TODAY’S HOT TOPIC: The Pros and Cons of Twilight — Will You Watch?

    It’s finally time for the last of the Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn Part 2.

    Will you be watching?

    The controversial story of Bella and her two love interests, Edward and Jacob, has audiences divided. While many Christians, young and old, choose not to watch them because of their dark storyline, violence and sexual content, others can’t resist the seductive elements, such as the gorgeous characters and romance.

    First, the PROs, because there are some positive elements in the movies. I have to celebrate Edward’s desire to save his and Bella’s virtue until marriage. The storyline also features values like loyalty, family and friendship. But are these Christian principles enough to deem the movie appropriate for young Christian girls?

    Here are the CONs: The biggest negative is that the movie glorifies darkness, vampires and werewolves. It romanticizes Bella’s relationship with both Edward and Jacob, and there are very graphic scenes of both a violent and sexual nature. And Bella, well, she’s just not much of a role model for any girl.

    She has limited strength and influence. She doesn’t appear to stand for anything. And she lacks good values. She tries to convince Edward to sleep with her and she encourages Jacob to pursue her (or at least, she doesn’t stop it). She doesn’t seem to care that she’s hurting both boys and she’s desperate to become one of the undead.

    This is even more obvious in the trailer for the upcoming movie, where she opens with, “After 18 years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found I could shine. I was born to be a vampire…”

    I’m sure young girls watching these movies try to relate themselves to Bella. Why not? She’s beautiful. And so are the boys interested in her. But I believe none of it inspires Christian values. What do you think?

    So, am I wrong? Do the Twilight movies have enough Christian elements to make them appropriate for young Christian girls to watch them? How do you think Stephenie Meyer could make her future books more appealing to Christian girls?

    Do you hope there are more "Twilight" books and movies in the future?

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    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. I don’t like Twilight. I have never read the books and I have never seen the movies. It is to dark and my family does NOT do vampires. But I don’t judge other people who do watch Twilight and like it. It is all a matter of opinion. But the bible does say not to put witchcraft before our eyes and Twilight does kinda sound witchcrafty. Not saying that I am right or anything, that is just my thought. Another thought is that it isn’t the best message to young girls. It might leave them feeling like they need guys to fight over them to make her worth something.

    2. I haven’t seen the movies and I DON’T want too. But I have read about it and that’s not true, Edward didn’t want to save Bella’s virtue until marriage. The only reason he didn’t sleep with her was because he was afraid it would kill her! First of all, how stupid and demonic is that?!?! And second, how does that add any Christian value to the movie??? I’m sorry to those who are fans of the books and movies but the whole thing is completely against God and I don’t think Christians should be reading and watching that stuff.

      • He does want to wait for marriage to save her virtue, he actually says that in the book AND movie. However, it is also true that he doesn’t want to hurt her. Both are valid. Stephenie Meyer is a Morman and they value abstinence just as much as Christians.

    3. Not just Twilight, but vampirism in general is loaded with sexuality. I watched something on the History Channel once that actually linked the two. Vampirism just has sexual elements in general, and that’s why girls like vampire novels so much. It feeds their fantasies. And yeah, even if Bella and Edward waited till marriage to have sex, in both Twilight and Eclipse they got pretty darn close (or was it New Moon). Twilight: making out in a bed, K-Stew’s clothes were a little skimpy too. Eclipse or New Moon: snuggling/resting on Bella’s bed talking, Edward sneaking into bedroom at night, he got her a BED for her birthday. Sex wasn’t the problem, lust was. And lust should never be encouraged or loopholed, even if at times it can’t be helped.

    4. Whenever I come across Twilight paraphernalia, I always think, “Okay, going home to watch a REAL vampire movie…like Underworld.” In my house, Edward is known as “the sparkly moron we love to hate.” As an English major, I am obligated to despise the series.

    5. I’m actually indiffernt to Twilight. I don’t like the series (Harry Potter all the way!), but I will admit: the new one looks good. I’m a girl who enjoys action movies (Marvel movies definitely provide action) and the trailer gives the hopes of an action packed fight. But because of the other reasons, my hands are tied.

    6. I’m so glad that you other girls have similar views towards Twilight that I do. I have a couple of friends who are Christian who love this series and my sister’s bible study last year all loved the movies as well, her being the only on who did and would not watch them. I’m kind of like, this is confusing since when did Christianity/Christian bible studies and vampires mix? I’m kind of missing the old scary movies when the vampires were actually the bad guys.

    7. I voted “no” but not because I don’t like the Twilight books/movies. It’s a cheesy love story about a girl who attracts fictional beings and danger. The story had a beginning, a middle, and an end. There doesn’t need to be any more books written as “prequels” or “sequels.” It’s done. So after this movie comes out and makes it’s millions of dollars the vampire hype will have moved on as well. I have read all 4 books (plus the short story Stephanie Meyers wrote that went with the third) and seen all four movies. I plan on seeing the second part coming out. It’s entertaining and I see nothing wrong with it as long as you are mature enough to know that it’s all make believe and none of it’s real.

    8. I don’t think that any amount of supposed “pros” in Twilight could ever outweigh the cons. Also, Bella and Edward’s relationship meets ALL 15 requirements for an abusive relationhship set by the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

    9. Personally,I see nothing wrong with it,as long as you aren’t obsessed over it. Trust me,there are so truly obsessed Twilight fans. I like the series,and it dosen’t stop me from getting rid of my christian values.

    10. the way they present everything in the movie is enticing. And I admit I have watched the first one and fairly liked it (Though I can’t say how many times I said, “Bella! Ugh! She’s so STUPID!”) I don’t agree with the sexual content, goodness, I could go without it. But I’ve always been interested more in the dark movies and books…scarier ones. But not horror, no. But I don’t like “fine and dandy” “happily ever after” movies all the time.

    11. I have the books and the movies, and I started reading it before it became the overblown “pop cultural phenomenon” it is now. In hindsight, the writing and the movies aren’t really that great. Stephenie Meyer cites Jane Austen as one of her influences, but I think if Austen were alive today, she would (politely) laugh in Stephenie’s face.

      I actually went through a phase where I read dark fantasy novels, but around the age of 16 or 17 I felt convicted and I literally tore and cut up those books and recycled them. I wasn’t going to give them away, and I thought of Acts 19:19 (look it up).

      What made Twilight different from the other books is that it really didn’t delve into the paranormal much. It was like, yeah he’s a vampire. That’d be like saying, yeah, he’s an illegal alien. There were some mythological things going on with the werewolves, but otherwise, I didn’t find too much wrong with the books. I have yet to finish the 4th one, and I actually went to a midnight release party for it years ago, so that shows how much of a fan I am now.

      If you’re one of those girls who was forbidden to read it, trust me, you’re not missing out.

    12. So I read all four of the books. I loved them. I guess I related to Bella because she felt ordinary but she had guys see her has wonderful. Personally, I would have chosen Jacob. haha:) but I’ve seen all the movies with my Grandpa who was a Christian pastor at the time. I realize now that the movies and books aren’t innocent. because they have to do with vampires and werewolves. Even though the vampire sparkles, he’s still a blood-drinking vampire. as for the werewolf… bestiality…just kidding xD

    13. I doubt Stephanie Meyer’s intent was to ever appeal to Christian audiences, but hopefully she’ll change that. I used to be into these movies (though it doesn’t help that I have a non-Christian friend), but this time, I’m putting my foot down! This last movie doesn’t even seem the least bit interesting! I thank God that He helped opened my eyes to these damaging movies!

    14. TWILIGHT SUCKS! bad acting and it looks more like a joke, i dont take it seriously, my sister even watched the previous sequal for a good laugh and man oh man she laughed…its not even scary, its disgusting

    15. Here are my thoughts:
      Should every young Christian girl watch/read Twilight? No. I have had numerous moms ask me about content and if I think they are appropriate for their daughters. Mostly, I tell them the content and say it’s up to them to decide.
      Are they dark? No, not really. Mostly it’s Bella whining about how she wants Edward and wants to be a vampire. That being said, I did love the books and have read them multiple times. The movies are alright as well (whoever mentioned horrible acting, that is definitely valid).
      Personally, I think it’s important to talk to our children about things like this and not just ban it from the house. When you have a teenage girl who is unable to read the books or see the movies, but who’s friends have done both, you’re going to have some issues. I think if you talk to your daughter about the content, explain that Bella’s behavior towards Edward is not common (nor recommended really) and also explain what healthy relationships at that age look like, it’s not as big of a problem.
      As far as the vampire/dark elements. Really, there isn’t much darkness, unless you think vampires in general constitute darkness, in which case, yes. Again, I think it’s important to talk to kids about this. Explain the fantasy elements, explain spiritual warfare.
      I’ve been a Christian my whole life, I love God more than anything. And I read Twilight. I read a lot of fantasy books as a teenager (I still do), but one thing I absolutely knew because it was discussed in my family, it’s fantasy, it’s not real. Books are just stories. Now, I do guard my heart and stay away from things that are dark and could hinder my walk with Jesus, but to me, these are just stories. Made up fiction about a crazy girl who needs more counseling that has been let on, and a family that likes blood instead of meat.

    16. They took vampirism, the ultimate Gothic erotica, and made it into a sparkly, fluffy kitten. Unacceptable…not to mention downright offensive to people who prefer the real deal in their choices of film and literature.

    17. Honestly, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the series. There are many novels that are much worse. Do I think they are the best books for young girls to read? Of course not. But just because a book isn’t all about religion doesn’t make it evil. I am a strong Christian, but I have read the Twilight novels and seen the movies many times. They don’t put a blockade of any kind between me and God. I think the main thing is to remember that they are fiction. And I think that if people don’t like them, they just shouldn’t read them or watch them.
      I don’t find Harry Potter to be a very Christian novel. But I’m sure many Christians read that as well.
      Twilight does have some darkness. But evil is not the main point of the series. The evil is meant to be obstacles to overcome.
      Nothing in the movie is extremely graphic, but I guess it depends on your definition of graphic.
      The sexuality may be awkward and somewhat inappropriate, but at least they are married. In most movies today, the couple is not.
      Overall, I think the series is okay. I think rating how evil or innocent they are is strictly opinionated and unnecessary. It’s all about opinion. 🙂

    18. I used to be totally obsessed with Twilight before I was saved! I remember being in this fog thinking about Edward or Jacob all the time! I wanted to write a book on Bella and Jacob, but now Jesus fills me up!

    19. I read the books and there is definitely something in there about Edward wanting to wait until marriage. I think this is a really important message for girls to see because it shows them that there are guys out there who respect women. (Yeah, Edward is a vampire, but he was once a real man who felt the same way about sex.) Also, I think the subliminal prolife message in Breaking Dawn is a really good thing for girls to see. It shows them that children are beautiful gifts, no matter what or how they are or what the doctors say they will be.

    20. …I don’t think Bella was as glamorized in the books. The books made her seem really average and easy to relate to. I am tempted to say that makes it somewhat better, since the media is loaded with female characters who are basically perfect. There never should’ve been 5 movies, though. Everyone is burnt out. I don’t know whether it’s bad to watch it or not. The media certainly forces worse stuff on us.
      But, as far as Stephenie Meyer’s books go, I think The Host is pretty appropriate (and better). I heard she was writing about mermaids next, so we’ll see. That has the potential to be bad.

    21. I remember kids reading these books when I was in fifth grade (right when the new moon movie came out). I remember that the school library didn’t carry the books because they were a seventh grade reading level! From what I am hearing here, It shouldn’t even BE appropriate reading for even SEVENTH GRADERS!!!!!!! I knew some of my fifth grade friends who read the books and were SCARED and stuff of it! I am really glad now that I never read them!

    22. It’s annoying because some of my friends want to go see it. I said I would, but I dunno. Twilight has never really had any effect on me and I’ve read all the books and watched two of the films. Oh well at lest there’s a fight secene so I can stay awake 😉

    23. i agree that from what i have heard and stuff the acting is HORRIBLE and the writing now much better. that’s why i don’t watch it, mainly. Also, I am a harry potter freak, so it is my duty as a harry potter maniac to hate twilight. lol. :

    24. I personally like this series and am excited to see the last movie, being a big fan of fiction featuring creatures such as vampires and werewolves. I do give Meyer a lot of credit for the idea that started all of it, especially seeing as it came from a dream she had. To imagine a half-vampire, half-human child like Renesmee (Edward and Bella’s child) existing is fun, but of course I know it comes from imagination. The main thing that draws me to this and the TV show called “Grimm” is mainly to escape the real-world and simply indulge my brain in something utterly untrue, yet so fascinating to me. Bella is definitely NOT a strong role model for girls, but the fact that she’s so ordinary (pre-vampire) and draws attention from not one but two handsome mythical beings might give people hope that they too will attract their own Edward Cullen or Jacob Black, while simply being themselves.
      I remember when I was in the middle of the Harry Potter series and telling my mom that I’d heard the church was against it because of the witchcraft and stuff. My mom said I could keep reading them, because she knew that I knew it wasn’t real (although, who wouldn’t want to get an acceptance letter to Hogwarts?). Neither of these book series have interfered with my strong relationship with God and Jesus, because I know Jesus is the best Prince Charming you could ask for, not a vampire! Bottom line: if you know it’s pure fiction and God is nonfiction, give it a go and see if it sparks your interest. If sparkly, human-sparing vampires and tattoed werewolves aren’t your thing, then okay.

      • Edward’s not even a real vampire! He’s an insult to the original Gothic erotica! Frankly, I’m annoyed at Meyer for creating this hype because she’s ruined vampires by bringing them into pop culture. It used to be a dark, Gothy fringe thing, and now it’s just stupid…T_T

    25. Lord have mecry on this country of the United states. Trust me im going to seminars and stuff like this in the movies are getting worse. The unisted states is in bible prophecy and Jesus is comming back. Guys we are living in bad times, for your christian safety just dont watchh this.

    26. I think it is mostly for older teens but like you said there are moral values to it. I do NOT think that younger girls should be reading or watching it. I think that most of the people saying no is the poll is because they personally do not like the sereis and so goes tha trend of twilight haters. But hey we all have our own opinion.

    27. The thing my cousin told me about Twilight, were A: she HATES the movies. That I can definitely understand considering all the crummy acting, which we can ALL agree on. She DID tell me that I looked mostly like Bella, and I was….. less than thrilled. B: A lot of fans devolve it into “Oh, is she going to choose him, or him?” and don’t focus on the real plot. Sort of like the Hunger Games, where some fans seem to focus on the “Peeta or Gale” romance instead of the actual story.

    28. Personally, at first I really didn’t like Twilight, but it started to grow on me, now I really like it. I also feel like Robert Pattinson is a very underrated actor, he is in a movie called ‘Remember Me’ and it is a fabulous movie! I also think that Kristen Stewart has a really awesome personality!

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