a fairly modest yet stunningly beautiful Hollywood starlet.

      • But she doesn’t only sing about boys. She writes and sings about her emotions and stuff she’s going through. And I love her vulnerability in that. Yes, most of her emotions are “boy-related” but that’s what helps most girls relate to her.

    9. It seems like cosmo is targeting younger and younger audiences – Did you know they got ONE DIRECTION to be on their cover as well? And their fanbase can reach very young! OMG the Taylor magazine is SIGNED! I LOVE TAYLOR SO MUCH U CANNOT UNDERSTAND but I won’t buy this magazine because I’m against what they teach young girls and women to do.

    10. For everyone who is saying they no longer look up to Taylor Swift — It’s obviously not good that she’s on the cover on this magazine because although I know she does not support anything the magazine says, by presenting herself on the cover (although dressed very modestly) supports the magazine. However, if you watch her latest interview with Ellen, she says she is concerned about what she appears to stands for and she does not want to seem like she dates too many guys, etc. (Just watch it, she DOES care about being a role model and she’s the best you’ll find out there).

    11. Honestly if Taylor had the chance to look at the cover before it is published and refuse, she would have. I’m 100% positive they tried to make her dress in a way that shows off too much, and she refused for that. Same as in the interview. But I hate what cosmo is doing, and I know they know exactly what they are doing, and it’s so sickening that they would draw in younger and younger audiences to this profanity, all they do is downgrade a women’s self-esteem and worth, I hate what they are doing to society so much.

    12. I am one of the biggest Taylor Swift fans in the world: I know almost all of her songs, and I love her style. That said, I am very disappointed she posed for a Cosmo magazine fashion shoot. But, I am also happy she is wearing a modest dress. I don’t think her fans should abandon her for this shoot: she is not advocating anything explicit. I’m still pro-Taylor and anti-Cosomo.

      • I totally agree! Her herself is probably not saying anything explicit in whatever interview or word of hers in the magazine, and shes wearing a modest dress on the cover. Maybe she would pose as a good example for the girls that already do read the magazine regularly.

    13. I am a HUGE Taylor fan and I believe that she’s a great role model for girls by the life choices she makes as far as her choices about drinking and doing drugs and her somewhat modest wardrobe decisions. I think it was a mistake on Taylors part to appear on the magazine but I don’t think any of her fans should abandon her. Nobody’s perfect!

    14. Actually, she is a christian. I keep seeing things that say “Well she’s not saved so im not surprised.” But she is. She’s grown and can make her own decisions, I’m not the least bit disappointed in her, I still think she’s an amazing role model.

    15. I was heartbroken when I saw Selena Gomez on the cover of Cosmo, but the fact that Taylor Swift is on the cover seems even worse to me. She was always a beautiful, classy role model, (maybe the only one in Hollywood)for young girls. I am so, so, so disappointed to say the least. I always looked up to Taylor for her talent and class, but this shatters her positive image for me. 🙁

    16. By being on the cover she is supporting the magazine. This doesn’t mean she agrees with everything in it, (I’m sure she doesn’t) but by being on the cover she is supporting it nonetheless. For anyone who’s saying “Let her grow up”, growing up does NOT mean it’s suddenly okay for you to participate in inappropriate things. Yese, I am glad that she is dressed modestly, but it does not hide the fact that she is advertising a terrible, terrible magazine. I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan and still plan to go see her Red concert, but she has let me down tremendously by doing this. I pray she’ll realize her mistake.

    17. This makes me sad! 🙁 I love Taylor and I’ve always admired her. She has amazing music, and is so very talented. She also has such an amazing girly, modest style. It’s sad that she would pose for this magazine.

    18. I will never dislike Taylor because of a magazine cover, but I don’t support the idea of her in that cover, but probably Taylor wasn’t the one who chose to be in that cover, it could have been her publicist or someone else, and she’s such a great star, that being in a popular magazine sold to so many people, and doing an interview, it would help her with publicity, specially now that she has her new album out, so I know Taylor and she wouldn’t do anything she shouldn’t do,but she’s also growing up, so let’s don’t judge!!

    19. Yes she is an adult, but this is absolutely appalling to me. Taylor knows how young her fans are and by being on the cover, she is supporting this crap! (sorry i have to say crap) Ugh this ticks me off! Having the words late night sex next to taylor’s head is not exactly what i expected. She was one of the only people in Hollywood I really liked and I still like her, but this is disappointing big time! COSMO IS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE COSMO DIE!!!!!!!

    20. I would never look in for fear of exposure, but I can see how it might be tempting. I wish that that hideous magazine would not sell where teens can see it and young children. I see really little kids looking at this when they walk by and it makes me sad. If you want to help grab an appropriate magazine and put in front of the bad one. These constant images can really affect tweens! Then, complain to the store. if they get enough complaints maybe it will help.

    21. Taylor Swift is my role model! I just wish she wasn’t on Cosmo. I don’t agree with Cosmo (in fact, I’m setting up a Cosmo protest at my school). I will not going to stop liking Taylor because she was on the cover. Quote of xSheax101: “It’s her choice, but it’s also the magazine’s choice to put sexual stuff on the cover. Which is very disturbing and it seems like Taylor is supporting that, even if she had nothing to do with what was said on the cover.”

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