TODAY’S HOT TOPIC: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

    Do you celebrate Christmas? Or should I say Christ’s Mass–because that’s the origin of the name “Christmas.”

    With Christmas just a few weeks away, the controversy about whether Christians should even celebrate the season has arisen once again.

    Some Christians choose not to celebrate Christmas because they believe the holiday “originates from a pagan festival.” This is the same reason some Christians don’t celebrate Easter and Halloween. But here’s why I, as a Christian, celebrate all these holidays–or should I say, “holy days.”

    The pagan background to Christmas is only partly true. While these Christian holidays do take place on days that pagan festivals used to be celebrated, they didn’t evolve directly from paganism.

    Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and the pagans wanted to celebrate it. Since people were already celebrating on that day, the church decided to co-opt the celebrations and refocus them on the birth of Jesus Christ. The idea was to lead more people to Him. They kept some of the traditions, such as decorating a tree and hanging mistletoe, so that new followers could have an easy and familiar transition. But they gave a new focus to those traditions–Jesus Christ.

    Obviously, this is a very brief explanation of the transformed celebrations. But it shows that Christmas has always belonged to Christians and Christ. Everything else is just tradition.

    Did you know that the names of weekdays and months of the year originated from paganism?

    All of these ancient meanings with their beliefs and associations were lost long ago. When Friday roles around we don’t think about Fria, the goddess of love. On Saturday we don’t think about it as Saturn’s day, but as our day off! The same applies to the traditions of Christmas. If one observed the days of the week or the Christmas season with their ancient associations in mind, certainly it would be wrong. But many of these things, as with our Sunday, have been given Christian connotations (

    I believe your intentions are what counts when celebrating all these Christian holy days. If you’re celebrating Christ, then that’s all that matters. God knows what’s in our hearts!

    Ladies, when you celebrate Christmas, do you think about a pagan ritual or Germanic mythology, or do you think about the birth of Jesus Christ?

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    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. That’s exactly what I said to someone who claimed that Christmas was a pagan holiday. I think about Christmas in reference to Christ. I think that we should have a day on which to celebrate and give thanks for the coming of the Messiah, and while Jesus was probably not born on December 25th, it’s as good a day as any because we don’t really know the day. And when you look at the hidden meanings in some of our traditions(the Christmas tree, holly, candy canes, etc.) it really very cool!

      • Thanks for the question. It is, which is why I referenced it. Hallow means holy and Halloween is All Hallows Eve for Catholics. It’s the eve of All Saint’s Day which is then followed by All Souls Day. Catholics remember the lives of Saints and loved ones who died. As a Catholic Christian I celebrate Halloween and the days that follow. God bless!

    2. My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Since there is no proof anywhere that Jesus was born on that date, my parents don’t want to celebrate a false religious holiday.
      I think there is no problem in celebrating it just as Christmas. Celebrating it just to be with family and with presents and being together. In fact, I’m probably going to celebrate when I get older and move out on my own. But I’m not going to celebrate as a religious holiday.

      • There’s no proof that Jesus rose from the dead on Easter either. :p But my thoughts are that its not a “false religious holiday” because this is the day that we chose to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Did you know that Sunday (The Sabbath) doesn’t technically say it had to be Sunday? We’re just to spend one day a week celebrating or glorifying God. So we could do this on any day of the week :p

        Its your own decision (and your family’s :p) I just thought I’d share this with you. Personally I think its a great idea to celebrate it for God.

        • In response to your comment on us having no proof Jesus rose on Easter, the answer is that most years, He didn’t. Resurrection Day(because I don’t like the term Easter) really needs to be lined up with the Jewish feast Passover, since Jesus celebrated Passover right before He was crucified. I don’t understand why we don’t just celebrate Resurrection Day so that it coincides with Passover every year, but I didn’t make the rules.

          Actually, that’s why Resurrection Day has been so messed up(besides all the commercialization.) It doesn’t even line up with what right there in the Bible anymore…

        • Exactly why we don’t celebrate Easter either. I don’t agree with my parents decision. But I respect it.
          And yes, the Bible says to uphold the traditions on the ‘first day of the week’, which is Sunday.

        • *of *when

          Also please don’t think I meant that in a mean way, just trying to give you a different perspective. 🙂

        • Don’t worry, it’s alright. 🙂
          All I’m saying is that several people celebrate it for the sole reason of believing it is Jesus’s birthday. My parents don’t want people to believe that we celebrate it for that reason, so they don’t celebrate it at all. We celebrate his birth/death/resurrection all the time. They don’t need a holiday for it.

      • Does it really matter what exact day Jesus was born on? Just because it’s not the exact day doesn’t mean it’s a false religious holiday. It’s just a day that Christians have designated to remember the birth of our Savior. I do respect the fact that you follow your beliefs even if they are different, I admire that 🙂

    3. I celebrate with family and friends, thinking of or Christ’s birth. Praising him, going to christmas programs, and re-reading the story of his birth. EVERY year.
      Recently, I read for young mary in an audition. And was near tears, having to put myself in her place, as a young girl, my age. She was giving birth to the CHRIST. That’s what I remember while celebrating. Our saviors birth.

    4. I celebrate all of these holidays with Christ in mind! I feel that it is more about the special time with family studying God’s word during Christmas, than it is about the presents or anything else. I love going to the Christmaseve service at my church and as a family we light out little candles and sing ‘silent night’ at the end. Even one (family and church family)grows closer during that service. So no, my family does not consider Christmas a pagan holiday.

    5. The bible doesnt say the exact date when jesus was born. My family doesnt really celebrate it, i mean we get together with the family and stuff. I asked my dad why Christmas was bad, and he said it wasn’t. He said that its’s not the holiday that is bad, but the way some people celebrate; drinking, partying… Us as christians have to set ourselves apart from the world.

    6. Christmas to me is about the birth of Jesus Christ. People who wanted to celebrate a pagan germanic ritual wouldn’t do so using Christmas. Honestly I don’t really care what pagans used to do with mistletoe. It’s a collection of traditions that mean something totally different now.
      I love Christmas and I feel so bad for someone who wouldn’t celebrate it just because it’s borrowed some superficial things from other cultures. It’s such a beautiful holiday.

    7. That’s really interesting, that Christmas comes from Christ’s Mass and Holidays comes from Holy Days. I never knew that. 🙂
      I believe that Christians definitely should celebrate Christmas; it’s celebrating Christ’s birth. Ok, maybe it does partly originate from pagan tradition, but to me, that’s just another thing that God used for His plan; if those pagan traditions had never existed, would Christmas even exist the way it does today? When I think about Christmas, I automatically think of Jesus’ birth. Whether He really was born on December 25th or not, like HurricaneMurphGirl said, it’s as good a day as any to celebrate. I love Christmas 🙂

    8. When I was little and went to a day care my day care provider used to bake a cake for Jesus the Friday before Christmas and the little kids would all gather around and blow out the candles for him 🙂 it was always a great thing 🙂

    9. There is nothing wrong with making GingerBread Houses,Hot Coca,Opening Presents ans long as you thank GOD for those things and for Him sending His son through Birth to die for our sins,and the sins of the ENTIRE WORLD. 😀 😀 😀

      • I agree completely!!!!!!!!!!!! The focus should be on God. It does not matter if it did originate from a pagan holiday.What matters is why you are celebrating. And don’t you think that celebrating the birth of OUR SAVOIR, is a good thing? What is important is the mind set you have when you are celebrating Christmas.

    10. This is an awesome post! Even though Christmas is still a couple months away (’cause i’m reading this in October) I’m going to try focusing more on Jesus and giving instead of asking for a bunch of money and presents.

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