The Devil Has No Business Making You Feel Depressed!

    I don’t have any advice about boys or relationships to offer you, but I can tell you my story.

    All my life, I’ve been a very happy person. My childhood was not troubled and my parents are the greatest God-fearing, loving parents. God loves me. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and clothes to wear. Basically, I had no reason to become depressed.

    It all officially started in December of 2011. My grandpa became sick with lung cancer and we flew out to his state to see him. We stayed for Christmas and through half of January, my grandpa steadily getting worse instead of better. By the time we had left, he was still alive but suffering from shortness of breath and having emergencies every other day.

    Being there, although I loved my grandpa, was very hard for me. I would see him suffering daily and family would come over every night for dinner. It was a dark time for everyone.

    A few months after we had left, I started to become depressed. I knew I wasn’t fat, but still believed so. I had told a friend that I would never get depressed, but here I was, insecure in who I was and what people thought of me. I was trapped.

    You don’t know what its like to be depressed until you’re there. It’s dark, where everything has no hope or joy. You feel unmotivated, sad, and as if no one in the world cares about you. Sometimes, I thought it would just better if it all ended. I told myself the world would be better without me. Though I never attempted anything or cut, I felt dead inside, like this person was not me. I compared myself constantly to other girls who were skinnier, prettier and smarter than me.

    I thought I could make myself happy again, so I didn’t tell any of my friends about my depression. Trying to fix it myself is something I try all the time. It never works. Once I told my mom, she told me to pray and gave me scripture to memorize. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t want to memorize it because I felt like it wouldn’t help.

    Then, one of my youth leaders at my church youth group announced she was doing a Bible study on true beauty. At this point, I was desperate to get out of being depressed all the time, so my mom signed me up for the Bible study. So far, it’s going good. I feel much better.

    Though I know depression will always linger, waiting to tear me down again, I have the power of my mighty Father to help me through. I urge you, if you ever feel as if the devil is trying to bring you down, cry out in the name of Jesus for him to leave. He has no business making one of God’s children depressed!

    Just drive him out with Jesus, because the devil cannot stand His name. Trust me, once he latches on and starts feeding you malicious lies, it’s hard to let him go. Self-pity will become your constant companion.

    So, girls, do not make the same mistakes I made. Keep the Lord in your heart forever, so that there is no room for the devil and his lies.

    By PI girl, Maddie


    1. This helped me alot Maddie! I’m sorry about your grandpa and with you being depressed and I’m so happy God delivered you out of your dark time.:) I sometimes feel down and the devil creeps in and tells me lies, but I completely agree with you that keeping the Lord in your heart drives the devil out. When I feel down I’m going to take your advice and cry out inthe name of Jesus!:) God bless!

    2. I definitely believe God can 100% completely heal people of depression- I don’t think it always lingers and stays there the rest of your life. God can HEAL and make us WHOLE and COMPLETE.

    3. I went through the same thing. I got depressed for a while, but I didn’t realize I was until after I fixed it. I didn’t tell anyone how I felt, but J eventually realized my problem. I found a way to fix it, which was turning back to God. I realize I had been straying from him for a while, and once I turned back to Him, the world became so much brighter. I felt happier again. Depression still has kind of lingered like you said, but I can’t let myself let it back in. Thanks for this article! 😀

    4. Recently i have been dealing with depression,i injured my right ankle and started to think that i wasn’t going to be able to walk normally again for a long time.this morning we found out that i fractured my growth plate in my right ankle and i will be wearing a cast for 4 weeks,thank you soooooo much maddie this really encourages me!

    5. -I’ve recently suffered from depression, but then i realized it was “eating me alive” and i made a decision to turn it all to God. Sometimes i would feel like i hated everything and that no one really cared about me. I never told anyone, so i asked God to help me and show me why i was feeling like this. I started reading my Bible more, reading encouraging articles (thanks PI!) and watching my favorite pastor Joel Osteen.God helped me deal with it and now i am mostly depression free. I learned that it was because i didn’t love myself, but once i started to love myself and stop comparing myself to others, i felt more happy and at peace. It also helped that when the thoughts came into my mind i asked God for strength and thought about a happy time in my life, because the thoughts you dwell on make u feel a certain way.
      -When it starts creeping into our minds we have to put our foot down and say “No, i’m not going to let that take my peace. I’m going to rule over my emotions. I’m going to choose to be happy” ~Joel Osteen.

    6. Very encouraging article. I am sorry about your Grandpa. Staying with God, especially through the dark times, does truthfully help you. I have all the signs of depression and I’m currently struggling, but I’m fighting everyday with Jesus on my side. Thanks for sharing your story,Maddie. =)

    7. I completely understand i was alot like u but more severe. I am really happy you are putting your self in a kinda vulnerable spot to help others. you are very brave and kind to do that. Not everyone can do that.

    8. trust me i know what it feels like to be deppresed… not with looks but before i came back to christ i had fallen away from God and had some serious family issues… i literally felt like there was no hope, i felt empty for about a couple of years and then God came in and helped me mend my relationship with my dad and stepmom! and its weird but im sooo much more happier than i used to be! people even noticed that ive changed and once people at school would give me weird looks because the change was almost overnight! its amazing what God can do… like he kinda changed the apostle Paul…! im so blessed!

    9. thank you , i know what you mean my bible helped me through my depresion and now everytime i feel it comming i go read scriptures pray and ask god for help , forgivnes. and sya thanks for all my blessings

    10. Wow. It’s almost scary how similar our situations are, Maddie. The only difference: My brother had a lung disease since he was 18. In August 2011, when he was 29, he passed away in his VERY recently new home in Denver, CO. We went to visit him in the hospital. He was in a drug-induced coma, so I never saw him move, never heard his voice, never even got to see his blue eyes again. After he passed away, that empty, lonely and sad feeling began creeping in. It didn’t help that every now and then I would remind myself that I never said “I love you” and “Goodbye” when he left for Denver. THAT was what hurt me the most. This past year, my parents and I recently moved to a new church, and my youth group and church family have been encouraging us in so many ways. Ever since we started going to this church, my depression seems to have eased a little bit. I’ll still feel that emptiness every now and again, but not NEARLY as much as I used to. One thing I definitely suggest to ANY girls that are feeling depressed is this: When you’re feeling alone, don’t forget about your church family. After all, there’s a reason why they’re your church FAMILY. They’re there to help encourage you, and help you with your walk towards Christ. Don’t be afraid to go to your pastor, youth pastor, or an adult you trust in your church. You’d be surprised at how willing they are to help 🙂

    11. I have this experience’s very sad and terrible time..I have suffer it for lots of time..but finnally I know I can get rid of devil with the love of God!!GOD IS LOVE,we are god’s children who will be blessed forever,AMEN.

    12. **Maddie hey! 🙂 <3
      hun i dealt with depression and self pity for 10 years of my life. I totally understand what your going through and the only way i got out of it was by the love of Jesus. When i had depression I ran to guys for love, pornagraphy , was trying to be skiny, cutting myself, and actually just about killed myself but Jesus saved me and by help with Friends, and Family i got out of it! it took 2 years to get out of it and i still catch myself having depression but i keep telling depression to leave in the name of Jesus cause i have already dealt with you and im just going to be me!
      I want to share this verse that i have memorized…

      psalms 51: 10-12
      ( Create in me a pure heart, o God,
      and renew a steadfast spirit within me,
      Do not cast me from your presence
      or take your Holy Spirit from me.
      Restore to me the joy of your salvation
      and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.)

      This verse has helped me get out of depression, stopping with pornagraphy, and anerixia. God will give u the strength and trust in him and let HIM tell you how beautiful u r to him. and he totally will cause he is just sooo very amazing and he loves us! There is no greater love than daddy Gods. He gives us way more love than any man could ever give u…

    13. Your story is almost identical to mine. thank you for sharing 🙂 God is the only one who can drive out the devil, and He did it for me too. I’m so glad He did it for you! we need more people like you in this world to share with girls how to handle these hard things, I’ve made it a personal goal of mine.

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