Top 5 Winter Dresses to Keep You Warm and Stylish

    It’s easy to forget about cute dresses during the winter months. The cold season doesn’t seem to render as many smart dress options in stores, and wearing pants and a sweater is often more comfy–something everyone can agree is important when you’re chilly!

    But for those occasions when you need to wear a dress, or if you just really miss sporting them, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite winter-friendly dress finds. Remember that you’ll still need some thick tights or leggings and a sweater and jacket to stay warm. And, if you live somewhere really chilly, maybe a scarf, hat and legwarmers, too. Stay warm out there!



    The shirtdress is a popular and chic way to stay both warm and comfortable. This particular dress, from Forever 21 ($25), is woven and lightweight. Little silver buttons and a light blue tie belt complete the look.


    We can thank noted fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg for her brilliant wrap dress design. It caught massive popularity in the 1970s for its comfortable and forgiving design; it looks great on all body shapes! We really like this gray and neon print from Old Navy ($25) for winter–you could try a cute white or yellow cami underneath for extra coverage!


    This simple striped dress , known as a “shift dress”, is celebrated for its simplicity and elegance. The version pictured here, from the Gap ($60), has the added bonus of being made from jersey. Super comfy (100% cotton!) and easy to accessorize!


    We really love the color of this sweet and romantic ModCloth ($55) dress. The super great thing about this website is it offers free shipping and returns, so if you don’t like what you order or it doesn’t fit, you can just ship it right back!


    We kind of want to curl up in this long-sleeved Merino wool dress and take a nap! It looks like a giant sweater, but is cut well and is both stylish and simple. Our favorite part? It is handmade by an artist on Etsy ($26), so you can be sure that it will fit!

    What types of dresses do you like wearing during the winter? Take our poll and let us know which of our picks was your favorite–and comment below with more details!

    What kind of winter dress do you love?

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    1. I don’t want to come across the wrong way, but none of these dresses are really modest. If an average height teenage girl were to sit down in one of these, the young gentlemen would certainly get an eyeful. Maybe post some that are a little longer please?

    2. So, I was wondering if you might do a post about shopping for cute stuff on a budget. Some of us don’t have $60 to spend on a dress, so I think it would be cool if you would do a post where all of the dresses were under $30. Just a suggestion. God bless!

        • I know, and I do like Forever 21, (although some of their stuff is too short, which can be fixed with leggings) I was just thinking it would be neat if she would do a post where budget was one of the main focuses.

    3. I like the dress at the very top with the young woman sitting on the bench. Now that is Modest! But still cute and can be accessorized with jewelry and etc. (Which of course is not necessarily needed) Love it! 🙂 I agree with the other comments about the dresses here not really being modest unless tights or pants were worn underneath. I personally don’t like wearing tights under every Dress. I mean gee, I want to wear a dress not so many different pieces of clothing. You know one thing I don’t like as a young woman is that it IS so hard to find long dresses and then even if they are found, it’s considered Not Cute by society. But hey, were here to please God not man. 🙂 MikaRose has some cute dresses that cover the knees.

    4. Your second and fourth dresses are too immodest.
      On the second one, I can see halfway down the model’s cleavage. It’s a good thing she’s small chested, or we’d be getting more than that.
      And I noticed the fourth one on a form, not a person. I know how shaped cutouts of people are shaped, so I know if someone put that “dress” on, it would be well above her thighs. Not to mention, it’s very see- through.
      The third one, I’m only marginally pleased with.
      Please try to do better, PI.

    5. I feel like these are all spring or fall dresses. lol. I guess adding leggings helps, but when you live in NYC, it can be really cold! These are the kind of dresses I’d wear in 50-60 degree weather.

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