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    Too Young, Too Sexy, Too Fast

    Did you know that we only have 18 years of our lives to be a kid? Of course you do! We are technically adults when we turn 18. After that, we have approximately 60 years to be an adult, if God allows it.

    If this is the case, then why are young girls constantly being pressured to grow up faster?

    The media plays a huge role in enticing girls to act and dress in a manner that’s far too mature for their age. Most concerning is that many of these girls often are encouraged to behave and dress sexually.

    Aren’t there enough women in the world to use these products? Now these outlets have to use or market to little girls?

    Sadly, it’s not just the media’s influence that promotes sexualizing young girls. Parents also are responsible for this epidemic. These are not just the parents who encourage their children to model in a sexual manner, but also the parents who push their girls to follow the fashions and actions presented by other young models.

    The following is a 20/20 clip titled, “Too Young to be Sexy.” It provides a fantastic account of what I’m referencing here and in my previous posts on the sexualizing of young girls.

    Honestly, I’m disturbed, appalled, and saddened by this 20/20 clip. Unfortunately, it seems that money and notoriety are too much of a temptation for the media and these parents to miss out on.

    Take a look at the following image. I found it on Amazon.com when I was searching for women’s pajamas.

    The items are described as “mother and daughter matching sweater dresses.” Are you kidding me?

    Ladies, you’re only a child for a short time in your life, and so I urge you to embrace that time and enjoy it. Don’t fall for the hype. Children in heels, makeup, piercings, tattoos, and mature fashion are being exploited. It’s as simple as that. And in a world where the Internet rules and pedophiles are rampant, the media and parents who promote this are only setting these poor children up as prey.

    Growing up does not mean becoming a sex object. A beautiful woman is gorgeous on the inside. She’s physically attractive in the way that she presents herself, and is chic but modest in her style. Think Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift.

    The following is a prayer I would like to offer all you PI girls:

    Lord God, protect our young girls as they make their individual journeys through the lives you have blessed them with. Let them not be tempted by a media absorbed by money and lacking in morality. Show these girls the joys of being a child, and that adulthood comes soon enough. I ask you also, Lord, that you direct our girls so that they enhance their inner beauty, discover graceful modesty, and focus on being a follower of Christ, rather than a follower of fashion. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Now it’s your turn. What was your initial reaction to the 20/20 clip? Do you ever find yourself dressing or acting too maturely for your age?

    [Image: Amazon.com]

    T.M. Gaouettehttp://www.tmgaouette.com
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit tmgaouette.com for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on www.facebook.com/TMGaouette and https://twitter.com/TMGaouette .


    1. Oh I read about this little girl on Care2! Poor thing, she needs to model for CHILDREN’S clothes, not be exploited this way. Even a lot French people were bothered by this,even though Europeans are supposed to be more ‘loose’ about sex than Americans (and people think Americans have no morals, look at other countries, they can be just as bad, or worse!). We live in a world corrupted by sin and evil, it’s so hard sometimes, it’s even hard for nonbelievers too.

    2. I thought Toddlers in Tiaras was entertaining at first and then I realized that these girls are going to dress and act like this for the rest of there lives because of it. I totally agree; not even me, being an older teenage girl, would ever wear what tots are be sold!

      • UGH! i totally agree! although i never liked todlers in tiaras. i think its unfair to those children for their parents to do that to them. those children have been taught to be spoiled brats who literally claw their way to the top and they are going to be so unprepared for the way the real world is going to be cruel and not give them what they want. i just feel bad

    3. i coulden’t believe my eyes! that’s disgusting!!!!! iknow what their saying when they say that all that junk is promoting eating disorders; my little cousin who is 6 years old asks her brother if she’s fat; and she is the strongest, skinniest 6 year old you could meet! i hate where our society is heading, we have hit an all time low.

    4. I watched the clip, it’s so sad. The ‘striper pole kit’ shocked me, I was like “Whaat? Whaat?”, I mean , that’s ridiculous, how do they get away with that? In the U.S.? I’ve also seen the dolls sold in stores now, many of them wear very suggestive outfits, and they’re from mainstream brands and names too. My mom says they look like ‘hoochies’, if you’ll excuse the expression. It’s so terrible. The mom’s on “Little Miss Beauty Pageant” all have self-esteem issues, so they channel it through their children. My mom says “How come HRS doesn’t come bothering her?”, especially since one lady said she had kids just to do the pageants (and she admitted to making her daughter, who is now 5 unless it’s an old episode, dance on a bar table and perform ‘Poker Face’, which happens to be a very innapropriate song for children anyway! Some parents are sick!).

      Oh, and the little girl (in a Care2 article) I was talking about was this 10-year old French model, and her mom seems very naiive, or pretends to be naiive, who knows.

    5. That is appalling, who would do that to young girls? I mean what kind of mom would let them wear those things? I think a great article someone should do is one about kids beauty pagents because those also sexualize the like 6-9 girls wayyyy to much. I myself do not wear make up at all, and dress modestly. I unfortunately did not get to watch the clip but I plan on doing so…

    6. This is horrible, and people wonder why there are so many young girls being sold as sex slaves, its because people are dressing them this way and it makes it easier for creeps to notice them in that way. I pray that God will change our society’s hearts to realize this is such a wrong thing to teach young girls. im 14 and i constantly notice girls wearing majorly padded bras, thongs with outfits that dont need them (that really bugs me), short skirts/ shorts, and revealing tops. its so sad to know that they all think they need to dress that way to get people’s attention. i pray that God helps us change our ways

    7. I hoped one of you PI authors would do an article about that vid! I knew you’d use that clip! To me, its golden proof that shows that the devil is real. I mean, Abercrombie and Fitch doing stuffed bikkinis for 7 YEAR OLDS? 10 year olds doing BIKKINI WAXING? I mean…I did get the middle of my eyebrows waxed when I was younger–say, around the age of 10–before Thanksgiving, but that was just the middle to avoid a “unibrow” look. I think there’s nothing wrong with that.

      I’ve said it plenty of times before, and I’ll say it a billion times more if I must, but everything has changed. Mom said TV has gone from “you see the parents go up to bed, but you never see them get into bed” to (40 years later, from the 1980’s to 2011) seeing two people in bed, making out vigorously, or just two people in bed, you know…indicaing they were going to have–EWW! This is why some well-minded person invented the phrase “get a room”!!!!–coitus. And, Exibit B, COSMO! In 30 years, the magazine went from good to horrible!


    8. What happened to overalls and frilly dresses? Playing tag in the front yard? It seriously is so sad. My friends and I were just talking about Toddlers and Tiaras, and it’s terrible. I can’t imagine parents who would let their child get that way. Then, it’s often those same parents who complain about their kids being “uncontrollable” or “rebellious” when they’re teens. People need to realize what’s important in life. Girls can only get so far in life on beauty. After a while, that fades. When you focus your whole life on beauty, well, it doesn’t last forever and then what do you do with yourself? If the parents would teach their girls more meaningful things, then they would provide them with a full and fulfilled life, not just a few years of fake happiness.

    9. That sweater dress made me gasp in horror. I’m 15, and unless my dress hits mid-thigh, I have dark leggings on to keep me covered. I don’t do cleavage ever, and I follow the “Christian dress code”. Girls, you don’t need to make yourself sexy! What’s hottest is being a modest, Christian believer! That will attract the right guy!

    10. oh my gosh… this makes me so mad. Did anyone watch the video after the first one? Thats almost as appalling. I can’t believe people tell each other that God hates the world! I’m shocked that people can be like that.

    11. Where are the parents in this? I can’t even imagine having a little girl and buying her things like that… it’s almost as if they want their girls to make bad decisions in life later on. If the parents didn’t buy these type of things then there would be no market demand for sexy child clothes and companies would stop making these items…

      • You are absolutely right. As a mother of a little girl I find it very difficult finding appropriate clothing for her. She has also been blessed with an incredibly beautiful face and it scares me how into her looks she is. I remind her every day that God is only interested in a beautiful heart. It was very difficult writing this article. I was horrified and disgusted at the parents who allowed their children to be exploited and sexualized.

        • God bless you TM for protecting your little girl! I’d highly reccomend learning to sew…it’s very, very easy to make pretty, modest, and age-appropriate skirts and dresses, and by letting her help pick out fabric and trims she still gets to enjoy being ‘stylish’. When she’s older, by her learning it will teach her to be confident and self-sufficient…I’ve been making things since I was 6, and it’s helped to make me who I am.

    12. Wow, Nicole, that is so shocking! I completely agree with you, I am both upset and sad as I saw that video. I have a ton of friends who are trying to act like their “mature” and more “grown up” and it’s really upsetting. I have definitely tried acting/dressing more mature for my age before, but I’ve kinda decided to start enjoying my last few years of being a kid before I have to worry about getting a job and college, etc. Thank you so much for sharing, I totally feel pressure from media and stores to grow up faster than I should, and I’m so thankful you’re telling others about this 🙂

    13. Proverbs 31:10 “A precious wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.”

      Proverbs 3:15 “She is more precious than rubies, nothing you desire can compare with her.”

      Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed with STRENGTH and DIGNITY; she can laugh at the days to come.”

      Proverbs 31:30 “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is worthy to be praised.”

    14. That is HORRIBLE! When I was a little kid, I went outside and played for five hours a night and dressed in t-shirts and ripped-at-the-knee jeans, a baseball cap, and sneakers. I wore overalls sometimes. I was raised and still am very modest. And now I see that three year olds are dressing in a way that *I* wouldnt even dress?!? That’s crazy! I wish these parents would be clued in that the kids are going to be very rebellious when they’re older and that they usually dont WANT to be played with like this! Why do you think that we have so many pedophiles? Take JonBenet Ramsey for example. She dressed up in sexy clothes and wore so much makeup that grown men were turned on and made shrines about her! She was brutally murdered at the age of 6… her throat was slit. The man that killed her was also addicted to CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. It’s sick.

    15. This is so sad. And because they’re children, they can’t even discern how wrong it is. And because they have parents who apparently can’t do that either. I didn’t start wearing makeup until last year when I turned 14 and I don’t even get anything waxed. That’s just so sad.

    16. POLE DANCING DOLL?!?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?! Has all of sociaty gone mad?! I always loved playing with Barbies (even up to age 13) and thought dolls were a geat sorce of innocent amusement and creativity; seeing them being used to inspire young girls to pole dance is beyond disgrceful and makes me SICK! What are the people who make those thinking?! Do they not know that the more sexualied young girls are, the more depressed and suicidal they’ll become when they get older?

      • They don’t think about that. They just want to know how much money they can make with the product. Unfortunately it’s all about supply and demand. If no one bought this stuff, it would come off the market.

    17. ohhh ma gosh…this makes me seriously wanna cry…and im lookin back on it now…and was thinking to myself…its this how i used to ack when i was younger??…buh then i though about it…and i know that i wasnt this fast wen we was younger..it seems like as the generation keeps going and Jesus is closer to coming….everything is getting worse and worse…we have to pray for this generation….-NO CROTH PANTIES???

    18. THIS IS SOO SHOCKING! I think that if you put clothes and makeup and suff like that in a childs head than thats what theyre only going to care about. They’ll want to look sexy and impress the world insted of focusing on them selves and their hearts. This will be terrible for them in the long run and how they will be as adults. I think this is showing how out society is impacting on us and our younger generation. One of the things that we could do as Christians is to be good rolemodels and stand firm for what we believe in 🙂 . Its also true, childhood is for short time.

    19. Some mothers are so focused on the prize that they don’t realize what they are making their children do. They don’t realize that their children think its OK to dress like that. Because whatever Mommy does is OK, because Mommy is their number one role model at this time of their life.

    20. I don’t think they’res anything wrong with getting your eyebrows plucked, or getting them waxed, or getting your hair straitened. That’s not bad. BUT getting your bikini area is just DISGUSTING! No one needs that.

    21. Hideous. I was never allowed to play with Bratz dolls when I was little, and they’re even WORSE now. Toddlers & Tiaras should be boycottted. I can’t stand Willow Smith…she’s WAAAY too young to dress and act the way she does.

      • don’t forget Angelina Jolie’s daughter wearing makeup and high-heels. She’s such a lazy parent, she lets her kids do whatever they want.
        Sort of reminds me of my aunt, she spoils her daughter, and proves herself even more of a hypocrite when it come to her daughter: She didn’t want me to wear makeup until I was 15 (I’m 18 and I seldom wear makeup), but for her daughter, she buys ‘little girl’ makeup sets and nail polish sets (and she was 4,5, or 6 years old). When I was a kid, I had a little lip gloss and makeup, and when I got older, my sister and I played with makeup, but the ‘little girl’ stuff wasn’t real makeup to my aunt. Little girls want to be like adults b/c they see it marketed for them, that they can have their own ‘little lady’ playsets too. I would get mad when my aunt would buy her daughter makeup, and my little sis got a makeup box once, but she doesn’t use it that much. I’m not sure what any of this means or if it’s harmed us in any way. I do remember wanting to grow up a little too fast at times, and my little sister and cousin are like wannabe teenagers alot of times.

    22. with vouge paris we need to think about their culture it is very differnt from the U.S culture my famliy is from england so i understand the diffrent culture here in the USA it not right but the way fance is it ok
      with some of then images that have little girls in underwear not right

      • True, there are cultural differences, but the Bible didn’t say to accept sin b/c of society or ‘culture’, God’s standard always comes first. Besides that, I read that a lot of French people were disturbed by the 10-year old model–and the other little girls. The products they were advertising were meant for adults (so why are 10-year olds selling it?). Vogue and the stuff advertised in Vogue are meant for an extreme lifestyle, one that includes having mountains of money and being a slave to fashion (the famous 10-year old model wore a multi-million dollar bead necklace in that issue! What could it possibly be made of–and who is it from to be worth that much!? it’s ridiculous, but like I said, meant for an extreme lifestyle–one that is not close to God may I add).

    23. People love to blame the companies, and it is partly their fault. But, the companies wouldn’t make the clothes if the parents did not buy it. In the end, it falls on the parents. What will they buy for their kids or let their kids buy is their responsibility. They need to step up and take responsibility for their own actions, and not try to blame their choices and failings on someone else.

      • I know. I cringe at the thought of how many pedophiles look at these magazines and watch these shows. How can parents expose their children in this way? Is money so much more important to them than their own children?

    24. Is this what the world’s come to? Dressing up LITTLE GIRLS in revealing clothing and raising them up to be rebellious and sex-oriented teens, and then their parents, who ENCOURAGED this, blame others?! Ugh, this is sick.

    25. I actually disagree, although I think that little girls should enjoy their life as a stress free child and that a 4th grader wearing makeup (besides lipgloss) is crazy, I think that young girls should be taught at an early age on how to maintain their appearance. Although appearance is definitly not the most important thing in life I do believe that it helps. I think that maybe twice a year a young child could go to the spa and get a treatment done. That I think is fine. Along with this I think it is the parents responsibility to tell the girl that this is something that they will be doing more often as an adult. Little kids LOVE to play grown up and I think we should let them.

    26. All through my life, I’ve been modest. In 7th grade, I was taking a trip to Hawaii and went shopping with my granny. I knew it would be warm, so I picked out some shorts that were almost knee-lenght and a few tee-shirts. She made me put them back, telling me instead to get the things she picked out. These items were nothing but short-shorts and low-cut tank tops. She continues to get me things like this on occasion, but I don’t think it’s good. I’m only 15 (I was 13 at the time), and I don’t think it’s appropriate to dress like that.

    27. That is sickening, once a girl is old enough to make her own choices about makeup, heels, eyebrow waxing, or whatever, I don’t think its a big deal (the three I listed, some of the other things aren’t right for anyone). However, if girls have these things thrust at them from such a young age they are always going to struggle and feel like they be whatever they are asked to be and not ever stand up to be different. A few strong girls may emerge, but the majority won’t. And they definitely shouldn’t be encouraged that things like pole dancing are okay, they will realize they’re in the world at some point, but they should never be seen as okay. “Sexy” shouldn’t be seen as a good thing, especially in the eyes of young, innocent girls who don’t even understand it.

    28. Oooooh man I gotta say… this reminded me so much of Miley Cyrus. She said she does the things she does because she’s “growing up,” but really it’s just showing how immature and insecure and needy she is. And it’s not even her fault!!!!! It’s the media. It’s ALWAYS the media!!! Ergh, it’s SO frustrating!!!

    29. That is so sad 🙁 I never would wear something like that. My parents raised me to be a modest and yet (when I feel like it) fashionable girl. I mean, what happened to wearing jeans and t-shirts?! I’m 14 (turning 15 in March) and I own maybe 5 shirts that show any cleavage, and it’s almost non-existent. I just wore make-up, eyeshadow only, for the first time to go to church on Christmas Eve. I started waxing my underarms at around 12, but only because my family is hairy and I like wearing tank tops, and the only things I wax now are my underarms and lower legs. But seriously girls, t-shirts and jeans and Converse are just as beautiful (if not more) than that sexy designer dress.

    30. I totally feel you! Know a 12, now 13 year old girl who wears a LOT of make up, extremely high heels, very very short tight dresses, and just is over all provocative and trashy looking. Her two older (adult) sisters are models, and she wants to be like them. She didn’t used to be that way, and she’s greatly influenced by current fashion and her sisters. It’s sad.

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