TODAY’S HOT TOPIC: Has God Ever Spoken to You?

    PI girls, we wanted to share an amazing story with you. The other day, 19-year-old Tyler Campbell was found alive after going missing for three days. He’d fallen asleep while driving late at night and his car fell into a ravine.

    Here’s the story:

    I don’t believe in luck. It was the Lord. It was 100 percent in his plan, and his will, and his way…He talked to my son through the whole thing, and I would say, per what Tyler has told me, they’ve become very close (Lee Campbell, Tyler’s Father).

    You can tell he’s true to his faith. He believes in God. God was with him (Tim Toone, firefighter on scene).

    What an amazing story!

    Imagine the comfort Tyler must have felt knowing that God was with him during that time–and now knowing that God has more in store for him.

    ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ (Jeremiah 29:11)

    Ladies, we wanted to share this story with you as a reminder that God’s always with us! He may not talk directly to all of us, but He’s always watching over us. When you need Him, call out to Him. And never give up on life, ladies! No matter how bad it gets, God does have a plan! Just look to Him for strength.

    We love hearing stories in which Christ makes Himself known to His children. Why do you think God doesn’t talk directly to all of His children? Do you have a story to share?

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    1. That’s what I’ve been wondering, why doesn’t God talk directly to all of His children? He talks to my sister and her best friend directly all the time, but I’ve been begging Him to talk to me like that for years and I never hear Him like they do! I read my Bible and pray every day, why doesn’t He speak to me like He does to them? Can anyone help me in this area??

      • Dancer16, sometimes God talks to us in different ways. You may not hear an audible voice, but God is working in your life, just as much as He is in your sister’s and best friend’s life. Everyone asks God to do stuff in their life, whether it be help on a test, saving a life, or wanting Him to talk to you. Whether you’re able to hear Him or not, He hears you. Every prayer, every cry, every praise. Sometimes, when people say they “hear” God, they mean they’ve seen a sign, a clue, if you will, to go a certain direction in life, make a certain decision, etc. They understand that it is God who is guiding them. Sometimes these clues are just words that you read in a magazine that stand out to you and finally something “clicks” (the light bulb lights up) and they realize that God has been with them all along and that God is directing their life. Sometimes it is what someone says that clicks. My point is that everyone hears God in a different way. And you may hear God one day, but it is not on your time. God does everything in his time. He has a plan. So maybe God wants to hear from you more than He wants you to hear from Him right now.

        • Thank you, that is beautiful 🙂 and I understand God always hears me, I know He does. But my sister has conversations with Him, like, all the time! Like, she can ask Him where she left something and He’ll tell her, or she can ask Him if she missed something important in the first 10 minutes of class she missed that she will need for the test, and He tells her! I ask Him stuff, and I know He doesn’t usually respond audibly, but I don’t hear an answer in any way. I see Him working in my life, but I just wish I could talk and listen to Him the same way she can, like best friends do. I always say that God is my best friend, but if I can’t hear Him is He really? And WHY won’t He talk to me in that way?

        • True, everyone says God speaks to them and answers all their prayers weather its a yes, no or not yet or whatever.

          But I’ve been praying for some good godly friends for almost 2 years and trying to find a good church, that doesn’t use a loud sound system since my ears are sensitive. But I haven’t found a church, and I still only have one friend. What can I do, I’m loosing hope that I’ll ever have good friends. If it wasn’t for my family and God I don’t know where I would be right now.

      • God has different plans for different people. Listen. If the voice inside your head is saying something that would glorify you, it’s not from God. If it says something that glorifys God, it’s the Holy Spirit.

      • My pastor always told me that God always speaks to us, but sometimes we just don’t listen. It doesn’t have to be in a LOUD voice like with Moses on Mt. Sinai, He speaks to to us through the Pastor, through the Bible, and sometimes through other people. But don’t worry, God speaks to us all the times. Sometimes He can speak to us through nature or from other people. So don’t get your hopes us…just keep praying, reading the Bible, and fast. God speaks and He listens to you 🙂

    2. I’ve been, and still am, struggling with depression. I cry every day and find myself wishing sometimes that I could just stop living. But every single time, without fail, when I would get to the point where the depression would nearly overcome me, I hear this gentle little voice in my head saying “It’s not forever. This will pass.” Every time I lose hope, He’ll whisper in my ear saying “Don’t give up yet. It’s almost over.” And I know that that little voice in my head is Him, reminding me that He’s in control, and keeping me alive <3

    3. I think he may have spoken to me last night in my dream. I knew my friend was in the hospital because of some infection, and I was really worried. Last night, I had a dream where she was back in school; when I got to school she was back 😀 I was sure God had told me she was coming back today 🙂

    4. I believe that God talks to me through others. Whenever I give to others,something good always happens to me. I think it’s God telling me to keep it up because it makes Him happy too that I love to help others. I also believe that He talks to me through dreams. God reaches us in many ways!

    5. Well, I was like 6, and my dad dropped me off at home when I got tired of bike riding with him. I went inside and found no one there. My mom and brother had disappeared. I panicked & cried for a while, and then I walked out of the house, across the street, down that street, and turned a corner. (Something, I realized later was God, had taken over me) I knocked on the door of a house and asked if my mom & brother was there. They were there. 🙂

    6. Many times I feel like God has spoken to me through music. Sometimes something happens and i hold in my feelings until night when I’m alone in my room. I like to look out my open window and even if I’ve been crying i can smile because when i look up and see the stars they remind me of God and his love. And i also listen to music, which lifts me up. I really like artists like Switchfoot and Third Day and Brandon Heath when I feel sad. But sometimes I’m just listening to music and God uses the lyrics to speak to me.

    7. Depression and loneliness were the things that nearly had my life until last year. The Bible pretty much had lost its zing to me. Then, an intern youth pastor came to our church and while us youth were on a retreat with him, we had a POWERFUL prayer session! That is when my life got totally turned around, was that night, crying on the floor, God turned me around for GOOD! Since then God has been reforming me more and more. 🙂 Thank you Pastor Daniel for helping me turn back to God!!!!!

    8. A few years ago, I didn’t have any brothers yet, only two sisters. I always wished I had a brother.
      One day, I had a dream. In the dream, it was dark except a small light area with a couch in it. My mom, me, and my grandma were on the couch. My mom was holding a young baby, maybe one, maybe younger. I was holding a child who looked about two. My grandma wasnt holding anybody, but she was just sitting there. Both of the babies were boys.
      Some time later, my mom had a baby, and it was a boy! When my brother was born, I remembered the dream, and thought, that’s amazing how God told me I was going to have a brother.
      However, there were two boys in the dream, not just one. So, about two years later, my mom had another baby, also a boy! When the younger boy wasn’t one yet, the older one was two. It was just like in the dream! God let me know what was going to happen in my life through a dream. 🙂

    9. when i was three i used to be really scared of moles, as in the little animals that live under the ground. i had this dream how the mole was going to eat me and my mum i dont really remember it but i was screaming uncontrollably and i’d gone crazy. then God came and talked to me and made me not scared. i have never felt that kind of fear ever since, even though plenty of scary stuff has happened. i belive God spoke to me because he wants me in a position where i can’t be scared by anything. i still don’t know what, He hasn’t told me that. I think God sometimes speaks to people because they have a harder time believing than the people he doesn’t speak to. im sure it’s not always true and that sometimes people aren’t listening or something and that’s why they don’t hear but i know that God will do what is perfect for teaching each of us. When i had depression and attempted to kill myself with a knife God physically stopped me from being able to get that knife close to myself, but other times when i was becoming suicidal God didn’t talk to me or anything like that. but when i had anorexia God didn’t do anything like that. Also He never directly confronted me when my temper used to always get totally out of control, and he didn’t help me in that sort of way when i suffered extreme guilt because of my actions. I don’t know why God works in different ways but i know that He understands each of us completely and knows what’s best for us.

    10. I had an interesting experience the other night. Me and my friend both want to be actresses when we grow up, but we’ve always been told its really far fetched and a long shot. We’ve been praying for months that God would reveal Himself to us and speak to us. It was 2am at her house, we were praying and reading the bible, when it’s like we could feel God’s presence in the room. We kept opening right to verses that talk about how God has big plans for you and a hope and a future. This morning, both of our churches talked about God speaking to people and calling them to things. It was really cool, and it’s awesome to have such a great friend who can share my dreams.

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