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The Reviews for Exodus: Gods And Kings Are In And They Are…

When the trailer first dropped for Exodus: Gods and Kings we were just like you—super pumped. A Biblical movie featuring Batman himself?! Sign us up! However, as the reviews started trickling in, the more we began to lose hope…and you’re about to see why. Here are the best of the worst reviews, courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.

Lauren Clifford -“Director Ridley Scott’s take on Moses leading the chosen people out of Egypt is riddled with weird inaccuracies, a Pharaoh sporting an Australian accent and a running time that feels excessive while the story itself feels truncated.”

John Hanlon – ” ‘Let my people’ see a better movie.”

Bill Gibron – “Unfortunately, the only praying any viewer will be doing is for Exodus: Gods and Kings to end.”

Rene Rodriguez – “This is spectacular entertainment, practically a theme park ride, that could have used more spirituality and soul.”

Peter Travers – “Scott departs from Scripture enough to raise hackles. For example, this Moses sees God in the person of an insolent schoolboy (Isaac Andrews).”

Now, a story so epic as the book of Exodus is ripe for cinematic glory. However, a story such as this NEEDS, well, a plot. Exodus: Gods and Kings lacks a story, spending a great deal of time on the plagues instead. This movie is driven to show the viewer disasters on a “Biblical” scale (pun intended). Beyond that, however, you’re left with the question, “Just what was the point?”

If you are going to see Exodus: Gods and Kings, be sure to know that you’re not getting a true Biblical account of one of the most incredible stories ever told. You’re getting a Hollywood-variety popcorn flick driven by computer generated imagery and served with a side of Gladiator.





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  1. tanatiger12

    Posted by tanatiger12 on December 15, 2014 at 20:56

    I don’t know its looks mostly biblical to me. Its not going to be perfect! In one of Nicoles live chats she says that its not the point of getting it all right its about getting the Bible out there! To get people to read and find out for them selfs!! So I will see it and its looks good to me!!

  2. LivingforHim2012

    Posted by LivingforHim2012 on December 12, 2014 at 15:03

    I’m just confused that if they are retelling the actual Biblical story, than why did they add an “s” to the end of God? Is this a movie with many “gods” like the title says? If so, it is not a Biblical movie.