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The Cross TV Interview and Performance With Singer-Songwriter Dé Ana







Recently, I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Dé Ana, a singer-songwriter and worship leader, on The Cross TV network. She recently released her first-ever EP, War Cry, available on iTunes now!

Don’t miss watching Dé Ana sing live and do a karaoke segment on the show. She shares her testimony and her heart of how she was once hopeless, and shared how Jesus made her hope-ful.

Click here to watch the second episode of “The Power Source” (John 15:5):

Roar Your “War Cry” for the Voiceless

Dé Ana is not only a warrior lioness for Jesus and for the Kingdom of God, but she is also an advocate for the ending of human trafficking. She is a brave warrior who leads worship at different local churches as well and has raised funds to help abolish modern-day slavery. She encourages others to raise their voices and to “war cry” at their problem or Red Sea, and to walk through it with God.


End Injustice

Dé Ana supports anti-sex-trafficking organizations such as Destiny Rescue and King’s Ransom Foundation. If you choose to support Dé Ana’s music, you will be helping to end the crime of human trafficking, but you can also go above and beyond if you desire to partner regularly with Destiny Rescue or with King’s Ransom Foundation, a smaller organization. Dé Ana knows the people at King’s Ransom and knows that 100 percent of the funds help the victims. For more information email her: info@voiceofhealing.org.



When Dé Ana was a little girl, at just eight years old, she struggled with depression and purposelessness and was suicidal. She is one of those who give people hope because she suffered with not knowing why she was on earth. Dé Ana cried out to God and she heard that He said, “I didn’t create you so you could just die.” She said at even a very young age this made sense. Dé Ana really has a heart to share the gospel in truth to people and is a precious soul. When she gave her life to Christ, she said that her voice went up into a higher octave and better range.

Here are some of the songs off Dé Ana’s new EP, War Cry:

1. “War Cry”
2. “Love Extraordinary”
3. “The Letter/Amazing Grace”
4. “Your Love”
5. “Goodbye”

Recently, I went more in depth about her music and story during my podcast interview “Building Holy-Wood: In Media, Music & Technology” and wrote an article about it for Project Inspired. Click below to read it and listen if you missed it:

Podcast With Singer-Songwriter Dé Ana and Her “War Cry” Album

PI Girls, all you have to do when you don’t know what to do in life or with your life is to humbly ask God for your true purpose and destiny in your life that will glorify Him. God wants to use you and wants you to use your gifts and talents to serve others. Be patient, work hard, be brave and step out in faith. God loves you! Jesus died on the cross for YOU! He wants to have a relationship with you. Trust that God’s plans are so much better and greater than your own.

PI Girls, do you like Dé Ana’s EP, War Cry? What is your favorite song off her release? Mine is “War Cry” and also “The Letter/Amazing Grace.”

Image: Courtesy of Christi Given


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