TODAY’S HOT TOPIC: Be Sober-Minded and Watchful! Recreational Marijuana Now Legal in Two States

    Girls, many laws came into fruition as a result of this week’s election. One of the most controversial was the legalization of recreational marijuana in both Colorado and Washington.

    While many fans of this law were pleased with the results, others are concerned, including us at Project Inspired. Drug abuse already is a huge problem in our society–will the legalization of recreational marijuana make it worse? Do you think the new law encourages smoking to get high?

    In the short-term, marijuana causes a slanted sense of time, anxiety, depression, paranoia, dreamlike thoughts and short-term memory loss. It’s also considered a gateway drug because it instills a sensation that many users want to prolong and enhance, which usually can’t happen without stronger drugs.

    As Christians, we need to be respectful of our bodies and careful about what we put into them!

    Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? (1 Corinthians 3:16)

    There also are known long-term effects of sustained marijuana use. Not only is it addictive, but it decreases the function of the immune system and the brain. Additionally, because it alters your mental state, it can make users behave aggressively or irrationally.

    Now that two states have made recreational marijuana legal, more states surely will follow suit. So we call upon you ladies to guard yourselves and respect your bodies and minds!

    Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8)

    Ladies, how do you feel about marijuana becoming legal in two states? Do any of your friends smoke it?

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    1. I live in Colorado. My biggest fear is that it’ll make the economy even worse than it already is, not to mention that there’s a chance that it’ll decrease the tourism industry – if I didn’t live in Colorado, I know for sure that I wouldn’t come to a state that legalized marijuana. Sadly, I have a friend that’s happy about this law, so the only thing left for me to do is pray for him.

    2. I get what your concerned with but honestly i am completely fine with it being legal. The government has absolutely no right to come in and tell us we cant smoke marijuana. Not to mention their our medicines out their that are just as harmful for you. Yes i dont think people should smoke marijuana but that does not mean the government should tel us not to. Besides people still do it anyway. So while i get your concern about this i think that the government had no right in the first place to make it illegal. 🙂

    3. Um…you totally neglected its medicinal uses. I totally support issuing prescriptions for people with serious physical pain. My little old grandmama is suffering from breast cancer, and you’re going to tell her she’s wrong to want to alleviate her pain without taking a ton of pills?!

      I’m going to admit that I smoked twice. I felt great; it really helped with my anxiety issues. However, I didn’t find the high worth the trouble. My job, my standing with the law, and my budget are more important than a couple hours of ephemeral bliss.

      My argument for legalization is that if it’s legal, we can regulate it the same way we do alcohol and cigarettes. Yeah, kids still get their hands on those other things illegally, too, but at least they wouldn’t be giving money to Mexican drug cartels and footing the bill for violent drug conflicts.

        • Which seems to work fine in Europe because they understand moderation. Prohibition has just made Americans gluttons for the stuff. If it had been legal in the first place, we probably would be just fine and using it safely. But that’s a “what-if,” and those don’t make a decent argument whatsoever.

        • That’s like saying legalizing gay marriage will open the door to marriage to one’s pets, which is an absurd argument. I think your cannabis “facts” are a little skewed by propaganda. It doesn’t affect your brain quite so much after a you’ve reached a certain phase in your body’s development, the same as alcohol. Its effects on the brain have been proven to be less destructive on the adult brain in comparison to a kid smoking throughout high school. That’s why I think it should be treated the same as alcohol. Cocaine and heroin are much more habit forming and damaging on the body and family life than cannabis, and they should be kept out of our daily life. Then again, people do harmful things to themselves all the time, with or without the government’s approval. It’s a nice idea to think we can protect them from themselves, but that’s not very realistic.

        • how would that fund cartels? drug dealers are now out of a job. it’ll be regulated and sold in dispensaries eliminating the violence from the cartels (with the exception of the hard drugs, coccaine, herioin, etc.)

        • The thing about it though PolkaDot, is all you have to do to obtain “medical marijuana” is go to the doctor’s office, tell them you have problems with “anxiety”, and they’ll perscribe it to you right then and there! And that’s just not RIGHT!!!!!!!

      • I think that your thinking about the medical marijuana act which is completely different than the recreational act. And I don’t want to be offensive or anything but there is no way you can use marijuana safely, its bad for you and your body. I really hope your grandma gets better though.

        • I really appreciate the prayers for my grandmama; this is her second bout with cancer, but the chemotherapy treatments had no effect. She only has a couple more months, but she’s the sweetest lady I’ve ever known and she’s been a Christian for almost all of her life. While I’m sad she won’t be here anymore, it is a comfort to know she will be leaving a world of pain to be with Christ. <3

      • When I was really little (5 – 8) my biological father got me high me high of these kinds of drugs(if you are ever at a party don’t eat brownies). I even then, because I was very disturbed from the verbal abuse my father I had extreme anxiety. I now have PTSD. I felt great for a while until I well uh…fainted and woke-up the next day. These drugs deceive you this fake happiness is fleeting..God’s joy is everlasting. I am worried people like me (I will never do drugs, but I mean high anxiety people) will be in bondage to this drug. If young adults get this kids will get it! This happens all the time already, with it being illegal.

    4. Most of my friends are excited about it being legal. I don’t live close to either states, and i would never use the drug anyways, but i don’t know how i feel about it being legal. Since it’s not currently affecting me, i don’t care.

    5. I live in Colorado and I was so angry when I heard that Amendment 64 was passed. People are literally so blind that they think Marijuana is the best drug and now that it’s legal they can do it without hiding. No matter how many times I tell them what marijuana does to the body, they don’t believe me or just ignore my comments. It’s quite sad how nieve and arrogant people have become.

    6. Marijuana isn’t nearly as hard on the body as cigarettes and alcohol. It is God made, and I personally don’t have any problems with it. It doesn’t kill people, nor does it make that person bothersome toward other people. I wouldn’t even really consider it a drug. Yes, it does influence a person’s behaviors and makes them act a little different, but the most it does is make someone hungry. It doesn’t rot teeth, kill your body, or make you violent. I don’t see the big deal in this, and I think that it should be legal everywhere since alcohol and cigarettes are. In the early to mid 1900’s people were freaking out just like this when they were legalizing alcohol. It will all be legal one day, and we won’t even think anything of it 10-20 years from now.

    7. I’m taking Psychopharmacology right now, which is the study of how drugs work and their effects on behavior. I’m saddened to see that many of the facts presented in this article are inaccurate. The only reason that marijuana was outlawed in the first place was because lawmakers associated it with the Hippie movement in the 1960’s. The Controlled Substances Act which made marijuana illegal was signed into law in 1970. Marijuana was scheduled as a Schedule 1 drug. Schedule 1 drugs are defined as having no federally approved medical use and are highly addictive and have a high dependence potential. This is false. Marijuana is less addictive than caffeine is, and many people use it for anxiety disorders and relief from cancer symptoms. This is a federally approved medical use, many states have laws in place where people can get a prescription for medical marijuana. Now, I’m not saying go out and get high. I’m also not saying that it’s completely healthy to smoke marijuana. We always need to be careful what we’re putting into our bodies. It probably isn’t a good thing for Christians to do because of the negative connotations smoking marijuana has in society. What I’m saying is that if people need it for medical uses, such as anxiety disorder or relief from cancer symptoms, I think it’s great that they can find relief from their symptoms through marijuana. Additionally, I think making it legal will take some of the “novelty” out of the situation it gives for adolescents. They won’t be tempted to do something “illegal”. Additionally, it is not known whether marijuana is a “gateway” drug. There are many other factors that contribute to teens using drugs other than just using marijuana. Two of the studies I looked at quickly show that delinquency and other stress and life experiences contribute more to teens using other gateway drugs than just their experiences with marijuana. (Van Gundy and Rebellon, 2010, and Tarter, Vanyukov, Kirisci, Reynolds, and Clark, 2006).

    8. I live in Holland and weed is legal here and i hate it! its disgusting, iv’e seen a lot of people stoned in broad day light walking past me, and the smell is disgusting too, its a soft drug and it makes you stupid, even in children in my school back in the day would smoke during breaks…ughh i hate this country..

    9. It’s going to be regulated and taxed. There are provisions against having too much of it and against “drugged driving”. And really, if it’s all fine and legal to have alcohol and tobacco, I don’t see the huge issue.

    10. I have a few issues with the post. First, I don’t smoke often, but I have friends that do, and from my personal experience and theirs, plus hundreds of studies, that Marijuana use does not cause paranoia, short term memory loss, and depression on its own, that happens in concurrence with other issues, usually mental.

      Secondly, Marijuana has been proven to have many health benefits! Recent studies have shown that it can slow the growth of, and even fight back cancer growth, it is a remarkable pain killer, and can also be used as a appetite stimulant.

      Lastly, legalization doesn’t really mean anything. If kids want to get high, a law isn’t going to stop them. Also, if alcohol and cigarettes are both legal, which both do irreparable damage to the body (marijuana does very little, if that), why isn’t marijuana legal everywhere? It would theoretically stimulate the U.S. economy, cut the amount of non-violent offenders in jail drastically, and would lead to a lowered crime rate, everyone wins!

    11. Here’s the deal. I agree that recreational Marijuana use is a bad idea. It’s not illegal to cause physical harm to myself with a knife, but as soon as drugs are in the picture it is illegal?? I could take a knife from my kitchen drawer and start cutting myself. Is it a good idea? No. Would I do it just because it’s not illegal? NO! The problem lies in whether or not the government should have the right to control what we do to (or put into) our bodies. Does the government have the right to control that or is it a choice that each individual must make for him/herself?
      Also, just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean that there will now be a big rush of people who are going to start using marijuana. The only difference is the people who have used even when it was not legal now can use without getting fined or arrested. In that case, the prisons (which run on government funding or taxpayer money) will have more room for people who commit REAL crimes (like murder).

    12. I don’t even smoke but I think it should be legal everywhere.
      If I ever got very sick I would smoke weed every day. I’m happy that this nation is slowly moving forward with legalizing weed in some states and gay marriage.

      This article sounds like an after school DARE group. People should be able to drink/smoke whatever they like if they’re responsible

      • Agreed. If it were legal and my meds didn’t warn against smoking of any kind, I’d probably partake on occasion, but never when it would interfere with my commitments (work/family/etc.) I have serious anxiety issues, and the time I did smoke, it really calmed me down.

        There’s nothing wrong with partaking of worldly pleasures as long as it doesn’t become a dependency issue. =^_^=

    13. I’ll admit that I don’t know that much about marijuana and its possible uses towards medical problems, but when it comes down to it I think we need to question how good this could be or end up for our country. I agree that the government should not be telling us what or what not to do. Less government would be awesome, but we are already at that point in our country where the government does that anyway. Look at separation of church and state, and the bills that force people through taxes to pay for abortions despite their religious beliefs or morals on that issue. As Christians we need to honestly stand for something. I’m not saying that because the government controls some aspects means they should have more control over others. I’m just saying that it would be awesome if we, as Christians, could have just as much passion towards stopping the government from interfering in our religious lives, not only over secular matters on marijuana.
      Secondly, I think that what our culture is seeking is that ultimate “thing” that will get them past the pain, the emotional hurt, the heartache, maybe social awkwardness, and any other problem they face to get on and make it to the next day. This is why I have a problem with smoking and alcohol too. Too many people use these things as a quick fix to their problems or instant gratification that makes them feel good at that moment. Maybe they drink to feel better about themselves, maybe it’s as simple as to lighten the mood at a party so they don’t feel as awkward and they can be more themselves. But what is this saying? As a Christian I admit its hard to go through tough situations in this life, but if I were to go to something else to make me feel better (and I’m not talking on a physical medical level here where marijuana might be useful, I’m talking about emotionally/psychologically), if I were to seek these instant gratifications it would be like me saying to God, ” Hey, I’d rather take these substances to fix/or help me or make me happy, not you, but thanks for asking.” Would we really do this to God? That’s why this shocks me. This can’t be forced on people though, it’s ultimately their decision what they do with their lives. But as Christians we are suppose to be a light and salt of the earth. We are supposed to represent something better to this world. That’s why I think it’s dangerous to be saying that it’s ok that people use marijuana. Again I don’t think we should or can force people out of taking it if they want to, and Again I am speaking from the perspective if they use it as a recreational drug to get high, not if they actually need it for something more serious like cancer which is a medicinal usage. We should, however, represent HIM by saying hey, I’ve got a High, thats the best high out there and his name is Jesus. He is the ultimate high, and the ultimate fixer of any situation.

      • That’s generalizing a bit. I’m of-age, and I drink. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually been drunk, and those times were accidental (champagne really sneaks up on you). I say this to point out that not everyone who drinks does it to get drunk or “loosen up.” There are those of us who have a glass of wine to accompany a meal because it has a pleasant flavour, or have a cocktail in the evening because it’s tasty. Drinking and smoking are not bad in themselves; excess is the only thing to be avoided.

        • I honestly did not mean to offend. I can understand your point of view, that you drink it because you think it tastes good. I definitely did not mean that everyone who drinks alcohol does it to try to forget themselves or “loosen up”. You seem reasonable that I’m sure you probably are safe with how you drink alcohol. And I don’t think is says in the bible anywhere, thou shall not drink any alcohol 🙂 I have lots of people in my family who drink, but I have lots of alcoholics in my family as well. I have a few friends who are addicted to drugs as well, not saying that marijuana has this affect. I meant mainly that that’s when using these substances, like marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs becomes a problem. I think more people, more than they would like to admit, use stuff to try to deal with life, and that’s what I think is sad and dangerous. I guess my comment was more of questioning why we should agree/ even promote that marijuana is such a good thing when we have a much better solution, God. As Christians, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could tell the world the spiritual high we get from God? I should have focused more on marijuana, sorry for going off on an alcohol tangent, didn’t mean to offend any of age who drinks. Lots of love 🙂

      • (Not offended AT ALL)

        The alcohol was a bit of a tangent wasn’t it…I meant to use it as an example of substance use without substance abuse. =^_^=

        Personally, I think that the key word here is “recreational” not “habitual.” When something becomes a habit, an addiction, or use to excess, then it becomes substance abuse. Some people are genetically susceptible to addiction, no matter what the substance is (food, television, alcohol, cannabis, etc.); that’s why I’m very careful when I drink (never when I’m by myself, and never when I’m upset). When you use worldly things to deal with life, then it’s a problem; if you’re just having fun, it shouldn’t be a big deal unless your “fun time” is interfering with your commitments and responsibilities. Just like we ought to teach our kids to be responsible with drinking, sex, and other stuff, we can still teach them to be responsible with cannabis. That’s just my opinion.

    14. Yeah, kids can smoke weed with or without this law, but because of laws like this being existent, which are now broken, they would’ve had something to be hesitant about if faced with the pressure from kids to try it out. Like more kids in Washington or Colorado may not feel scared about the law any more, and that will make their decision to join their friends much more easier. The use of recreational marijuana should not be permitted. I’ve had friends and went to school with kids who smoke it, and let me tell you, it DID affect their behaviour. No to mention, it STINKS! The smell reminds me of skunk. Sadly, where I live, my city is the pot-smoking central which “apparently” has the best pot to smoke. The smell bothers me so much, like I have a hard time breathing.

        • And btw, I’m not saying the government needs to have the law up to scare people, but more to give them something to think about before buying the weed. I’d have to think some people might say to themselves, “If I buy this, I could be breaking the law.” But now there’s no law for that, so I think this could increase the chances of more kids and adults getting at it.

    15. can i ask you a question? have you ever smoked? if not you shouldn’t be claiming that it causes “anxiety, depression, paranoia” because in reality it doesn’t. almost everyone i know smokes on a daily-weekly basis and not one of them expirences any of that .really? you really think it causes you to be “aggressive” oh my gosh lmao. it makes you the complete opposite. it makes you chill. please get your facts right before you talk trash about one of God’s greatest creations.

    16. It is ridiculous how bad America is getting. Legalizing weed and other drugs is outrageous. It shows that the end is near, just like the days of Noah. Its awful. Hopefully, people are smart enough to not buy it.

      • How bad America’s getting?! It’s getting GREAT! Four states have recently legalized gay marriage, the misogynists are getting booted from Congress, and we didn’t get stuck with Romney and Ryan for four years! =^^=

        • Eurydice, I was so discouraged when I read your comment. I am very proud that my state, (North Carolina) made gay marriage permanantly illegal. As, a Christian, I believe homsexuality is wrong and unbiblical. (Scripture Refernece:1 Corinthians 6:9 ) Also, I support Romney/ Ryan because they support LIFE! As in, they don’t support abortion.I actually cried when I found out Obama won. It is so discouraging to see so many Christians blinded by Obama’s lies. Also Drugs can really effect people in terrible ways. Many lives have been lost, not lives of drug users, but innocent victims in DUI cases and other similar situations. Drugs are very dangerous. I feel you are very ignorant and uninformed about the things of which you speak.

        • actually, I’d say its an extremely big deal, if people want to act like idiots and get high all the time and grow up stupid with impaired brains from all the garbage they’ve put in their body, then thats their choice. But I really don’;t think thats treating your body like a temple. You will never be able to say that drugs cause more good then harm, ever!

    17. So, I noticed that a lot of people have been saying that the person who wrote this article did not do her research. After seeing that, I decided that I wanted to go and see who was right. Well, this website ( pretty much says that she is correct. From what I read, the drug may cancel itself out as medication, for it could very well worsen the very things it’s supposed to be treating, as well as causing new problems. People say that marijuana is “the safest drug” out there. That is incorrect. Marijuana actually has 50-70% more tar in it than a regular cigarette!

      And those are purely medical reasons that maybe recreational marijuana use is not a good idea. I have other reasons for not wanting it for ME personally. It’s messing with how God made you– none of those chemicals really belong in your body, and your body wasn’t really made to handle those. So why do it?

      • that test, like many of them is false. when they did that study they burned the entire cannabis plant, causing a ton of tar. when actually, you only smoke the bud, resulting in a third of the tar as ciggerettes.(:

        • Well, you learn something new everyday. Like I already said, I have my personal reasons for not wanting to smoke ANYTHING, even if it’s supposedly ‘safer.’ And because I do not know you or really anyone else who smokes, I can’t decide for you. I’m not sure the government really should either, but what else is the government going to do if not that? ;P

    18. I think that legalizing marijuana is bad because it allows people to freely smoke it and yet its legalization can ruin the economy.
      I live in California and I know that it could ruin the economy especially in Northern California where tons of people grow it illegally and sell it and make their living from that. If it was made legal the prices would dramatically plummet and all those people would be out of a job and money. Marijuana is hugely important for the economy there.

    19. All I know is that weed makes you stupid. It slowly kills off your brain cells. I have cousins who do this stuff and it’s not cool. Marijuana is natural, yes? So is sugar but too much of it is bad for you.

    20. I love this post because I was incredibly shocked that this even happened. My fear is that this will become so part of the “norm” that we won’t remember why it was so harmful and that our society will endure more danger because of the side effects that can prove to be harmful to others. I am praying for our country because I see just how harmful and unwise we are being….

    21. Honestly, I think that it should be illegal. I know that there are many arguments on why it should be legal an many why it should be illegal. My take is strictly based on the Bible. The Bible says to be sober minded. We should never let anything control is whether it be marijuana, alcohol, or even worse drugs. They all inhibit or ability to think even though its usually just temporary. The Bible doesn’t say be sober minded part of the time. It means be sober all the time. It also tells us not to be a stumbling block. By allowing people to get that temporary high we are causing others to stumble which is wrong. We are supposed to stand up for what is right. We shouldn’t sit back and not care or not have an opinion. We need to get out there and shine the lift of Jesus a stand for him.

    22. I live in Washington, and I am very upset about the recent legalization. People say that the state economy will benefit from the revenue of marijuana sale, since supposedly it will be regulated. However, that regulation is going to be difficult; I know marijunana use is going to become more rampant. Also, the state is going to have to pay more now in order to the funds that are needed to regulate it.

    23. I recently did a research paper and a speech on the subject of marijuana for recreational use. While I do not agree with the practice of getting high, I found that the benefits that legalizing it has for this country far outweigh the negative aspects. Gang violence is a huge problem and most of this violence is caused by trafficking marijuana. Also, minors can so easily access marijuana that we might as well just hand it to them. If it is regulated it will not be available to those under 21. I also don’t agree with getting drunk and stuff like that but we saw exactly how well alcohol prohibition worked back in the day. We have already lost the war on drugs. IN order to keep the youth of our country safe from marijuana and the violence caused by it, we need to legalize and REGULATE it.

    24. Honestly I think that legalizing Marijuana is the worst thing to do because I think it is like telling teens to get high and now they don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the law because of it. It is making the soceity look bad so to speak because, you shouldn’t want to smoke marijuana for “fun” becasue eventually it wioll ruin your body and you will age faster and cant get those years back that you wasted getting high.

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