TODAY’S HOT TOPIC: Do Movies Like “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” Lead Teens to Experiment with Vampirism and Wicca?

    Christian producer and author Steve Wohlberg warns that the Harry Potter and Twilight books and movies are damaging to teens because they glorify dark themes, such as vampires and witches.

    In both stories, dark characters are presented in a positive light, he says. Additionally, teens are attracted to these dark characters and their cultures, and as a result, interest in Wicca and vampirism is increasing, Wohlberg says.

    The reality is that teens who are involved in mesmerizing entertainment that are saturated with occultism an making occultism look positive, there is just a lot of people who are getting lured into the real things, and that is a very dangerous trip (Steve Wohlberg, Christian Post).

    This theory reminded me of when the first Twilight came out. There were some news stories about kids pretending to be vampires in school–one principal even sent letters home informing parents that there were no vampires in his school.

    Wohlberg also says:

    Our society in many ways is so secular, we have taken God out of so many things. In the public schools there is very little reference to God at all. So kids are looking for something powerful, something supernatural, and occultism is bombarding them on television and through novels and through movies. There is just a lot of occultism that is out there.

    Do you agree with Wohlberg’s theory?

    Do you believe that movies like Harry Potter and Twilight lead young teens to be more curious about, learn more about and even experiment in Wicca and vampirism?

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    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. I love Harry Potter and I liked the Twilight books…not the movies though..they are kind of cheesy. I think if you enjoy it on the level of a good story then it’s okay. And in some ways Harry Potter actually taught me ways to follow Christ more. I learned to always be myself and to fight for what I love. I am a Christian and I fight for Jesus. Do some people take it to far? Yes! But not everyone does and it can all be good entertaining fun.

      • I love Harry Potter and I’m a self professed “Harry Potter Nerd” and Hufflepuff but most importantly I love Jesus and God!!! Let me tell ya, you ask me any question about the El Harry Potterio series I could tell you the answer right off the bat!! Harry potter has tought me incredible and extremely valuable lessons to being a good human being but most of all about being an intelligent and independent young lady!! I understand how you can see how people can take it to the next level but trust me there more people that don’t!!! Truthfully, like I heard at a Christian Confrence this summer SATAN HAS NO POWER OVER US, ONLY THE POWER WE GRANT TO HIM!! This isn’t satan work, it can be if you make it!!! As the author JK Rowking put it ” it was an idea sent fom god”!! You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or even it name!! Take a chance on the book, it will change your life!!

        • I totally agree with this. I’m a Gryffindor and a diehard Potterhead, so most people assume that this means I dabble in Wicca, but it’s the totally opposite! Harry Potter has brought me closer to God than almost any other book I’ve read because of the values that JK Rowling instills in it. It’s made me a better person altogether, because it’s made me realize the power of a true friendship and of love.

      • I agree with you! I think that the Twilight books are damaging to young girls for other reasons, but Harry Potter is actually good for kids, as long as people dont use it as an excuse to get into the dark stuff. The magic in Harry Potter is just a sideshow. It is a tool to propel a good bildungsroman (coming of age) story, as well as the classic good versus evil struggle. It is just like the tales of King Arthur, Merlin, and Camelot. The stories take the hard truths of the more, dramatize them, and and magic to make them more exciting. Struggling against evils, friendships, sacrifice, growing up, hard choices, doing what is right- these are the real themes of the stories.

    2. I think that Harry Potter has more positive things than the Twilight series. The above poll either let’s me state that I’m one way or the other; love the two series or hate them. But I think that it depends on the person reading them. I’ve read both series and seen the movies and personally I think that the Harry Potter books are absolutely fine as long as people realize that they aren’t real. They’re books. That’s the point; they are meant to give you a good story and teach you some good lessons. Harry Potter helped me learn some important things and it has some really great morals. Twilight can be questionable at times, but honestly it’s not the books that are bad, it’s how people deside to respond to them and act after they’ve read them.

    3. I know that I personally have not been allowed to read either book or watch any of the movies that accompany them. I may decide, when I’m older, to read Harry Potter, because I have heard that it is actually a very well-written piece of literature, and although I won’t be taking the witches and magic stuff to heart because it does not align with the Bible, I think it would be interesting to look for Christian themes and elements in there, even if they were unintentional. God has ways of “sneaking” into things that people aren’t looking for Him in…

      Twilight, on the other hand, I probably will never watch of read. I have heard some people who liked it, and some people who hated it, and some people who were ambivalent. But I do know that Twilight, at least from my stand-point, has very few redeeming factors. Bella is a HORRIBLE role-model, and at least from the trailers I’ve seen, I think she would irk me. (The fact that she just lets people trample on her, and she is [I think] pushing what’s-his-name to have sex with her kinda bugs me!) Then all of the sexual and suggestive content, as well as the freaky vampirism aspect put together, I just don’t think I will read or watch it…

      Plus, I like to go the opposite of the rest of the crowd. And since a lot of people have been all hyped about Twilight, I would enjoy saying no. ;D

    4. I love Harry Potter! I’m a not a huge fan of Twilight though…Twilight is a pretty dark series, there’s not very many positive things about it. Harry Potter is a great series, one of my all-time favorites. It’s obvious that it’s fictional, and it has lots positive things about it.

    5. My family doesn’t read Harry potter, or Twilight, nor do we watch either of the movies. The Harry Potter books where written by a witch so, in my logic, that means there is something wrong with it. And twilight has vampires. It is about two teen boys fighting over a teen girl, for crying out loud!! Do you really think that is something that uplifts the Lord? In my opinion I don’t see how it can, in either movies. Vampires are bad. Twilight doesn’t portray Edward as bad. Witchcraft is evil and against God. Harry Potter is full of Witchcraft. Not saying I am right but this is how I see it. And my family doesn’t do vampires or werewolves, period.

      • J.K. Rowling is not a witch. No idea where you got that from. How is Harry Potter any different from fairy tales except its for teens? Fairy tales are full of “witchcraft” like in Sleeping Beauty, there is a bad witch, and then three good (fairies, that use magic so i’m calling them witches) Good overcomes evil. Its called imagination. Its a fictional story, which means we know its not true. In Harry Potter good overcomes evil.

        • Exactly! @Midnight There are a lot of positive things about Harry Potter. Harry gives up his life to save others. Harry is loyal to his friends, Dumbledore gives extremely wise advice, and Harry and his friends use their magic for good, not evil. Its just a story. When I read the books, I was thinking, “this is a really good book!” Not, “Oooh magic is so cool, I wanna be a witch too!!!”

          “Dark and difficult times lie ahead. Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy. But remember this, you have friends here. You’re not alone.” – Dumbledore

        • @Caitlinleigh, thats true! there are some swearing in the book, but thats different. It wasn’t as if the witches and wizards needed to worship the devil or anything to get their magic. They were born like that, it was a normal thing in their world. There were good and bad and Harry Potter focused on teaching good.

          I love that quote 🙂

        • My mom told me she is a witch. I am just going off of what my mother told me. She might be wrong though. My big sisters say she is a witch too. Also Harry Potter if full of Witchcraft. The bible says not to put that before your eyes. my parents don’t like sleeping beauty and Cinderella barley makes it. My family doesn’t do the whole magic thing. We watch Narnia because it is Christian based. I know that we might be a little more strict than other people but we are very careful with that stuff because even though it is pretend it can cause disturbance in the home. This is just my point of view, and I am NOT saying that I am completely right. And I don’t see how Harry Potter is a good role model. He is in magic school. He cast spells and while he might give sacrifices he is still a ‘good wizard’.

        • Its fiction. We shouldn’t have fictional characters as our role models anyway. The teens who practice witchcraft and pretend to vampires are making fictional characters as their role models, which is wrong. You have your own opinion on what you should and shouldn’t read, and I do too, but that’s okay. I’m not trying to make you like Harry Potter or anything 🙂 I know I wasn’t allowed to read Harry Potter for a really long time until about a year ago.

        • Hey PoldkaDot.
          WHAT IF I TOLD YOU…
          that Harry Potter is Christian-based.

          The magic in it is no more than the magic used in Cinderella, waving a wand and cool stuff happens. There is no involvement with the devil or real Witchcraft or anything. Trust me, I know, I have many Pagan friends.

          If you are still weary about it, I will suggest to you the book Finding God in Harry Potter, by John Granger.

          God bless you for sticking up for your faith, though. 🙂 It isn’t your fault, you didn’t know what Harry Potter is actually about.

    6. Personally I find this ridiculous. How is Harry Potter any different than any of the classic fairy tales? There were witches in that too right? Good and bad ones. Like in Harry Potter, good and bad witches and wizards.

      Harry Potter teaches to do whats right, loyalty, friendship, and other good things. They overcame the evil. Just because there is magic in a story does not mean that its a bad story. Its simply ridiculous, its like when people won’t let their kids read Narnia because it has talking animals. Narnia is BASED on Christianity.

      Stuff like this is ridiculous, sure you might want your kids not to read it because of swearing… But honestly there’s magic in most fairy tales.

      Sleeping Beauty
      Narnia? (Not a fairy tale but still)
      Snow White
      The Little Mermaid
      The Wizard of Oz

      Do any of these sound familiar to you? Probably, AND they all have magic in them. I don’t see many people not letting their children read these because of the magic. Harry Potter is just a teen’s/young adult/adult version.

      What “dark characters” were shown in a positive light? In Harry Potter all I remember is everyone trying to defeat Voldemort and his death eaters.. Oh no.. Trying to get rid of evil.. Whatever shall we do.

      • there are several places were God Himself has said that witchcraft, petty or otherwise, is an abomination unto Him. I’m sorry, but even though I enjoy the fantasy feeling of HP, I cannot make myself read the books without a feeling of fear and disruption taking hold of my heart.

      • I LOVE your point @Midnight! So many people I know (including some of my Christian/homeschool friends) think Harry Potter is horrible because it’s all about witchcraft and stuff. Yes,it does have witchcraft in it of course, but it’s FANTASY. Just like Narnia, which was based on Christianity, and what do you know, it has magic in it. It’s just fantasy. I recently had a friend tell me she felt convicted to tell me I shouldn’t read HP. Although I respect her opinion and that she’s only trying to be a good friend in protecting me, it bugged me a lot that she didn’t see I still am Christ-loving and that I have a good heart despite reading HP. I wish people who think it’s horrible would just READ it to see how “bad” it is. It’s just entertaining. I’m not losing my faith by reading it, and if I don’t feel convicted by reading it, then I think it’s okay for me to read it.

        • Exactly! A lot of my homeschool friends automatically think Harry Potter is the worst series ever, even though they know hardly anything about it!

    7. I think being cautious is a good thing. And as one who has read the books for both series, I can say with certainty, one series can be beneficial to spiritual growth, while the other is damaging.

      In Harry Potter, none of the villains are portrayed in a positive light, and things such as werewolves and vampires are not looked upon as being something young people want to be a part of. Yes, in Harry Potter, one of the characters is a werewolf, but not by choice. Lord Voldemort is the paragon of evil, and is never looked upon in a positive light. The magic in Harry Potter is much like the magic in much loved series like The Chronicles of Narnia, and in The Lord Of The Rings. J.K. Rowling actually became a Christian while writing the 5 book in the series, and many Christian elements are found in the later books. There are themes of self-sacrifice, selflessness, fellowship, family, faith, and the popular theme of good triumphing over evil. All are themes that we also see in Narnia and in LOTR.

      Twilight on the other hand, has little to no redeeming values. Yes, Edward abstains from pre-marital sex, and there is the theme of family, but many of the characters are selfish, ignorant and just plain stupid. Bella is indeed a horrible role-model for young girls and teens, she is constantly putting herself in harms way, and in the second book attempts suicide because Edward has left her. If anything, Twilight is a terrible influence on our young women, and I would not recommend it to anyone.

      In closing, I will re-affirm my statement. The idea that Harry Potter is a bad influence only depends on the person reading it. And it is not a book series catered to teens, it’s a children’s book series written by a struggling single mom. Twilight was the result of a, pardon my bluntness, wet dreams had by a stay-at-home mom. In the end, each series may have faults, but it’s easy to see which one would be more of a bad influence than the other.

    8. One of my closest friends is REALLY into vampires/werewolves. it breaks my heart to know that she would rather have that kind of “comfort” than the everlasting comfort and love of Jesus Christ.

    9. I love Harry potter, and I really don’t think it is promoting witchcraft. Magic is the last thing I like about it. I think that people know that it is fake. I will never put it before the Bible.
      Twilight I don’t know about, because I have never read it.

    10. I loved the Twilight books when I read them a few years back. And I think that this is sort of rediculous. They’re fictional books and most intelligent people understand that this can’t happen because it’s FAKE. Hence the title of “fiction.”

    11. I LOVE Harry Potter! It really developed my reading skills when I was younger, and more importantly, my imagination. It is a fantastic story filled with amazing Christian values and lessons, such as the importance of friendship, the triumph over a false lord (Voldemort), courage, the list goes on. I do not like how it is banned from schools, as I believe it teaches great lessons, and is a marvelous story. Twilight, on the other hand is filled entirely with the message “Without a boyfriend, you suck.”

    12. Dear PI and Nicole: I love the Harry Potter books and I am not interested in Wicca in any way. Witchcraft is evil; but you have to realize there is a difference between fantasy magic and demonic “magic” which is the only kind there is in real life. Most of us are able to make the separation in our minds between the two.
      Harry Potter is a great series, and the magic in it is like in the Wizard of Oz: there are good witches and bad witches, but they are not like the witches in real life, of course we know there are no good witches in real life because of where their power comes from but this is fantasy and magic powers can come from anywhere or nowhere! Please don’t jump on silly bandwagons and needlessly offend huge numbers of your fanbase.
      Always, of course, you should stand up for the truth, but I think preferences in fiction is not a thing to divide over. Twilight I think is bad to read for the sexual content but Harry Potter has none of that and in fact has really good, uplifting themes.
      And think about other books with magic in them! The Chronicles of Narnia; the Lord of the Rings! Who ever started experimenting with Wicca from reading Harry Potter? The magic of the books doesn’t even bear any similarity to Wicca! Please, PI, don’t do this.

      • I’ve read things about people getting all into witchcraft because they were all into harry potter… But I totally understand what you’re saying. I’m a huge fan of the Percy Jackson Series and I don’t believe or worship in pagan gods, BUT I have heard the from actual people that they started believing and praying to the greek gods because they read Percy Jackson. It can happen, even if it seems ridiculous. Most of the people that even buy into all the gods and witchcraft are all weak minded teenagers with no strong foundation in what they believe at all. Please don’t get offended about this type of stuff being posted because there is real people out there that do it, and that doesnt mean every harry potter fan is a weak minded teenage witch. Everyone’s different!

      • Hey, thank you for your post! I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, and I think that is full of Christian Symbolism and positive messages. The Magic in it isn’t really magic at all, its almost like the witches and wizards are a different kind of race, that has special abilities, just like all humans have different strengths. There is nothing similar to real witchcraft in the book except for the Dark arts, and as far as I’m concerned, if good is portrayed as good, and bad is portrayed as bad, than the book is OK. But harry potter is much more thank OK. I feel bad for people who haven’t found good in harry potter. Harry potter is on of the main things that opened my mind to christian symbolism and being able to appreciate any book on a much deeper level than just entertainment.

    13. I will admit that I’ve never seen or read the Harry Potter series because my parents never let me. They had never watched the movies themselves though they just heard other christians saying it was just a bunch of witchcraft. And maybe it is. I have read and seen the Twilight series though. I think that movies like these are a personal decision. To say that someone is being sinful in watching these is totally ridiculous. I think that as a Christian community we should embrace these types of movies and talk about them. For instance in Twilight there was a heavy pro-life theme to it. If we look for the good in these and other movies we can have deep and meaningful conversations with those around us. We can use media as tools that our culture understands to spread the gospel. Im not saying that everyone should watch them because I do believe that people who are tempted with witchcraft and other things like this should stay away as it might cause them to stumble. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we shouldn’t shove these movies to the side say they’re evil and never even look at them or shun the people who do watch them. We could be doing more damage than good in this case.

    14. i absolutely LOVE harry potter and think ppl should stop passing judgement before they do proper research, or read the books, I am fine with people saying they just aren’t interestsed in them, but when you sad they are bad, and have not read them, that is hypocritical, sorry.. Oh, and the harry potter books DO NOT have any of this crap in them!

    15. Sorry, but i just had to say this: who ever tells you jk is a witch?? I am sorry that is so incredibly incorrect! She claims to be a christain, (presbyterian) and some ppl say, “she doesn’t really act like one”, well we can’t say that now can we? sorry, I don’t wanna offend any one but this is an important subject to me, and ppl criticize it ALL the time without having any idea what they are talking about. Not meaning to offend anyone

    16. I’m personally not a fan of Harry Potter at all because my parents take this into account when helping me chose my reading. My mom and I however, are fans of the twilight movies. But what I’m wondering… Is what your guy’s opinion on The Hunger Games? I’m a HUGE HG buff and I think it’s better than twilight and harry potter because it in no way glorifies any type of Wicca, or demonic type stuff. But instead it glorifies standing up against evil leaders, government, and cruelty. What do you guys think?

    17. I think that the Twilight books are damaging to young girls for other reasons, but Harry Potter is actually good for kids, as long as people dont use it as an excuse to get into the dark stuff. The magic in Harry Potter is just a sideshow. It is a tool to propel a good bildungsroman (coming of age) story, as well as the classic good versus evil struggle. It is just like the tales of King Arthur, Merlin, and Camelot. The stories take the hard truths of the more, dramatize them, and and magic to make them more exciting. Struggling against evils, friendships, sacrifice, growing up, hard choices, doing what is right- these are the real themes of the stories.

    18. The big thing about Twilight and Harry Potter is the popularity of the two. I’ve read the whole Harry Potter series and watched the movies. I’ll admit they are ok. Anyway, I’m not into Harry Potter anymore, personal conviction, and I’ve never read or watched Twilight mainly because I don’t like following the crowd, that’s just my way.
      I can see why Christians are worried about these movies. Unlike Narnia (sad to say) and other fantasy movies, Twilight and Harry Potter have a HUGE growing fan base. They are extremely popular, that being said these movies have more of a sway on people than they would like to admit. Borderline OBSESSION.( Not saying everyone is)
      I think if you’re a Christian and you find yourself getting super offended by people’s comments about Twilight or Harry Potter- You need to kinda question whether or not you hold these movies in too high of a regard.
      I mean like you said they are just movies.

    19. Harry Potter is christian, just saying, some sayings in the book, certain inscriptions and such, are from the King James version of the bible, plus he had a Godfather. It’s an amazing piece of literature, and the rest of my opion ion can be found below in Diddybug13’s comment.

    20. I find Harry Potter boring,but I enjoy the Twilight series. I know God and am saved,so I know what is of Him,and what is not. I don’t get ivolved in vampirism and all those types of things. I know the difference between fantasy and reality,so I’m good! 😀

    21. I have read the Harry Potter series and to say the characters are dark is not correct at all. Yes, they have magic and use and practice it, but the books don’t focus on the magic, so much as the bonds of friendship. Yes, believing in magic like that can be harmful and yes, if you read the book and are more interested in magic than the point of the book, well that’s kind of not the books’ fault. I don’t believe there is anything wrong in with kids reading it, if they know how to distinguish reality from fiction. The books are fiction novels! I haven’t read Twilight and never will, but really- who wants to be a shiny vampire that everyone makes fun of? 🙂 *last statement said to lighten mood not insult Edward*

    22. This is a bit offensive. I have to be honest. I think that teens should be able to read what they want and not be told it’s “from the devil”. I feel that Christians can sometimes get paranoid that every little magical book is from the devil. I think it’s OKAY to read what you want. I honestly doubt anyone who’s a true Christian would ever attempt to experiment with those things, unless your 10 years old. Let’s admit it! We’ve all tried at one point to see if we’re magical! :p
      But do you get my point? Also, I think YOU should think before posting an article like this. I quite enjoy memorizing spells and having fun discussions with my siblings about HP, so this is a bit offensive. :\

    23. I personally love the Twilight and Harry Potter. You have to look at the core of the books and think okay what is this really about? Twilight is yes a book with vampires and love but if we compare to anne rice Bella and Edward didn’t ‘do it’ until they were married and Edward never took advantage of Bella and actually loved her. Harry Potter is about good and evil and how good always over powers evil. A lot of people have blinders on they think ‘wizards’ they think evil and devil craft but Harry Potter does teach good messages and when we hear ‘vampires’ we think about blood and sex. When I read the books I didn’t think I want to be a wizard yes it would be cool to be a offical ravenclaw at hogwarts but I know it’s not real and that God is number one in my life. The same thing with Twilight it would be great to have gentleman vampire boyfriend but I know my husband will never be a vampire but he can be a good guy. Ultimately I don’t think their bad when hollywood comes in they twist things and there never the same thing as the books. There are some situations where the author of the books can’t do anything.

    24. They were written and made into movies for entertainment only. Their fantasy and vampires may not be real but its fun reading twilight where the main family of vampires in it is good and very much like a real family. I think if the Cullens were humans they would be like your typical big adoptive christian family. They valuse family, love and life. Carlisle even believes in God.

      If anything reading Twilight made me closer to God not farther from him. Because in one of the books there is a bible verse and Jacob and Bella talk about the book where they fight about the baby, still not sure what book that was.

      I think Twilight is about accepting people, forgiving them if they told a secret, accepting their flaws or what the world considers flaws. And taking negative experiances and turning them into positive ones, like how even though their vampires they found a positive way to live and help others. And loving someone more than yourself, like God. But this is just my opinion and I respect other peoples opinions because everyone feels a diffrent way about things but thats how God made us to have our own opinions.

    25. I think everything can be either a weapon for good or evil, depending on how you use it. These books can be used to spiritually deepen a person if they take it that way, or just as a good read. But taken the wrong way, they can lead to darkness. It all depends on what you can spiritually handle.

    26. Ooh!!! I love this article!
      So I’m a /former/ Twi-hard and have been a self-proclaimed Mudblood since I was 9! Obviously, I have strong opinions on this.

      So, Harry Potter is ironically part of the reason I got back into Christianity and got saved! I wasn’t allowed to read it until a few years after it became a sensation. I remember the first time I held one of the books in my hands; I really was holding it for a friend…*gets all sentimental then snaps back* Anyway, my mom let me read it after she read a book called “Looking for God in Harry Potter” If you look past the witches and wizards of it and take the magic metaphorically, it truly is a very Christian story. I especially love how when Lily died for her son and her love from that self-sacrificial act protected Harry from the darkest of magic. It just shows that love beats all evil, from the way I look at it anyway. And I think that exemplifies how when Christ died for us, we were saved from evil and sins. It’s not exactly the same thing, but I think it’s a good representation anyway. All in all, I find Harry Potter to be an excellent example of children’s literature that adults can enjoy as well, with very good messages. As long as parents educate their children about what things in the book are bad, I think it’s fine for children to read the books. Just not until afer they’re 11. Believe me, I went to the mailbox all the time when I turned 11, hoping for my Hogwarts acceptance letter. Sad, but true. Haha! 🙂

      On to Twilight-I read that at 13 and was /obsessed/. I stopped liking Harry Potter as much as I used to and now do. I wanted to be and believed I was a vampire. Mind you, this was before I came to Christ. I stopped being into Twilight after the movies came out and read the books. My tastes suddenly changed after that and I got back into Harry Potter. I think it’s fine if a girl likes the story, but with all it’s sexual content and Jacob imprinting Renesmee and how Bella finds it impossible to live without her boyfriend and other aforementioned darkness, I’d advise girls to be careful with the messages this book sends. I don’t indluge in the films or movies anymore because I felt that ugly, slimy feeling when doing so, but you can if you want.

      Just always remember, no matter what you read, guard your heart as the Bible says 🙂

      • Thank you for your post! I have been discouraged by the amount of people who think that harry potter shouldn’t be touched with a ten foot poker because it has “witchcraft” in it. I think people often turn at the words “witch” and “wizard,” when the magic in Harry Potter isn’t at all real witchcraft at all. The wizards and witches in Harry Potter were born with certain special abilities, just like humans are, and it is their choice whether they use them for the good or for the bad. The spells that they recite aren’t calling on the dead or evil spirits to help them. Lots of people think that Harry Potter teaches witchcraft. I don’t know if they haven’t read the books, but the friend of mine that said this was talking about different kinds of boards and cards used in witchcraft which after reading Harry Potter I didn’t even know existed.
        I didn’t read its entirety, but my mom also read “finding God in Harry Potter,” and the more you look into Harry Potter, the more you find Christian symbolism and positive messages. I love how Harry Potter is very fun and hilarious, but at the same time has many serious topics and has so many good messages.

    27. I am a harry potter fan, but not so much of twilight. i read the twilight books and have seen the movies, but don’t care for them anymore. i personally do not think that the magic and vampires are going to cause us all to do witchcraft. in harry potter, basic magic is just as nice and dandy as “bibbity boppity boo!” dark magic in harry potter is viewed as bad, which i see as pro-social. as for twilight, the main thing to worry about is the high sexual content. when watching the movies, it is best to use a remote. and as a closing note, SLYTHERINE PRIDE!!!

    28. I do agree that Twilight can be harmful, but overall Harry Potter has a good-triumphs-over-evil message! It’s almost a retelling of Christ’s death and Resurrection and conquer of death

    29. Speaking as a Christian and a Hufflepuff, I believe that Harry Potter has brought me closer to God than I’ve ever been. Anyone who suggests that the magic in these books is comparable to Wicca has obviously not ever read the series. Take a minute to think about it. Lily sacrificed her life to save baby Harry; sound familiar? Lily loved her son so much that she took a killing curse shielding him, giving her life to save him just as Jesus died on the cross for us!
      But about those who claim it’s full of evil Witchcraft, that’s like saying “Oh, Cinderella? You mean the story with the EVIL, WITCHCRAFT-PRACTICING Fairy Godmother?” The most they do is wave a wand and stuff happens, and I for one have many friends raised in the Wiccan religion and know that it’s far more than waving a stick and watching sparks fly out. In Harry Potter, the witches and wizards are born with their abilities and go to Hogwarts to learn how to control them, i.e. they’re magic whether they like it or not. One does not simply “choose” to be a wizard (although I wouldn’t mind going to Hogwarts myself 🙂 )
      Take, for example, Filch. He tried and tried to be magical, but even though he was born of two magical parents, he did not possess magical abilities; he was a Squib. He tried Kwikispell over and over again, but he was not magical. You can’t just be magical, you have to be born with it, in these books.
      As for Twilight… gotta watch my language with this one… it’s about a girl who falls in love with a sparkly zombie-fairy and becomes so obsessed with him that she does not have a life outside of him. It’s all about Edward, Edward, Edward. If Edward really loved her, he would encourage her to follow her own path instead of being greedy and pulling her onto his own. That’s just my opinion.
      Anyways, if you haven’t read Harry Potter, go read them! Now! Get off the computer and go read a book!

    30. I totally disagree with this article. The main theme of Harry Potter is “love conquers all”. Is that not one of the main themes of Christianity? It is shallow thinking to not read these books or not endorse these books or whatever because of the one factor of witchcraft. I mean come on, who actually believes in witchcraft even if you are atheist? One has to get past that fact to look at the true morals of the book and then you will see that they are actually parallel to Christian morals.

      Look at Lord of the Rings. J.R.R. Tolkien is a Christian. Lord of the Rings supports Christian morals of good and evil. It does have witchcraft in it, but does that mean he endorses witchcraft and doesn’t endorse Christian morals even though he is one and his book supports those morals?

      I could go on.

      My main point is, is that a) it is very closed minded of a Christian to cast this book away as works of the devil without even examining the core of it. b) Christians need to stop sharing to the world what they are against, and start sharing what they are for, which is love, faith, grace, and God. You will never bring a person to God by telling them what Christianity is against. We reborn by the faith, love, and grace of God, not because God is against wearing jeans or makeup, or Harry Potter. God couldn’t save anyone if that were the case. Harry Potter in one way or another shares this faith, love, and grace of God through God and Jesus symbols in the book.

      My final word is just read something and completely analyze it before you say it is work of the devil.

      I have no comment about Twilight… 😛

    31. I am a Potterhead and enjoy Twilight. I think it’s just fiction and they have good messages. Harry Potter talks about love and sacrifice and Twilight talks about waiting until marriage and has pro-life messages. Bella could have died but she gave her baby life anyways.

    32. I used to be a bit obsessed with Twilight. I’m over it now, though. I used to want to be a vampire, as bad as that sounds…

      I’m completely done with Twilight… It made my life feel pale in comparison.

    33. Harry Potter is nothing but a good influence on kids. Many of the characters are great role models. They aren’t perfect but they are courageous, loyal, intelligent, strong, independent, etc.
      Harry will do ANYTHING to protect the ones he loves.
      Ron has always been by Harry’s side when it was most crucial.
      Hermione shows that if you study you can do amazing things. Her knowledge saved countless live through out the whole series.
      Ginny was independent and strong. She never let anyone tell her hat to think and she always stood for what she believed in. She never let the little things bother her.
      There are myriad characters in this series that are great influences such as Dumbledore, Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Weasley, Lily, James, McGonagall, Remus, Tonks, Hagrid… Shall I go on?
      The Harry Potter series opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It helps you become creative and open your imagination.
      It also opens people up to reading. I wasn’t a reader until I read the HP series. But after I did I couldn’t stop. This series helped me realize all the wonderful things that reading could do for me. It did this not just for me but for billions of other people too. Reading has helped expand my knowledge and let me live many different lifetimes inside the span of just one.
      I truly love Harry Potter and I wouldn’t be the person I am without it. And that person is someone who is not involved in wicca.

    34. First of all I LOVE Harry Potter, not Twilight as much (I do believe it sends ad messages about how a relationship between a man and woman should be…).
      Second I actually wasn’t aloud to watch the movies or read the books until I was about 9 years old because my parents were really conservative. I just recently read the books in my teen years and, wow, they’ve helped me so much.
      Harry Potter gives you more than just what has been argued in the comments about how it teaches friendship. If you’ve read the books you would know that thy teach you that everyone is equal, between the blood-statuses and the enslavement of house-elves it teaches that you should fight for what you believe in and that ‘Love Conquers All’
      Personally I think this director’s argument is ridiculous and if he actually asked christian teens about how Harry Potter has impacted them they would almost all say it did so positively.

    35. I’m a huge Potterhead, so obsessively Harry Potter has had an influence on me. However, I think it’s important that the books be read BEFORE the movies are watched. The movies stray from a lot of the friendship and positiveness included in the books. I also think everyone should read the books because the Weasley family isn’t depicted as well in the movies as I think it could have been. (Don’t get me wrong though, I love how the Weasley’s were shown on film!) But in the books they are shown as a complete, loving family, even when times get hard.

      More importantly, Harry Potter can have AMAZING influences on a person. It has on me. I used to think that I was below everyone else, at school, home, everywhere. I felt like I didn’t measure up to those around me. I was depressed, felt like a mess, felt like I couldn’t continue, like I would never be liked by people outside my family. I had almost given up on God, and I was even thinking about running away from my family to some other state. Then I found Harry Potter and it taught me that everyone is equal, everyone is beautiful and perfect in their own way, and that NO ONE is lower than anyone else. Harry Potter changed my life for the better – without it I would have given up on God, my family, everyone. And I believe that it can change many other people’s lives too.

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