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    Has it ever bothered you that Barbie doesn’t represent the average woman’s body? If so, you might get a kick out of this! Artist Nickolay Lamm used the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s measurements of an average 19-year-old woman to create a 3-D model, which he photographed next to a standard Barbie doll. Lamm then Photoshopped the 3-D model to make it look like a Barbie doll.

    “If we criticize skinny models, we should at least be open to the possibility that Barbie may negatively influence young girls as well,” Lamm said in an email to the Huffington Post. “Furthermore, a realistically proportioned Barbie actually looks pretty good. If there’s even a small chance of Barbie in its present form negatively influencing girls, and if Barbie looks good as an average-sized woman in America, what’s stopping Mattel from making one?”

    Do you girls agree? What do you think of the comparison in the photo below?

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    1. I was not allowed to play with barbies when I was little for this very reason. While i think little kids know (i knew) that it is just a toy and no one really looks like that, I don’t think that barbie is a problem, the problem is the airbrushed models that we see everyday… no not even that because most girls know that even the models have been airbrushed to be disproportionately thin. The problem is when I see a really thin movie star or friend, who thinks that being thin is what makes them beautiful. When I see that they are thin and i am not (I am a healthy size), and they think that being thin is better than curves it makes me feel ugly, that’s where my imaging problems come from. what has helped me TREMENDOUSLY is seeing role models in Hollywood that are confident in their healthy sized body’s, it makes me feel good, b\c the know that they are beautiful even with their curves. Did that make scene?

    2. I don’t know how much girls are influenced by “perfect” dolls like Barbie. It does bother me though that she’s set as the pinnacle of beauty when she has a body size that’s pretty much unattainable. And Barbie wears so much makeup! Here’s a picture of what an artist thought she would look like without makeup.….0…1ac.1.19.img.ChH9Oh4JHUs#facrc=_&imgdii=_&
      She still has perfect skin though…
      I understand that toy manufacturers want to make “pretty” dolls, but I think it would be great if some were more realistic looking!

    3. Eh, I like the original barbie alot better than the “normal” barbie. The average woman is 5’4″ and 160 pounds. That is a BMI of 27.5 which is actually overweight an unhealthy. I’m not trying to say that makes you ugly, because of course, God made everyone beautiful! But I’m trying to say that while Barbie’s proportions may be unattainable, the average woman’s proportions aren’t exactly healthy either… ANYWAY, me and my mom and my older sister all ADORE(D) barbie dolls! I have a few of the vintage reproduction collector’s ones too:).

      • You bring up a good point. Maybe instead of the ‘average’ weight, it should be at the mid-healthy range. Average healthy maybe. I’m pretty sure that Barbie is unhealthily thin, I mean looking at them side by side is crazy!

      • Yeah, but the BMI scale isn’t exactly accurate, because it doesn’t take into account body type, muscle mass, etc. Athletes sometimes show up as overweight on the BMI scale because muscle weighs more than fat. On the BMI scale, I’m teetering on the brink of overweight, but that’s just because my build is curvy and I have a large bust. You can’t judge a person by that standard until you take into account what they actually look like. I’m not trying to argue, just pointing something out. 🙂

    4. Honestly, Barbie doesn’t really bother me. I played with them when I was little and I never thought that I should look like her or that she was perfect. Seeing this I do think it would be cool if they sold the realistic ones but I’m not mad about it.

    5. I think that’s pretty cool! If they want to sell her they’ll need to make her look happier, though. There’s something wrong with either her eyes or lips that’s giving her an unfriendly look. I’ve never had a problem with Barbie, but I think it’d be interesting to see which one would sell better.

    6. I like Jake’s and the last one. I didn’t know Jake was a Christian, because they’re not able to express that on A.N.T. Farm. The last one is beautiful, I want that to happen to me too.

    7. I don’t think Barbies are bad. They’re toys! I hate when people say they’re a “bad influence” and “unrealistic”, well yeah cause they’re toys! Their itty bitty waists are because they fit in a little hand of a small girl. I ALWAYS played with Barbies! They were my favorite! The only thing I didn’t like was that Barbie had blond hair and blue eyes instead of my brown hair and eyes. But it didn’t make me want to go dye my hair! Barbies aren’t a problem. It’s the rest of society that says “the skinnier the prettier”. Barbies aren’t made to be realistic, they’re made to be easy for kids to play with! And because they’re small and dainty they even help kids’ fine motor skills (source: my mother) and it’s easier for them to play with! I don’t think they’re bad at all. They’re fake toys that are meant to be just that.

    8. I think the “realistic” barbie looks a bit tacky. I played with barbie since I was four or five years old and I never thought about lokking like barbie. I mean she’s a doll! When the designers invented barbie they designed her waist so that the clothes fit perfectly on her and didn’t bunch up around her waist. They didn’t know girls would be walking around in their underwear in the future. (No offense to bikinis) I would be very sad if they made all the barbies “normal.” I mean, she wouldn’t be barbie anymore! But I would’nt mind if they made some of the “normal” ones. Oh! And I love Jake Shorts’ tweet 🙂 We need more Godlovers in Hollywood <3

    9. Although Barbie’s measurements are ridiculous, I don’t think playing with the dolls is harming young girls, or changing their image about themselves. Because that’s just what they are to little girls; dolls. When I was little I didn’t see her as prettier than me or feel like I needed to look like her to be beautiful. I just dressed her up for fun. I think the problem is more about the immodest clothing she wears. I used to dress my barbies in princess dresses and stuff, but now they have her in mini-skirts and bikinis, and I don’t like that.

    10. I was never really affected by my uber thin unrealistic dolls because I was already thin and danty and a tiny little thing. Lol I used to get really angry when people would get upset over Barbie. But then I gained ten pounds and the story changed. I now understand how an insecure girl who thinks she’s over weight (or is) would want Barbie’s unrealistic body. There are already many girls who are actually trying to be exactly like here already. It’s the same as growing up looking at airbrushed, super thin, sometimes anorexic models. I’d like for Barbie to at least be possible (and by possible I mean that it’s possible to be her body size without plastic surgery and things like that). And I don’t really think the realistic one is very pretty… It’s like they’re trying to make her ugly so they don’t have to do that. It might just be in my mind though. I just think they could do much better.

    11. Like someone else aid though, they’re just toys. Why is no one accusing la la loopsie dolls and other similar ones of being unrealistic? They are way more unrealistic than Barbie!

    12. … I would honestly have never suspected Jack short to post something like that. I mean, I’m glad he did, just… I mena, am I the only one that has these moments? It’s like I saw he did, but other stuff I’ve seen him say and do (not just on the show) makes it like “…huh?”
      Anyways! back on the real topic, I’m glad they FINALLY -cough cough- did this. It’ll truly make a huge difference.

    13. I used to play with barbies when i was a kid, and her weight was never an issue for me. HOWEVER, I can very clearly see how it would be a issue for other children, which is why I feel like we shouldn’t just dismiss how Barbie’s weight could be a problem.

      The average weight barbie doesn’t look as polished or as professionally moulded as orginal barbie though- her face just looks off. I’m sure that if Mattel made the ‘average’ weight barbie it’ll look a lot less amateur then this one, but I understand why they wouldn’t want to do so.

      If they changed the size of barbie, then they would need to sell different outfits of different sizes, and skinny barbie’s clothes wouldn’t fit average size barbie. You wouldn’t be able to mix and match them. That means that Mattel would have to make different outfits of different sizes for their different Barbies. Maybe even different sized products- larger handles for purses, larger chairs, bigger houses- This might mean for Mattel that people would be buying more of Barbie’s products, but it also has a great risk of failing. Little girls might not take to a Barbie that looks different from the Barbies that she’s already used too.

      Anyways I think that idea of having Barbies of different sizes is nice, but I doubt Mattel would actually do it.

    14. I actually don’t like the new barbie doll. Barbie is about make believe and I’ve always felt (when I was younger) that their beauty on the inside was shown on their outside. The new barbie to me just doesn’t look right and I won’t buy it for my girls when I have children.

    15. I like the new Barbie doll but I don’t have a clue why they copied everything about the first Barbie but made it fat. IT does not make sense. I played with the first Barbie on the left until I was 10. I kind of wish they made the second Barbie a little earlier than this because I stopped playing at 10 years old. Now I collect porcelain dolls geese!

    16. Personally… the new doll is not attractive. She isn’t happy, her arms are the same thickness (& muscular-ness, but it doesn’t show as well with her wider body type) as a KEN doll’s arms, the same for her legs. I do like her head, because it doesn’t look silly & bloated, but make a Barbie that has just a tiny bit of changes that make it more realistic, not drastic changes. For me, Barbie was a role model (like to help people by being a vet/Dr.), not a beauty standard! Have Mattel say “Barbie should be your role model (Follow your dreams, just like Barbie!) and not your standard of beauty!”
      I think little girls who are still playing with Barbie’s believe in the “beauty inside”, but once they’ve stopped playing with them and are old enough to try to believe Barbie’s body type (emphasis on the chest, tiny waist, heavy makeup, hips, perfect hair) is desirable in the world’s eyes (probably about 10 & up), they’ve already been getting it from about any other place besides Barbie, because they’ve probably already stopped in the first place. If you have a young friend or sister, tell her God made her perfect already, she doesn’t need to look like Barbie.

        • Oh, I just re-read my post. I’m going to post a little more on it.
          Okay, there is nothing bad about being “curvy”, as my friends say. There IS a bad thing about saying “You’re fat” or “You’re too skinny”, though, or feeling you’re not pretty. As a skinny person (but I’m at a healthy weight, which I wish they would realize, but they don’t!) I haven’t had a trouble with Barbie’s unrealistic proportions, but that’s not to say others don’t. I’m not sure people actually do, but if they did, I would be sad for them. A more realistic Barbie is one in another brand, I’m sorry to say. I don’t think Barbie should change that much, if any, but maybe rebrand by saying “You’re not beautiful by the way you look, but the way you dream” or something (because Barbie follows her dreams). Let everyone know that beauty isn’t a tiny waist, and those freakishly long eyelashes! XD

    17. um no offense but i think the other barbie is really weird i mean the whole point of barbie is like a fantasy princess or whatever and i mean a girl can dream right? i know some girls have problems with seeing the perfect barbie and everything but honestly that’s just taking it waaayyyy too far

    18. To be honest, I love how they made that new Barbie! As a little girl, I wasn’t such a big fan of Barbie (I would play with them with my friends since they were more interested in dolls than model cars and stuffed animals). I was bullied a lot for my weight when I was about 8 since I had some baby fat, and Barbie gave me a body to aspire to…I see NOW that like no dog looks like Clifford, no girl looks like Barbie, but that’s a bit hard to think of now in this generation… However, the least they could do to the new Barbie is to make herself look more confident and happy that she now has space for her internal organs xD

    19. Why isn’t the new doll smiling? If it influences girls so much, wouldn’t it influence them to be sad? Just looking at the poor doll makes me sad. A cute little smile would make it just beautiful, and smiles are definitely realistic. 🙂

    20. I like the new doll definitely!!!!!!!! But I think she should definitely smile 😀 And I hope they’d come out with modest clothing. Modesty is fashionable!!! And I hope they make the hands a little more feminine. The way they structured the hands looks a bit little too masculine to me. But its a really good idea to make dolls more like this. (y)

    21. Well, I like it =) It looks better except for the chest…little too masculine. Since the chest area is so wide it makes the head look a little too small. then there are the lips…which look filled with botox. and the arms aren’t very feminine.
      but it’s a cool idea =))

    22. The barbies did have a bad effect on me,I am a big-boned girl,and the barbies were all so perfect that they gave me an improper idea of what beautiful really was. Luckily I came to terms with myself at camp.

    23. I like the idea of the average Barbie, but with her wide-set arms and her joyless face, she looks like she should be wearing an uncomfortable backpack. Otherwise, i think this would be a great toy for girls to play with!

    24. Honestly, I like both dolls. I grew up with barbie. I bought every doll, every outfit, every accessory, watched every movie, and went on her website constantly. And now growing up today I’m a relatively happy person whose content with their body image. It’s just a children’s toy! When kids are playing with Barbies, they’re not thinking, “Oh, I wished I looked like her,” or “Man, I wish I was skinnier!” They want to make Barbie an astronaut, or have a fashion show, or go skydiving. I think if a daughter is struggling with her self-image, the parents need to sit down and talk to her, not blame it on a doll!

      • Those are some really good points, because when I played with Barbie’s, I didn’t think about the proportions of the doll. I thought about the pretty clothes she would wear, or what she would be today. I do think the better proportioned doll is just as pretty as the skinnier doll, but I’m not sure how much it really effects kids thoughts of themselves either way.

    25. When I used to play with Barbies I never actually realized how unrealistically proportional they are. It’s only until I got older that I realized. I think a more proportional Barbie would be nice, though.

    26. The Barbie that is supposed to look like and average girl looks short and fat. Barbie is a doll. Dolls aren’t supposed to realistic in my opinion. If Barbie has to have all the right proportions than I think baby dolls and stuffed animals should too. Otherwise let’s stop hating on how Barbie looks fake. Because the fact is, SHE IS FAKE! She is made of plastic and paint and I love her for who she is. Even if it isn’t realistic.

    27. I have a magazine called SHEteen. It says that if Barbie was an actual woman, she would be 6 foot and weigh 101 lbs. she would hav a 39 inch bust and a 19inch waist and 33 inch hips. she wouldn’t be able to walk because her lower body wouldn’t be able to support her upper body.

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