Dakota Fanning, a 17-year-old, on the cover?! This is PROOF that Cosmo is Marketing to Teens!!

    This is truly shocking. Dakota Fanning, who was only 17 at the time of the modeling shoot, is featured on the February cover of Cosmo.

    Her fans are overwhelmingly in the tween set…she is positioned as a role model to them from her roles in Charlotte’s Web to the Twilight movies. That’s proof enough that Cosmo is marketing to teens, but there’s more! Selena Gomez, 19, also is going to be featured on the cover in the coming months. Her fans? Tweens. Seriously, how many adults care about the star of the Wizards of Waverly Place and Ramona and Beezus?!

    Look at the above cover, with inappropriate headlines about sex surrounding an underage girl. If you open the issue, you’ll see an entire new look with eye-popping colors, larger (more “fun”) fonts, and punchy images. In my last video, I mentioned Kate White’s editorial letter in which she explained that she wanted a “fresh redesign” for Cosmo (which features BRIGHT COLORS! KID FONTS!), and I said that Cosmo is actively marketing to underage girls.

    Fanning herself is an underage girl! Meanwhile, Gomez’s long running Disney show ends this week. Her millions of young fans will miss her, because the show they grew up with is now over. So what do they do? Pick up the Cosmo issue featuring Selena, of course!

    The photos below are outtakes from Selena’s cover shoot. When these issues hits newsstands, it will be the ULTIMATE PROOF THAT COSMO IS ACTIVELY MARKETING TO TEENS.

    Fanning (17) and Gomez (19) will be the youngest women Cosmo has featured on the cover in over three years. Here are the past year’s cover celebrities and their ages:

    January 2011– Ashley Greene, 24

    February 2011– Mila Kunis, 28

    March 2011– Lea Michele, 25

    April 2011– Hayley Williams, 23

    May 2011– Olivia Wilde, 27

    June 2011– Cameron Diaz, 39

    July 2011– Rihanna, 23

    August 2011– Kim K, 31

    September 2011– Dianna Agron, 25

    October 2011– Minka Kelly, 31

    November 2011– Nicki Minaj, 29

    December 2011– Adele, 23

    January 2012– Scarlett Johanssen, 27


    It is heartbreaking that young girls are going to appear on the cover, yet it will be the breaking point we need in order to validate our point that Cosmo is marketing to minors. God Bless, and keep praying!

    Make sure to sign this petition to put Cosmo in a bag, and fill out this complaint form which emails the FTC!! (Note: you don’t have to put your address, you can leave it blank!)

    Please comment here if you either signed the petition or emailed the complaint. SHARE this article with everyone you know, to spread awareness and PUT COSMO IN A NONTRANSPARENT BAG AND PROTECT KIDS FROM SEEING PORN ON THE SUPERMARKET SHELVES!!

    “I will punish the world for its evil, the wicked of their sins. I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty and will humble the pride of the ruthless.” Isaiah 13:11

    Join me and be ruthless and use God’s power behind us to stop their wickedness from destroying millions of girls!!!

    Selena, are you listening? You even posted the scripture “Isaiah 1:18” on your twitter page just two months ago!!

    [Images: Cosmopolitan Magazine]

    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. Awww man I really like Selena Gomez. Why is she even doing this? And they also put “HIS BEST SEX EVER” right next to Dakota Fannings’s face. Selena Gomez please don’t turn into Miley Cyrus! You are one of the only celebrity teens that I actually admire! -Monica

        • No, Dakota Fanning is underage at 17, and Selena Gomez is hurting her millions of young fans by being on the cover, which they will all read.

        • i already sighned the petition and i asked my fb friends to sigh it also ( not sure if they did though) but is there anything else i can do to help make sure that the magazine gets put in a bag?

        • can you ask your parents too as well? Also, have you and your parents email this complaint form which is emailed to them immediately. You don’t have to put your address! Also did you SHARE the article on your wall?

        • Dakota Fanning is nearly 18. Selena Gomez is an adult. She can’t hang onto her teen fans forever. Just like Britney Spears had to grow up (although she did it wrong) or any other “teen stars” they all grow up. They shed the “innocence” image. This is not a “tragedy.” A tragedy is women who are arrested for being raped by a relative (Afghanistan). A tragedy is women who are stoned for driving a car. This is not a “tragedy.”

        • The solution isn’t to censor the magazine. It’s a thing called parenting. Parents should be the ones responsible enough to make sure that if their child is too young to read it then they don’t get it. Simple solution, but I guess people just don’t want to be parents anymore. And I know that you are also complaining that the young children will see the cover. I’ve seen it being sold with a black piece of plastic in front of it that states that Cosmo is being shielded from the eyes of the young customers. Is that not good enough for you?

        • why is it so hard for you to accept the idea the porn tips should not be able for kids to buy? It’s pretty simple.

      • because they will empower themselves and other women, make money and get publicity, and grow up. being on cosmo doesn’t mean they are bad or skanky, it means they’re making a smart carrer move.

        • It’s not smart for her fans. There are TONS of underage girls who like her (including me up until a little while ago) that will see it, not know the magazine, and pick it up and READ it. She was on DISNEY for peace sake, that’s one of the biggest KID networks in the US.

        • I don’t believe in censorship either–it’s one of the cornerstones of communism and other not so lovely stuff. However, when something harms others or is illegal, then YES, it SHOULD be censored! Parents should keep their kids from looking, but I can say from experience that it’s rather hard NOT to look when it’s smack-dab in front of your face at the supermarket! So in order to protect young girls (and frankly, no one should be reading COSMO, no matter the age), putting it in a plastic bag is the route to go.

          Furthermore, in regards to the comments about COSMO not being wrong and it being a “smart career move, etc…in the Bible, we are told that our bodies are temples of the living God, and we are not to defile these temples, especially by sexual immorality–which includes sexual intercourse outside of marriage, posing naked/scantily dressed, etc. COSMO takes all these boundaries and tears them down. They not only include all sorts of immorality, they ENCOURAGE it.

          *End rant*

      • I already lost respect for her… it may not seem like a big deal but some of the outfits/swimsuits she wears are pretty immodest, plus when she and Justin were at the beach, it looked like they were trying to mate….

      • I know! But my goal is before then (when her millions of young fans on facebook!) learn she is on the cover, they can’t buy it because it will be sold in a bag to only adults!! let’s make this happen!

        • I am only 13, a huge fan of Selena Gomez and Disney Channel, and now I am really disappointed in her. 🙁 She is going to lose lots of fans by that…

        • I agree!! she is going to lose millions of fans because of that. Share this on your facebook, so all your friends are informed too! Also, ask your parents to sign the petition and to file a complaint, you don’t have to put your address either.

    2. I’ve signed the petition! What a gross magazine. I mean, almost all of the headlines on the cover are totally raunchy and inappropriate. If I saw a magazine with Dakota Fanning or Selena Gomez on the cover, I might pick it up to see what it’s about, and I’m sure a lot of other girls would too. But the junk in that magazine isn’t appropriate for ANYBODY!

    3. Wait, so you’ve got an underage girl posing on a (maybe not so) borderline porn magazine and then a girl who ran a show for who knows how many season posing on the same magazine…I think I just puked a little in my mouth. I’ve filed a complaint…I think I’ll do it again!

      • YES please ask your friends and parents to sign it too, trust me the FTC is reading these!! I am mailing out the magazine with a letter, and sex tips so Donald Clark, and other CEO’s of the grocery chains are aware. We WILL make this happen, please click SHARE on this article so your friends see it too!!

        • it truly is though, the definition of porn is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction.that is exactly what Cosmo is doing, my parents would absolutly never let me buy that but it doesnt change the fact that I can still see it in stores without buying it.

    4. Just reading the cover disturbs me! Why are people trying to defend this horrid magaine?! And now that poor Dakota and, shockingly, Selena are on the cover, Cosmo has hit an all time LOW! Even for them!!!

      I already singed the petition and filed a complaint. Let’s hope this magazing is put in a plastic bag SOONER than later!

    5. I filled out the petition. I am now wondering if any role model from disney can be a good role model. ( No offense to the people who have not done anything) Selena Gomez was one of the only good ones who had not done anything. Well I guess we are now counting on Debby Ryan.

        • she’s pregnant and MARRIED… so what’s the problem??? gosh.. and Disney is crap, if anyone hasn’t noticed. my sister was watching “my babysitter’s a vampire” (btw, what the heck is that???) and i walked by and heard this grandmother on the show call her grandson on the phone and say, “how’s it hanging?” and he goes, “it’s hanging… good.” um, excuse me??? that’s disgusting!

    6. Selena Gomez, Adele, Dakota Fanning… It’s like the people you thought were better than that always end up on covers of magazines or end up being talked about on the Today Show because “They took pictures of themselves covered in only a blanket and posted them to Facebook” Or something. Look at Miley Cyrus, she has always been on Hannah Montana and then she does things like this. Now Selena Gomez is doing it. 🙁

    7. Ugggh that is disgusting I have respected Dakota Fanning and now I have lost all of it… as for Selena Gomez I have never respected. But I will pray for them and for our cause. So good luck Nicole!!!

    8. I must say I was dissapointed when I read this:/ But then I thought that I can’t judge Selena by this so far she’s been doing overall pretty good and I’ll continue to pray for her and it’s not my decision to judge her it’s God’s everyone makes mistakes and I don’t think Selena wants us to hold it against her. Although Cosmo on the other hand should be ashamed they KNOW what they’re doing is wrong and they DON’T feel guilty and DON’T claim to have Christian editors and they really should be ashamed and I will judge there, they area adults and know they are doing wrong!

      • what Cosmo is doing IS wrong, and that’s why GOd will destroy their wicked and money-hungry ways, it’s just a matter of time. They are marketing PORN TIPS to kids, it is DISGUSTING the material you can find in it. It’s so graphic it’s disturbing!!!

    9. I can’t believe Selena Gomez! Anyway I signed the petition, and I’m about to sign the complaint thing-a-mi-jig.By the way, I love this website and I’m glad I found it. I tell my friends they should sign the anti-Cosmo thing. Nichole, god bless you for making this big difference!

      • thank you so, so much God will bless you greatly for it! Please ask your parents to file a complaint too, they don’t have to include their addresses as well. And please share this article on your facebook page!

    10. This is so nasty 🙁
      I thought Selena Gomez was one of the only good rolemodels for teen girls out there. Now she turns and does this. ):
      I don’t really follow pop stars or anything, I kind of turned to Christian Music and such last summer, so I don’t know what’s up with them and their lives. I just know that she shouldn’t have done this and now all sorts of teenagers, and even little girls, whether they buy the magazine or not, will end up reading this because it sits open on magazine racks and lays out in the open on waiting room tables.
      It’s the same with Dakota Fanning. What is culture turning to today and what is society doing to us? Teens and little girls alike!

      This makes me SICK!

    11. I REALLY hope Selena doesn’t turn herself bad. She’s very involved with God, and she’s fighting the media, but she’s being pulled in too. It’s so sad. Cosmo has to be stopped!! I hope these girls realize they’re so much better than Cosmo. They need to realize they’re above posing for trash.

    12. I love Selena Gomez, but a Christian girl should NOT be wearing that stuff. And it doesn’t matter how old you are! Modesty should apply to all ages right? Just because your 30, boys don’t stop looking at you if your wearing inappropriate clothes!

    13. I signed last year and where it said “leave your opinion here” I also wrote a paragraph about how terrible this really is! I find myself putting up covers in front of these magazines at the grocery store!

    14. If his helps in any future Anti-Cosmo thing you do: I looked on their FB page to see if I could find the editor’s name, or something like that, and I saw they have a “Cosmo for Guys.” Curious as to what guys could want with Cosmo, I clicked on it. Guys can upload “Cosmo for Guys” onto their iPad, ipod touch, or nook. Worst part? Their advertisment was a blonde headed completely butt-naked woman.

      So not only is that degrading to women, they’re making it extremely easy for teen boys to access. My brother is 13, has an ipad. How easy would it be for him to download that crap?!?!

    15. That is SOO gross…the way they are sexualizing Selena and Dakota Fanning like that! I mean…Selena is turning into another Miley, dressing up immodestly and sexualy and flaunting everything off. Practically the only Disney star that I can look up to is Hilary Duff, because she has had a good strong carrier, even though she’s not as famous as she used to have been.

      • Omigosh I just found this astonishing picture of her! I’m going to attach you the link, but if you can’t get it for whatever reason, this is what it says:
        (In big font, followed by tinier font with a picture of her posing in a dress. And no lie, THE ARTICLE IS BY “JONAH WEINER” — A MAN!!!)


        Now turning 18, Dakota Fanning has a career that’s on fire, she’s settling into her first apartment, and she’s looking for love–all of which make her the chick to watch in 2012.

      • Sorry to say this but a couple years ago Hilary Duff did a movie for ABC Family called “Beauty and A Briefcase, where she played a writer who wanted to work for COSMOPOLITAN (of all magazines). So she goes undercover lies and manipulates her way into the business world in order to find the perfect man in a short amount of time. Hilary Duff is a really smart person, but degrades herself playing this role. Of course, the movie had lots of sexual-innuendo/content. It ended well, but I really can’t excuse a lot of things in that movie. To be honest, I can’t name many role models of mine that have come out of Disney in my entire life (I’m 16). However I still like Alyson Stoner and Debby Ryan. But yeah I know what you mean. It’s hard to find a good role model nowadays.

        • that’s what I’m trying to do with Project Inspired to be a great role model for all girls 🙂

        • unfortunatly Disney is so often NOT the place to look for role models although I would agree Debby Ryan is doing pretty good for herself currently.

        • You’re most certainly my role model! You and the other bloggers are great women of God who I truly look up to. Thanks for everything! 😀

    16. so, im 13 and im really disappointed because wizards of waverly place is one of my favorite shows and selena gomez’s songs are supposed to encourage girls to know that they are beautiful and to have courage and now she’s just throwing it all away. its just sick. glad i signed that petition!

    17. I’m so upset Selena Gomez agreed to be on the cover! I used to respect her and love her so much.. until about 10 other fans and I was completely ignored by her when she wasn’t doing anything at all :'( And the CMA (was it?) promo she did was just inappropriate, and ughh I just don’t look up to her or anything at all anymore. Her acting sweet is just an act.. how sad, I wish she could’ve been more of a model like Taylor Swift. That’s why I love Taylor, she never disappoints!

      • Honestly, Selena’s been going downhill for a long time now. She has a very sweet and innocent attitude towards her fans, but her dresses, dancing, and photo shoots show otherwise. Also, her comment to Teen Vogue that “let’s be real, I’m not going to marry who I date at 18!” is just a bad example and totally against Christian courtship…dating is for marrige!

    18. So I thought she was a good role model… pls Selena don’t end up like Miley!!!! She’s so beautiful without Cosmo…everyone is… So I guess the only good role models for me personally is Taylor Swift ( I think she’s Cathlioc or Christian not to sure) and Demi Lovato

    19. This is really sad. I know a lot of parents who admire Selena. Some of them stopped because of her host the European MTV awards,(where she cursed up a storm), and now this. I’m still a little shocked.

    20. OMG this is HORRIBLE!!! i cant believe this!! HOW COULD SHE AGREE TO THIS!! EVERYONE needs to sign the petition against this… AND PRAY FOR THEM! Dear Lord help them PLEASE!! I am going to ask my mom if i can sign!!!

        • I think that this is pretty dumb. for a few reasons.
          1. I think that its dumb and stupid for these girls to agree to be in this. I think that they need more respect for themselves and their fans.
          2. I think this whole petion thing is really dumb as well. Tell me this: what is wrong with married women wanting to “spice up the bedroom”? I think that as long as you are married you can do whatever you want during sex. I know that cosmo doesnt support the christian “wait till your married to have sex” life style. but, who gives a crap? I mean really, as long as it isnt effecting you, why should you really care?

        • how is it dumb wanting to protect young girls from buying the magazine and reading the porn tips inside? If it’s an adults magazine, then let it be sold only to adults. There is no confusion. It’s pretty simple.

        • Why do you keep calling them PORN tips? what makes it PORN?
          This is what I dont understand. and why are you going so hard for cosmo? Why not glamuor? or anyother porn website? why not go after childrens shows and movies too? after all, they all have ellicet subliminal messages hidden in them too. why only cosmo? Its easy to get onto anyother site, or magazine. Also, seventeen magazine does the same thing, with younger girls too. and how is it not ok for cosmo to portray these girls on their magazines, but Ok for you to post their photos on your site? what about victorias secret? any girl, of any age can go in their and buy any kind of sexy lil number they have hanging on the walls. and all the their perfumes are entitled as sexy i.e: Love spell, vanillia lace…..ect…I just dont get why only cosmo, and why it seems that your enitre website is about it. it seems to me, that you are giving more publicity to these girls being on cosmo than you are trying to petion it.
          Just my 2 cents.

    21. A while back when i first heard of this magazine i thought this was about make up and hair because i never actually read it… because of the name i thought it was innocent… so glad i never read it though… i see it whenever i go to the check out lines at grocery stores now… Its quiet disturbing so when i found this petition i signed it… I hope it gets put in a bag hopefully before selenas comes out my little cousin loves her… :*(

    22. It’s sick that people actually do this. I mean, my mother would sign this petion herself 🙂 I think cosmo’s target auidence is probably the late twenties-30s but that doesnt mean that we dont find it offensive!

    23. Dakota Fanning will be 18. Selena Gomez is 19- she is an ADULT!!! 18 is legal age of being an adult. So they’ve used to people that are or will be adults when the magazine comes out. And? Also just because they have titles of articles next to the person on the cover doesn’t mean that person is in the article. They’re both adults now I believe and if not Dakota Fanning is very close to being one. You do realize she was in a movie where she made out with Kristin Stewart right? So that was okay for her to be sex, drugs and rock n roll at 15 but she can’t pose on the cover of a magazine at 17, almost 18? Wtf.

    24. I LOVE Selena Gomez and this is soo true!! I cant believe she would do this!! I will ALWAYS be her fan but, NOW young children are gonna see this and want it because, they are her fans too!! This is sooo sad it really is!! IT makes me wanna cry!!:( :'(!! Dont put this issue out cosmo dont!! Save her and save your-selves!!:)

    25. I look to this website for Christian advice and it upsets me that all that is on here now is stuff about cosmo magazine. Yes, Cosmo doesn’t always have Christ-like articles. But I want to read Christ-like articles! I am tired of reading all of these articles bashing Cosmo. I am getting sick of this website. PROJECT INSPIRED. I want to be inspired! So stop posting a billion articles about Cosmo and give us better articles!

      • THANK YOU!! I agree that Cosmo is gross and degrading thats why I would never buy it but I come onto this website for inspiring fresh CHRIST-like articles. THATS what I want to read, not so much of this Cosmo stuff

    26. I am shocked beyond shocked. I knew Dakota was a lost cause anyways and didn’t really care about her. Her little sister Elle is on the cover of Teen Vogue this month. Though Teen Vogue can seem extremely shallow and materialistic at times, they at least have the class to dress her, a thirteen year old, in trendy, appropriate clothes. Dakota however looks like a prostitute vomited bubble gum and glitter on her. The dress is pretty but a bit too revealing.

      But SELENA? Honestly? It’s very possible for a girl to be modestly sexy, but the outtakes exposing her midriff and her cleavage spilling out are horrendous. A pretty girl like her doesn’t need to do that to be appealing.

      And what will the text on the cover say? I’ll bet it is about her preparing to leave her youth behind and is growing to be a sexier, more mature adult. Meanwhile, her sitting in a pink sundress with her legs spread apart screams immature. Add in gigantic, candy-colored letters proclaiming something along the lines of “60 Amazing Sex Tips You Have to Try” and you have a full-blown disaster for young girls to read.

      Nicole, I know your goal is to censor Cosmo before the Gomez issue hits stands, but how soon is it coming out? Your petition is doing well, but do you think the magazine will be bagged in such a short time? We can only pray. Thanks for all you do!

      • I am praying that it is before the Selena one is out!! trust me, there is a lot going on behind the scenes as well we are doing such as mailing packages to the FTC, the governor, and many more! Keep praying!!

    27. This was my tipping point to sign!!! I supported the move before but didn’t take action. This is horrible…I never did like Dakota Fanning or Selena Gomez (both dress and act waaaay to old and racy) but this is unreal!
      Tried to sign the petition, but it said I couldn’t leave my address blank…how do I get past it?

    28. I don’t know why this is such an issue for everyone. Dakota is going to be 18 next month and besides, I think Cosmo is great. It’s my favorite magazine. And this whole Dakota Fanning issue that everyone is making a big deal over, is pretty pathetic, it’s not like she is posing for Maxim magazine, now there, I can see that being a problem but Cosmo, it’s a young adult magazine and I have been getting it since I was 17, I’m 27 now and when I was young I was embarrassed to even talk about sex, yet I red the magazine. There’s no nudity, they only talk about sex, sure it can be a little racy, but it’s not like you are the ones being forced to read it. But then this is my opinion. I for one am not signing this pathetic excuse for a petition.

      • You don’t know why it’s an issue that young girls- or ANY women- are degrading themselves by agreeing to pose/do interviews with a highly sexualized, sex-obsessed magazine? Really? Don’t insult your own intelligence. It’s mental pornography. But keep lying to yourself if it makes you feel better about your ugly lifestyle choices. However, God still knows.

        And that’s fine, no one said you had to. We’ve already got a ton of signatures.

    29. cameron diaz and kim kardashian i can see on the cover of a sex and pornification magazine, but selena gomez and dakota fanning!!???? that’s awfulll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    30. dakota doesn’t even look like herself, nd wow, selena should’ve been taught more about God when she was younger, nd not just be a “fan” but a follower, it’s either that or she’s completly changed nd needs more bounderies, idc if I was 30, my mom would repramand me for being on the cover

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