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    Inspirational story of the week:

    We’ve been talking about bullying lately (you saw the video, right!?). Because it’s an issue that’s important to you and to teens all over, we wanted to share a snippet of a letter a 17-year-old girl wrote to bullies. It doesn’t address anyone in particular, just any teens who pick on others. Check out the first portion below and then read the rest here.

    “Dear bullies,

    I have always wondered why you choose to believe that putting someone else down, would put yourself on top.

    You stand there waiting for another weak prey, someone who you can easily threaten and manipulate. You invest your time and energy into diminishing every ounce of confidence in your target to the point that they feel worthless of themselves.

    It almost seems that ripping someone off of their dignity gives you pleasure.

    You can send out your threats, your messages of hate and use your keyboard as a weapon and your screen as a shield, but behind the words lays a person desperately seeking attention.

    The hurtful words you say and the actions you do are the reason someone today will go home crying, thinking that they are the problem, when in fact you are. You may think that sending a hate message to one person is no big deal, but often that hate will reciprocate into more and more people hurting each other just to relieve their own pain from being hurt. Inside every bully is someone who has been a victim of bullying.

    Many innocent lives are lost because of people choosing to get revenge on others who have bullied them. Suicide rates have risen. Bullying only leads to more bullying.”

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    1. it showed me to stop being scared of other peoples dissaproval there is a kid in my class everyone makes fun of him and he laughs along with it but i join in too because im scared that they will say ooooooo you have a crush on him or something because i dont but still im scared of what this world is gonna say i know i shouldnt be scared but i am 🙁

      • I know it’s cliche, but just be you! 🙂 It’s the hardest thing in the world, but aren’t the hardest things always most worth-while? I’m not saying it’s not a daunting task, but you’ll never regret it. People will always be a problem. Humans were made as social creatures and, believe it or not, were actually made with a pre-programmed need to fit in. Breaking human nature is extremely difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. I suggest starting by getting a group of supportive friends. Build off of that. you and your group start something by wearing what you think you should wear, talking about what you want to talk about, think deeper, discuss the things no one wants to mention, and most importantly, support each other in their opinions and ideas. Start a revolution. Once you lead a revolution, you’ll stop for nothing. 🙂 Just some friendly advice.

    2. I really loved the Tweet and the very last picture. Thanks so much for posting these every week! I really love seeing pictures that are more like the Pintrest image. I’m not as into the light and happy ones that usually come from PI, but I really like ones with quotes or meaningful messages.

    3. I think the biggest problem with bullies is they want others to know their pain without making it obvious that they have any. I can honestly say, and I am ashamed of it, that I was a bully once. The reason I said the things I said was because I wanted the person who hurt me to know how I felt. It was awfully wrong and I’m not a bully anymore, but I do know what they think. There are often a ton of emotions that go into bullying. Emotions we don’t even understand and we don’t know how to deal with, so we decide on what works- spreading the pain in hopes of it lessening. I’ve also been bullied. Being on both ends of the spectrum gives a lot of perspective. My bully was actually younger than me. She would always make fun of my preference to being a loner. It got to the point that I didn’t want to have to go outside for break, or I’d just hang on the outside of a group of people just to look like I wasn’t alone. I never said a word to this girl because I didn’t want to be mean, but then something changed in High School. I was suddenly mean and snippy. I’m happy to say that I changed, but I’m not proud of who I was just last year.

    4. I forgave my bully long ago, we parted with no hard feelings and all…. and i pray for her often. I know that she was never really doing it out of hatred or pure pleasure. my mom thinks she was jealous of my good home life… (which also didnt help my self esteem about having an un-relatable background but…) i loved this letter is so so true and i always pray for both the bully and the bullied!!!

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