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The Five “S’s” of Summer Vacation Fashion

Ladies, if you’re spending time away from home this summer, why not do it in style? Whether you’re catching a cruise with your family or going to camp with your friends, there are a few staple items that you must have in your suitcase.

Sunglasses: Of course you need shades! No matter where you’ll be traveling, hopefully you plan on spending some quality time outdoors. Anything goes when it comes to sunglasses right now. We particularly love the aviators, cat-eyes and geeky chic mirrored lenses that come in so many colors. Choose a frame that fits your face and will look great in pictures!


Xhilaration Surf Sunglasses – Pink/Yellow/Turquoise, Target, $13


Sundress: A casual, classic, flowing dress is perfect for a nice dinner with family, a date, church, an Instagram photo shoot or days when you just feel like dressing up. You’ll wear it in the summer more than you can imagine! Look for fun, bright patterns and comfortable fabric to keep it wearable for everyday attire. A coordinating cardigan is also awesome to have around when you’re in places that get cold at night or rooms that crank up the AC.


Women’s Poplin Sundress, Old Navy, $30

Shorts: Basic denim is probably what comes to mind when you think of shorts. But the possibilities are endless with cutoffs, lace, tweed, patterned and studded shorts, all of which are popular this summer. High-waisted shorts and belts are very in at the moment, but can be challenging to match with the right top and find the right fit. Be sure to pick the most flattering length for your legs and remember that choosing modesty is always a better look. If the pockets are hanging, you can be sure the length is too distractingly short.


Island Printed Bermuda Shorts, Forever 21, $14

Swimsuit: Depending on whether you’re heading to the beach, lake or pool, you’re probably going to want a variety of suits. Since swimsuits can be very expensive, you might want to invest in one quality tankini or one-piece that would work at both family functions and camps with dress codes. If you have a little more flexibility with your budget or find a good sale, pick up and pack up several and rotate. Sporty bikinis provide more coverage than strings and are more comfortable for activities. High waists, ruffles, fringe and geometric/tribal patterns are everywhere this season.


‘Marcel Stripe Double Dip’ Racerback Tankini, Nordstrom, $72

Sandals: Flat, strappy sandals are easy on the foot and look great. They also happen to be taking over as the new go-to style for most designer lines. Metallics, studs and ankle straps are everywhere. If you’re going to be jumping in and out of the water frequently, a sturdy slip-on might suit your needs better. Either way, make sure the shoes have at least a little support. Walking long distances in flats or flip-flops without arch support can cause injury to your feet.


Warehouse Mint Metal Cut Out Flat Sandals, ASOS, $38

Wherever you end up this summer, hopefully this guide will get you ready to go from head to toe. Girls, what did we leave off the list you consider a must-have in your bag?

Image: Xhilaration


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