The 10 Step Guide To A Successful Christian Relationship. #HumorAlert!

    Relationships, yes the age old question “when am I going to find the one God?!” is all too real for you. We poke fun of this ridiculously high standard placed on our “ring by spring” mentality for college freshman. I mean, you’re 19 shouldn’t you be married by now?! Well, no. As every mom says “it’s all in God’s time.”

    1. When you’re sitting at the park and see two dogs in love…

    When a dog finds her Boaz before you...




    2. So down and dejected, you head to church. You’re just sitting there waiting for the service to start and BAM, there he is. (internal panic mode ON!)

    Your reaction when he sits next to you at church




    3. Later that summer you see THAT cute guy from church at camp. He smiles, you smile. (Butterflies, Butterflies) Then, just like that you end up awkwardly chatting. As you walk away you feel a notification alert on your phone and BAM! It’s about to get REAL.

    When the cute guy from camp follows you on Insta.




    4. The “liking” each others photos goes on for about a month. Then, it happens… Yeah, we’re in disbelief too.

    Your face when a Christian guy asks you out.




    5. Things are moving along splendidly. At youth group you two love birds come together for small group time.

    Your face when your crush in youth group says he's praying for you.




    6. Meanwhile, he’s telling his friends…

    That guy is just as crazy as you




    7. It’s going REALLY good. Then comes the praying during EVERY quite time you have. “Dear God, if it’s your will can you make this work out?”

    I'm just gonna pray it off, pray it off. Thank you TSwift.




    8. And then, he’s thinking the same thing!

    Oh you won't pray with me?




    9. You suddenly get an alert on your cell phone. An alert you set earlier that summer to remind you that God is near! WHAT PERFECT TIMING!

    I have GREAT plans for you




    10. And then, two years, 6 months, 7 days, 4 hours, 12 minutes and 22 seconds later you two get married. (not that anyone is counting)….

    Marriage Goals




    Cool story bro!



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