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Top 10 Fall 2017 Fashion Trends Forecast


Here are some fall 2017 trends that are popular in the fashion forecast.

Coming this season are red tall boots, patterns, leather, glitter boots, the Western look, and 1970s plaid. Victorian collars, body suits, broad shoulders, nylon coats, multiple patterns, fishnets, buttons, medium-length skirts, and big belts are also in.

1. Mixing and Matching: Blending different lilac colors with patterns and other solids is in this season. Be bold and do something outside of the box with your wardrobe color-wise! Would you mix floral with a pattern?   


2. Embroidered Jeans: I think this look is super cute and I would totally wear this! Definitely reminds me of the hippie look.


3. Patterns: Florals, bold stripes, and different repetition in patterns are in. Some people even will go all-out and do what Who What Wear calls “head-to-toe” patterns.

4. Bright Colors: Hot, bold colors like red, pink and blue are in this season.

5. Mismatched Jeans and Patchwork Jeans: This look from Seventeen magazine is cute. Would you wear this?

6. Longer Skirts: Mid-length to long skirts are in style now. I love this jean skirt below from Pinterest.

7. Fringe: This aligns with the 1970s look and is very big on the runways. Fringe on purses, accessories and jackets is in style. Do you like fringe?

8. Big Sleeves: This look reminds me of the ’70s hippie style. Could you pull off this look? Would you want to wear bell sleeves?

9. Minimalism: Simple, solid colors are in this coming season.

10. Classic White T-Shirt: You can never go wrong with a plain white tee, don’t you agree?


PI Girls, what are your favorite looks?

Image: StockSnap


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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by JoieGahum on August 18, 2017 at 09:00

    i love that emroidered jeans! A classic! I got mine from Cicihot. It looks so awesome!