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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    The DOs and DON’Ts Guide to Being Single on Valentine’s Day

    So you’re single on Valentine’s day. It happens. But guess what? The day doesn’t have to be a total bust. In fact, it can be wonderful, relaxing and full of warm, fuzzy feelings.

    You doubt us?

    Fair enough. But when the 24 hours otherwise known as “Singles Awareness Day” arrives, check off this list of dos and don’ts provided below and you just may find that you prefer flying solo on Valentine’s Day.


    DO: Indulge in an extra hour of sleep (it’s Saturday, people!) and then help yourself to an Instagram-worthy breakfast.


    DON’T: Sleep past 3 p.m. and then pour some cereal over a bowl of ice cream.


    DO: Focus on things to be grateful for, like your family and friends.


    DON’T: Take time to review all 264 photos of your ex-boyfriend on Facebook and Instagram, and then drive past his house…twice.


    DO: Throw on your coziest clothes.


    DON’T: Mistake your pajamas for clothing. They’re not.


    DO: Spend time with those who can teach you a thing or two about being in a loving relationship. Listen to all of their “how we met” and “can you believe he did that?” stories…even if you’ve already heard them once (or twice) before.


    DON’T: Be “that girl.”


    DO: Hit the pavement and really sweat it out. Chilly outside? The gym ought to be a total ghost town.


    DON’T: Try to physically remove yourself from the state…via your feet.


    DO: Go out of your way to do something nice for somebody else today.


    DON’T: Be a total Valentine’s Day Scrooge. Nobody likes a Bitter Betsy.


    DO: Allow yourself to feel beautiful. Post AS MANY pictures as you’d like to your various social media accounts.


    DON’T: Post anything that looks like this:


    DO: Use all that money you saved not having to purchase a gift to treat yourself to a little somethin’ somethin’.


    DON’T: Dip into your college tuition funds.


    DO: Have a date night with pops at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Let him pick up the check.


    DON’T (for any reason): Set foot in a popular date restaurant. You’ll be able to spot it a mile away because everybody will be rolling in and out looking a lot like this:


    DO: Take a moment to dive into that book you’ve been meaning to, well, open. While you’re at it, maybe work on your flexibility, too. The world is YOUR oyster.


    DON’T: Watch The Notebook three times, until you’re feeling emotionally drained and kind of fragile.


    DO: Have a girls’ night.


    DON’T: Wait until 11:30 p.m. to call your best friend, your sister or your mom because you’ve slowly descended into this:


    DO: Remember that you’re not alone on Valentine’s Day after all.

    Because the big guy up top is sending you lots of love. All day, every day.


    Thaaaaat’s right. Do we see a smile?


    1. Tomorrow night I’m sending out about 600 random valentines to random people on my campus so that way they can have something to enjoy 🙂

      As for myself, I’ll be going down town, buying Chinese food for my best friend and me, and then we’re going to start the sequel to a video game we just finished and play until our eyes bleed from the bright colors of the screen.

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