The Best Summer Skirts for YOUR Body Type

    A big part of shopping is not only looking for a good deal and something you like, but also finding what looks good on you. We’ve all suffered the fate of finding something that looks perfect on the hanger, trying it on and not being impressed with the final result. That’s because even if something looks awesome on the rack, it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily love it on you. But at least it helps us narrow down the options, right?

    With shopping experience, we start to learn what looks good on our varying body types; that usually goes on to inform what we shop for and purchase. But no matter how difficult you think you are to shop for, there are great options for YOU and your body type out there!

    This week, we’re rounding up some of our favorite summer skirts, broken down by body type. (We already did this for summer dresses and tops!) While there are always exceptions and you should definitely wear something you love, we think these are some great starting points!


    Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.50.04 AM


    Each body type comes with both fashion pluses and minuses, just like anything else in life! Instead of wishing you were something else, embrace the body you’ve got and learn to work with it. When it comes to being tall, one of the greatest fashion advantages is being able to pull off floor length dresses and skirts so well. And if you’re also lanky, you can feel good wearing light colors and tricky fabrics like satin. (Forever 21, $25)


    One of the benefits of being smaller is the ability to pull off busy patterns. This vintage-y rose reminds us of the bud from Beauty and the Beast! (Old Navy, $23)


    Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 4.01.00 AM


    When you’re curvy, one of the best things you can wear is a higher-waisted skirt with a fitted waist. This way, you’re accentuating your true waist. Darker colors are also helpful, though red is a big exception–it always looks stellar on! We love this eyelet pencil skirt that is both ladylike and fun. It’ll be a closet staple! (Forever 21, $20)


    One of the big perks of being tall is not only being able to pull off longer skirts well, but also being able to rock that tricky mid-calf look. We love the chiffon fabric and purple hue of this skirt! (Nordstrom, $58). And while it’s pricey, we also adore this matte jersey skirt over at Talbots. The flouncy skirt is so fun!


    Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.40.50 AM

    We love this basic, knee length striped skirt that’s the perfect style for slim shorties. The knit fabric and elastic waist will keep you super comfy, and the finished hemline keeps things neat and in place! Also comes in red. (Forever 21, $8)

    Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 4.11.57 AM


    This romantic skirt has a flounce just at the bottom, which is perfect for gals with slim legs. The classic shape on top works well for all figures and the flip at the bottom is so romantic and sweet! (Forever 21, $15)


    Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.46.23 AM

    We think the high-low skirt looks awesome on the curvier ladies, especially if you’re on the shorter side. Since completely floor length dresses and skirts often make shorties look even shorter, this is a great way to get a bit of length in without shortening your legs. The fitted, high-ish waist also is super flattering!  (Forever 21, $23)

    Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.54.14 AM


    On this model, the skirt is a little too short (likely because she is very tall), but on a shorter lady, it would be the perfect length! That’s something to always keep in mind when shopping online. This comfy linen skirt features every curvy girl’s best friend–a wrap around tie! This way, you can pull the skirt around at your true waist for a flattering effect. The pleats and slant pockets also flatter your curves. Also comes in peach. (Forever 21, $23)

    Which of these skirts is your favorite? Is there another body type that we should be covering? What are your style tips for specific body types? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

    Team Project Inspired
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    1. I kinda wish you would have different body types as well. I am pretty tall, but i am not curvy for sure, and I’m also not like a STICK I am thin but I have an athletic figure… I have muscular legs and such, so… I wish you would do some for an athletic shaped person.

    2. I’m with horselover on this… As much as I appreciate these, I feel as though you should really do actual body types and not just “tall and curvy/slim” or “short and curvy/slim.”
      I mean, that’s pretty much categorizing everyone as either hourglass or ruler shaped. What about pears and apples? They have a far harder time finding clothes that are flattering on their shape than rulers and hourglasses, because most clothes aren’t designed with them in mind. Suggestions for those people, I’m sure, would be very helpful for them.

    3. Nice to see so many longer skirts! yay for modesty! My fav one was actually the one that was too short on the model, but Im soo tall itd probably be even shorter on me! XP

      Im sorry, I just had to say this, but you said that each body type has pluses and minuses. I dont believe that. God doesnt make mistakes! 🙂 I do love these btw.

    4. As much as I think this website is a good place for growing Christian ladies, I feel like this article ignores the fact that as long as a girl feels comfortable, it shouldn’t matter what she wears; and telling her that one thing or another is best for “her body type” is also telling her that she shouldn’t wear something else because her “body type” doesn’t work with it. After all, “indecency” is defined by society, and as Christians aren’t we supposed to not be conformed by the world, but transformed through Jesus? Sure, it’s great that everyone likes different things and that everyone has different body types, but, agree or not, I don’t think it’s at all okay to objectify women’s bodies by telling them what the should and shouldn’t wear; we don’t do that to guys, so why for girls?
      Yeah, just my two cents.

      • It looks to me like this is article is just trying to help girls embrace who they are by “suggesting” not “telling” girls what may be a good option for them to try out. Also being “transformed by Jesus” means changing your ways and that manifests itself physically and actions as well as internally. It means having the attitude that Paul had in 1 Corinthians 8:13 when he wrote,” Therefore, if food(or whatever) makes my brother stumble, I will never eat meat (do those things), lest I make my brother stumble.” The goal here is for girls not to dress in a manner that would cause their fellow man (Christian or otherwise) to fall into sin or distract their fellow Christians. There is no objectification in this article, but us women risk objectifying ourselves by exposing our body and drawing attention to it rather than our character, intelligence, and talents. Just my thoughts. 🙂

      • Some girls (like me) aren’t really very fashion savvy, so they (me) appreciate any and all advice they can find on what looks good with your body, because some (me) don’t really feel comfortable asking for others opinions on their body and how it looks in clothes…just a thought…take it or leave it… :/ 🙂

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