The Importance of Christian Friends!

    A great way to keep your mind on track and renewed is to surround yourself with Christian friends who are going to encourage you, pray with you and lift your spirits when you need it!

    “As iron sharpens iron, so does a man (woman) sharpen another.”-Proverbs 27:17

    But let’s say you haven’t been able to create a circle of Christian friends. Ask God to bring you even one friend who can walk with you and believe in you and He will. But you need to make yourself open to new friendship…you never know where or when you’ll encounter the friend who will change your life!

    Of course, this isn’t to say you can’t have non-Christian friends. But it is wise to use discernment with those you hang around. It will be great in the future too, because as you grow and you develop quality friendships, you can help encourage those friends who need encouragement, too!

    “Do not be misled: Bad Company corrupts good character.”-1 Corinthians 15: 33

    Have you ever made a friend in an unusual circumstance? How did you find your best friend?

    How many of your friends are Christian?

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    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


    1. Having Christian friends is nice because they can use God and Bible verses to help you. It’s also good because you can speak about the same beliefs and not be considered “closed minded”. And you’ll always have someone to go to church with if you don’t have a ride.

    2. I can really identify with not having a good circle of friends. For many years I only had one friend (thousands of miles away) that was any encouragement at all. That was the hardest time for me, trusting that God would bring someone into my life even while seeking Him.

      Today I am blessed to be part of a small youth that is a solid group of Christians. I would trust my life to each and every one of them.

      Hindsight is a good insight….God answered my prayers and looked after me, all in His timing (the BEST timing).

    3. my best friend, who sadly died in a car crash 3 years ago, and i met at the pre-school at our church when we were 3. we went to school together from then to 6th grade. she died summer before 7th grade. now i’m a sophmore

    4. I have lots of Christian and non-christian friends. There is one new girl in my class and she is different from all of my other friends and me because she isnt as modest with clothing for one. An she chooses to do things that are bad. a few days ago she was teaching some little 1st graders how to be mean and what mean words to say to a boy in her own class! i want to be a good person and be a friend but she isnt the type of person i would hang around because of her actions. What do i do???

      • I would disassociate from them. Bad company corrupts good character. She is doing sinful behavior, tell her that and then move on to a new friend. Trust me, you need to do this! I have a strong feeling. Also, tell her about Project Inspired so she can see positive and uplifting messages.

        • I know. It’s just hard, because I don’t WANT to be friends with her, but I feel like I have to, cause she always says that I’m her only friend who’s never gotten mad at her, but she goes and totally ditches me and acts like I’m not even there.

        • Oh, and I’ve told her about all the stuff you right about Lady Gaga, Avril Lavine, jay z, EVERYSINGLE person that you right about on here, she listens to. EXEPT the christian stuff. She says that christian music has the beat of an 80 year old man’s music. ?!?!?!?!

      • I’ve been in this situation before. It’s very hard to get out of a relationship like that, especially without causing some wounds. The only thing you do is pray for her, the heart will be changed (and it can. i’ve seen it happen personally) and pray to God that, if it’s His will, He will make an opportunity for you to get out of that relationship. Then look for that opportunity. It maybe next school year when you different classes, or it maybe when she decides to ditch you for other people, or it maybe when you both graduate. In any case. But make sure that that is what God wants. He may have placed you in her life for a reason, to show her Jesus through you. You maybe the only person she comes across in her life that will share Him with her. But if that is what He wants, be sure not to do it alone. You need to have someone you can talk to about it-your mom/pastor/youth minister, anybody! Otherwise it’ll get too emotionally draining and you can be damaged.

      • Hey =D Well, I know exactly how this is. STORY OF MY LIFE. lol. Jesus says we should love our enemies. I think you should let her know that you will always be there for her if she needs you because she seems to need someone there for her. Who are we to deny love? But for your own sake, find some Christian friends as well. & I don’t know what genre of music she listens to, but there are lot of great Christian artists you could introduce her to which might end up inspiring her. If you need some ideas, let me know! I listen to all genres! And make sure every once in a while you invite to church with you. Don’t pressure her, but one day she might be interested. She just sounds like a lost soul. I’ll pray for your situation and I’ll pray for her salvation as well.
        God Bless!

    5. I go to a Christian school now and already new one girl who went there because we would go camping with her and a few other families. However, now that there is a new girl from Colorado whom everyone likes (I don’t know why)… I no longer seem to be as close. I pretty much don’t have any Christian friends anymore, just me and God. There’s my non-Christian friends from my old school, but I don’t see them very often. My best friend from my old school, (who is now in PACyber), is the only girl I am close with.

    6. I have a lot of trouble finding christian friends. I have not met a single person at my school who believes in Jesus. Not even the youth at my church are truly christian. Maybe there are christian teens somewhere in my life… I just have to be more open to opportunities.

    7. My two best friends in the entire world, Shiloh & Shane, are twin brothers, and they have the strongest faith in God that I have ever seen. Both of them have helped me become stronger in my own faith, and I probably wouldn’t be sitting here today if I hadn’t met them. I’d never felt comfortable talking about faith with anyone before them. I still remember last spring when Shane gave me a bit of his own brand of a religious pep talk (which was actually quite calm). It made me feel so good to actually just talk and not be judged.

      I’ve actually fallen in love with Shiloh, because he’s one of a group that I can count on one hand that has always been there for me. I swear, since we truly got to know each other there has never been a day when he hasn’t made me laugh. But we both know that we’re not quite ready for that kind of relationship. I’m not giving up just yet, though, because if God says he’s the One, I want to be ready.

      I know that whatever comes, Shane & Shiloh will always be there for me. God couldn’t have sent two better people to pull me out of the darkness and into the light.

    8. I do a floriculture judging team for FFA (Future Farmers of America, and we had a contest today; the three other girls who are on it with me were more than thrilled to pray with me. I was so glad that even though we were in public with lots of people, we still joined hands and prayed. 🙂

    9. I realized how important it is to have Christian friends throughout high school, because no one around me was. It hurt me sooooo much. I can’t even explain in words. It was constant struggle feeling alone and having to bare the burden of living a Christian life in a dark environment alone. I didnt people my age at church either, so I felt that loneliness even more deeply. I prayed for a Christian friend too, but none came along. Now that I’ve graduated and I have started college, I’ve had a chance to “start over.” I’ve surrounded myself with people who really have a passion for Christ. it makes such a big difference. God is starting to slowing build me up again and break down the walls I had built up. It’s a process, but He knows what He’s doing.

      At the same time, it’s important to have non-Christian friends too, so that you have someone to talk about Christ and so that you can make sure your life is a light. It’s can also build your faith in Christ. It can test you to be sure you are really following Him, and for me personally, it helped me see other people’s views on religion so that i didn’t make the same mistakes others had in the past to turn people off to God.

      • and I wasn’t influenced in bad way like you would think. It was just extremely difficult and draining feeling like I was carrying all the weight myself. I realize now though that I spent so much time trying to carry that weight I felt that I forgot to do what I was placed there to do which was to tell those non-Christian friends of mine about Him. Please don’t make the mistake I did! Even if you’re in a dark environment, make the most of it!

        • Oh my gosh you sound sort of like my situation. Even my parents who claim to be Christian don’t really do most Christian things. I feel so trapped. I pray to God for help, but I didn’t get any answer yet. I’m only in 10th grade, but I’m starting to care less about school, and my parents keep yelling at me for the most absurd things (don’t get me wrong I love my parents), but it can be annoying. Being a Christian (Catholic) is so hard because most of the people in my class are either aethiests or agnostic. Some are Catholic or Protestant. My friends don’t even want to discuss religion with me so I have to go to a priest or a teacher for help. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO BE A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST? I guess I have to carry my cross somehow. But I know Jesus will always help me carry my cross, even though I don’t feel like he’s helping me sometimes. God Bless!

    10. I found that when I first became a Christian my friends were really disappointed. This showed me that they were not truly friends. They were upset because I “changed” but quite frankly, I’m more than grateful that I did. I didn’t want to do things they did anymore and I finally had the strength to say no. I have a few good Christian friends that go to my church but the rest of my friends are not. It’s a difficult situation because I obviously care for them and I pray everyday that soon they will accept Jesus in their lives too. I’d like to be surrounded by more Christian friends because they are the ones that can really help you through hard times or decisions. And it’s nice to spend time with positive followers of Christ! =D

    11. Most of my friends are Christian, and a few aren’t but they are still my friends. I just recently went to a church youth group and I had loads of fun. I bet that that is a great place to meet friends who are devoted Christians!

    12. I have a lot of Christian (Catholic) friends since I go to a Catholic school. But most of my friends don’t even do good Christian things. I don’t even know if I am a good Christian. Goodness, being a Christian is so hard and complicated. I feel like I’m the only one who actually cares about eternity with God, but then again I could be wrong. Grr, why does being a Christian have to be so hard!!!!!!!!

    13. I have a best friends that is Christian and ive known her since my freshmen year in High School. we’re both 17 now. and i brought her to Christianity. which also strengthened my Faith in God. when i went and left my old Christian private school my Faith was very low, but going to Overlake Christian church turned that around, and going to high school at a public school changed me to cuz going there i realized how much we Need God in our lives to help us through life. i was surprised at how many friends ive made at my public school compared to my old school. lol. i plan to write a book based by my life, cuz its so interesting

    14. it is so hard to make ANY friends when you’re as quiet and unsocial a homebody as me,… I dont get to leave the house much and when I do no one talks to me. Almost all of my friends have been non-Christians, and many I’ve lost- which is probably for the better, although I miss a lot of them. I’m sort of friends with the pastor’s daughter but as I have to work on Sunday (I wish I didnt but WE NEED the little money I make) never see her. it’s so, so hard to be a Christian and make friends.

    15. I have a friend who’s Jewish, another who’s Hindu, another who’s an atheist. I want to talk to them about Jesus, but I don’t know how to start, especially w/ my Jewish and atheist friends. Please, pray for them.

    16. None of my friends are Christians, but if they are none of them are as serious about God as I am. I have been praying for a good Christian friend, but I still haven’t got one. Does anyone have ideas for me? Thank you!

    17. Since I’ve started high school, I’ve only really had 3 friends. A cousin I didn’t know I had, and two guys from middle school. Lately my guy friends have been attending church and warming up to the idea of being a follower of Christ and its been easier to talk about Jesus especially now that we have started a Bible club at school. My cousin is also my best friend, but lately I’ve been kind of wary. We both write and I’ve noticed that in each of her stories someone is either killed, hurt, or kidnapped in the beginning. I said something about it to her and seem to get upset. I’m starting to think that she’s ignoring the message I’m trying to get across to her. Any ideas as to what I should do?

    18. For a long time I had no Christian friends and talk of religion seems to make them uncomfortable. Also because my church is so small there is no one there my age who goes there because they want to. Fortunately this year God blessed me with a christian friend and I am so happy!

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