Top 5 Hairstyles for Fall and Winter 2013

    Searching for a new style as the seasons change? Updating your hairstyle is a great way to get a whole new look! Since autumn’s on the horizon, we scooped out five trendy hairstyles for you to try this fall and winter…let us know your favorites and which hairstyles you’ll be trying for yourself in the coming months!



    Braids are a great way to add a whimsical, romantic and fun touch to your hair. A hidden braid is the latest way to wear a braid in style. Choose a section of hair that will allow your braid to pop through and been seen sporadically but not be completely visible at all times. We love surprising styles! Be sure to use an elastic band at the end of your braids in order to keep them from falling apart, and if you choose to do a few braids, try spreading them out evenly throughout your hair.



    Ponytails always have some place in hair fashion, and right now the popular sleek ponytail can give you a clean and beautiful, put-together look in seconds. Use a boar bristle brush to help smooth out kinks and a shine hairspray to give your hair some sheen and staying power.



    Out with the high buns and in with the low! Once you’ve got your hair clean and ready to style, twist and wrap your hair around itself like you would with a bun and then pull it through the middle to create a knot. Then, tuck the hair you’ve pulled through the style under the bun for a sophisticated look, or leave it out for an undone effect. You’ll want a few bobby pins to keep things in place.



    If you’ve already got stick straight strands, this might seem like a boring option for you. But if you have frizzy, curly or wavy hair, attaining stick straight beauty can be a fun change-up! This style is much easier to do when it’s cold outside and you don’t have to worry about humidity messing with your work. Wash and blow dry your hair with a brush, then use a straightener to attain this look. Check out this helpful tutorial from Wiki How.


    Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 12.41.39 AM

    The new version of “beach curls,” soft curls are all the rage right now. Using a large barrel curling iron, you can tame your tresses into chic and romantic curls, perfect for a night out with family or friends. If you need some advice, check out this video tutorial from blog From Head to Toe.

    PI Girls, which of these hairstyles is your favorite? Would you try any of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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    1. I’m usually wearing a sleek pony tail or just straight hair down with a headband. I’d love to try curly hair, but I’m afraid I’ll burn myself with a curling iron and hot rollers…guess I can always try!

      • Staw curls! I love them! They’re are cheap and fun to do! You can go to Walmart or even a discounted shopping store and get just a pick of normal straws. Usually I like to do them after a night time shower and sleep in them because I don’t have enough time in the morning and I find my hair doesn’t dry fast enough, but you can do whatever you want! Okay so then you take a section of hair (mine are about 2 inches) and twist. Now take a straw and starting from the bottom role up. When you get to the top (or at whatever point you want to stop) take the straw and pull on both ends so the little bendy thing becomes all the way straight then (I know this sounds crazy but trust me) tie the ends together. Continue this around your entire head. (I usually use about 8-10 straws with my thick blonde curly medium length hair, but you should experiment and see what works for you!) Next step, lord if people say these work in a few hours but I ALWAYS sleep in mine. (Something again you can see what works for you!) Then when taking them out, untie the knot and unroll. Do this all around your head. I usually leave my hair like this for a moment so it has a chance to like calm before separating my curls. DO NOT BRUSH YOUR HAIR! You will cause SO much frizz if you do this. Yikes! But the effect is always what I like after a few times! If you need more clarification on direction there are a TON of YouTube videos on straw curls. Hope this works for you!

    2. My brown hair is very wavy/curly and somewhat thick. I am always putting it into a Stick Straight ‘do because my natural hair doesn’t like to cooperate with me. I try to go back and forth with washes so that I don’t burn my hair to a crisp! Just blow dry while brushing and straighten it! Sometimes I do that at night, then in the morning touch it up and it looks perfect!!! 😀

    3. I absolutely ADORE the hidden braids! In South Mississippi, straight hair practically isn’t an option. (Thanks, humidity!) I’m gonna be trying the hidden braids look! love how romantically chic it is!

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