Does Your Family Celebrate Halloween? Things to Consider When Making the Decision

    Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love passing out candy and seeing everyone dressed up in costumes. I love Halloween movies (not the horror movies, but the fun ones like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Hocus Pocus). I’m a grown adult and still dress up for Halloween—this year I’m going to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

    So how did Halloween start and is Halloween safe for Christians to celebrate?

    What we know as Halloween has similarities to a couple of traditions. The oldest tradition celebrated similarly to Halloween was an ancient Celtic tradition called Samhain. Samhain was a pagan celebration that honored the pagan gods of harvest and death. The ancient Celts celebrated with bonfires, feasting and dancing. This celebration took place at harvest time.

    The second tradition that Halloween takes its roots from is a Catholic holiday called All Saints Day, held on November 1. The night before All Saints Day, October 31, is called All Hallows Eve, which evolved into Halloween. All Hallows Eve and All Saints Day were contemplative rather than celebratory. Catholics used this time to remember the saints and to meditate on physical death and eternal life.

    Nowadays, Halloween is mostly for dressing up, trick-or-treating and harvest celebrations like hayrides and festivals. My church holds a harvest celebration every year. We dress up, pass out candy and have carnival booths for games; it’s a fun and safe way for families to celebrate Halloween together and get to know people in the church.

    I grew up in a family that embraced the fun side of Halloween (my dad still buys funny skeletons that sing and dance) and he loves handing out candy. Because of its similarities to ancient pagan celebrations, however, many people believe that celebrating Halloween is wrong for Christians. My advice is to ask your parents what they think.

    Some people have never heard that Halloween evolved from a Catholic holiday, so they assume that Halloween is all about black magic and evil. Try educating people. If they don’t want to listen, then that’s their right. Some people use Halloween as an excuse to experiment with things like Ouija boards, tarot cards and other demonic things. Don’t be drawn in to those! I can assure you from experience that the powers behind those things are as real as you or me and they are dangerous in many ways.

    Before you celebrate Halloween, do a heart check: Why do you celebrate Halloween? I do it because I enjoy dressing up, seeing kids dress up and like any excuse to give little kids lots of candy.

    Please keep in mind that the Bible tells us not to be a stumbling block to other believers; if you do celebrate Halloween, please be safe.


    Be careful, however, that the exercise of your rights does not become a stumbling block to the weak. (1 Corinthians 8:9)


    Do you celebrate Halloween? Does your church have a Halloween or harvest celebration?

    Jenn Arman
    Jenn Arman is a youth pastor, freelance writer and blogger. She was born in San Diego, California and raised 2 hours north east in the Inland Empire where she lives with her husband David and their cats. Jenn desires to bring glory to God and a healthy dose of reality to Christians through both writing and preaching. Visit for more on her work. You can also connect with her on and


    1. I love love LOVE this post! Thank you for an opinion that is not biased! This is what I believe but my parents wont listen… Luckily I am old enough (17, young I know but whatever lol) that my parents let me make my own choices about celebrating. 🙂 And again thank you so much for this!

    2. My mom HATES Halloween with a passion because she believes that it’s a holiday for worshiping Satan, and so she refuses to be involved with anything even slightly related to Halloween. This year, I’m going to be a part of two Halloween parties for the first time in…Well, my whole life! My mom seems fine(ish) with it though. Of course, if she told me that she didn’t want me to go to these parties with my homeschool friends, then I wouldn’t go. I’m just going because I wanna dress up in some whacky outfit and eat candy with my friends! However, I don’t plan on attending any more Halloween parties, because I’d prefer to respect my mom’s opinions and wishes rather than doing whatever I want.

    3. Fact correction: There is no Celtic god of death. A writer in the 18th century incorrectly stated that Samhain was the god of the dead and all other claims of a god of the dead are based off that one writer’s mistake. Samhain was the celebration of the end of summer: From the Scottish Gaelis dictionary definition of Samhain: Hallowtide. The Feast of All Soula. Sam + Fuin = end of summer.

      Much love and best wishes.

    4. As long as you aren’t doing all the black magic stuff, it’s perfectly fine! Get a group of friends together to pass out candy and watch a movie (we love The Phantom of the Opera (the new one) because it’s not scary, but just with a slight eerieness that makes us have a little bit of goosebumps on Halloween night!)

    5. With all due respect, Jenn, “Try educating people?” One cannot educate others when he himself is uneducated.

      From what I have learned, the Celts believed that on this day, evil spirits of the dead would emerge and roam the earth looking to possess bodies of the living. The Celts dressed up as inhuman beings for protection, thinking that the evil spirits would not recognize them as human.

      As Christians, we shouldn’t celebrate Haloween BECAUSE it’s a pagan holiday. God himself is against us associating with/practicing witchcraft. To be true desciples of God, we have to make some tough sacrifices, one of which includes giving up mindlessly celebrating a pagan holiday, unaware or unconcerned of how damaging it is to us.

      Please watch this video:

      There are facts and scripture here that every Christian should know. The truth shall set you free.

      (By the way, I can understand wanting to dress up and hand out candy. I grew up doing that sort of thing. But now that I know what the Word of God says, as well as facts about how Haloween really came about, I’m never going back.)

      • Amataverna is right, Christmas came partly from a Pagan holiday too, does this mean that we should not have Christmas trees because the pagans used this to celebrate their winter solstice and had mythology to go with it? To me, Halloween is just dressing up, carving funny faces in pumpkins, and handing out candy. There’s nothing wrong with that.

        • I think there’s something strange though about celebrating some random day, dressing in odd costumes, eating excessive candy and TRYING to creep yourself/others out, decorated in darkness (the towns/cities I mean)… WHY “celebrate” if there’s nothing to celebrate? I don’t think we’re giving up much. If you want to have a party on halloween and bring candy I think that’s cool but I don’t understand all the cultural aspects of this “holiday”… it’s not a holy-day.

    6. I like seeing people dress up, and I like dressing up, but I only dress up as things like angels, kim possible, and this year penny proud!. My church is having its first(i think) harvest fest this year and I am really excited, It will be fun to play games and fellowship. Thanks for Sharing! Tip: my family is putting bible scripture on the candy we give out with a labeler, Inspiring ones and uplifting ones and and things that talk about staying near God and such:)

    7. Ommmm………. You are forgetting something…. You are forgetting how candy and costumes came about. Actually…. She was right about the Samhaim… But she miss a LOT of things. For example… people would often times set an extra place at the table for a loved one who had died… and it would be filled with candy and other treats. Also… When the Romans concurred the Celts… they passed some of their version of hallows eve over…. thus involving masks to scare away the evil dead. It was also believed that hallows eve was the best night to cast spells because the magic was stronger. Also, it was believed that if you did something bad on hallows eve…. it was because a bad spirit cast a spell on you… * that’s how witches came about* but then the church wanted to overcome the pagan religion… so made hallows eve… just as they have many other Holidays… such a Christmas… and Ester.

    8. i don’t agree that halloween is ok to do. a boook that explains why is called ”Mommy, Why Don’t We Celebrate Halloween?” written by: Linda Hacon Winwood it explains why you shouldn’t do halloween.

    9. I stopped trick or treating before I became a christian(about 2 years ago)but now that I am a Christian I really don’t think Halloween is that great. Yeah, you don’t have to look at the dark side of it but I just don’t think that as christians its really something we should condone in doing. Idk just how I feel. you can watch this video if you want to understand more as to why I feel this way too if you want. It explains alot.

    10. Thank you! I love Halloween as well, and I know that some Christians are opposed to it, but I think it’s wonderful! I’m a Catholic myself, and I think the holiday of All Saints’ Day is a beautiful time to think about special people who have lived in the way Jesus wanted us to. I also find no issue with Halloween, it truly depends on how the person goes about it, which is also how I feel about Twilight and Harry Potter (though I am not a Twilight fan, I appreciate Harry Potter). Thank you for this post and confirming my beliefs! 🙂

    11. Satan is a deciever. Do not fall into his tricks. Why be part of a day that is centered around Satan, witches, witchcraft, demons, fear and everything opposite of what God is? It’s not cute to celebrate Halloween, it’s demonic.

      You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. James 4:4

      Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 5:11

      • Woah woah woah… chill! It isn’t evil…. if you think about it… if you dress in a way that is appeasing to Gods eyes… it is a day just like any other… you just get to dress a little different and get candy!

        • People can deny it all they want. I guess we’ll see if it was ok to celebrate Halloween on judgement day huh? I don’t care if people want to celebrate Satan’s day, it’s their choice, we have free will what bothers me is when people want to go around and say it’s ok and pull people down with them. Halloween is a Satanic holiday that we as Christians should have no part in celebrating. It has nothing to do with God but the opposite. So now you know, your choice if you want to still do it.

        • I agree with Bryna. Daiqui…judgement day? Okay, nobody’s going to hell for dressing up in a fun costume and eating candy. It’s like a univeral dress-up night. The only reason Halloween can be bad is if people start actually WORSHIPPING the devil. And I don’t see devil costumes as particularly attractive, but they’re not EVIL.

      • its only really bad and evil if you go around try to fly on broom sticks or you do actual witch craft like trying to make a potion out of frogs. i dont think people should dress up as devils because thats just wrong or angels because i kinda think that thats mocking God to dress as an angel, unless youre like five and look adorable and have curly blonde hair like shirley temple. you may think its evil, but you shouldnt try to tell other people that its evil.

      • Halloween is not centered around Satan! I mean don’t celebrate it if it makes you uncomfortable, but don’t condemn other people please. I don’t spend my Halloween doing demonic things. I’m dressing up as a character from a video game and going out amassing candy with my sisters.

        • I totally agree with Lilliterra. On Halloween, people don’t think, “oh, I’m going to go and worship the devil now.” Anyway, it’s not your business if other people want to go eat candy and have fun. I’ve celebrated Halloween every year for all my life, and I’m still Christian! Anyway, I always thought Christians weren’t supposed to condemn each other but love our neighbors as ourselves.

    12. LOVE this, it’s great!!!! People have been saying Halloween is Satanic. It’s really not. I just don’t like people saying Halloween is wrong to celebrate all in all, even though most of us celebrate for the right reasons. Thank you 🙂

    13. I think Halloween is fine–in face, I LOVE getting that one night of the year to eat as much candy as I want;) I’ve never really gotten into trick-or-treating though; the idea of walking around in the cold for two hours doesn’t really appeal to me. 😉 Besides, I get all the candy I want at home! 😛
      My family does bring a Christian element into Halloween, though–we hand out tracts (little cute and funny pamphlets about the Bible and Christianity) as well as candy to everyone who comes to our door. I think that’s a good compromise for those who aren’t sure about Halloween. 🙂

    14. I am a little skeptical…Because my mother always said that it’s not christian like to celebrate Halloween. Also, my pastor from my church said it was bad to celebrate Halloween. So what do i do??

      • It’s okay to celebrate it as long as you don’t make Satan the reason that you do. When most Christians hear the word Halloween,they immediately think,”Devil.” Some people focus on Satan,but not all people. Just because you are christian does not mean that you can’t have fun like everyone else. Besides,God doesn’t want us missing out on the fun. He enjoys it when we have fun,but we do it to the glory of him. (1 Corinthians 10:31) So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it ALL for the glory of God.

    15. Here’s another problem: Lots of people grow up trick-or-treating (I did for a long time). And what do you see when you go trick-or-treating? Along with the fairies, and princesses and mermaids, you also see witches and monsters and devils. Am I wrong?

      Not an uncommon sight to see someone dressed up as a witch roaming the streets on Haloween, is it?

      There’s the problem.

      These people and kids who witness Haloween become UNAFRAID OF THESE DARK FIGURES.

      Are they then not more likely to participate in witchcraft and other Satanic activities?

      Think about it.

      Here it is black and white, folks:
      Eiter you a.) agree with the world and disobey God, or you b.) obey God and turn away from the things of the world.

      I want to live a life where God is my foundation. Don’t you? If so, then you really only have one option here.

      Be a light to those who do not know Christ. If you really have a relation with Him, your desire is to do exactly that. You’ll be much more successful at doing so if you stand out from the crowd and refuse to do what the majority does. Believe it or not, this does include how you act on pagan holidays.

      • I think there’s a difference between real magic and pretend magic. As my Dad explained to me: In real life witches are bad, because they use demonic powers. But in pretend, there can be good witches or evil ones. That’s because their magic can come from anywhere at all (or nowhere!) That’s why I don’t take objection to Harry Potter (or Wizard of Oz, for that matter, having both good and evil witches), because it’s thoroughly pretend.
        (pretend)Magic and doers-of-magic appear in several prominent Christian publications, actually, including The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Lord of the Rings.
        Also if you’re going to take objection to the people dressed up as witches, you also have to take objection to the people dressed up as fairies, because fairies do magic.

    16. For me I do go trick or treating I love dressing up in weird costumes and candy. But some things really evil can presume on Halloween I know. But here’s rules I give myself. No demonic costumes (I’m being sue heck from the middle this year xD) No practicing magic to be funny cause it’s not safe and don’t take it as a serious thing. I’m goofy with halloween i dress up walk around with friends getting candy.

    17. I love trick or treating on halloween! Free candy! come on who doesnt love that? I dont know what ill be yet. Maybe dorothy from the wizard of oz. This unfortunately is my last year trick or treating. Sadface… 🙁 I was going to dress as magic mushroom alice but it was too expensive. btw, what are appropriate costumes for us?

    18. I don’t think thiers ANYTHING wrong with Halloween, if you make it something that can be used to reach out to people!
      I mean, if you use it to dress demonically, and scare people, I’m not all for it…If you dress up like someone from the Bible, or another harmless person, I find NOTHING wrong with it.

    19. Halloween is a Satanic holiday and I honestly am shocked to have read this article.. Why would “Christians” celebrate “Satan’s day” as they call it. I want to know how does this article make sense to you?

      • I’d like to know the same thing. In the Bible God clearly warns us to steer clear of witchcraft and other Satanic activities–which is what Haloween was founded on–so wouldn’t any claim from people saying that God himself told them it was okay be completely contradictory to God’s word? What did he say, anyway? “Oh, sure! Go ahead! I don’t mind! Do whatever you want if it’s fun in the moment, even if it fuels the athiests and non-believers and hurts your relationship with me in the long run. No, really, it’s okay! Forget those scriptures in my word that talk about making sacrifices to be my desciple, about taking up your cross and following me–as a matter of fact, just throw out any scripture that you don’t feel comfortable with.”

        Absolutely not.

        I can’t be completely sure, because I can’t know what God does (or doesn’t) tell each and every peerson, but is that really a practical answer?

        I don’t think so.

        Please do not think I’m trying to be rude, because I am not. All I am doing is trying to reveal a covered ditch, and a very dangerous one at that.

        • Guys. Calm down. It’s a childrens’ holiday. Maybe it wasn’t hundreds of years ago, but it is now. Do you really think that something that was once considered evil but isn’t anymore is still evil? I have news for you. The cross, before Jesus died, was a symbol of pain and suffering. Now it is a symbol of joy. Things change.

      • Yah, same here…..Halloween represents everything dark and deadly…skeletons, witches gobletts, scary movies, axe murderers, goblins, witches, and alot of people dress up extremely provacative. So there should be a line drawn BUT many use excuses to celebrate. It’s sad but it’s their choice. Perhaps it won’t send us to hell but why walk in the gray area. Better safe than sorry.

    20. i usually still go trick or treating because i love caney. sadly i have braces so im just going to pass out candy and eat someof it. if you think halloween is a pagan holiday and shouldnt be celebrated but you still want to give out candy because you think some kids might egg or tp your house, you can print out bible verses and tape or staple the candy to them and hand that out. verses like john 3:16 are best because if you just find a random verse from revelations or the prophets like jeremiah and ezekiel, people are gonna think youre weird

    21. Hocus Pocus is a little bad to me…. But it is a good movie. I try to stay away from movies with witchcraft and all that stuff. I’m glad to see an article with fact rather than biased opinion on this website. I wasn’t allowed to celebrate halloween until I was about 12. Even now, I don’t dress up as anything evil. I just throw on my weirdest clothes and strut!! People actually like weird costumes rather than an actual themed costume.

    22. “Everything we see, hear, and read must be examined before the mirror of God’s Word. This is how we discern Truth from error. This is particularly true if something sounds almost right, but is dangerously wrong.” -Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

      Michael Youssef, Ph.D., is the Founder and President of Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef, a worldwide ministry that leads the way for people living in spiritual darkness to discover the light of Christ through the creative use of media and on-the-ground ministry teams. His weekly television programs and daily radio programs are broadcast in 20 languages and seen in more than 200 countries — airing 3,800 times per week. He is also the founding pastor of The Church of The Apostles in Atlanta, Ga.

      The above quote was found here: “The Shack Uncovered” (I highly suggest that you take a look at this page, particularly if you have either read The Shack by Paul Young, or plan to.)

      The above quote can also apply to Haloween.

      Everything we see, hear, and read must be examined before the mirror of God’s Word. This is how we discern Truth from error. This is particularly true if something sounds almost right, but is dangerously wrong.

      We must examine Halloeen before the mirror of God’s Word to discern Truth from error. Celebrating Halloween may sound almost right, but it is dangerously wrong.

    23. My family has always decorated and dressed up for Halloween. But my mom really only does this because she doesn’t want us to feel left out, she doesn’t really want to anymore. But we do and have always had rules: No dressing up as things that represent evil. Like a devil, witches, And so on. No scary decorations. Only happy looking things.
      I still like Halloween but I don’t really feel like it’s right to celebrate it anymore. So I feel that as I get older I’m probably going to grow out of it.

    24. At my first priority at school we talked about how dangerous halloween can be if you have the wrong mindset. I believe that it is all about your motivation and what you are planning to do on this day.I like candy and dressing up and thats why I enjoy halloween. Other than that, it is just another American holiday to me.

    25. Just throwing this out there: For those who believe Halloween is a demonic/pagan, etc. holiday, keep in mind that Christmas could be considered the same thing. If one analyses the origin of “Christmas” it had nothing to do with “Christ”…so Halloween and Christmas, technically speaking, should be on the same boat.

      • true yet it depends on how you label Christmas.. for example my family knows that dec. 25 isnt the exact day of when Jesus was born and we know about the tree and how it is a pagan celebration. Yet we dont celebrate that. we just celebrate that Jesus was born and even though we dont know the date we give thanks to God for sending his one and only son to save us.

      • It’s true that the actual date of the Christmas celebration was, like Halloween, determined by a pagan celebration. Many early believers were converting to Christianity from pagan religions so the church instituted holidays at or around the same time as pagan celebrations to ease the transition of early believers. The date of Christmas was instituted to coincide with the date of the pagan celebration of “yule or yuletide”.

        There are many Christmas traditions that directly coincide with the pagan celebration as Ashley mentioned like Christmas trees and yule logs yet as Christians we have no trouble celebrating Christmas, despite evidence that Jesus was most likely born in the spring time.

        Why then do we consider Halloween as “evil” and Christmas as “holy”? The celebration of holidays really boils down to what you are personally celebrating in your heart. I do not celebrate pagan rituals or beliefs in my heart during either Halloween or Christmas and it’s our heart that God looks at.

        But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

    26. I agree 100%. My mom always felt weird about celebrating Halloween. My brother and I trick-o-treated for a couple years when we were younger (always being things like ballerinas or cowboys, nothing evil.) But as the years went on that feeling in the pit of my moms stomach got worse. She talked to our pastor, who felt that as long as the evil was left out of it, there was nothing wrong with celebrating this holiday. However, even after hearing that, my mom still didn’t feel it was right, so we stopped celebrating. Now, on October 31, we go buy things for the Christmas shoe boxes to send to needy children. This alternative is both a good opportunity to be with the family and do something good for others.

    27. I hate Halloween! It’s too scary and they have too many scary costumes. I mean I would dressing up as a kitty cat is cute, but a zombie? That’s scary. And I went to the Salem Witch Trials in Boston yesterday as a class trip. I saw the satanic sign near the witch posters. I was like ‘satanists’. I know they think it’s all ‘innocent’ but still. I like Christmas, not the superficial present part, but Jesus’ Birthday part. But my favorite secular holiday is Valentine’s Day- it’s about love of course! And my favorite religious holiday is Easter because I love coloring Easter eggs and there is nothing really superficial about it. My family and I go to Church, color eggs, feast on great food. Too bad I’m not Greek- Greeks roast the big lambs for Easter and throw a big party! 😀

    28. Didn’t Halloween have to do with warding off evil spirits? If so how is dressing up like a devil or a witch going to ward off an evil spirit? If you dress up like a good person that evil spirit will scream in terror.

    29. I’m not a supporter but it deals with your own personal convictions. Maybe it won’t send you to hell but better safe than sorry. It’s better to not walk in the gray area as a christian. We were meant to be different than the world. To be a light in the darkness.

    30. I would have to disagree with you, yes things have change and now it is all about the candy and fun costumes..yet again for who are you dressing up? (satan)even if you don’t mean to…one can’t deny that we are in constant battle with the spirit world. even if it is a catholic tradition the bible says “you shall have no other gods before me.. You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God.” why would you want to be celebrating a day which whose roots come from this PAGAN practices? Worshiping satan and all that is evil… Exactly what God didn’t want us to take part of. In Deuteronomy 18 it states, “When you come into the land that the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD. And because of these abominations the LORD your God is driving them out before you.” I bet if everyone knew that back in the day instead of asking for candies they would ask for children or virgins to be beheaded or burn alive to be a sacrifice they will think twice of continuing going out… Things might be different, but overall they are still the same. I just turned 18 yet it is obvious to me what the bible has to say about this.

      • Sorry I just have a few questions. Where are you getting your information? You said that instead of asking for candy they would ask for people to behead. I looked up where the origin of trick or treating came from, and I never once saw this. Most sources said that trick or treating came from the practice where poor people would go from door to door begging for treats in exchange for songs or prayers said for dead people in the family. As for burning human bones in Halloween bonfires, I didn’t find that either. What I did find was that to honor the Celtic gods each village would light a huge fire and burn the bones of animal and crop sacrifices. I only found that there were animal bones in the fire. Trick or treating in the pagan version of the holiday I found came from either kids going around asking for kindling and stuff for the big bonfire, or possibly witches going around stealing things from people. Of course, those two possibilities I only checked one source so please factcheck me. Jack O Lanterns came from either witches putting candles inside skills to light the way to where they were doing to do witch stuff (which is quite disturbing) or more likely came from the legend of a guy named Jack who tricked the devil into going up a tree and trapped him up there by carving a cross into the tree trunk. Jack made the devil swear to never take his soul. So when Jack died, he wasn’t allowed into heaven because he was selfish and a drunk, but the devil refused to take him also. Anyways somehow Jack had a turnip and the devil threw a coal at Jack when he was walking away and Jack put the coal into the turnip and carried it around the earth looking for a place to go. Also the thought that demons roamed around villages- I read that too but I found that this was the reason why people dressed up as demons, to trick the demons into thinking they were one of them and leaving them alone. When the Catholics created All Souls Day on modern day Halloween, wealthy churches would display relics and whatnot from saints, while poor churches would have everyone dress up as saints, Angels, and demons and act things out or parade around the church in their costumes. I checked multiple sources and I never found anything about human sacrifices. Also, many Christian holidays coincide with pagan holidays. For example, Christmas was around the same time as a Roman pagan holiday I believe. I don’t care if you don’t celebrate Halloween, I just do it as an excuse for candy and having out with friends. I would just like to know where you were getting your information, as none of the sources that I checked even mentioned most of what you mentioned. Also, if anything I said is incorrect, please tell me, I wouldn’t want to be spreading around false information. 🙂

    31. Halloween is satanic, its the day when the most satanic rituals are done and everyone looks at it as a fun day. but it is the same thing, yall are still going with the flow. even if you are not the one doing demonic things you are still giving that day to honor the devil and we as christians should not participate in that..the bible says we have to be the light in the darkness of this world. different than this ungodly world. but i guess its up to yourself to celebrate it or not but just remember that you are free to make your own choices but you are not free from the consequences of those choices..if you dont want to listen then okay but when judjment day comes you might regret it..isnt it better to be safe than sorry? im just saying.


      No offense, but it sounds to me like you’re the one who isn’t educated on the history of Halloween. People don’t believe it’s evil because it came from a Catholic holiday. They believe it’s evil because it came from the pagean holiday you mentioned, Samhain. The Catholic holiday was created by people to attract the peagans. They changed the peagan holiday and tried to change it to something Christian. I don’t believe that God would appreciate that. Of course, we want to ssy the easy, politically correct thing and say it’s ok, but i don’t believe it is. I mean, what the benefit, really? the Spiritual benefit? It’s just another thing that causes you to blend in with the rest of the world.

      • I hate to break it to you Halloween haters, but many of our Christmas and Easter traditions come from pagan festivals and holidays. Giving gifts at Christmas, decorating trees, feasting–that comes from the Roman Saturnalia festival, which happened during the month of December. Decorating eggs, eating candy, having bunny and chick imagery around during Easter–those are part of old pagan fertility celebrations. When Christianity became a more dominant religion, authorities combined the old festivals with stories about Christ to help spread Christianity but still let the people keep their fun holidays. This is what happened with Halloween too.

        So if you refuse to celebrate Halloween because of its “pagan” origins, you should also stop celebrating Easter and Christmas. Or, you could just celebrate all these traditions and have fun.

    33. I am very sensitive to scary things, so Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday. But my family and i find ways to enjoy it in our own way! We have a Halloween party with some of our cousins, with crafts, movies, games and candy. And my brother and i help out our church with the “Halloween outreach”- giving out free hot dogs and hot chocolate to cold trick-or-treaters!

    34. If I may add something: Yes, it did evolve from a catholic holiday, but there is a very dark side to the holiday. Where did Jack-O-Lanterns come from? Answer: When Halloween rolled around, people believed the devil released an evil spirit to each village. To deal with this problem, they would sacrifice a young man, and boil off his fat. The fat would be turned into a candle. The candle was placed in a hollowed out pumpkin or gourd with a carving of the man’s face on it. They believed that only a spirit could deal with a spirit, so that is what they did. Trick or Treating came from actual evil mediums who would disguise themselves and go from house to house. If you did not appease them, they would curse your family with real spirits. I enjoy Halloween too, but I go to a harvest party at a church in my city. Not disagreeing with you, but people do need to know the whole story, gruesome as it is.

      • In addition to my previous comment: After ‘dealing with’ the evi spirit, they would have feast around a bonfire. Where did the word bonfire come from? Bone Fire. Yes, the young man’s bones were used to make fires, and the fire would last for hours. Bonfires now are made from wood or animal bones.

    35. Someone asked one of my Bible teachers this question before. He asked for us to raise our hand if we called upon demons and give sacrifices to Satan during this time, and no one raised their hand. Then he said, “How many of you do it to get candy? (Everyone’s hand went up) Then you’re fine.”
      I thought it was really funny, but also true! (:

    36. You guys know how Christmas and Easter are the main holidays that Christians celebrate? Well guess what the main satanic holiday is according to the author of the satanic bible? Nope, not Halloween. Give up? Your Birthday! I think the reason for this is that satan wants you to take your focus off of God and place it on your self. He doesn’t necessarily want us to worship him, he wants us to not worship God.

    37. I have never thought twice about Halloween being a Satanic holiday, but now that I am aware of it, through all of these posts and comments, I really do think that Halloween should be avoided. I’m not saying that anyone who celebrates it is wrong;I’m just saying that that is what I believe and it is what God told me when I prayed to Him. But, here’s my question: If I am choosing to not celebrate and not participate in this holiday, then how do I tell my parents? How do I get them to understand that I am not taking this “Jesus thing” too seriously. Because that’s what I’m known for with family and friends- taking my faith too seriously.

    38. Thank you for this! People think it’s ironic that I’m Christian and born on Halloween. I’m very glad I can now contradict that. 🙂
      I’ve never celebrated Halloween but for what it is- dressing up, the candy, and my birthday. It’s a very fun day of the year!

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