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The Best of Caught Being Godly 2013…Featuring Amazing Statues of Jesus from Around the World!

Hey ladies, we’ve had such a great year for our Caught Being Godly posts. It’s so awesome to learn about people who put Christ and His teachings above everything else!

Since we are at the end of 2013, I thought it would be fun to review some of my favorite Caught Being Godly posts. Following are my top five of the year. Check them out and tell us which is your favorite!


10 Celebrities Who Saved Themselves for Marriage

Check out our list of 10 celebs who saved themselves for marriage.


What Does This Christian Fashion Designer Think About Modesty and Bikinis?

We’ve talked a lot about modesty and bikinis on PI…now, listen to a Christian designer’s perspective!

Lizzie Velasquez

You’ve Got to See This Amazing Video About True Beauty!

Do you find that you’re more focused on improving your physical beauty rather than your inner beauty? Watch this amazing video that may change your mind!


Valedictorian Defies School District’s Ban on Prayer by Praising God!

When his school district decided to ban prayer in school, one 2013 valedictorian took a stand in protest during his graduation speech.

Christ the Redeemer clouds

10 Awesome Statues of Jesus from Around the World

You’ll be inspired by these 10 images of amazing statues around the world depicting our Lord Jesus Christ!

Ladies, I hope you enjoy the Caught Being Godly posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Which was your favorite this year?


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