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“The Power Source” Discusses the Holy Spirit

Many of you know I have been writing since the beginning of Project Inspired, since the launch in 2011, and love it passionately. As a journalist, I also work on television and just launched a new online series called The Power Source with the JUCE TV network (Trinity Broadcasting Network’s youth channel). The show is about John 15:5 and how to abide in God’s power, because apart from the living source of all things, we can do nothing. We need to rejuvenate in God’s Word through the Holy Spirit and in fellowship. I hope and pray that this show blesses you and that you are touched by the message.

The episode this week is entitled “How to Stay Plugged Into the Holy Spirit,” and my guest is healing evangelist, speaker, author and TV host David Diga Hernandez.


Here is David’s link to his official ministry website if you would like to find out more about his book, Carriers of the Glory: Becoming a Friend of the Holy Spirit, and to watch full episodes of his television series, which also airs on JUCE TV.

I pray that David speaks to you through his testimony and the TV program.

Below is the first official episode of The Power Source. It is available on YouTube, or if you would like to watch other shows on JUCE via the free app, you can download that as well so you can watch on your smartphone, or stream free online at www.jucetv.com on your laptop!


PI Girls, do you feel the presence of God through the Holy Spirit? We want to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a prayer request as well!


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