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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming!


    “The Song” Film Starring Anthem Lights Singer Alan Powell!



    The film The Song, which is based on the Song of Solomon and stars Anthem Lights band member Alan Powell, hits theaters September 26, 2014. The film is a romantic drama about love, family, friends, forgiveness, jealousy, passion, following your dreams and faith. The slogan for the film is “Even the wisest of men was a fool for love.” If you are a Johnny Cash/Walk the Line fan, then this film is RIGHT up your alley. I love movies about love, faith and especially music, being that I am a singer-songwriter and like romantic films, but this one is seriously so good, you can’t miss it!


    The movie (filmed in Nashville) starts off with Alan Powell’s character, Jad King, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter who is beginning his music career outside his Dad’s fame, doing shows and gigs, and ends up playing with his band at a vineyard, where he meets Rose (played by Twilight: Breaking Dawn’s Ali Faulkner). Rose is the daughter of the owner who is hosting the vineyard harvest festival event, and she and Jad soon catch each other’s eye and their young romance begins.

    Jad and Rose end up dating and eventually marry. Jad writes a beautiful love song for his beloved wife (paralleling the Song of Solomon) and it opens a door of opportunity and launches Jad into success. He is faced with some timely opportunities that strongly oppose and challenge his faith, marriage and devotion to his family.

    The climax is almost at its tipping point when Jad gets a musical opener for his new tour—the feisty, wild, flirty and vivacious female singer Shelby (played by Caitlin Nicol-Thomas of ABC’s Nashville). Shelby willingly tempts Jad into walking down a dangerous path and possible slippery slope, which nearly takes him out. (You have to watch to find out what happens!)

    Over time, Rose and Jad have a child, and because of Jad’s crazy tour schedule and missed time with family, Rose starts to grow weary in their relationship and pleads for Jad to return home. His schedule doesn’t permit it, as with many rising and popular musicians, and this causes tension in their relationship. As the relationship is strained, it opens the door for infidelity, temptations and sins. Rose and Jad try to unify as a couple and strengthen what remains in their rocky marriage.

    As the plot thickens, we see the highs and lows of the friendship between Jad and Shelby and the sacrifices that need to be made in order to keep faith-based and God-honoring decisions. Jad is faced with different losses, but as the film continues, while sitting on the edge of your seat, you will find out that true love will hopefully find its way in the end.

    The film is mostly predictable in the sense that we have seen the musical love story before, but what goes on in between is riveting and dramatic. This is by no means a cheesy love story or faith-based film, but it’s genuinely an excellent motion picture with authentic, believable acting. I was so inspired and moved by the film. I call it the next Walk the Line, so please, whatever you do, don’t miss this film!

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    Go see The Song, released in theaters on September 26, 2014!


    Watch the official trailer for The Song (inspired by the Song of Solomon) here.



    Get to know actor Alan Powell from the Christian band Anthem Lights right here in this video!


    Check out Anthem Lights new single, “You Have My Heart,” here.


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