TODAY’S HOT TOPIC: Do You Want to Know How Well You’re Living the Word?

    Ladies, if you could get an idea of how well you’re living the Word, internally and externally, would you? Well, there’s an online Christianity quiz that can help!

    The 10 multiple-choice question quiz is conducted by Changing the Face of Christianity, Inc., a nonprofit organization. Just recently it concluded that 71.6% of self-proclaimed Christians who took the quiz are either “Good” or “Spiritually Mature” in their faith, while 24.8% are “Worldly Christians” and 3.6% are “Far from Christ.”

    We believe that all true Christians are a work in progress. We’re all trying to strengthen our relationship with our Lord in a world full of stress, adversity and temptation. It’s not easy though, is it? But we should still all be striving to improve as Christians and this quiz is one way of helping us self-assess our progress.

    We pray that God uses our Christianity Quiz as a catalyst and motivator of positive change and growth within our Christian faith. (R. Brad White, Founder, Changing the Face of Christianity)

    Should you decide to take this quiz, please know that it’s not intended to confirm whether or not you’re a Christian, or whether you’re a good or bad person. It’s not designed to be judgmental at all. Rather it’s an eye-opener intended to help you determine how effectively you’re living the Gospel, internally and with your actions. Additionally, this quiz can’t take into account your complete walk with Christ. So if you’re new to Christianity, that will reveal itself in the results.

    Ladies, if you do take the quiz, please come straight back here and tell us if you were surprised by the results! You don’t have to reveal the results, but we’d love to get your feelings on them and whether you believe the quiz itself is a good gauge for measuring how well you live the Word. Take Quiz!

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      • Haha great job! I’m 13 and I got “Good Christian.” I’m glad because I have really been continuing to grow in Christ! Like aubsm124, I struggle internally. Jesus is helping me, though! God bless!

    1. I really wasn’t surprised, I got Good Christian because I tend to be good at showing God’s love while struggling internally. I really have been struggling internally lately and am probably pretty close to being a Mature Christian but I still need work and to become closer to God and Jesus. 🙂

      • It will only allow one test per IP address, I’m not sure precisely what it stands for, but basically, your computer has an IP address, I think it is based on location. So you could probably go to your local library or an internet cafe or something of that sort.

        • I see. Unfortunately I do not have another computer on which I could take it. But maybe that’s God’s way of telling me that I didn’t need to see that “score.” He knows best. Maybe seeing that would have hurt my walk with Him in some way… I’m just going to trust Him and work to grow in my walk with Him without those people.

        • I think taking the quiz alone is enough of an eye-opener. Contemplating the questions was a great way to take a moment and really think about how I’m growing with Christ. And you’re right, we all need to work on our walk! Like you, I also had a difficult time responding because I knew what the right answers were, but I had to be honest about how I would react to the scenarios.

        • Another thing I noticed about the thingy was that it was really hard on some of the questions not to just pick what I could tell was the “right” answer. And it was kind of hard to tell when I was answering the “right” answer truthfully, or when it was clouding my vision so I only thought it was truthful… That’s just something I noticed for me. Did anyone else have that problem?

        • Sometimes, it was difficult for me in taking the quiz to know what my real reaction would be, or what I would LIKE for my reaction to be. It really was an eye-opener!

        • Yeah, I could tell what the right answer was suppose to be for all of the questions, but had to be truthful with myself on what I would or have done in the past.

        • I agree! Over the past year I’ve gone on three different youth retreats and each of them have noticeably changed me, but I guess I just got to start living it out more to continue building up my faith…

    2. That was pretty accurate for me. I wouldn’t consider myself a good Christian, but I do strive to be like Christ. It’s just that while I tend to try outwardly, I have a really hard time because I have some things I seriously struggle with, and usually want to overcome, but then I have a bad day, fall back into it, then struggle to pull away again.

      Though I like this quiz, I have to wonder about the writers motives in creating this site. It seems legit on the outside, but some things they said about Christianity and politics makes me worry. As Christians, I do believe that it is important that we stand for what we believe, and that includes politics. I think that our faith INFLUENCES our politics. Their statements that “Christianity needs a divorce from politics” worry me. Now no, nothing should be more important than our faith in Jesus, but I believe that if our faith in Jesus influences our opinions about things, then we should stand up for them. I don’t know if that’s what you were asking, but there’s my opinion.

      • I agree with you, Dee. Those of us who live in the United States and have the right to vote should use it to God’s will. If we can say “no” to corruption, then by all means we should!! I registered to vote when I was seventeen 😀 (even though I couldn’t vote yet, I was ready!) It is so important for Christians to be involved, because politics, whether or not we are interested in the subject, effects us and our values.

      • I understand what you’re saying about the political spectrum, but I think the article is trying to say that it’s not the government’s responsibility to make the nation moral. No-one can make a person moral in their hearts by imposing a law. Our churches have a responsibility to nurture its people and we as individual Christians have to come together and be united in spreading the Word and living the Gospel. God isn’t going to look at the government on judgement day. He’s going to look at each and every one of our hearts. That being said, you can still vote for a Godlier nation and select candidates who most shares Christ’s values. You may be interested in our recent post:

        • This is my opinion on the survey. Everybody is in different places in their walk with the Lord and a new christian may have gotten a score “lower” than a person who has been a christian for most of their life. I don’t think it’s really fair to have the different “scores” for you to see either. I feel like it’s kind of like saying “Oh hey you’re super christian!” Or “Oh wow…you sure aren’t a very good christian” If they really want this survey to help people I think they should ask the survey taker in the beginning how long they’ve been a christian, and at the end give your “score” by itself without comparing it to the other ones and a description of things you can do to stregthen your realtionship with God. This is just my opinion. 🙂

        • melissa6395 Yes, and it does say that in their disclaimer, which is under the first question…which I tried to summarize: “this quiz can’t take into account your complete walk with Christ. So if you’re new to Christianity, that will reveal itself in the results.”

        • 🙂 Thank you for this article, by the way. I did take the test, and I got the score “good Christian”. I am so glad that God is still working on me! 😀

    3. I got Spiritually Mature! I’m happy about this because affirmation and praise is how I best feel loved, but I’m also aware that God is at work in all of us regardless of where we are in our walk with Him, so I have no reason to be prideful.

      • No one can tell you about your own faith, Deary. Don’t listen to those crackpots. I’m quite happy with my “Worldly Christian” results, and I certainly don’t want any of their mentors to “fix” me.

    4. I got Worldly Christian. I’m surprised and extremly dissapointed in myself. I thought I’ve been doing well, but I guess not. I read my Bible and pray everyday. Sometimes I find it hard to remember Christ in my day to day basis or even remember what my devotions were that day. Can anyone help me?

      • I got that result too, Deary. No need to be disappointed, though. It doesn’t matter what THOSE people say about your faith. What matters is whether YOU believe it’s healthy or not. Don’t let someone else evaluate your faith for you. I read the Bible daily and pray quite frequently, but I guess I got marked down for being a private person, not telling people how to live their lives, and approving of gay rights. Nothing wrong with being an independent mind.

      • Please don’t be disappointed in yourself. It’s an eye-opener right? And it means you have work to do. But even a “Spiritually Mature” Christian has work to do. Every Christian needs to improve their walk with Christ. We have to not only read the Word, we have to live it. I pray that you find comfort and guidance here in the PI community. Read our articles, join forums, chats, etc. We’re all a work in progress. We can help each other. God bless you!

      • I didn’t agree with the survey’s motives. We need to take the whole word “GOOD” our of our Christian vocab. because none of us are “good” and that’s why Jesus came to save us! 🙂 Also, in the response to the comment below mine, the sentence “What matters is whether YOU believe it’s healthy or not.” THAT my friend, is not what the Bible says, so don’t believe it!!! The Bible tells you what’s wrong and what’s right, so what YOU think is healthy and unhealthy without the wisdom of the Bible, will be by YOUR standerds and not GOD’S.

        • The quiz isn’t about God’s standards either. It’s about one group’s standards–what THEY think God’s standards are. That varies from person to person. People read the Bible differently; it’s part of being human. Everyone’s beliefs differ in some way or another, so holding yourself up to one specific group’s belief system isn’t all that effective.

    5. I got spiritually mature but i’m kind of worried now, coz i know God has a MASSIVE amount of work to do in me. I’m worried that people will either become proud think they don’t need to work on their relationship with God or that people will get discouraged and upset

      • I understand your concern, but if you’re “Spiritually Mature,” you wouldn’t assume you don’t have to continue growing with Christ, right? We can also offer encouragement to anyone who feels disappointment. No one is better than anyone else, we’re just at different stages of our walk!

    6. I a got a Good Chrisitan…and what it describes me as is pretty accurate! I try to reflect God in what I say and do, but my problem is the inward battle. I have thoughts that have to do with temper, bad words and bad thoughts in general and I don’t know what to do!

    7. I got good Christian which doesn’t really surprise me because even though I try to follow God’s wisdom in everything that I do, sometimes I get distracted by the world and lose sight of what is truly important.

    8. Thanks for posting this! I found the quiz much too subjective, but it was definitely interesting. It was hard to take, though, since I wanted to be honest, but I also knew what the correct answer was (but I have that problem with EVERY quiz). I got Good Christian.

    9. I got mature christian, which, i guess shouldnt surprise me that much since my mom is always telling me how “spiritually mature” i am for my age and she wasnt that way then and blah.. but i dont feel that way… i still struggle inwardly, i worry and i cry and i get frustrated when i dont know where God is taking me. I guess it is just because i always know where to look when i am anxious and arent afraid to seek it throughout the day, everyday. And when it asked me about those friend questions and stuff.. well i am very very devoted to my friends, whether i have known them for many years or just met them yesterday, i want nothing more than to help them and love them!
      I liked this quiz, overall… even though i do think that it is very generalized in the scoring and no matter what score you get there is always a ton of improvement that can be done!! Our lives on this earth arent over yet, so that just means more time to learn and grow!!

    10. i got good Christian. i’m 15,and it’s hard to be a Christian in a world were we can be veiwed as unforgiving judges,i’m actually surprised i got a good Christian as a result. it opened my eyes to tell me i’m not a bad person,cause i think that alot. i’m dealing with some stuff that makes me think i’m not good enough for God,when that’s not true,God knows what i’m dealing with,and he’ll help me through it. cheers and God bless

    11. I got Worldly Christian. I think I was good up until the Faith part. I had to be honest and say I have the faith of a mustard seed, so to speak. I like to say I don’t even have that, it’s more like the faith of an atom particle in a mustard (inside joke between me and my mom). However I think we all have different journeys with our walk with God. Things might take other people more time to get. I guess I’m one of those people. I don’t know why my faith is so short lived. I recognize when God blesses me, and He’s been doing it a lot lately, but it’s like He has to keep on convincing me about it. Hey what can I say God will build me up in his time.

    12. ♥ THE QUIZ. I think this is a very good quiz in helping you realize the spiritual path you are on and helps you see the areas in which you need to pray with God for strength and guidance in working on.

    13. I took this Quiz and I have a problem with it. My final score said that I was a good Christian. If I were trying to get others peoples point of view on how Christian and get labeled this would be a great source, and I would be satisfied with the score. I cant say that I am perfect at it, but I am always trying to hear Gods voice in my life so that I may know what kind of Christian or Daughter that I am. Though the nonprofit that came up with this quiz may have had good intentions, this quiz may have dangerous outcomes. Also, one is not aware of other people circumstances and situations.

    14. I got worldly Christian. At first, I must say, I was disappointed in myself and immediately began to point fingers at the people behind the quiz for being judgmental. Now I realize that what others have to say about my current spiritual life doesn’t have to matter to me.

      When someone gets saved, they don’t automatically become a “spiritually mature” Christian. However, they are automatically forgiven and washed clean in God’s eyes! And isn’t that what actually matters? As long as you know that you are doing all you can to grow closer to God, you don’t have to worry about what results you got on this quiz.

      What I’m trying to say is that you’re level of spiritual maturity doesn’t make you more or less saved. Continue to strive toward a greater maturity, but also know that we are all still on the same level by God’s standards. God bless 🙂

    15. I got “Good Christian,” but what it said made me kind of mad. It said I wasn’t living Him internally and I should love in a way that reverses stereotypes, but I already feel like I do that. I’m very often told by others that I’m the only Christian friend they can have because others are too judgmental and while believing what I do I still love them while explaining my beliefs. As for living Him internally, He’s the only reason I’m alive and I stay in basically constant contact through prayer so I don’t know what they’re talking about. Some of the answer choices I had to choose didn’t really fit me either, but I had to pick them cause they were closest. I didn’t like this at all…

    16. I got ‘Good Christian’. Quite honestly, it’s very accurate – for most people, I should say. Everyone struggles occasionally. Anyone who says they don’t isn’t being honest. And everyone falls into temptation every so often. If they didn’t, they would be perfect: and no one but Christ can be perfect!

      Given your answers, you currently live as a good Christian who outwardly represents Jesus Christ well. However, you seem to struggle being a Christian internally. You have a descent relationship with Christ, but occasionally slip when worldly temptations, pressures, or conflicts arise. Make a commitment to learn more about Biblical truth and God’s sovereignty. Allow God to work on your internal life. Learn to live and love others in a way that helps reverse the negative Christian stereotypes we discuss at Changing the Face of Christianity.

      • However, I did have a problem with how unfeeling it was. I don’t think I have the need to reverse stereotypes; I’m not judgmental like that. And I admit that I do need to work on trusting God with my life, emotions, and such – but that does not mean He is not inside of me, influencing many if not all of my choices. 🙂

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