These Three Moms Chose Life — Read Their Powerful Stories Here

    Over the past couple of years, the pro-life movement in America has grown both in size and in momentum. We have seen laws change, coalitions formed, and increased awareness, all to protect the lives of unborn babies. 

    With this increase of involvement in the pro-life movement, stories have increasingly emerged of powerful and encouraging miracles of those that chose life, and not abortion.  

    Why I’m Pro-life

    Here we highlight three encouraging stories of families that refused to abort their now thriving children, despite the doctor’s suggestions. 

    1. ‘It’s a miracle’ a mom says after rejecting doctor advised abortion and beating stage 3 cancer 

    Jennifer Murphy, a woman from Long Island, NY, was recently advised by doctors to terminate her progeny when she was diagnosed with cancer while four months pregnant.

    Instead of taking the opinion of the first doctor, Murphy sought out advice from a breast surgeon and a medical oncologist to go another route.

    “She needed to be treated properly for her own health, but also very much desired to continue her pregnancy and deliver her child,” Dr. Kostroff, the breast surgeon told ABC-7.

    “We were able to safely treat Jen, that she could have a healthy pregnancy, not compromise her cancer care, and deliver this gorgeous baby girl,” Dr. Jane Carelton, the oncologist added.

    After eight weeks of chemotherapy, the Murphy’s welcomed a healthy baby girl.

    2. Christian couple was told their baby would never properly function, denies doctor advised abortion and now their baby is thriving

    Drew and Ariann Corpstein were advised to abort their unborn baby at only 23 weeks gestation because doctors feared he would only be born with low brain function.

    “During our 20-week ultrasound, which led to several others and a MRI quickly following, the doctors discovered our baby was missing most of his/her brain,” they shared on their GoFundMe page. “And instead of a brain, it was replaced with cerebral spinal fluid. The fluid was going to continue to expand the head of our baby. The head size was measuring about 3 weeks ahead of normal. We were told our baby wouldn’t live past several days, if not hours, or die before birth.”

    Miraculously, the baby was born able to function and breathe on its own. It turned out that the doctors had misdiagnosed baby Matthew, and that he had hydrocephalus, a condition less dangerous than the one they had first said.

    “A good friend called him Matthew The Great for being such a miracle, and that’s exactly what he is,” the couple said, according to Live Action. “He is our little miracle. A boy who wasn’t supposed to be born alive, much less do anything else, has showed us that God is protecting us and blessing us beyond anything we can imagine.”

    Hallelujah and praise the Lord!!! 🙌🏼🙏🏽 I got both my drains out yesterday! Now to wait for my next MRI, when my doctors…

    Posted by Matthew The Great on Saturday, September 8, 2018

    3. Mother refuses abortion, faces a dangerous surgery in the second trimester, and now has a healthy baby girl 

    When she was 16 weeks pregnant, Margaret Boemer was told by her doctors that her baby had a tumor on her tailbone and that she should abort her.

    The type of tumor the baby had was sucking blood away from the baby’s blood flow, making it hard for the baby to grow.

    At 23 weeks, the baby started to go into cardiac failure due to the lack of blood. The doctors suggested she abort her, but she chose a risky surgery instead.

    The surgery went well and at 36 weeks LynLee Hope was born at 5 pounds 5 ounces. Eight days later, the baby had surgery to remove the tumor.

    LynLee Hope is now 7 years old and loves singing Taylor Swift songs. 

    What a miracle!

    Posted by Margaret Hawkins Boemer on Monday, June 6, 2016


    We praise God for these miracle babies and their parents that chose to protect the lives of the unborn instead of disregarding them. 

    Nicole, the founder of Project Inspired, recently wrote a post on why she is adamantly pro-life. If you want to check it out, you can read it here

    Do you have any miracle pro-life stories to share? Leave a comment below if you or someone you know has a miracle story! 

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