The Surprising New Stat That Has Book Readers Rejoicing!

    Picture this…a cold day (much like what you’re experiencing right now in states not ending in -fornia, -orida, -xas, -na or -ii) where the wind is howling, the snow is drifting and the fireplace oozing heat. It’s surprisingly warm inside that house of yours, and you’re in the mood for a good read.

    What do you reach for?

    Your iPad? Kindle? How about a real, turn-the-page-to-continue kind of book? You know, the kind without a screen. For all you bibliophiles who still crave the feeling of a book in hand, you’re not alone. According to UK Booksellers, people are opting for the real-deal yet again! The report (which you can read here) goes on to say that not only are book sales (yes, the physical kind) picking up, e-reader sales are dropping fast. Why? Our hunch is that there’s something about leafing through a brand new book for the very first time that you can’t recreate by pressing “power” on your e-reader.

    All in all, this is tremendous news for those of us who can’t help but lose sleep over the fate of “the book shop,” and we’d like to think that Jane Austen would be proud. Maybe Hemingway, too.

    Of course, we have to ask…. Are you a digital or physical book reader?

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    1. I actually like using both.
      I like using my Nook (its pretty much a kindle just from barnes and noble) for reading at night because it has a built in light. I also use it for reading while working out because it sits perfectly flat. The coolest thing to me about reading devices is having an entire bookstore with 1000’s of books right at your fingertips.

      I do enjoy ‘regular’ books though. There is something special about reading a physical book 🙂

    2. Physical, definitely. I hate using internet sources to read the Bible or any other book. The opportunity to curl up on my bed with the pages turning quickly in my hands. It’s such an awesome feeling.

    3. We have actually had a nice, cold winter. It may not be in the negatives. But the northerners, in my church, are always slightly surprised when they come down in their shorts, expecting pleasant weather, and instead get a biting, wet cold, that soaks through their clothes. That being said, I really love the cold and winter, wish we had more. Y’all can send some down here!
      In answer to the actual question: I like both. I like having a kindle because it’s convenient, it carries hundreds of books for me. I don’t have to worry about the bulk of it all for when I travel, and can read it easily wherever I am. Then if I really love a book/series I will purchase a physical copy so that I can put it on my shelf, flip through it, all that stuff.

    4. I’m both. I love being a physical book reader more though but sometimes, books on paper cost a lot more than the digital ones. Soooo yeah. 🙂 Anything that fits my budget, that’s where I’ll go. lol (What did I just say?)

    5. I am a physical book reader all the way. No matter how many new exciting books I download to read digitally, I always get bored partway through and start flipping through to see how many pages are left in the chapter. But when I have a physical book I usually freak out at how fast the pages are slipping away! Plus, the feeling when you buy a new (physical) book and know you get to start reading it soon is just amazing.

    6. That’s so awesome!!! I actually just started reading digitally, but I do prefer reading an actual book. So I am both! But there’s definitely something about holding an actual book in your hand, smelling the pages, and flipping through it yourself!!

    7. PHYSICAL!!!!!!!!!! This makes me so happy. My dream home is going to have a library with bookshelves for walls. I LOVE to read. I admit that I use a Kindle on trips though. Otherwise, I have to lug around a ton of books.

    8. Definitely physical. I love my Kindle because I can find free, good books that are hard to find anywhere else, and it saves space when we’re traveling, but I just love books. I enjoy smelling the pages of old books, riffling through the leaves, feeling the cover, and treasuring beautiful illustrations.

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