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Time Capsule in Boston, “Layaway Angels” and Other Things We’re Talking About This Week

Here’s a quick recap of a few things happening in the country this week.

Millennials likely more pro-life than their parents. A recently released poll, which was conducted over the span of a decade, concludes that Millennials are more likely to be pro-life. It also indicates that the trend is growing. Lila Rose, president of the pro-life group Live Action, stated that technology has played a huge part in this change. “There’s a window into the womb with ultrasound. Just having the look into the womb you can see, even in the first trimester, the early development of the child—you can see the humanity of the child.” Read more about this story.

Time capsule found in Boston. This week a time capsule was removed from the cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House. The capsule dates back to 1795 and is believed to have been placed by influential Revolutionary War figures, such as Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. Before reviewing the contents of the capsule, it will be X-rayed. Read more about this story.

“Layaway Angels” pay off millions of dollars’ worth of Christmas gifts. This holiday season has already seen numerous examples of amazing deeds, including those of the Layaway Angels. This amazing group of individuals visits department stores and pays off the remaining balances on people’s layaway items. Lee Karchawer, founder of Pay Away The Layaway, explained that since he got whatever he wanted for Hanukkah as a kid, he wanted to give back as an adult. Many of the nonprofit groups partaking in the layaway payoff are funded by online supporters. Read more about this story.

What news are you ladies talking about this week?


Which of these recent current events have you been talking about the most?

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