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Tori Kelly Releases New Song “Psalm 42” and New Album “Hiding Place!”


Tori Kelly has become more bold with her faith recently in her music and has been collaborating with artists like Lecrae, gospel singer Kirk Franklin and more. We have seen that Kelly is more of a role model and a conservative artist with lyrics like “And maybe who knows, maybe I can sell out shows without takin’ off my clothes, God made me sexy and I don’t care if only I know” (from her song “Unbreakable Smile”).

Kelly’s next album is called Hiding Place, set to be released digitally on September 14, 2018, by Capitol Records. Click here to pre-order the album.

Click here to watch the official music video of Tori Kelly and Christian gospel artist Kirk Franklin.

Click here to watch the video of Tori Kelly’s new song “Psalm 42.”

Click here to listen to the song “Help Us to Love” (featuring the HamilTones).

Click here for Tori Kelly’s upcoming tour dates


I love how Tori Kelly is unashamed of her faith and her modesty, has standards, and is still so beautiful and talented. Let us pray that Hollywood has more great role models who take the mic and are on media and music platforms.

What are your thoughts about artists like Tori Kelly and Lecrae? Isn’t it encouraging to see them get promoted for raw talent and not because they sold their soul or compromised their morality? Let us pray for a purity movement in Hollywood, or what I like to call “Holy-wood.”

Check out my personal blog to catch up with the latest in the Holy-wood movement: holywoodscoop.wordpress.com

PI Girls, will you support artists like Tori Kelly and stop supporting the demonic, vulgar, negative music? The more we stop clicking and consuming or buying the material, the less the record companies will produce that music. Amen? 

Image: www.torikellymusic.com


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